~note~ The full recordings of the FBI agents referenced below have never been available to the public, so far.

Many younger people are not aware that the World Trade Center was bombed two times, and even most older people are not aware of many details of the first bombing.

February 1992 Emad Salem, an informant working with the FBI, informs his handlers that he is aware of people discussing bombing the World Trade Center. Unknown to the FBI, he records his conversations with FBI agents. 

February 26, 1993 A massive bomb explodes in the parking garage of WTC 1. 

Law enforcement says they had no warning, and are not sure if terrorism might be involved. Initially there is suspicion the explosion could be from a transformer explosion or gas leak. 

"Though the cause of the blast was not immediately known, with some suspecting a transformer explosion, agents and bomb technicians from the ATF, FBI, and the NYPD quickly responded to the scene. The magnitude of the explosion was far beyond that of a transformer explosion and the FBI Laboratory Division technician, David Williams, who took charge of the crime scene, claimed to know prior to scientific testing the nature and size of the bomb which other lab specialists such as Stephen Burmeister and Frederic Whitehurst contradicted and later challenged with embarrassing consequences for the FBI Laboratory


October / November 1993 The FBI informant starts trickling out some of his secret recordings to the media. The tapes indicate that not only was the FBI aware the bombing was going to happen, certain FBI agents played a key role in it. 

"Despite a gagging order by the judge on hundreds of pages of phone taps, reporters have been obtaining a steady stream of transcripts, each one more embarrassing to the investigators than the last. The tapes were made with the help of the FBI's key informer, Emad Salem, a former Egyptian army commando who infiltrated the group of Muslims charged with the bombing that killed six people and injured more than 1,000 on 26 February."


Note the clever wording of the mainstream news article in The Independent. "The tapes were made with the help of the FBI's key informer."

The suggestion is that the FBI was involved in uncovering the corruption. The truth was the opposite. The tapes seem to indicate that the informant expected the FBI to use a fake bomb, but the FBI agents involved in the case decided to use a real bomb, for whatever reason. 

For the next several years there would be a massive effort by hidden players to influence the discourse surrounding the bombing. This included fake news, clever Wikipedia edits such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3AEmad_Salem and many other charades. 

January 1998 Ramzi Yousef gets life in prison for the bombing. https://www.nytimes.com/1998/01/09/nyregion/mastermind-gets-life-for-bombing-of-trade-center.html 

 Despite gag orders and media suppression, questions continued to plague the government version of events. 

September 11, 2001 The second bombing of the WTC. The first bombing is now permanently out of the news cycle in most media. 

October 2001 The Patriot Act is made law in the United States. It includes numerous secret provisions, some of which are partially publicly known and others which are not. 

November 2002 The Department of Homeland Security is created, and is given extraordinary powers to control the media and guide public discourse on terrorism. 

 In the years since the WTC bombings the FBI and its successor the Department of Homeland Security have continued to have an odd relationship with so called "terrorism".


~followed by https://www.cnn.com/2015/03/30/politics/federal-agents-charged-with-stealing-bitcoin/index.html ~

That article is just one of many examples. A person should ask whether the "law enforcers" are really doing good for the country. Hint: they are not. 


From https://theintercept.com/2015/03/16/howthefbicreatedaterrorist/ 

"In these cases, the FBI says paid informants and undercover agents are foiling attacks before they occur. But the evidence suggests — and a recent Human Rights Watch report on the subject ~pdf link~ illustrates — that the FBI isn’t always nabbing would-be terrorists so much as setting up mentally ill or economically desperate people to commit crimes they could never have accomplished on their own."

"At least in Osmakac’s case, FBI agents seem to agree with that criticism, though they never intended for that admission to become public. In the Osmakac sting, the undercover FBI agent went by the pseudonym “Amir Jones.” He’s the guy behind the camera in Osmakac’s martyrdom video. Amir, posing as a dealer who could provide weapons, wore a hidden recording device throughout the sting."

"The device picked up conversations, including, apparently, back at the FBI’s Tampa Field Office, a gated compound beneath the flight path of Tampa International Airport, among agents and employees who assumed their words were private and protected. These unintentional recordings offer an exclusive look inside an FBI counterterrorism sting, and suggest that, even in the eyes of the FBI agents involved, these sting targets aren’t always the threatening figures they are made out to be."


 America has gotten to a dark place when federal law enforcers have substantially less integrity than the general public.