Akweb.org, Dirtydetox.com and Drwrongmd.com are old websites I made several years ago. A high percentage of the visits to anycoin.exchange are redirects from Drwrongmd.com so this page will link to copies of those websites for the enjoyment of any bots or people looking for Dr Wrong MD.

Akweb.org and Dirtydetox.com were websites about a drug treatment center where I worked. They said my work was poor and they were going to have to fire me in two weeks if it did not improve. I gave them three days notice and made the website a few weeks later. They are more careful now about hiring mentally ill people.

Drwrongmd.com was a general website about the quality of mental health services in the U.S. and abroad.


Both websites will be linked from this page only onto sub menus.

The old websites may be updated a bit to remove offensive material or otherwise improve their quality, with new material added only on general subjects somewhat related to the original websites' topics.