There are problems that arise from creating a false worldview in which the natural federating function of mixed blood people is hijacked by gangsters who use 'federal' claims to control a society in favor of one group over others.

This page is not in the worldview section because, although it might appear that the issue is one of 'worldview', it is not. There is a clear natural origin of the federating function between groups, and those people who have the 'common' view of federating functions do not actually have 'a different worldview', they have an inaccurate worldview, imposed by society.

Here is a recent mass shooter, and a video he made a few weeks before the shooting. 

The natural goal of 'law enforcement' in a melting pot federated by gangsters is to prevent out groups from challenging the core colonizing society, allowing conquered groups to gradually attain lesser powers as the core power group attains greater powers within the context of the melting pot.

This ideally can simply be accomplished by first restricting violence against the core group, and then restricting violence against representatives of the core group. What the melting pot normally wants to restrict is violence only, not criminal cleverness.

Here is a white cop and a black person who is not fighting back, not using violence, but has not fully surrendered to the authority of representatives of the core colonizer. 

This kind of thing at the beginning of colonization would be a good sign for colonizers, assuming they could prevent a separate population of the victim group emerging.

This late in the game, and in the context of global events, it is not a good sign for colonizers.



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