The top ten most dangerous jobs in the United States are

1) Logging workers

2) Fishing workers

3) Pilots and flight engineers

4) Roofers

5) Trash collectors

6) Iron and steel workers

7) Truck drivers

8) Farmers and Ranchers

9) Construction and mining supervisors

10) Groundskeepers


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The Officer Down Memorial Page site has the noble purpose of memorializing police officers who die on the job.

There is no doubt anybody, from any profession, leaves behind people who want them remembered. But imagine if the memorial site for any other profession focused on the following without even considering accountability and solutions. 

Below is a partial list, from 2015 to 2018. Click on a few of the links to see what they have in common.

That website has since started hiding those deaths to avoid appearing on pages like this. Another example of ‘blue integrity’.



Non police officer

Police officer

 That is the norm.

K9 officers kill many dogs every year by forgetting about them in hot cars. The dogs die painfully and there is almost never any criminal responsibility put on the cop. 

Regular citizens very seldom leave dogs to die in hot cars, but when they do they are arrested for animal cruelty and often jailed.  

What happens when a K9 doesn't do as expected? The media steps in to paint a picture that tries to sustain the illusion of willing dogs 'serving' their masters.


One K9 Officer, while in a steroid induced 'roid rage' attacked his K9. 

 However, despite being under investigation for multiple felonies, Saxon refused to take a drug test for steroids and the department was “unable to obtain concrete evidence to confirm or not confirm the allegation.” 

"Despite the severe injuries he caused his dog, the allegations of steroid use and refusal to submit to a test to prove them wrong, the department closed the investigation and Saxon will not have to worry about the charges."

Is it harmless to let cops inject themselves with steroids?

Another cop from the same group also beating his wife?