Henry Lee Lucas and Joseph Paul Franklin are two notorious killers who were used by U.S. law enforcement to create false hero narratives for police.




Joseph Paul Franklin's confessions have not yet been exposed as false, as of early 2023.


There are a number of unusual similarities in the progression of their stories which suggests they are following, or playing, some unconscious roles.

The Netflix series 'The Confession Killer' details part of the story of Henry Lee Lucas.


There are various Youtube videos and websites discussing Joseph Paul Franklin, most, or all, of them fictional.




Globalizing a false worldview, or imposing a worldview on a population, are necessary in the assimilation of people from 'foreign' cultures.

A person's worldview is a lot like a subjective sense, it creates a pattern which any person uses to perceive the world.


Notice that in the Netflix series, season 1, episode1, at 21 minutes, a Japanese film crew is brought in to watch Lucas. The fly in the ointment is the difference between what the U.S. intermediaries believe they are presenting, and what they are actually presenting. From the U.S. cultural perspective the U.S. is being generous in sharing information with the Japanese about several things.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the Japanese are not an utterly destroyed nation. They overlap with the U.S. in a lot of ways, but there are still strong connections in Japan to any worldview which existed there before western contact was made.


An unusual thing about Henry Lucas is that he got a death row pardon from George Bush. Any pardon like that in Texas would not have involved legal issues. It would have involved somebody with leverage approaching somebody at the justice department and offering to keep a secret in exchange for a favor. In other words somebody had some information that got temporarily subdued in exchange for a stay of execution.

His lawyer at that time was Rita Radostitz. Interestingly, she went on to become the federal public defender for Khaled Sheikh Muhammed. In other words 'the government' i.e., high level bureaucrats, trusts her to defend their interests first, and to consult them on anything which might need negotiation.

She is not Hank Schuelke, but she is a heavy hitter obviously, somebody whose first respect is for power, but who has a sense of justice, as long as it doesn't hurt powerful people.





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