Every group of people should have a territory of some sort where they can develop without being forced to be the long term underclass to a conquering race.


A list of some tragedies unique to melting pots.

1) The melting pot Native.

The goal of the melting pot is to absorb and assimilate conquered indigenous societies, and create a 'sub class' of new people who are longterm subordinate to the 'ruling race'. No matter how many generations pass the conquered groups never actually attain equality until they disappear, aside from some token members who 'sufficiently surrender' and are rewarded with high paying or prominent jobs.


Note that when a person from the underclass groups finally reaches the pinnacle, Barrack Obama is an example, the pinnacle has shifted. Obama knew exactly how far he could step, and never dared venture past his leash's reach. The presidency he held was quite different in power than that of previous presidents. A person could say Obama paved the way for Trump, and they both paved the way for Biden, a mainstream politician who is likely to end his career in some kind of discrediting or disgrace to cement the 'new' president's role.

Of course conquered people are endlessly assured that equality is just around the corner, they only need to cooperate and surrender just a little more.

Watching people conquered by 'Christian' countries trying to follow Christianity is a terrible thing. In the United States those Natives who come from areas where the worst abuses occurred are sometimes more 'Christian' than the Christians, a mixture of irony and tragedy.

Important also to know that after a group is fully assimilated, has disappeared as a visible race, the subordinate nature of the group to their conquerors is still perceivable to those conquerors. This is a fact that has only become visible in recent history, but it proves the basic importance of sovereign tribal territories. No matter how much a melting pot may promise equality etc to its victims, that equality will never arrive in reality, even long after the group 'disappears'.

2) The 'dead liver'.

Most people, including in developed countries, have seen people with a bad liver and recognize what it looks like, yellow eyes, etc. But there is a further step in that type of illness which is associated strictly with melting pot scenarios. An unusual physical condition unique to the melting pot.

a) Several anecdotal examples will be given, but one way to see if you are already aware of this illness is to look at videos and photos of Barack Obama in various circumstances, such as 39 minutes 21 seconds on the video at http://uselesseaterblog.blogspot.com/2014/12/power-principe-iii-apocalypse.html Do you see anything about him which suggests a mild illness involving the liver, not visible in the eye color, but which is not evident in some other videos of him?

b) I've seen maybe five or six people with a severe example of this condition in my life. Once in the 1990s I went to a hotel in a city where I had been before. The train arrived very late at night, so I went to a hotel I knew and knocked until somebody woke up. It was the tourist season and they were full, but they said next door probably had rooms. Next door, a new guest house, I knocked again until somebody answered. When the owner answered I sort of stepped back. I felt like I was near a dead body, somebody whose liver had completely failed. The man looked like he had a new strain of hepatitis much worse than any other. Talking with him was difficult, but eventually he told me that he had been a member of the local religion, in another city, when a group of Christians said they would buy a guesthouse or hotel for him if he converted to Christianity.

At that point I still hadn't figured out what was going on with his liver.

c) Another example I saw in a jail. I had been arrested for something during a manic episode, and was eventually shuffled from nut house to jail. When I got to the jail the administration 'lost' my medication. A lot of countries do this to mentally ill people in jail, it's been done to me in Israel and the U.S., but it is common everywhere. After a few days without medication I was put in a cell with a person very similar to the previous example. He had the color and slowness of extreme liver disease, like hepatitis but without yellow eyes, and he looked sort of like an animated dead body. In this case I had been alerted several times that I would be housed in a cell with somebody who would try to create some kind of case against me. I was never entirely sure what I had been arrested for, aside from making hostile comments about police, but he immediately tried to dissuade me from talking about mental illness by saying he didn't like crazy people and he hoped I wasn't crazy. Then he went off on some odd tangents about how he disliked police, trying to encourage me to say the same things he was saying. I knew he was a cop of course, I had been told again and again that a cop of some sort was going to be put in the cell with me, so I had no idea what exactly I was supposed to say. My main concern was simply that whatever he had might be contagious.

At this point I had figured out that the 'dead liver' syndrome was associated with coercion. Both the hotel owner and the jailhouse cop had been coerced by their respective authorities in such a way that somehow a syndrome or disease involving the liver was triggered, but I hadn't figured out more than that. The first example of the 'dead liver' that I ever recall seeing occurred before the two examples given. By going over that, much more tragic, example, I figured out a little more.



3) 'This time is different'

People are famously hesitant to learn from the past, but seeing indigenous or pseudo indigenous people say "this time is different" or "the melting pot is a friend" is a bizarre tragedy. Like a fish that has watched other fish disappear after biting a lure, but still thinks metal lures might be nutritious.

One interesting thing about the 'this time is different' tragedy is that it has dna footprints, as described on the marsupial theory page, and allows a person to uncover part of a person's genetic heritage by their position. A male indigenous person with no colonist lineage among male ancestors is at one end of the spectrum. Next, a male with a maternal grandfather of colonist origin then paternal grandfather and so on.

This seems arcane to people who have no understanding of worldview, and that by itself shows the vulnerability of the current 'British' worldview which has been globalized.



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