In the first half of the last century, among countries with a lot of global influence, Germany stood out as developing a worldview which deviated from the rest of the internationalized 'melting pot'. Their biggest strategic mistake was not letting a local worldview develop in areas they were 'colonizing'. Britain had long since understood that issue, if not others.

Today Turkey is in a comparable position with regard to the 'deviating from the...' etc, but it has shifted to the other side of Germany's mistake, i.e., what was Germany's weakness is Turkey's strength.

Trick shots are clever maneuvers, for example in basketball or pool, but in this case they will be things that 'smart' groups of strategists do to control weaker groups. An obvious example is the necessary consolidation of domestic police in the United States under a federal power. But in order to create a centralized federal police with certain types of artificial authority first it is necessary to get rid of impediments. Sort of like if a surgeon wants to operate on the diseased liver of a person, but the person has a gaping sore in front of the liver on the skin, and the sore is exuding toxic bacteria, the surgeon needs to first remove or 'make harmless' the bacteria exuding sore. 

This page will be a list of media examples showing trick shots that are influential, but have gone over the heads of most people.

1) This is a unique kind of trick shot from within Russia.

"Putin says Russia ready to negotiate over Ukraine" 

At first glance it is trivial, but when combined with the recent exaggerated nuclear posture the message 'from Putin' is that he won't be presiding over the rest of the project. In other words he will be resigning or leaving office if Russia's play in Ukraine will continue. It's entirely possible that he does not know he is going to leave office, one example of why smart people don't hold offices. Also very possible he really does plan a strategic retreat from Ukraine, though less likely. More likely a trick shot from consortiumists in the UK and Russia being clever.

2) Another interesting trick shot from the same general 'easterly' direction. 

Europe is collapsing in both directions, but Eastern Europe is both leading the collapse and building a future recovery which is based on accelerating collapse to its west.

Everybody who sees the plunder available has become a pirate, all within a strict framework of laws and formalities.

The poor deluded geniuses who think they control everything, control nothing.

3) One of the most interesting 'trick shots' evolving involves the Covid vaccines and virus

 Some years back Luc Montagnier was controversial and famous. He died recently unnoticed, but was a major figure in some ways. 

 A lot of research has been done quietly by governments i.e., individuals employed as part of government, on a whole range of things involving microbes.

 This researcher is poking around in the dark trying to identify the scientific basis for certain strategies involved in Covid. 

Whether or not she is completely correct about one or another detail doesn't matter, it looks more like 'prions' are part of a much broader category which has been identified by 'weapon scientists', and the public, including her, are far behind.

A few separate issues, aside from the trick shot aspect

a) His identification of the hiv virus, regardless how accurate, is a major fork in western worldview

b) The general comments in the cited preprint article involving pathways is, however trivially, related to the 'lithium' issues discussed on other pages. For example the perpetuation of lithium as a 'drug' rather than an element required it to be administered as a pill rather than as a soak, and that required active suppression of research into pathways. So the net effect is a whole series of cascading related tragedies which will be like nature opposing the vast globalized worldview of 'extended Britain'. Asia does not have to do anything to 'win' this progression, but it would be interesting to know what they are aware of.

Despite all the information available 

It still is not clear which side the trick shot originates at/from.

4) One of the long term effects of the current global shift involves the 'discrediting' of the hyper rational science paradigm that began hundreds of years ago in Europe. This isn't really a 'trick shot' that can be attributed to one side or another but it generally resembles that. 

At some point, as Europe loses influence globally there will be genuine advances made which were prevented by the global monopoly of English speaking Europeans.

The only possible outcome is a sort of global view of Europeans as lesser humans. It is almost exactly a parallel with Nazi views of certain groups, except the deficiencies will be much more 'provable'. In other words those who cling to the old European science paradigm which Britain globalized will actually be verifiably 'deficient' once the sciences start to correct.

Another parallel would be Western 'sciences', e.g. in the United States, which proved various races deficient, again the difference being that once sciences shift the new view that 'Europeans are inherently defective' will appear to have a real measurable basis.

The general subject cannot be discussed freely in the United States.