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Deconstructing Bambi from Alaska Unsilenced Alaska Unsilenced Tag: Bambi Tyree Deconstructing Bambi When it comes to discussing the cases of Josef Boehm and Bill Allen, there are dozens of exploited girls and women we could discuss, but one in particular stands out: Bambi Tyree, a striking woman with clear blue eyes and dark hair. In Bambi's Dickensian adolescence, we find one of the greatest tragedies associated with the debauched actions of convicted rapist and pedosadist Josef Boehm and accused pedosadist Bill Allen. Bambi was surrounded by predators on all sides from an early age, first running away from home at 11, the finding herself in McLaughlin Youth Center at age 12, where she met Lisa Moore, a girl three years her senior who would later play a pivotal role in Bambi's life.

By age 13, Bambi was out of the youth center and smoking crack with Josef Boehm; she would later testify she had sex with the prominent Anchorage businessman when she was just 14. [Picture] Bambi Tyree Bambi's involvement with cocaine would stretch beyond her addiction; at age 15,she and her sister, Tia, were busted with a combined 11 pounds of cocaine strapped into over-sized girdles after a flight from California. With them was their pimp, a notorious drug trafficker and alleged gang member named Billy Ray Lang, a.k.a. “Freeze.” The bust would put Bambi back in McLaughlin, and upon her release, she moved in with Lisa Moore, who was working for Anchorage-based escort service Silk Stockings. It was through her escort work that Moore first met Bill Allen.

(, and the two developed a relationship in which Moore “traded sex” with him in return for “an apartment, money and jewelry” according to reports from Alaska Dispatch News. Soon after Bambi moved in, Lisa Moore introduced her to Allen. Moore would later tell investigators in the Boehm case she thought Allen (who she said abhorred drug use) could help get her “friend” Bambi off cocaine, but admitted to receiving money from Allen for procuring the young teen (and other friends) for sex-as much as $500 for each encounter. Lisa Moore [Picture] According to Moore, Allen soon ended their relationship in order to focus more on Bambi, lavishing the young girl with gifts. One of Bambi's ex-boyfriends, Vincent Blomfield, told police Allen bought Bambi a new Volkswagen Beetle in 1998, although the girl was too young to drive it. The businessman even reportedly paid for her to attend the Trendsetters School of Beauty in Anchorage, with Bambi receiving a student license on August 8, 1998.

Amanda Coyne and Tony Hopfinger write in their book 1 Crude Awakenings that in a contrived gesture of twisted chivalry, Bill Allen allegedly asked Mark and Cris Tyree, Bambi's parents, for their blessing for him “dating” their daughter-which they are said to have given to the nearly 60-year-old man. Allen's gifts extended beyond Bambi to the entire Tyree family. Bloomfield stated that one Christmas, there were gifts from Allen for each member of the household under the tree. Three separate pickup trucks connected to Allen were owned by the Tyree family: a 1994 Ford which was transferred to Mark Tyree from VECO Equipment in 2002, a 1998 Ford similarly transferred to Bambi's brother Anthony in 2006, and a 2003 truck registered to Anthony Tyree on which Allen is listed as the note holder. Her father, Mark Tyree, a plumber, received lucrative contracts from Allen, including plumbing work and a furnace installation job on Senator Ted Stevens' cabin in Girdwood. Robert Persons, a friend of Stevens who testified

( in the corruption trial that erupted in 2008 about work done on the cabin described a “relationship intermingled...between Mark Tyree, his very young daughter, and Bill Allen” adding that the nature of the relationship was “stuff” [Persons didn't] want to get into. As Bambi transitioned from her teens into her early 20s, she maintained contact with Josef Boehm, although her role seems to have shifted info procuring young girls, much as she had been procured by Lang and Moore when she was a young teen. Court records state Leslie James Williams, Jr. and Allen Keith Bolling (a.k.a. “Foul Al”) would provide Boehm-known as “Joe Millionaire”-with drugs, while Bambi “and other unnamed persons would be given drugs and money in exchange for bringing young women over to party with the group.” [Picture] Bill Allen, Josef Boehm, Billy Ray Lang

Some time in the late 90s, Allen had his lawyer draw up an affidavit for Bambi Tyree to sign stating the two had never had sex. He allegedly attempted to get Lisa Moore to sign a similar document stating she had never seen or known about the illegal relationship, but Moore says the $5,000 Allen offered her wasn't enough to get her to agree. During interviews conducted with Bambi before she went on trial with Boehm, Williams and Bolling, she maintained the affidavit was her idea-a ploy to help Allen stay out of trouble from alleged blackmail from Lisa Moore. But while we readily admit Bambi is a clever woman, we doubt-as investigators did-she had the wherewithal as a teenager to set up a meeting with Allen's lawyer on her own. In fact, we find Assistant United States Attorney Frank Russo's notes show that at first he wrote down “at the request of Bill” in regards to the affidavit-only to cross them out some time later and write “Bambi's idea.” [Picture: the request of Bambi's idea]

Frank Russo seemed unable to recall exactly why he changed his notes when asked, Although Moore maintained VECO owner Bill Allen and Alaska Industrial Hardware president Josef Boehm weren't friends, Jim Wendt, a lawyer who represented former state representative Pete Kott at a corruption trial in which Allen was a key witness for the prosecution, painted a different picture of the relationship between the two businessmen. “I do know that I received information...Mr. Allen was a 2 friend and associate of Mr. Boehm's and that he visited Mr. Boehm's house on Oceanview...” Whether with two men were close friends is debatable, but they did move in the same circles-and if the accusations against Allen are found to be true, it's clear they shared some very dark interests in underage girls. [Picture] Josef Boehm's house at 300 Oceanview Drive.

One of the dismembered torsos (https://unsilencedak, found in 2003 was found just 1000 years from this house. Boehm claimed knowledge ( of the murders.

Richard Maurer, a reporter for what was then the Anchorage Daily News said in an article about Bambi, Allen and Boehm, “The record shows a long pattern of involvement with older men.” While we respect Mauer for his dogged pursuit of Bill Allen over the years, we do take issue with this description. Bambi Tyree was not simply “involved” with older men, she was repeatedly exploited by them. This is a girl who first ran away from home at 11 years old, and while we don't know the reason or circumstances, Mark and Cris Tyree's later actions in allegedly allowing 59-year-old Bill Allen to exploit their daughter indicates that Bambi's home life was unstable and her parents did not have her best interests at heart. Bambi Tyree was caught in Josef Boehm's spiderweb of crack addiction and prostitution by the age of 14, and by 15 was being used as a drug mule by a notorious pimp. Her teenage years were spent moving between juvenile hall and places where people like Lisa Moore allegedly sold her to sick men like Bill Allen. That she later began doing the same thing by bringing girls to Joseph Boehm isn't at all surprising-it seems Bambi found throwing other victims to the wolves kept them distracted and her safe.

In Crude Awakenings, Coyne and Hopfinger describe Bambi's role at Josef Boehm's house as leader of a Lord of the Flies situation. But while such a comparison may seem apt on the surface, to focus only on her crimes would be analogous to picking up the story right after the boys kill Piggy, ignoring the plane crash which put them on the island in the first place. Hers was a life knocked off the rails by the time she was 11, and while that does not excuse the harm she caused, it certainly provides an explanation for it. Cruel men like Josef Boehm and Bill Allen have woven a tapestry of destruction in dozens of lives. There are more men in Alaska just like them who continue to abuse, exploit, and destroy the lives of girls and women every day.

They are the true enemy, yet too often they are protected by wealth and influence, while their victims are blamed for the debauchery and depravity in which these men delight. Posted on March 20,2016March21, 2016 by Alaska UnsilencedPosted in Criminals, GeneralTagged Abuse, Alaska, Alaska Cocaine, Alaska Dispatch News, Alaska International Hardware, Alaska Missing Person, Alaska Missing Persons, Alaska Serial Killer, Alaska State Police, Alaska Torso Murders, Alaska Unsolved Cases, Alaska Unsolved Crimes, Allen K. Bolling, Anchorage, Anchorage Police Department. Bambi Tyree, beauty school, Beluga Point, Bill Allen, Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Escort Mall, Homicide, Josef Boehm, Leslie J. Williams, Jr., Michelle Rothe, Missing Persons, Murder, Prostitution, Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Silk Stockings, Trend Setters School of Beauty, Alaska Unsolved Murder, Unsolved Mystery. 3 Joseph Boehm was a convicted rapist, NOT a victim The beatings were so severe, women were left with black eyes, chipped teeth and broken ribs.

Then there was “the box,” located in a frigid crawl space where women would be tied up naked and left without food or water for days. But for brutal pimp and convicted sex trafficker, Don Arthur Webster, Jr.(, there was an even more ominous threat he made to the women he abused and exploited, something sure to make any woman's blood run cold: “You don't want to end up like Ruby,” he'd tell them.

“Ruby” was was the alias of Michelle Rothe, whose dismembered body was found on the shore of Turnagain Arm ( in 2003-less than a mile from the Oceanview home of Alaska Industrial Hardware president Josef Boehm. [Picture] Josef Bohem

The discovery of Michelle's body on September 6, 2003 was the second such discovery that year, the first being the dismembered torso of Desiree Lekanoff discovered on June 18. Given the state in which the bodies were found, law enforcement had a difficult time even identifying them, and both cases remain unsolved. But there was one man who claimed to know something about those horrific murdersa man who was likely desperate to cut a deal on drug and child trafficking charges-the aforementioned Josef Boehm. Members of the Anchorage business community seemed-or at least feigned-surprise at the arrest of one of their most successful peers.

After all, Josef Boehm came to Alaska from war-torn Germany and built a multi-million dollar business from a company that sold second hand screws and rusty bolts. To all outward appearances, he was the embodiment of the American Dream, an immigrant who made his fortune in a new land-only he took that fortune and turned it into a house of horrors where girls as young as 13 were systematically turned into drug addicts and sex slaves. According to Anchorage lawyer, former mayoral candidate and Boehm friend Dan Coffey, the businessman was simply a victim to his addiction, exploited by drug dealers like Allen K. Bolling and Leslie J. Williams. Jr., who were charged alongside him. “These people who now point fingers at Joe, have never built anything,”

Coffey said in a letter ( to the judge conducting Boehm's trial. “They are vultures who saw Joe's addiction as a way to get to his wealth and they were all over him with their drugs and the other inducements.” [Picture] Leslie J. Williams, Jr. But Josef Boehm was no victim. In fact, he was already a convicted rapist when he became president of AIH in1974. 4 In 1965, Boehm and two other men were convicted of raping a 15-year-old named Cathie Prindle, establishing a pattern of abuse and assault against young teens. Cathie's experience had such an impact on her that when Boehm went to trial in 2004, she came to court in order to counter Boehm's defenders. “He is dangerous,” Prindle said in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News outside the courthouse. “He's victimized girls since I was a girl, 39 years ago. People like him don't change.” Indeed, when the details of Boehm's life before a December 13, 2003 bust with 15 grams of crack cocaine at the Anchorage Marriott and the subsequent December 22 arrest after his home was searched were revealed at trial, Prindle's brave words at the courthouse were proven right many times over. Boehm's Oceanview house was rumored to be a good place for young runaways to lay low.

Bolling, Williams and Boehm's third co-defendent, a former prostituted child named Bambi Tyree would lure girls to Boehm's house in return for drugs and money. And like Cathie Prindle in 1965, Boehm preyed on young girls-some as young as 13. [Picture] Allen K. Bolling a.k.a. Four Al A total of eight girls were named in the suit against Boehm, but we know there were others-Boehm's own lawyers admitted to a “dozen young girls aged 13-19.” One of them, a girl we'll call S.P., told senior AIH executive Terry Shurtleff, who was acting as a “private investigator,” that she had been sold to Boehm for crack at age 15, and expressed fear that her abuser might have her and her mother killed for talking to authorities. S.P. describes Boehm as a man looking to “get high and get off,” and tells Shurtleff that she used to pretend to be as young as 12 because Boehm “liked it.” Even after his arrest, Boehm attempted to control the lives of the young girls and women he exploited. Court documents show that Leonidas Jones (known as Redman) received “large sums of money from Boehm.” The payoffs seem to be part of a scheme to keep the girls from testifying. The court record goes on to state that Jones and Boehm's friend Kirk Grandstaff were bringing girls over to Boehm's condo to get them high, and that one girl in particular had been over to none other than Don Arthur Webster, Jr. himself to watch-Sierra Roberts, who would disappear in 2008.

( In addition to this connection with Sierra, Kirk Grandstaff is connected through a girlfriend to another missing sex worker Kelly Sue Dunn ( who lived with the couple not long before she disappeared in 1998. [Picture]

Don Arthur Webster, Jr. a.k.a. Jerry Star Despite Boehn's lawyers maintaining that he had no connection with any of these women, we know that isn't true. Sierra Roberts who disappeared after Boehm was already incarcerated, lived with Michelle Rothe at 1706 Thunderbird Place, one of Don Arthur Webster, Jr.'s houses-the house, in fact, where the crawlspace known as “the box” was located. And given Kelly Sue Dunn's roommate connection to Kirk Grandstaff, a man who was the primary caretaker of Boehm's estate, it seems clear there was a connection there, too. 5 But the main connection came from Boehm himself. During his time in custody with the Anchorage Police Department, he told an officer during a bathroom break that he had information about the bodies of Michelle Rothe and Desiree Lekanoff. The APD officer immediately alerted detectives, who promptly took Boehm to the local FBI office for a statement, where the matter seems to have ended with no further progress. There was no follow-up investigation that we are aware of, and the substance of what Boehm might have told federal investigators has never been revealed. [Picture]

1706 Thunderbird Place Josef Boehm was convicted of drug and sex trafficking charges ( in June 2004 and served 11 years of a 13 year prison sentence. He died in 2014, but the destruction he caused in the lives of so many lives on.

These are the “vultures” that Dan Coffey spoke of, the ones he though didn't matter because they had not “built anything” or “made any contributions to our community.” Should the 13- year-old victim known as M.D. (who says Boehm got her pregnant) have been building things? Or 15- year-old S.P., sold to Boehm for crack cocaine by her own mother, have been contributing to charity? Perhaps Bambi Tyree, who first smoked crack with Boehm at age 13, should have been expanding a large company? Any contribution to society that Josef Boehm can be said to have made is more than countered by his pathological destruction of young teens-girls who never had a chance to flourish in Coffey and Boehm's “society.” Connecting convicted rapist Josef Boehm to former VECO head Bill Allen is as simple as one name: Bambi Tyree ( a prostituted child who became a predator herself in order to survive. Posted on February 26, 2016March20, 2016 by Alaska UnsilencedPosted in Criminals, Unsolved CasesTagged AIH, Alaska, Alaska Industrial Hardware, Alaska Serial Killer, Alaska Torso Murders, Alaska Unsolved Cases, Alaska Unsolved Crimes, Allen K. Bolling, Anchorage, Anchorage Police Department, Bambi Tyree, Bill Allen, Crime, Desiree Lekanoff, Don Arthur Webster, Don Arthur Webster, Jr., Jerry Starr, Josef Boehm, Kelly Sue Dunn, Leslie J. Williams, Jr., Michelle Rothe, Missing Persons, Murder, Prostitution, Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Terry Shurtleff, Unsolved Alaska Murder, Unsolved Crimes, Unsolved Mystery, VECO 6 Mann Act amendment reopens Allen sex crime case [Picture] Bill Allen On February 5, 2016, U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (, Alaska Attorney General, Craig Richards (http://law.alaska,gov/department/ag.html) and John Skidmore ( of the Alaska Department of Law held a joint press conference to announce the creation of a new Public Integrity Unit designed to give the office of special prosecutions better tools and greater resources to fight corruption.

And while the unit's broader mission includes Alaska's ongoing problem with inmate deaths in prisons or jail and policeinvolved shootings, it was clear from the press conference (embedded below) that the main focus was public corruption in the state-specifically a series of scandals involving VECO founder and oilman Bill Allen. [Video: Alaska Attorney General, Sen. Dan Sullivan, will pursue charges against Bil...] Allen's rise in Alaska reads like a twisted version of the American Dream. Born in Depression-era New Mexico, Allen dropped out of school at 16 to work in the oil fields as a welder, a job which would lead him to Alaska in 1968-just as the Trans Alaska Pipeline System brought an influx of money and a Wild West attitude to the young state. Starting with just one truck, Allen purchased a pipeline maintenance company named Veltri Enterprises, renaming it VE Construction in 1970, and VECO in 1979. But for Allen, the wealth he accumulated from his expanding oil business became a tool with which to manipulate the political system in Alaska. In 1985, Allen ran afoul of campaign finance laws after it was revealed that VECO had been taking illegal deductions from employee's payroll checks and funneling the money to Allen-approved candidates.

This first glimpse at the unethical nature by which Allen conducted business was quickly forgotten due to one of the greatest ecological disasters in United States history: the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound. VECO and Allen were praised for their quick response to the disaster, and the company's cleanup efforts generated a lot of good will in Alaska and nationally. In the years after the spill, Allen continued trying to expand his influence in Alaska, purchasing the Anchorage Times newspaper in 1990, a short-lived venture which would result in the sale of the paper in 1992-and an ongoing “Voice of the Times” column Allen would write for the buyer, the Anchorage Daily News for years to come.

Allen also continued using his money to influence politicians, engaging in an ongoing series of bribes which would be the focus of a federal investigation throughout the mid2000s. But beyond Allen's penchant for buying the loyalty of political figures lay accusations of something far worse: allegations that he also used his money and influence to buy sex with several prostituted teens. These are the crimes Senator Sullivan and Attorney General Richards referred to in their press conference-and it has taken a change in federal law to bring even a glimmer of hope that justice-long denied might be served. 7 [Picture]

Accusations that Allen pursued illegal sexual relationships with underage girls first surfaced in court filings ( by former state House Speaker Pete Kott in an effort to overturn a conviction on corruption charges. Kott's key witness was a woman named Lisa Moore, who stated she and Allen had an affair when she was 19 in exchange for money, jewelry and an apartment. While above the age of consent herself, Moore maintained she introduced Allen to a 15 year old girl named Bambi Tyree, and that Allen and Tyree had sex as well. Despite making quite a splash in the press, no charges stemming from these allegations would ever be filed against Bill Allen-and indeed local law enforcement was told to stop pursuing the allegation by federal officers. In 2008, a new yet eerily similar-set of allegations against Bill Allen were raised by Paula Roberds ( who claimed Allen picked her up when she was a 15-year-old prostituted child in the Spenard area.

The pattern of money and gifts allegedly continued with Roberds, and when she was 16, she claims Allen flew her to Seattle several times for sex, which if true would be a violation of the Mann Act of 1910. Allen admits having sex with Roberds but claims she told him she was 19. In the case of Paula Roberds, Alaska law enforcement felt they had a very strong case against Allen, with lead investigator Kevin Vandergriff calling the evidence “very solid.” Paula's bravery here cannot be overstated: She was a young woman who subjected herself to fierce scrutiny with her accusations against one of the most powerful men in the state.

Such courage is to be commended, making what happened next all the worse: Federal prosecutors declined to bring the case. ( 2010/) before a federal grand jury. Allen was, at the time, a key witness in several bribery trials, including Senator Ted Stevens, and speculation persists to the present day that the oil man was given immunity from prosecution due to his involvement with the Stevens case. State officials were stunned at this development. Dan Sullivan who was Alaska's attorney general at the time, petitioned the federal government for “cross designation” status under the Mann Act, something that would allow the state to pursue charges against Allen. Sullivan's request along with a second request by his successor, Mike Garrity, were both denied without explanation by Eric Holder and the United States Department of Justice.

Even Senator Lisa Murkowski could not get an explanation. (,Vr-u3yArLnB), only a written statement from the Justice Department that their decision was not “exercised corruptly or based on improper considerations.” This ongoing series of non-answers and stonewalling by the federal government was something Dan Sullivan never forgot. In 2015, Sullivan added an amendment to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act specifically to address the lack of cooperation by the Justice Department. In May of that year, the bill was signed by President Barrack Obama, and Sullivan finally had the tools he had lacked previously. Under the new law, the Department of Justice is required to grant states “cross designation” status when they request it, with the only exception being if the federal government can prove it will somehow undermine an ongoing investigation.

In the event of such a denial, the department is now 8 required to respond with a detailed explanation within 60 days. Attorney General Richards filed such a request with current U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch in February of 2016, meaning one way or another-the state of Alaska will receive answers in the matter of Bill Allen. The twisted web of sex, bribery and corruption surrounding Bill Allen is not one that can be unraveled easily. Many of Alaska's most powerful people are involved, and allegations of cover-ups, dereliction of duty and shady deals run rampant all through the story. At the core of things, though, is a group of young teens, many of whom were enticed and coerced into lives of prostitution and addiction by brutal pimps looking to sate the depraved hunger of powerful businessmen.

We must not let the smoke and mirrors of rich and influential men behaving badly distract us from the true issue, the dehumanization of girls in Alaska, too many of whom have lost their lives, vanished from their families or been left with damage and trauma that may never heal. One such man was, like Bill Allen, a prominent member of the Alaska business community named Josef Boehm. While Allen and Boehm weren't exactly friends, they did allegedly share a common interest in the exploitation of young teens-inclluding Bambi Tyree. To understand this sordid world of pimps, drugs and exploited underage girls, it's necessary to look at Boehm. ( Posted on February14, 2016February27, 2016 by Alaska UnsilencedPosted in Unsolved CasesTagged Alaska, Alaska Dispatch News, Alaska Serial Killer, Anchorage, Anchorage Times, Bambi Tyree, Bill Allen, Craig Richards, Dan Sullivan, John Skidmore, Josef Boehm, Murder, Paula Roberds, Sex Trafficking, Unsolved Crimes Alaska Unsilenced Create a free website or blog at ````````````````````````````````` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````