One of the strange disconnects in this case involves the use of language and the differences across languages. A lot of people overlook this aspect but it probably is the root of this killing.

1) The mother of the husband says that she believes jealousy was a cause of the murder. Neither the victim nor the husband were movie stars and neither were tramps either so people tend not to understand what she was referring to.

2) This 'misunderstanding' is most evident when the parents of the victim are being interviewed and the mother goes through all sorts of mental gymnastics trying to be inclusive to Sergio's mother. She comes up with the best explanation for what his mother meant but it is weak, to be polite.

3) Sergio's mother was aware Sergio's dad was sleeping with other women, and her comment makes it clear that some of the women he slept with were 'high risk'. It's one thing to sleep with a 40 year old woman whose home he is reflooring, but quite different to sleep with the daughter of that household because she was the only one home when he went on that job. Or with the girlfriend of a powerful person working an alternative job.

4) The specific way Sergio's mother refers to 'jealousy' gives the appearance that her husband prefers to sleep with higher risk women.

5) The fact that the daughter in law was targeted means that the offended party was well disciplined, took his time, etc. So the relationship could have occurred a long time prior, many months or more.

6) There seems to have been enough information available to solve this case, and a person should look at possible reasons it was not solved. One scenario is that the killer was connected to a Mexican group and federal agents in the United States wanted to use him to get some sort of information or access, so they used the murder in a way similar to what was done in the murder of Basma, Tariq and Sultana Rafay. In that case the killer was of use to U.S. 'counter terror' bureaucrats so they arranged to solve the case by arresting the wrong people.

7) There are several things that indicate U.S. federal agents may have sabotaged the case. When federal law enforcement engage in an operation to deceive the public there is one common signature, involving diffusing attention or 'sending people in multiple directions', a sort of psychological 'divide and conquer'. In this case the common assumption would be that if the killer was Latino he would be Mexican or Central American. Shifting the focus to Miami, an area with mostly Cuban Latinos, would be typical for U.S. federal agents trying to hide something.

If local police were given the "Miami" lead by a federal agency then it is likely a federal agency is hiding something about the case from local police.


This is an interesting murder case that seems to have an obvious solution.

TLDR The father of the husband had a girlfriend whose patron was offended by the relationship. He wanted to kidnap the son's wife and get revenge, but the killer and victim had different backgrounds and she did not cooperate in the kidnapping.

Here is a detailed video on it. 

And possibly the most useful video. 

And an interview with the only person available to consider as a suspect, i.e., the husband, and an interview with the parents, both by a very nuanced interviewer. 

Tribalcash videos on the case. 

The parents are unusually honest, humble, soft spoken.

There seems to be quite a significant amount of indication that the husband may have been involved, but the parents of the victim are hesitant to consider that without hard evidence, because of their basic integrity. Same with the first video at the top. The tv station interviewer asks careful questions which draw out indications of involvement without triggering alarms.

For the parents' sake it would be better if the son in law is not involved but a person will have to wait and see. There is more than enough evidence to convict him in front of most juries and his personality would make it very easy to get a confession whether he is guilty or not. Most likely the only reason he has not been charged is that the parents of the victim do not believe he is guilty or are not sure.

One of the biggest mysteries is how the vehicle has not been identified yet. There may be 100,000 of that vehicle within a thousand miles, a number that could be reduced to a few hundred possibilities without too much work. The problem here is that the police are looking for a shortcut instead of simply doing the work involved in reducing the number of possible trucks from 100,000 or whatever to a few hundred then handing those few hundred to a detail oriented person.

Another video and a more detailed page may be written after it is solved.


Some guesses

1) Is it possible the husband is not involved? Extremely possible.

2) Why did the killer hold out his left hand? The most likely explanation is that the intention was to kidnap her, but it's also very possible it was a robbery. A comment by the mother of the victim indicates that she was led to believe it was a kidnapping attempt, and the evidence does point to that.

3) What is the significance of her having survived until the next day? It indicates the gun was probably a .22 which again points to a kidnapping attempt. The use of a smaller caliber gun by that specific person, the shooter, also points to an uninvolved third party who employed the shooter and mentored him. A smarter person pressuring a less bright person to kidnap, not kill, in a 'kidnap or kill' would give the shooter a smaller caliber gun.

4) Is there a way to exclude the husband? Yes, the interviews so far have not been done to exclude him, but if he were interviewed with that intention then it could be done if he was not involved.

5) Why would the killer have parked so far away if the intention was kidnapping? Part of that goes to the psychology of the project, and part probably due to knowledge of the cameras.

6) Were there two people in the pickup? Maybe not, even though the parents and others have been led to believe that. If there were two people in the pickup it would reduce the chances that the husband was involved.

7) What is the significance of the information about the father in law in "on-the-case-with-paula-zahn-season-25-episode-7"? The episode suggests that it might indicate the father in law was the killer, but actually it may indicate something quite different. 

8) What is the significance of the police saying the gun used might have been a .380? They have said they thought it was a revolver, and there is a .380 revolver, but most people associate .380 with a cheap small automatic. It seems unlikely the police do not know the caliber so this is probably an attempt by a group of police to pretend they are 'managing' the case by giving dubious information.

9) What is the significance of the life insurance? The husband's comment that he did not know about it, along with his comment that he is not going to retrieve it, but if he did he would give 'most of it' to certain causes, is ambiguous.

10) Are there problems evident in the interview with the parents? Yes, both parents show confusion when explaining some things involving the husband of the victim. They are trying to assimilate 'facts' that might not be facts and they want to 'combine' the husband's and wife's actions 

11) How psychologically significant is the white van? It is very significant because of what is known about the husband's father. White trucks are always the first choice of somebody who wants to hide in a public group, and the fact that the shooter had a smaller truck of an 'opposite' color may be significant. A lot of people drive a white service vehicle out of convenience, but it is always significant, in that there is always a fairly straight psychological line from any specific white van to the individuals who explain its use. It is almost a phenomenon. In this case the father had certain traits which would cause specific other traits in his son, and he had a business which had a white van his son used.

12) Is it possible her killing involved either a personal conflict from work or some sort of issue involving a threat she might have posed to her boss? Yes, possible. Common killings are solved maybe 90% of the time, but corporate killings are probably solved less than 1% of the time because they are carefully planned and executed. In this case there might be a 5% chance, or less, that it related to her work.

13) How likely that it was a person or people from the star wars role play group, and that group was independent of her husband, he had no knowledge? Maybe 5% to 10% chance or less. Normally this would be the first choice except that there is so much circumstantial evidence pointing to the husband or father in law.

14) So what is the most likely scenario? The father of the husband had a girlfriend whose patron/husband/father was offended by the relationship. He wanted to kidnap the son's wife and get revenge, but the killer and victim had different backgrounds and she did not cooperate in the kidnapping. The style of kidnapping and the reactions by the father in law's family point to the girl the father in law slept with being younger and going to her patron almost immediately. In other words he slept with her then she went to her patron/husband/father. Because the relationship ended quickly it would be hard to find her, but she could probably be identified by her patron having withdrawn around $3000 to $5000 in cash several weeks before the killing with no corresponding purchase.

15) <80% that it was a revenge killing arranged by the husband or father of one of the father in law's girlfriends. The overuse of the word 'jealousy' by the victim's mother in law, considering how the mother of the victim strains with that concept, might mean the victim's mother in law considers that a possibility and communicated as best she could. The word 'jealous' has significantly different connotations in different languages.

16) An important piece of evidence seems to be the fact that Sergio's last paycheck bounced, and his wife was upset about that. It isn't clear if that would point more to one of Sergio's friends or one of his father's friends as being the shooter or arranging the shooting

17) If the husband was not involved then there would have been another vehicle surveilling the neighborhood in the weeks before the killing. That could have been a local rental.

18) Because it was more of a 'kidnapping' than a murder, the truck would be important in finding the physical location of a group which has a place where they can safely keep kidnapped people. In other words the truck's origin would probably solve other cases of disappearance rather than murder, cases that are under investigated because they are disappearances not murders.

19) What were the victim and shooter saying to each other? The shooter said "My boss wants to talk to you and you have to come with me". She said "No, who are you?" He said "You have to come with me".

20) Did the shooting indicate personal anger on the part of the shooter, because of how he shot? No, it is a normal type of shooting. First a flurry of shots because at the first shot the person will run and a flurry of bullets will slow them down, then a fatal shot.

21) If the husband was not involved, how much surveillance prior to the killing is suggested? Much more than most people may suspect. If the father in laws girlfriend's patron was very wealthy there could have been dozens of hours going through the neighborhood preparing, over several weeks.

22) What is the biggest impediment to solving the case, the reason it is hard to solve? The specific girl or 'girlfriend' of the father in law had a very jealous patron, which points to her being younger, late teens or early 20s probably, and probably a very short lasting relationship between her and the father in law. He may have slept with a number of women who he remembers well, but since this relationship was so brief the father in law might not even recall her name.

23) Is there a way to solve it quickly? The father of the husband could be brought to a rural interrogation site and questioned to find a younger woman he slept with whose patron, father or husband is very 'old worldish'. After questioning for a few hours he could be shot in the leg and told that he is still missing the important detail, then questioned another hour. The last name he provides, or the youngest, or the one he slept the fewest times with is probably the daughter/girlfriend of the person who arranged the kidnapping gone wrong.

24) One thing that is not clear is why the shooter has certain habits. The mainstream view is that the shooter is a mainstream U.S. person raised in the common culture of the U.S. The 'stabbing' way he or she shoots may mean it is a woman, sort of like how a lot of women throw a baseball like a shot put, but it could also just mean he is not mainstream U.S.. Same with the reference in that video to shooting 'center mass'. Mainstream people in the U.S. have their heads filled with silly nonsense like 'center mass' when they are 'trained', but people who are in a different environment may learn rather than be trained.


One of the most useful remaining mysteries is how Sergio started in the star wars group. If he had been doing that before he met his wife, as some suggest, then it would point towards his father. If he did not have a history of that before he met her then it could point to him.

Regardless there is no doubt the current situation is not pleasant nor sustainable for him.

The most entertaining aspect of the case is the fact that lie detector tests were given to Sergio and his father.


When police do what they appear to be doing in this case, are they reducing crime in the future?

No, all they are doing is creating more avenues for police corruption.

A comment on the case that is prevented from being posted elsewhere on Youtube

@WelshChappie Youtube is preventing me from posting this in the thread below so I post it here.

1) Here is a screenshot of Google Trends using the link you provide. There is no way I found to get the result you got. Can you post a similar screenshot of your result i.e., of the link you provided with parameters visible?

2) My opinion is that him handing her a note is fiction. Extending his left hand as he holds a gun in his right would be normal in a kidnapping. Handing her a note would not be, and would have left considerable evidence.

3) As far as your sarcasm "HCSO and HCC4 are sworn enemies and don't like each other at all so their too busy having a war with each other to notice the feds tip toeing away with with a box labeled "Fragile Evidence, Cover up."" I'm not sure what HCC4 is, but in my opinion there is more evidence that a federal agency is hobbling the investigation than there is that a note was handed to her.

4) Explaining why it looks like the feds are preventing the case from being solved, it would require a long explanation, but here is the underlying rationale.

a) Agencies sometimes use information about crimes to get access to smaller criminal groups they did not have access to.

b) It's very common to 'overlook' trivial crimes and use information about those crimes to try to gain access, but that also happens with major crimes like murder. The Rafay case is an example.

c) In this case, if the shooter is male he is clearly shooting in a way that would be unusual for a male in the United States i.e., leaning into the shots as he fires. The fact that they are not that far from Mexico could mean that the reason the shooter is different is that he is not a U.S. person.

d) If he came through a border crossing within a week of the shooting he would have been identified by a federal agency, and if he were part of a smaller group which the U.S. does not have access to then penetrating that group would have higher priority than solving the murder.

e) The scenario of 'Oscar slept with the daughter/wife of the wrong person, and that person hired a hitman' means that the husband/father of the girl is both conventional, or 'old school', and plugged in. In other words he is a very security conscious person whose group would be less likely to have been compromised. Of course that is not conclusive proof of anything but if I were going to put money on it that's where it would go. The fact that local police were sent to Miami adds considerable weight to the opinion that a federal agency is sabotaging the murder investigation.