When a person has untangled several archetypes they can use that to build a reliable worldview.

An obvious example is the extinction patterns of amphibians.

Colonial psychiatry is a blatant political ploy to isolate certain proprietary wisdoms, but a simple minded person might see it as an attempt to rebuild 'psychology' from the ground up using 'Western hyper analytical science' techniques.

This page will demonstrate that any individual using the general concepts of analytical psychology can construct a worldview which is more stable than one based on using the group constructs of colonial psychiatry, for example 'DSM' type pseudo psychology.

A broader deduction any person can arrive at is that group constructs do not lead to stable worldviews, i.e., for example things like the DSM have no underlying validity as constructs unless you get enough people to agree they do, and even then they don't have any external validity, outside the group, except that which can be imposed as a 'forced perception' on prospective new members.


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