1) Indigenous People's Day is a silly game


The goal is to get indigenous people to see themselves as part of the United States rather than as nations occupied by a Europe based melting pot.

It would be very easy for any news agency to find indigenous people to point out the scam, but they don't because the media is entirely under the psychological control of the U.S. worldview.

The vast majority of indigenous cultures within land being occupied by the United States have already gone extinct, and ploys like 'Indigenous People's Day' are simply one more step in continuing that assimilation and extermination.

The goal is to give indigenous people everything, except their land back.

It's a game that never really ends.

United Statesians will say "We are being so generous. We conquered you and took your land, but now we are letting you join us."

Indigenous people know, by now, that they cannot give their honest response publicly unless they want to pay a heavy price.

So a vast army of 'white Indians' does the speaking, pretending that indigenous people are grateful to the population trying to finish consuming them.

2) Cotton futures have been in the news recently


A lot of commodities are showing jumps, which some people try to attribute to shipping problems or other covid issues, but the cotton chart is a little clearer.

If you look at cotton's drop during the 2008 recession, it looks normal. There was a drop too at the beginning of covid. But since then it has gone up and just made a sudden jump, which is more evidence the economy is in a bizarre place between overheating and oversupply of 'intervention money'.

In other words once the decision was made in the 1970s and 1980s to try a new economic model which did not require a strict balance between revenue and spending, everything pointed to some new mystery magic economic factor which would allow the government to control economics. Until now.

The fed said it would start tapering its purchases soon, but soon it will be obvious that there is a brick wall ahead if the spigot is turned off.

The Dollar is utterly vulnerable to the whims of any foreign competitor. The only thing preventing a collapse of the dollar is the inertia it has, it has always appeared stable in the past so people are hesitant to change 'facts'.

The most likely scenario is that the Fed will continue cautiously with its plans to taper. Then suddenly it will realize the problem and start to flood the economy with money, again, which will have only a slight effect. This will revive the Ron Paul crowd, but its probably too late for peaceful market solutions and contemporaneous successes in Asian economies will put pressure on U.S. 'leaders' to 'enforce disciplines' i.e., an abrupt decline in civil liberties.

There are many possible scenarios, but they all lead to a U.S.S.A. unless sovereign indigenous economies develop rapidly, which would be nice but is extremely unlikely at this point.

3) In 2001 Afghanistan had a stable economy and were building a semi tribal society without melting pot interference

The U.S. invaded and crushed any independent aspects of the Afghan economy.

With the withdrawal of foreign troops, melting pot countries are stopping aid and subtly trying to make sure the Taliban cannot operate without foreign control.




It's a variation of what was done in Venezuela and many other countries. A way to destroy any neo tribal sovereignty that might threaten global melting pot control.

Times are changing though, and arrows shot up always land somewhere.

Notice the clever propaganda from Google search results in the image to the right. Anybody can research the facts. The specific text was probably concocted at a U.S. military base specializing in psyops then passed to Google with thousands of other items.

The United States and many other countries have cadres of young people trained to come up with things like that to manipulate the minds of other young people.


4) There have been a lot of 'oil company conspiracies' since Edward Teller warned very publicly about fossil fuels


And yet still there was never a politician in any first world country who was willing to challenge big oil.

Until a few scientists took the drastic measure of kickstarting virus wars.

5) Is Korea shifting towards China, or are they playing a financial game?

Korea has been giving a lot of hints it may be increasing respect of China.


Both the Japanese Yen and Korean Won have been dropping pretty significantly in recent weeks.


At the time of the first Covid economic shock the Yen was being propped up, probably as part of its arrangement with the U.S., but now it is dropping to three year lows pretty quickly.


Korea has awkward historic relations with Japan, as does China, but China is in a decent position now to pull both countries out of their U.S. orbits.

6) Another story in the news for the wrong reason

This story is reported as police dragging a paraplegic out of his car.


That is part of the story, obviously, the guy cannot use his legs and was being cooperative, so the police 'need' to overpower him using force should raise questions.

But the real story is why did they pull him over in the first place?

They say they saw him leave 'a drug house'.

If he was using drugs, that would sort of be within his rights, as long as he isn't forcing other people to use drugs, attacking people to get drugs, etc. About 30% of police would fail drug tests if they were performed randomly and effectively.

In fact no drugs were found in his car.

Once the police laid him out on the ground and rough housed him a bit, they probably had an officer take his child, who was in the back seat, to a foster home of some sort, all the while explaining to the kid how the police are protecting kids, maybe offering the kid a toy glorifying the police, etc.

7) There have been a lot of articles about government agents, including priests, abusing Native children, but no articles about the context

This is a pretty common type of article.


Somebody at the Health service for Indigenous people in the United States was abusing children and his employer was helping him.

There are lots of articles like that, but nobody seems interested in reporting that this kind of dynamic is a necessary part of the melting pot.

The United States would never have conquered and pacified indigenous territory without child sexual abuse. Native Americans largely refused to submit until the deliberate U.S. policy of 'converting' children through sexual abuse taught Natives that there was a fate worse than the normal consequences of war.

8) There are several indigenous 'uprisings' going on in Latin America, completely ignored in the U.S. press

The Mapuche make up 12% of Chile's population. The Chilean government uses 'terrorism' laws to control its conquered people.






9) Slow Burn

 An interesting article about a trivial Latin American politician


leads to a long ongoing business / political charade involving corrupt businesspeople in Britain, Israel and China.











One of the interesting aspects is how Zionists were walked into believing they had more control than they actually had, and how their illusions have left them in an untenable position.


10) There have been a lot of rare earth moves up of 1%, plus or minus a tiny fraction, more than would happen by chance


There are two obvious possibilities.

1) A 'limit up' or 'limit' down' rule which stops trading. Very unlikely.'

2) The market is tightly controlled by a single entity which has such overwhelming control that they have no worries about being exposed, or they are clumsy.

More likely is '2', and the entity would be either a country, like China, or a corporate entity, like a British trading entity, or a mix.

11) Why are 23 year olds held to very high standards for gun accidents, but police are held to no standards at all unless the media forces it?


Are untrained people supposed to be better trained than trained people?

12) The bruising on Brian Laundrie's arm is what most people would call defensive


 He is almost certainly dead by now, but it would have been interesting to hear his side/version.

13) When Fed manipulations start having minimal effect, there will be no option other than a minimum basic income


But the smart way to start would be to eliminate low wage taxes, and acknowledge whatever new economic paradigm is being used.

14) Oil companies, and the politicians they own, are doing everything they can to squeeze the last few billions of dollars out of oil


But trashing renewables is very low class.


A company could make a hydro generator to place in any river for $10,000, and which produces more than $10,000 worth of energy every year. In other words a highly profitable source of hydro energy.

But where would the real profit in that device come from?

The company that starts manufacturing them, as long as they start discreetly, will be bought quietly and profitably by the oil consortium, and then revert to decades of development phase work, so it releases no hydro machine.

15) Developed countries have spent billions of dollars, over decades, on preventing long term survival of indigenous populations

So called 'melting pots' with no clear historical lineage benefit in the long term by having survivable populations of their component races, but the political hump before that is widely recognized will probably involve aggressive bioweapon efforts to gain political and real estate advantages.


While countries like the U.S. have extensive bioweapons capabilities, and are almost certain to use them aggressively against indigenous populations, those indigenous populations have neither the capabilities nor the political tendencies to develop such weapons in a way that would offer them some defense.

16) There are still a lot of bugs in crypto algorithms, even since the 180 billion bitcoin creation

2010 https://hackernoon.com/bitcoins-biggest-hack-in-history-184-4-ded46310d4ef 

A recent code problem let somebody send any coins from any wallet to any other wallet, in a coin whose market cap was once close to half a billion dollars.

2021 "This second exploit uncovered a significant bug in the code that has been around since 2019. This bug allowed the hacker to take advantage of a transaction signature of *any* transaction into *any* wallet to craft a withdrawal transaction from that wallet."

"I will say that again… ANY single transaction from ANY wallet to craft a withdrawal transaction of the same amount… And they obviously started with the big ones (to answer a few of you, yes they were burned correctly, no private key is needed to perform this exploit) This was further proofed when another (somewhat pointless) exploit was carried out on the 9th September… possibly by another person who figured out the issue."


17) An odd set of coincidences in Australia deserve a page in the archetypes section

Australia has a 'British colonial' history comparable to the United States with regard to many things, such as tribal undertakings, and one of the most important interests of European Australians, as an economic group, is mining.

Specifically using 'green minerals' to transition economic control into a 'carbon consciousness' era.


That mining facility was in the news recently for a shutdown related to a murder committed by a contracted supervisor. That victim was related to another recent victim of an mmiw type murder, but with a white victim. It's called a 'mmiw type murder' because both the killer, and the broader reaction to the killing, are similar to mmiw reactions.

"Mr Richter's former partner was Toni Dodd, sister of murdered teenager, Hayley Dodd."

"Hayley would have been aunty to his two children."


The previous case referred to involved a disappeared girl whose body was not found, along with 'evidence' that is suspicious, at best.



The first victim was a girl who appears Caucasian, and the second victim's affinity with the family of the first victim may be researched if this page is done.

The implication being that both victims belonged to a 'tribal clade' which opposes the European core Australian interests which are represented by Australia's legal system.

The tribal 'Unwinding' page discusses the sort of issue that is probably involved, and ignorance of this issue should be remedied.

Understanding 'unwinding' is easy if a person first has at least a vague understanding of archetypes, and how they reflect things which are not obvious, but when a group of people are in a 'power struggle', as for instance European Australians, the urgency of perceived threats prevents them from seeing things which would otherwise be obvious.

The specific way Australian 'authorities' solved the first case points to a hidden problem of murders committed in Australia by police officers. Based only on the circumstances of these two cases together, a person might research the possibility that Australia has a policing problem similar to that of the United States, i.e., rapes/murders by police.

18) Katharine Gun and 'Official Secrets'

Katharine Gun was an employee of a British Spy agency, and she exposed some misconduct by her U.S. counterparts.


'Official Secrets' is a movie based on her.


There are a few things a person can deduce from her story.

The fact that the U.S. was so cavalier in requesting help compromising diplomats from poor countries, to coerce them to vote for war, shows the power of the oil lobby in the intelligence agencies of several countries. Keeping Iraq from selling oil was a top policy objective for the Oil Consortium for obvious reasons.


It also, by extension, shows the power of other interests.

There has always been a lot of mystery about how China, before it became a political powerhouse, managed to get so many far off small countries to pretend Taiwan was not a country.

The answer is that China was not doing it, the U.S. was.

Taiwan has always had a pretty big economy, and has spent countless billions buying U.S. weapons. They are used by the U.S. as a market for expensive defense hardware, but also as leverage with the Chinese.

What have the Chinese provided to the U.S. in exchange for the U.S. making sure Taiwan is kept as a non entity in global politics?

Who knows?

Notice the first result on Google when you search 'Taiwan U.N. status'. At least Google, which is part of the propaganda arm of the U.S. government, is doing its job.



There isn't any doubt that there is more to the Gun story than meets the eye.


But what is altered or missing is not clear.

During the Cold War the Soviets were famous for clumsiness in their intercepting style, they bugged everybody, and everybody knew, but they were more focused and successful interfering with communications of people and groups.

Although the U.S. and British were involved in high profile manipulations, until about recently the Western focus was more on intercepting everything effectively, but only interfering when it was very useful.

Ms Gun had been working for that agency about three years when she became a whistleblower. Of course there is a careful personality study of employees at agencies like that. they want people who identify as part of a group, but who consider themselves independent. What they do not want are people who will import their old values into their new job. At three years employment they probably guessed that they already owned her.

There are a lot of people with simplistic views who consider themselves exceptional, and whose worldview is easily modified around their simple views. They have supreme confidence which springs from the groups they belong to, and can be led down any path bit by bit. She was far down the path, but somebody miscalculated, forgot to do more group activities so she could be adequately indoctrinated into her new 'family'.

The focus today on 'worldview' war, along with the increasing exposure, by Gun, Snowden and others, of interferences in the internet and other communications infrastructure, has changed the Western approach.

Today, a young person being trained to work at these agencies will be trained to feel 'successful' when they alter or interfere with other peoples' communications in a way that serves their political group.

Whether manipulating access to ICANN, the domain registry controlled by Britain and the United States, or doing complex machinations intended to manipulate the worldviews of people and groups, a young person in British and U.S. spy agencies today is utterly a group creature. What Jung called a 'mass man', a person who wants to be a brilliant cog and serve a 'bigger' machine, is the new face of signals spies.

Their bureaucratic 'authority' lets them project their own parents onto their job. Thus they can justify anything via an abstract sentiment along the lines of 'People have to respect me because I am the parent who raised me, and no explanation nor justification is ever necessary. I'm justified because I'm authorized."

The United States alone has more than a million police, and countless anonymous 'security' workers employed by dozens of agencies. They not only monitor communications in the way Ms Gun exposed, they actively try to use their group's control of communications infrastructure to modify worldviews for the short term gain of them selves and their group.

The movie hints at the future effects of training young people to create that kind of world, but anybody who remembers Cold War propaganda, or has read Lord of the Flies, only has to watch it unfold.

An interesting aspect of training human robots this way is that once the culture is created it perpetuates itself until it burns up. One generation of 'enforcers' is trained and develops a 'family' style atmosphere. When they reach seniority they have adapted the style to indoctrinate the next generation.

As has happened in country after country after country throughout history, these people will damage their nation and their fellow citizens until the harm has spread throughout society, and then they will try to hide in obscurity.

19) An interesting question raised in a school board meeting will catch fire, eventually


The goal of people who try to alter worldviews is rooted in the fictional belief that they are qualified or empowered to 'guide' others. They lack any non academic sense of their being other worldviews with different belief systems. They see the world as a collection of one people who just need to be converted to 'our system'.

Political 'authority' starts with one person being 'authorized' by a group construct, a government or agency, to pretend that they serve a parent function.

The government or agency mints 'mommies and daddies' out of poorly grounded young people, training them that they are responsible for helping society develop, and their tools are the special police powers given to them by their bureaucracy.

It is always a mix of legitimate duties and manipulative politics. There are real crimes and criminals which form the initial rationale for creating bureaucratic police, but once the agencies are created, and funded, the most manipulative bureaucrats dress the best and rise to power.

This always leads to absurdity, a group of young people who have been 'authorized' to manipulate people who are older and smarter than they are, and who have a different background. But the absurdity is well hidden in the dynamics of group reinforcement. Any group of people can be trained to believe that they are 'superior' and that by virtue of some trivial skill or ability they are qualified to 'lead' others. The group creates an evolving worldview among its members which grows more and more powerful among them, but less and less connected to any natural order.

In the case of this school district the issue raised has to do with whether there is a viewpoint which opposes the common holocaust narrative taught to people in the U.S.

The common narrative is that Jews in Europe were rounded up and killed because they were Jewish, and their killers were motivated by things like bloodlust, an enjoyment for killing, some obscure 'evil' which is foreign to 'us'.

There have always been a variety of competing viewpoints, and they have been dealt with historically by marginalizing their believers or, when necessary, criminalizing their beliefs.

What are the historical facts that a 'competing holocaust viewpoint' might be based on?

1) Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. The same year Columbus arrived in the new World. Anybody can research and draw conclusions from that.

2) The initial 'class revolt' in the Russia or the Soviet Union was largely led by people of a 'formerly Jewish' background. Meaning people who had a Jewish upbringing but who then quit traditional Jewish followings and projected the remnants of their education onto the world at large.

Their 'compromise' was to transfer their former piety, or that of their family, onto what they saw as a greater cause. This let them paint themselves, in their own eyes, as having improved upon the traditions they gave up. It's all nonsense of course regardless which group does it. There is no order you can impose on others which improves anybody. Intruding and forcing are tools to subjugate and a subjugated person has not been led anywhere.

Some people say it is antisemitic to say that a lot of the big early communists were of formerly Jewish background, but anybody can go through the list of characters and see for themselves if it was or wasn't so.

3) Jews have always had a significant level of influence in most new world countries, including the United States.

Again, a simple fact. There isn't another group, aside from perhaps the British or 'Western Europeans' generally, who have had more control.

The big difference is that while Britain is currently 'downsizing' or 'decaying' a bit, they don't face a massive loss of influence.

The actions of a few from any group are sometimes seen as the actions of the entire group. It isn't 'all British' who colonized North America and exterminated most of the tribes that had been there. If a British person goes outside Britain he or she can easily be seen as not being connected to this or that 'British' act. And if a Brit feels more comfortable in Britain they can stay there with no worries.

4) The nature of Jewish interference is the same as the interference of any one group on another. Jews who have influence, like members of other groups who have influence, try to inflict their belief systems on others with different backgrounds in a way that is profitable.

5) The big historical issue that 'Jews' are widely seen as promoting is globalism. The noise about 'holocaust deniers' is simple cover for the real concern about backlash over past and present support for 'globalism' and 'anti tribalism' by Jewish groups and leaders.

Is it true that Jews have a recent history of trying to eliminate tribes?

Jews are not homogenous, at all. Millenia of interbreeding with other groups means that there might be a few thousand people who are similar genetically to the original Jewish tribe, but the vast majority of 'Jews' are a mix containing mostly European DNA. Ironically, those few 'real' Jews are not influential in Israel. Power in Israel, and in most 'Jewish' organizations is held by Europeans who have a miniscule amount of Jewish descendance.

Tribal societies typically consume the vestiges of past tribal societies which have 'over dispersed', so, for example, when the Soviet Union tried to create a classless society, or the United States tried to create a 'democratic melting pot', these two entities created a lot of people who are in the same boat long term as Jews.

The common perception is comparable to a drowning person who tries to pull down whoever is around them, to put it charitably. Many people with a tribal identity who are aware of European history and politics perceive 'Jews' as trying to eliminate tribal identities. This was probably part of the British calculus for cooperating with Zionist ambitions, but from a British perspective the math no longer works. Many Israelis imagine they can retreat Eastward, but actually that does not work either, unless an authoritarian government is imposed to defend 'Jewish' interests. And that would just create more of what is already developing.

There is a recovery path for over dispersed tribal groups, it is alluded to on the 'Unwinding' page, and exterminating tribes and their worldviews is not an acceptable solution.

When a person talks to a 'foreign' person, he or she can get a sense of how far that person's view is from 'the collective melting pot worldview'.

When you talk to a very tribal person who has some contact with a melting pot, they have a distinct overlap with the melting pot, a sort of buffer which is not harmful to them nor to those they deal with. Some tribal people have a sort of 'pre buffer' which is hostile to outsiders, but again not harmful. Eastern Europeans are an easy example of that. Israelis often have a completely different relation to foreign worldviews, something which is very harmful both to them and to others.

Whether in Europe or Russia or the new world, the biggest globalizing influences have been disproportionately Jewish. Whether it's bad or good a person could argue either side, but it has been very harmful to non Jewish tribal interests, and very beneficial to Jews, generally.

When various European countries were pillaging Africa they always presented themselves as civilizing savages, but doing it in a profitable way. It's the exact same equation with Jews, except that Jews do not have a real country, they are not a distinct group, they are perceived as an easier target.

The article is soliciting a reaction from its readers, and most sensible people would be interested in allowing dissent from the enforced holocaust sentiment that is common now.

Political interests vested in the status quo try to lump the opposing viewpoints into a category called 'holocaust deniers', as is done in the article, but there are a wide variety of reasons why any person might want the freedom to dissent from the enforced viewpoint.

Right now there is a rivalry for control of U.S. influence, the declining residue of U.S. power, between British and 'Jewish' interests. They both are likely to lose big, but there is no doubt about which will lose bigger.

An interesting article in the SCMP contrasts Israel and Taiwan.


The article pushes mainstream silliness about Israel which is interesting.

An early CIA director said that the only thing the state of Israel excels at is marketing itself. It is not a democracy to many of its citizens, not a Jewish country to geneticists, not the leader of the region, etc.

The Chinese, specifically the author of that article, are aware of the game of walking Zionists into an alley by pumping them up.

Why would China have the right to take over an entire population which does not want their control? The United States cannot answer because it is cooperating with China, working collaboratively to take over any surviving indigenous populations.

Both China and the U.S. 'support' Israel, which should be a warning to Israelis, who will instead take it as a compliment, proof that they are special people who invented the bible and win 97% of Nobel prizes because they are superior to the rabble.

20) Inside knowledge or proper caution?

A very plugged in person, privy to a lot of secret machinations, warned that crypto is in need of 'urgent' regulation.



The advice itself is normal, but the wording, and who it comes from, should set off alarm bells.

A person like him, in his position, speaks to several audiences at once.

He speaks with one message to 'his clique', for example, and another message to the general public.

His message does seem to contain an alarmist element meant to protect 'his clique'.

He would have been part of the process of crypto creation if crypto was initially made under a government program, as some people suspect. And because of the nature of such a project, if it were that way, he would play his cards very close to his chest until he became aware of something that would threaten the interests of his supporters.

21) Bad News / Bill Clinton may be the first president to have a venereal disease named after him


Good news / The Clinton Foundation has donated $50,000,000 to find a cure for a new strain of syphilis.


22) As the U.S. decays it has less energy to legitimize its false worldviews

False constructs like 'Schizophrenia are very helpful to melting pots, but they are hard to maintain. As the U.S. tries to cling to what has worked in the past but is no longer affordable, it starts first to prey on its most vulnerable. Eventually society will polarize between those who use the 'tools' and those who can be sacrificed.

Then the tools will evolve.




23) A county declares an emergency because of 'illegal pot farms'? 


So they use some water 'illegally', and grow a plant 'illegally'.

What is the emergency? Are the farmers forcing people to buy their product?

Are they claiming it cures things it does not cure?

Or is it a simple matter of control?

24) After WWII Japan was somewhat isolated because of its history in China and Korea.

As a result the U.S. saw an opportunity to use Japan's isolation and make it a reliable ally.

Slowly though, Japan's history is being revised in Asia, and the biggest fear of the United States is Korean Unification.


25) Obviously something imminent is in the Koreas


The most likely scenario is that somebody is doing an end run around U.S. policy, and trying to cash in ahead of time.

Interesting that a western reporter from Utah with close ties and access to officials in the U.S. provides probably the first mainstream mention of a North Korean news site.





26) A CIA propaganda operation meant to support profitable defense contractors publishes a silly article which has glaring internal contradictions


 At some point these asinine projects will have backlash.