Pages that may get written

1) The fact that this girl has less than 16k Youtube subscribers, and there is almost no activity by 'activists' against her abductors, does not bode well for all societies 

2) What exactly is the United States hiding regarding the JFK assassination? 

 It almost certainly has something to do with the involvement of U.S. bureaucrats in the murder, but why keep it secret for more than half a century?

There are no individuals whose lives would be jeopardized, no secrets that would threaten any covert operations or employees from that era at this point, so why?

There were, and are, a lot of dark sub agencies within the United States government. These are small offices within larger agencies that handle dirty work. It's almost certain several of these types of agencies, i.e., their employees, were involved in the killing, and near certain that other employees of those agencies were roped into providing cover before the fact.

The United States has a dark past with regard to assassinations, most people are aware of that. But most people believe those killings only took place abroad.

In the past there have been small groups of activists who were effective at exposing misconduct, but that threat to corrupt bureaucrats has largely been eliminated using crowd psychology techniques to manage potentially disruptive individuals. 

3) A unique spin

The NYT has published a tiny fraction of the material discussing the killing of civilians by U.S. soldiers abroad, but it leaves out the most important part. 

War is war, and in any mass fight between two groups civilian casualties will happen, but they should happen among the aggressor population, not the victim population.

Afghanistan was attacked because it was a largely tribal population which refused to synch with the melting pot. They never had any interest in 'global jihad' nor any of the other fictions the U.S. used to justify the invasion.

The United States was able to shift civilian casualties in that war onto Afghanistan by virtue of the money the U.S. has, not through any properness of its invasion.

When an outlet like the NY Times points out the lack of accountability among troops for civilian deaths it is creating a spin that benefits the United States at the expense of its future victims, even if there are not likely to be many more future victims from the United States outside its own borders.

4) At some point the game will be up

The United States has been the king of magically low interest rates, but it is the globally connected economy which allows one country to play commodity/currency games to prey on weaker economies.

Europe recently has had questions about low interest rates. 

But the sleight of hand only works when you can find a country to take the fall, and it looks like Turkey may be in the crosshairs. 

Note that the Wikipedia page "President of Turkey" lists only Erdogan, omitting a bit of Turkish history. 

5) One of the best aspects of George Orwell's book '1984' is the portrayal of the 'endless external war' melting pots need in order to pacify internal populations

As the U.S. started withdrawing from Afghanistan, Burma started heating up, and tensions with Eastern Europe started becoming visible. 

It's very likely a surprise attack of some sort is close, probably by the United States against China, but it could be any country against any other country.

The normal start of those events has a set pattern in history, Nazi Germany has the most widely known examples but every melting pot that is desperate to consolidate does that when opportune.

6) If nobody has clued a major U.S. Congressman that inflation is not as bad as recession or rioting, the U.S. has problems 

Worse is that politicians are still pretending a trillion dollars has more than very slight influence on inflation at this point. 

7) Hmmm

In May an article in Hackernoon about China's supply chain tracking software that almost reads like an advertisement. 

In August another article mistrusting that system. 

Early December news that China's ships are 'disappearing' from Western supply chain tracking systems. A person should notice the reference to Burma in that article. It may give some clue as to how the U.S. and China will create their fake melting pot war there to divvy up the tribes. 

Everything normal at this point, looking like the U.S. is preparing some kind of surprise against China.

But then today a step back? 

It's getting hard to tell if China is already in control of the U.S. government.

8) An article that probably provides a better starting point for looking at Chinese advantages than will be found in U.S. propaganda 

The article is paywalled, but the introductory blurb lays out a good introduction, regardless whether the part about the Yuan's leveling off is accurate.

For a long time, Britain i.e., through the U.S. etc, has built its economy by directly intervening in foreign economies and extracting value at the expense of those victims.

China's core society is not any less predatory than Britain's, but they more precisely target near victims, presenting them as 'allies' against far victims. China has far more experience as a face of the global melting pot, and Britain will not win any long game against them.

The underlying conflict between melting pot i.e., Britain, China, etc, and indigenous i.e., one culture or one language societies, has two sides only.

Britain and China are on the same side in that regard.

Unfortunately for Britain at the moment.

9) More than a week ago several news outlets speculated that Omicron may have peaked in South Africa 

But so far South Africa has had only 1.5 fatalities per 1,000 people, and its deaths are starting to rise. 

Notice that Peru, which has had 6 fatalities per 1,000 people is starting to rise again.

Peru is one of the most indigenous countries on the planet, one of the biggest challenges to the melting pot, plus a center of any economic bloc that might develop around silver.

South Africa, despite its location, still has a health infrastructure largely controlled by Europeans.

There is no population on the planet under more serious threat from the melting pot than Australian aborigines, but careful watch should be kept on other areas which are more likely to be overtly targeted, perhaps to distract from what will happen to aborigines in Australia.

10) Ha ha

"Mr. Erdogan said the government will guarantee returns on lira deposits at a rate similar to those on foreign currency, making up for any further depreciation in the lira" 

Now we are in 'History made simple' territory.

11) Obviously more going on in Eastern Europe now than the public is aware

And the goal is probably to shift large funding to local tactical weapons and anti missile type systems. 

In preparation for some fake 'deglobalization' campaign which has been indirectly propagandized recently in several countries. 

12) The Russians appear to be making a sly threat to Israel 

Whose context most people will miss. 

13) The U.S. is on very shaky ground with its China focus 

"Both the United States and Canada have warned that China intends to use scientists who are involved with this plan to gain access to new technology for economic and military advantage 

"Thousand Talents" is a reference to a melting pot consolidation phase similar to 'renaissance man' in western Europe.

A person whose culture has been isolated long enough to stabilize as 'indigenous' will have a broad range of expertises, all of which are common to others in that society.

As a melting pot starts to consume a society, it initially stratifies into 'experts' i.e., the core conquering group, and 'underclass' i.e., the conquered. Something which plays a significant role in the degradation of sciences, i.e., the creation of the false 'group' aspect of science, a natural vulnerability built into melting pots which do not completely exterminate their victims.

A goal of the core society is to advance with its own members 'becoming expert' in those sciences which are the product of conquest, as the victims gradually follow them.

The threat to this consolidation is a natural defense which can arise anywhere, anytime and is alluded to as 'the unwinding' on another page, and described on the 'button down vulnerability' page as well.

14) Not hard to guess how this is going to end 

"More than half of all deposits in the Turkish banking system are in hard currencies 

15) Kind of looks like gold is being prepared for its next bull market 

16) If somebody got 110 years in China or Russia for a traffic accident it would be heavily covered in U.S. media.

In the U.S., the only noteworthy thing is that there are protestors. 

17) Death by a thousand cuts

The target of this reaction believes they win. 

The British see it as a subtle and trivial escalation in the 'We won't interfere in your conquests if you don't interfere in ours' war between Britain and China, but the Chinese have a longer term view whose timeframes are verging on overlapping the British short term timeframes.

18) Two Malaysian Air crashes months apart in 2014

Neither of them solvable by itself, but together they point to a wealthy Russian with superb connections. 

19) Australia stands to be seen soon as worse than Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia in eliminating threats to its power 

It's only a short step to show the British roots of Australia's darkness.

20) Since the first melting pot which had full blooded survivors from two groups, strength has come from federating, and weakness from finishing the conquest

India has been a fair example of a country which has tended in the direction of federating its tribals, rather than assimilating and conquering them.

But more and more there are signs that this may be changing, either as a result of Hindu nationalism or a desire to imitate the British, or perhaps through the activity of some outside force. 

Although there is quite a bit of irony in a Jesuit priest helping tribals, his actions do put him over his opponents in the long term. 

21) In the United States many large companies have employees who are liaisons to the police or intelligence agencies

This has been exposed many times in the past, with some corporations building infrastructure to help the U.S. spy, and even worse.

It was probably a surprise to most people when a Chinese company alerted the public to a severe bug in commonly used code.

Now, even more surprising, it turns out that China did not even have a policy of reporting things like that to the government. 

They were developing in a direction of sustainable cross border commerce.

Now they have to back up and start implementing the spying norms which the United States has been setting for decades.

22) So China is the place to be?

Not so much unless you are a robot. 

China and the United States are two faces of the same counterfeit coin.

23) What is going on in Russia? 

Some articles suggest he is playing to a domestic audience but he would not be bluffing, about the West misleading Russia in order to expand, unless plenty of people understood what he was referring to.

There is no doubt Britain, including the U.S., is making an aggressive last ditch attempt to gain 'future' power in Eastern Europe and beyond, and no doubt either that those efforts are misguided and will fail.

When enough 'strategists' realize that sovereign local political power is a rapidly increasing trend, and 'owning' other groups as part of an imaginary power struggle by ambitious gangsters pretending to 'represent' others within a silly construct i.e., 'democracy', creates large problems for the species, then sciences and other things will get back on track.

That doesn't look likely anytime soon, and considering the carrying capacity of the planet, it may be that a depopulation event will put things back on track.

A behaviorist might point out that the real motive for a war now would not be the strategic factors used to justify it, in other words it may be that 'politicians' are looking for an excuse to get living space for their melting potted populations.

24) A silly example of the way science deviates from fact 

A sign of the problem is the critic who says 

""did not entangle a tardigrade with a qubit in any meaningful sense."" 

Of course that's true, but more true is that 'entanglement' as a phenomenon is not a part of physics. The 'entanglement' physicists ascribe to their quantum fantasyland is another example of 'modern science' using the residue of irrational functions to buy 'advances' or 'credibility'.

All of these elaborate constructs are group phenomena which will wash away when sciences become sensible again.

25) The United States has taken significant steps to sabotage Afghanistan's economy already, it will be interesting to see how the U.S. counters the U.N. effort 

And how China profits. 

26) Some obvious points 

1) It would be rare and unusual for a suicidal person with a real gun to be standing on a bridge 'about to jump'.

2) Even if it were a real gun, very few people can hit a human sized target from 50 feet with a real gun.

3) Even if the cops felt compelled to stand that close, they were behind a car and could have ducked down if he had fired a 'real gun'.

4) Forcing a confrontation with a suicidal person in that way does not solve anything, it pushes them in the wrong direction.

5) Both the cops and the victim were role playing, but the cops were doing it in an obscene, gangsterish way, trying to provoke him while creating a film record of their false 'benevolence'. Their gangsterism provides future fuel for cops who can swagger around and say "I almost had to kill the person, but luckily we both lived, sure I'm a hero, but gosh, aw shucks."

27) The political side of 'NFT's'

NFT's are a sort of semi 'copyrightable' digital product usually representing a crossover between digital and tangible merchandise, e.g. art. 

There is no doubt that there are government fingers promoting the concept as part of the 'intellectual property' scam, and trying to tie it to 'bigger than national' interest groups while connecting it to other parts of the 'ip rights' sleaziness. 

The trend overlaps heavily with the metaverse, and it is unfortunate for the species that more people don't notice the underlying fraud behind the concept, worse yet that there is a massive political interest i.e., Britain's derivative societies like Australia, which are desperate to promote this fraud in order to gain an illusory strategic advantage.

Is it something that can be legitimately leveraged to limit Asian control of the global economy in the future?

The problem in that regard is that the underlying fraud of the concept is visible to non industrialized people and anybody outside the melting pot worldview.

The Chinese, for example, might buy into the scam as a melting potted group, but since it is not in their long term interest to perpetuate it, as they gain more influence it will remain only as something hobbling the British side. In other words one more tactic the Chinese will use to control certain other groups until the natural pressure to indigenize destroys their empire, which might not be for a long time.

Another unfortunate aspect of these types of frauds is that they will have an extremely negative effect on the expansion to 'outer space'.

Vast numbers of people will be drawn into the notion of 'proprietary abstractions' having a commercial value.

28) Is another Coronavirus variant going to pop up in the next several weeks and replace Delta and Omicron?

Since October 28, 2021 the global deaths chart has been painting lower highs and lower lows. 

Omicron gave fair warning that the virus wars have begun and people who aren't plugged in should step back. 

The appearance is that some entity is providing future cover for its 'national' work in bioweapon 'defenses'.

In the context of the motives for the original Coronavirus release, it implies that fatalities will ramp up as governments try to draw their respective citizens into perceiving their own governments' actions as 'defensive'.

People should be watching Aboriginal Australians carefully.