Final Update

Creating a sublineage of subtilis which is palatable to a specific individual probably involves different variables, depending on the starting culture used, etc.


Update 2 / best guess

At this point my best guess is that 

1) A person starts with distaste for the flavor of Natto

2) The system perceives a valuable nutrient and updates the perception.

3) Now there are two flavors associated with Natto, the initial unpleasant and a new flavor indistinguishable from cheddar.

4) The cheddar aspect or flavor is somehow connected to a relationship between common 'sour' microbes which are ubiquitous and the Natto 'subtilis' microbe.

5) When the balance is not correct there will be either the two Natto flavors i.e., an imperfect cheddar flavor, or a sour flavor from insufficient subtilis microbes.

6) One solution could be to let beans sour a bit then boil out the sour microbes and repopulate with subtilis. A better solution obviously would be to create some sustainable combination of the two which would be like a cheddar kombucha which could be used to ferment beans.


Update 1

After some experimentation it looks like the following.

1) If Natto does not get enough oxygen, or too much water, then some proteins are not broken properly and ammonia results.

2) A solution to this is to stir the Natto in the middle of the fermentation.

3) Stirring it introduces small amounts of contaminant microbes which then try to catch up with the subtilis which is used for Natto.

4) If there is too much oxygen then the contaminants overtake subtilis and the result is a sour flavor.

5) If the contaminants are at an extremely low level then the result is a cheddar flavor,

This still has to be tested further.


One of the greatest discoveries in recent history is vegan cheddar cheese made from Natto.

Most vegan cheddar cheeses do not taste anything like cheddar cheese. Vegan Natto cheddar cheese has the exact flavor of cheddar, although the texture still has to be worked on.

The exact formula is still being developed, but will be added to this page once finished. I made it once by accident and will try to replicate it reliably.

Two main changes to the regular Natto process are

1) Part way through the fermentation process half the beans are boiled again and added back into the fermenting mix, and

2) Flaxseed meal and nutritional yeast are added to the fermenting beans.

Texture is a problem but a possible solution involves cooking with tapioca flour at a low temperature.

The origin of the cheddar flavor seems to be in the process of starting with inadequately cooked beans, letting them ferment i.e., the outer part of the bean ferments, then washing off the fermented part and boiling those partially fermented beans for a while, then fermenting again.


Most Natto videos from the last few years credit 'nattodad', or use his technique.


Older Natto videos are distinctly different and use a variety of techniques.



Vitamin K2 is a longer chain version of Vitamin K which has a lot of added metabolic functionalities.

Natto is the richest natural source of K2 so far identified.

Vitamin K2 has some interesting overlaps with vitamin B12, but it is not well researched.

Both vitamins interact with other vitamins in synergistic ways. For example Vitamins C and B12 taken together a few hours apart shrink certain types of benign tumors.

The synergies of K2 can be observed anecdotally but are not well studied in research.










Natto variations

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