This page involves speculation, and is only meant to point out that there are quite a few cases in Utah in which there are big red flags around the forensics.

This page will discuss a group of cases and a group of individuals associated with a company called Mvac and also with Sorenson labs. The purpose of this page specifically is not to speculate about the guilt or non guilt of anybody in any of the criminal cases discussed, but simply to point out some unusual and problematic similarities between several cases. 

One issue is that at least a small number, and maybe only a small number, of cases 'solved' by this group are solved by first identifying a suspect, and then creating DNA evidence. The specific cases where that appears will be discussed separately from the cases distinguished by the main 'red flag' around that group's 'cases'.

Rosie Tapia was a girl who was murdered in 1995 in Salt Lake City. 


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It's likely they will remove some of their Youtube videos also.