1) Practical uses of archetypes

Jung wrote a confusing book about how 'mental disease' originates, which is widely respected by a lot of people.




But he was more famous for his writings on archetypes.

This page will try to give examples of how archetypes can have practical uses.

An example is the use of grafting in agriculture. Grafting is a narrow field in horticulture, but it also has become an archetype which applies over many disciplines, and understanding it is useful.

There are a lot of short term 'emergency strategies' populations have used to get past short term issues like food shortage. These strategies fall into two categories a) causes long term harm, and b) doesn't cause long term harm.

For example there used to be, pre internet, stories about rocks that gave off noticeable heat. These rocks solved a short term problem if you were cold, but they created a long term problem because of the effects of radiation. If you were freezing to death it might be wise to use such a rock for a few hours, but after that there comes a point where you do not gain. There are not easily findable references to such rock stories on the internet, but some related links.



It may be that such stories are being limited on Google, a person can read the comments below the following article. If that is the case, it goes without saying that obviously there is no genuine 'national security' factor, it is entirely an issue of manipulating access to information as part of a strategy to create a context in which petroleum use is perpetuated.


Other short term strategies, developed during an emergency, may become mainstream if there is clearly no harm. You are hungry. You notice a plant, You eat it. You survive. You continue eating it.

Grafting of plants is in one of those two categories, but which one? 

 It does not kill in days, like hot rocks. It is not even directly nor visibly fatal after an extended period of time. But there are many people who claim that there is a different kind of harm, perhaps worse than hot rocks, which comes from extending that survival strategy, grafting, into regular use. This page will start by looking at that example.








2) More Netflix?

 It's been mentioned several times that a page will be devoted to examples of how Netflix appears to be slyly pumping U.S. propaganda around the world, more specifically Oil Consortium propaganda.

One classic example comes from the film 'Open secrets', which is not made by NetFlix, but tries to spin an 'anti consortium' public story in such a way as to minimize the visibility of the consortium.

At 18 minutes an angry character suggests Bush jr wanted to invade Iraq because Saddam had targeted Bush sr. It's a great story line, but obviously the push for the war was about eliminating Iraqi oil exports and not about vengeance for a plot which may not even have been real.

If the move had referenced the consortium's need to stop oil from flooding the market it would not have been able to get the backing of any mainstream marketers.

The incredible irony of Blair's involvement is that the British have prepared extensively for an opportunistic 'Jewish hand' to be exposed as the consortium's 'authority'. The oil consortium is entirely transnational, but if it is centered in one country or group, it is centered in Britain, London.

3) Korean mystery solved?

Both North Koreans and South Koreans are not generally fond of Japan for historical reasons. North Koreans are more vocal about it though.


After WWII the U.S. offered Japan a position as top economic ally and in addition an agreement years later to keep Korea divided in exchange for Japan being the lapdog of the U.S.

At the end of WWII Japan had to choose between complete surrender to the U.S., including a subordinate economy, or a lower position within Asia. Japan picked the higher position at the expense of Asian unity because it would not have fared well on its own vs China and Korea economically.

Now, as China picks up, there is still no 'Asian' i.e., indigenous American power in the Americas, and China has enough power to unify Asia behind a banner of advancing Asian interests in the new world.

Asian countries, including Japan, seem to be behind China on this but the sticking point is that Japan and Korea are still strongly allied with the U.S.

An Asian effort to re unify the Koreas would have to deal with the residual animosity towards Japan, and China could solve that in a lot of ways which increased its own status in Asia.

So it's possible the Covid collapse in trade between China and North Korea, and the recent surge in North Korea's currency, are China setting North Korea up for a mandatory re unification.

In that case, Japan would have a lot of concerns, but China would cement its self perceived role as new global leader by solving those concerns carefully the same way the U.S. used diplomatic 'generosity' after WWII to cement its role.

Once the two Koreas start to have serious re unification discussions the dollar will probably start dropping dramatically, something like extreme inflation, and that will probably be the real start of loss of civil liberties in the U.S., as Asia goes in the opposite direction.

4) The United States, and other countries, have been exposed putting vast complicated back doors in all sorts of electronic devices

Why would a country want a mountain of electronic weaponry provided by a country which is not a long term ally and which often pollutes technology with extras?


5) Pandora's Box

Space tourism is a massive opportunity for governments to pacify citizens.

Any specific company might or might not do well, but there is a vast upside potential in the industry because it has wealthy vested patrons.


6) CO2 is going to have a big effect on developed countries

It would cost a few billion dollars or less to provide cheap modular nuclear reactors, designed to run on non proliferateable fuel, to all of the developing areas of the world.

It would also not be hard for corporations to find a new way to rape developing economies under cover of 'helping' them with such a program.


7) An estimated $5 billion in bitcoin went to ransomware

It was then converted into dollars which are much harder to trace.


8) In industrialized places, people are trained not to interfere against aggressions

The implicit top value in an industrialized society is that if one person or group is being forced on another person or group then the force is justified on the grounds that force is the ultimate justifier for anything.

If you or your group has the muscle to do something then you or your group are authorized by society to do it.

There are trivial speed bumps but if you can coerce near silence from your victim you are clear.

It's the norm across all levels of society, but sometimes a news article tries to paint a different picture.


The man had coerced the woman into silence so by industrial standards anything that happened was 'consensual'.

The woman knew the rules, did the math, and decided not to resist.

The guy has no residence, minimal or no education, most likely no path to attaining the resources usually used to attain a partner. So he knows the process encouraged by society of creating fake 'authorization' to disempower a weaker person.

Now he is about to learn that accountability follows the same rules.

A few days later another article saying the 'bystander' story was false.


So now it looks like an agenda driven story that could have had any number of motives. Find a low status male, arrest him for 'semi rape', then have the 'rape' part discredited at trial.

One group of people was probably women who want a Scandinavian view of rape popularized, in which everything is entirely consensual, and their objective was spun out of control by men who wanted to discredit that view.

The vast majority of sex acts are influenced to some extent by issues of coercion, finance etc, and its easier to make that point with a homeless person than a senator.

9) Another Aussie Scam

"Let's not mention Uranium too quickly, or people will catch on."


On the other hand, there is money to be made.


Follow the same playbook as oil, and by the time third world countries discover their Uranium reserves have been hidden, unrecorded, by Western geologists, Australia and its new partner China will own those reserves.

10) Has altseason finally arrived?

Usually when bitcoin breaks out people sell alts to buy bitcoin, but so far that is not happening. If it is altseason then there will necessarily be more mainstream funds to invest in smaller coins soon, and the bubble will fill with crypto helium.


11) With British derived societies in rapid fall, they are scrambling to set up longterm control of green minerals

As corrupt as the oil consortium was, the world will soon see vicious transnational corruption that is on a new scale.




12) An interesting state dilemma

It used to be that when a person was going to be electrocuted they would want to hold the hand of the judge as the current flows.

Killing somebody deliberately is a very conscious act when the victim is targeted as an individual, and a big part of 'state executions' is a clever game of hot potato in which accountability for the targeted killing is bounced around from one abstraction to another.


In this case, a person who has been targeted for a state killing wants to have a second person participate on his side. It certainly does not seem likely it will improve his chances of survival, but it will bring a more tangible survivor, and direct witness, to the killing.

The next step would be for the state, i.e., bureaucrats hiding behind the abstraction of state, to legitimize killings by using their religion, as a personal defense of their actions. This concept of 'god wants the state to kill these people' could evolve in an interesting direction.

13) The Billion Dollar Code and the zipper archetype

The Billion Dollar code is another NetFlix Weltanschauungskrieg propaganda film.




Its goal is to reassemble various threads of the common global melting pot worldview in such a way as to allow more Western European corporate power.

After WWII Germans were a conquered people looking to recover in such a way as not to fall afoul of the melting pot their nation was now subordinate to.

Any German could get personal power by working creatively within the new authority and contributing to the melting pot, but this subordination was generally below the consciousness of the Germans involved. It's a common way to brainwash/control conquered people, often done with children, but in this case there is a vast corporate infrastructure, a Western European based corporate monolith, was positioned in a way as to reel in these 'individuals' who unknowingly did their corporate work.

The zipper archetype involves a sort of graft, taking two trends which are not on a parallel path, and sewing them into one. Like grafting it has long term implications.

Artificial reality is the term commonly used for taking a reality based mapping system, and building an artificial layer on top of it which is geared to directing individuals to existing within a framework which can be controlled. It is sometimes seen in the context of marketing, as discussed elsewhere on this website, and marketing of course is not always commercial, it can have other objectives.

It is interesting that the film starts with a specific technical problem which was being addressed by Mikhail Sendeyev in one of the few academic papers he authored.

14) The so called 'Trump' media platform is an example of backdooring social media by corporate or 'melting pot' interests

Trump is not an independent person. He is utterly controlled and obedient to those who give him power.

When he 'creates a social media platform', of course 'he' is not doing anything. Those who make use of him are.


The problem could be seen as 'How do you guide a mass of individuals who disagree with you', which could be rephrased as 'How do you control those individuals'.

It goes back to the central question of the melting pot, 'Should every group in the world have, as its primary objective, control over others with different worldviews'.

15) It would be an easy thing for a competent film maker to make a 'Zeitgeist' type movie discrediting the entire 'war on terror'







16) Very clever cover for a coup among the real policy makers

Recently a power group rearranged the Fed by outing some people as having traded certain stocks.

It was a blatant power move that had nothing to do with stock trading and everything to do with setting up the Fed for some questionable police redirection.

Now they have to blow smoke.


The fact that Powell read the statement points to him being out soon, and is reminiscent of Trump ordering frog legs when he dined with Romney.

17) Is silver about to go very high?

One person gives their opinion in an interview.


The chart seems to point to the possibility of silver going very, very high.


The recent bottom around $21.20 is an important figure since the March 2008 high at that level. That run up that went from 2001 to April 2011 was a bitcoinesque chart that looks like a fractal from the bitcoin chart, which followed a log pattern for a while until it broke. It is strange that both bitcoin and silver had very clear log chart boundaries, as if massive traders were using those boundaries as guides.

A continuation of that chart would put silver in the hundreds of u.s. dollars per ounce.

Should a silver chart be compared to a bitcoin chart?

Silver is a real commodity with real uses.

Til now most commodities have not had clear lines that their log charts have followed. things like major U.S. stock indices have though, giving the impression that there is some very powerful entity creating deliberate patterns. That paranoid suspicion is reinforced by looking at things like how gaps are cleaned up in charts. It could well be a large group of traders, working independently, enforce respect for certain technical integrities in the chart, but it seems very unlikely.

If there is a shift to commodities, because of eroding fiat values, the hardest commodities are elements.



At least for the next few years.


18) Both China and the U.S. are pretending they are about to reduce stimulus, but neither is planning to


Until the two economies are adequately disentangled, both will try to out overheat their respective economies to gain an edge.

Turkey may be playing the same game by a slightly different route.


19) Arrested for, uhhh? 


Hawaii is slowly turning into a plastic version of the British U.S. melting pot.

They were a country once.

20) Nepalese Gurkhas are famous soldiers

Add them to the list of groups who the opium generals have to deal with.




21) Et Tu, Texas oil?

A recent article about the power of the Texas Oil lobby.



But wait.

"The Railroad Commission hasn't put production limits — known as proration — into effect since the early 1970s.


If any other industry conspired against consumers to boost margins, it would be illegal.

When other countries did it in "the early 1970s" it was an attempted sabotage of the U.S. economy.

The oil consortium has always had cover in being able to argue they were reducing consumption, but all of the evidence points to them trying to increase both consumption and margins, including the sabotaging of nuclear energy through clever operations like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

22) Frame 313 is a documentary about the Kennedy assassination, one of many

More than enough has been uncovered to make it clear that Oswald was not a 'lone gunman', and perhaps was not involved at all.'

There was an elaborate set up though, designed to use him as a fall guy.

One of the unstudied things about the assassination was who was responsible for choosing the specific path that the motorcade ran?

The route would not have been known long in advance, and somebody within government arranged for the presidential motorcade to go where the killers needed.

23) The NetFlix series "Inside Job" paints a clearer picture of the overlap between 'white van psychology' and modern propaganda

A separate page will be made eventually about 'white van psychology', but basically the affinity for white vans as extensions of an individual usually starts with an insecure younger female, who follows a predictable path. Gaby Petito is a recent example, had Gaby Petito lived she would probably have extended herself further into her 'white van'.

An example of the next developmental step, an ideal for Gaby Petito if she had lived, would have been a woman who was starting a career parallel to her husband, maybe Hillary Clinton is an example if you ignore the politics. Then a woman who has all of the material resources to attach to a powerful man, an excellent example would be John McCain's second wife Cindy, and the developing white vanner would see Mrs McCain as the power figure. Then, assuming a person got through those steps in one lifetime, they would still have to go back to the beginning in order to become an individual by any psychological standards, i.e., renounce their power at the Hillary Clinton or Cindy McCain level.

After a misspent youth, the 'white van' person finds power through some connection with a group or group symbol, a stereotypical example is the woman who marries a millionaire or politician then starts a charity project. Her identity is still insecure, but the 'group project', for example a charity, or often some type of policing or security project, becomes her way of creating some anticipated future identity. She wants to take incomplete lessons from her father to 'build a better world' which will cement some sort of princess role for her. The dark side is that she has corrupted the boundary between male and female at an unhealthy level, and is driven subconsciously to overpower her father and thus inherit the power of both parents as a sort of Chimera.

The men who she controls with her project become, in her imagination, extensions of her 'new world'.

This is not a motif that could survive on its own in any society. It survives only as long as it is enforced, and it survives at great expense to those enforcing it.

A second type of person who follows, also usually a female, is raised in a protected environment and feels power is due her. She becomes a sort of young lieutenant to the first person, but without the misspent youth. This is the type of person sought out for 'security' type jobs, a willing participant in 'white van' type manipulations because this person does not understand the broader context of their manipulative need.

The 'Inside Job' series starts with a picture of the Whitehouse and some jail style bars between the audience and the Whitehouse. The purpose of this initial scene is to create ambiguity between whether 'leaders' or 'followers' are 'imprisoned', and to set the audience up for a charade in which they are 'freed'.

Next, a 'street person' type starts yelling about conspiracy theories until his daughter intervenes, as she tries to guide him.

In the first episode, a white van makes its first appearance at 2 minutes 3 seconds.

In the second episode, the first white van is at 1 minute 11 seconds.

The third episode starts with part of the main character's family moving belongings into a white moving van. The white van used in the other episodes first appears at 2 minutes 4 seconds. Then the employees are sent to sensitivity training so they don't offend 'reptoids' which are often used to symbolize Jews, and the protagonist's father starts building a white 'teddy bear' robot for her.

The final episode in the 2021 series, #10, begins with the white 'teddy bear' robot, which will replace the white van in 2022.

'Reptoids' or 'Reptilians' are used by people critical of 'Jewish influence' to criticize that influence without directly referring to Jews. Then, some 'pro Jewish' people react defensively and create a smokescreen around the concept e.g. connecting it to fringe characters like Icke or looking for historical 'reptilians' from thousands of years ago. In other words things have swung so far that most 'political' Jews have disconnected from the ability to even perceive challengers, and they create defenses that are not.




The 'melting pot' aspect of global society, once dominated by 'political Jews' in Europe, can now use 'Jewish influence' in a way that is clearly a set up against 'Jewish influence' in favor of another aspect of the melting pot, specifically British derived society.

The initial 'Inside Job' story line is that the 'father' had a tech business which was taken over by his 'modern' daughter whose character tritely exaggerates conspiracies in order to discredit them.

The beginning of the series relies heavily on Jewish themes, raising fears that the purpose of the series will be the usual NetFlix fare of encouraging tribal surrender to the melting pot.

The irony in this is that Jews have been coopted into defending the long term interests of British descendent colonialism just as those British descended cultures start to turn against Jews. It's like a big person grabbing a smaller person's arm and hitting the smaller person with their own arm.

The very narrow focus of NetFlix's overt propaganda has been observed by various people evidently.


I'm Jewish and it looks like most Jewish people do not understand what this kind of propaganda actually does.

The shows creator is not listed as Jewish in any biographies, but uses stereotypical Jewish phrases, she may have a Catholic background. Here is an interview with her.


She is not overtly pushing any agenda. Rather she is a sort of 'useful idiot' in that her 'development' is on a track that the melting pot wants to promote. So, letting her popularize her 'dreams' serves the purpose of the 'NetFlix propaganda campaign' which is a simple continuation of things like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird and the British based control of the global mindset, in other words to force the 'connected' infrastructure of the world to use a UK based worldview and to eliminate tribal based views as they appear on the scene. Jews, as a result of the involvement of a few Jews in things like the Bolshevik farce, have set themselves up to be used by the British descendent part of the melting pot as the face of this unfortunate ploy.

It is virtually 100% certain that NetFlix has corporate employees who provide input on their productions with regard to props like white vans. These are probably employees of some British or U.S. spy agency placed at NetFlix.

A person could trace the root round and round endlessly. You could say the Basques used the British. Then the British used the U.S. using things like operation Paperclip. Now the British are using Jews, on and on. But the British use of Jews in the current phase is not benign.

The executive producer is Jewish, and has a 'white van' derived mentality. Most people who play this role are female, but he is an example of a male in that role. It is a melting pot role, a conquered person is 'brought back to life' as a servant. The 'women's rights' aspect of his beliefs is yet another smokescreen which hides the true political agenda. Here is an excerpt from his Wikipedia page, evidently partially written by him.

"Hirsch is generally outspoken about his political beliefs on social media. He strongly opposes Donald Trump, calling him "a lying, self centered, woman-hating sociopath"."

"Hirsch supports abortion rights, LGBT rights, immigration, raising taxes on the wealthy, and gun restrictions."

"In May 2019, Hirsch criticized Alabama and Missouri for attempting to criminalize abortion saying "This is a full on assault on women’s rights from a fanatical religious fringe trying to turn back the clock 50 years" and "Women will die. This is medieval cruelty and ignorance"."

"In August 2020, Hirsch praised Dana Terrace's The Owl House for its LGBT representation saying "Back when I made [Gravity Falls], Disney forbade me from having any explicit LGBTQ+ [representation in the show]. But as of today, thanks to [Dana Terrace] and [her] team there are explicitly queer animated main characters on Disney TV. I'm so proud and happy to say that.""


It's a variation of Jung's 'mass man' identity, but with a modern twist. It is not sustainable and serves only to identify those within that narrow niche.

24) The ridiculous drama between Australia and China is similar to other dramas beginning around the globe


Both Australia and China are overtly ethnic based societies trying to gain the upper hand as Europe fragments and Asia unites.

Australians believe they have a silent understanding with China, akin to the petroleum consortium that has ruled the melting pot for a few generations, a new order which will preserve the place of British derived culture.

25) The last thing the U.S. wants is peace in any Latin American countries that has any substantial indigenous population


The games will become more and more complex, but as long as the United States refuses to make any genuine peace with indigenous groups it is still slyly trying to exterminate, its survival depends more and more on eliminating indigenous threats.

26) Gold from Africa, money to Australia