Youtube now blocks most, or all, of my comments on Youtube even though I pay them $10 a month as a premium subscriber.

From past experience with sites that do that, it is possible the videos on this case are also completely hidden except to Youtube's shills i.e., 'moderators'.


Several times material about this case has been posted on Reddit, and each time it leads to the account being banned from posting about the case on subreddits located in Utah.

This last time, I created a subreddit called 'false confessions'.


After a bunch of posts, there started to be some posts, as well as replies, being deleted.

I was, and am, the only moderator of that subreddit, so it seemed odd.

Eventually the mystery was solved when I responded to a post about a police officer who was trying to get hormones for his 'transgender' child.


Somebody posted

"I’m a cop with a trans daughter. Lawmakers want me to arrest the doctors who saved her life. (motherjones.comsubmitted  by Oleg101"

And I responded

"When a kid has a 'sexual identity' at a very young age it might be that the parents are using the child as a proxy for their own ongoing issues.

"We knew something was up from the time she was young, like elementary school. By the time my wife died, we knew she was questioning who she was, but we assumed it meant she was gay."

The article says the law is about "puberty blockers or hormone therapy" which a 'trans' kid does not need unless somebody convinces them that they need that.


The dad majored in theater at U Mass Amherst and then decided to become a cop in Alabama.


Why he has such a need to have his son receive chemicals which will have lasting effects is not clear. Why not just let the kid be? There are thousands of support groups and so on."


My response was labeled 'hate speech' and 'transphobia' and Reddit began deleting my responses to people who responded to my comment.

I, of course, was not aware of the deletions until I looked at the thread on another browser, but to anybody who looked at the conversation it looked like I did not have a response.

Then Reddit moderators started deleting other comments and replies until I had no control over the subreddit where I was supposedly the only moderator.

I never deleted anybody else's comments on the subreddit.


Is Reddit doing a favor to 'trans' people by stifling the discussion, and preventing 'psychologically trans' people from discussing the truth?

Reddit corporate moderators pretend they are 'saving lives', and their justification is that suicides used to be very high among trans people.

Years ago, suicides were very high in that population, and that was largely solved by providing a political outlet which let them 'identify' in such a way that they could find support if they wanted it.

An obvious next step would be to provide truthful information to that population which would allow them a path back to psychological wholeness.

Instead Reddit prevents that second step and promotes the false 'identity' of the political path.

What is the truth?

1) There are a) 'real' transgender people, with ambiguous genitals and an 'in between psychology' which has great power, and b) their followers whose 'transgender identity' is entirely superimposed through psychological pressure, often from parents using their children as psychological proxies for their own conflicts.

It is the purpose of children to continue their parents' path, but not to continue their parents' mistakes. 'Gender identity issues' are the confusion of other issues with 'gender identity', and, like all such issues, are resolved by starting with the truth.

Using enforced lies to profit from vulnerable groups, as melting pots do, and as corporate entities like Reddit do, is a disservice to people who identify as trans. It gives them the short term 'power' of a loud political impact by silencing others, but ultimately short circuits the benefits which could have been derived from their predicament.

2) Transgender identity is a secondary way for a melting pot to consolidate tribes which have not been exterminated, and there is a proper and an improper way to do that.

Political power through pretending 'trans' is an identity issue may be useful locally, and temporarily, for the emergency benefit of a few individuals, but enforcing that against the truth is not proper. 'Transgender' is not an identity issue. It is a developmental issue. Using force to make it an identity issue prevents a lot of people from advancing.

3) Melting pot 'governments', and entities like Reddit which serve them, are not acting in the best interests of people with that sort of issue. Their goal is entirely to build a false political construct which serves their own interests at the expense of individuals in that population.

Reddit is playing the role of 'Shadow Saboteur' to 'trans identifying' people, sabotaging their long term interests while pretending to defend them.


"The goal of the melting pot shadow saboteur is to develop the compensating gender identity of the victim as far as possible. In other words he or she wants the role reversal to last as long as possible, ideally the gender confusion would be 'permanent', and the victim, the 'transgender' person, would become a permanent outpost or servant of the melting pot."

It's very difficult to counter malicious entities like Reddit because the subject of the difference between physically 'trans' and psychologically 'trans' is a politically forbidden topic in the modern political climate.

Physically transsexual people have a riddle between their two lineages which was unsolvable at the time they were conceived. Their 'male and female' or 'nuclear and mitochondrial' or 'viral and fungal/bacterial' parts of their lineages had some irreconcilable conflict at the time of conception.

Psychologically 'trans' people have no such irreconcilable issue, but play the role of looking for 'something', perhaps related to the issue in broader society.

Physically transsexual could be considered an identity, but probably should not be since it would lead to attacks against those individuals.

Psychologically 'trans' is not an identity, any more than 'being 26 years old' is an identity.

If somebody started a political party based on 'being 26 years old' they would be silly in the same way a group based 'psychologically trans' identity is silly. Worse than silly though, the 'psychologically trans' political identity is counterproductive and harmful.

It prevents 'psychologically trans' people from seeing the individual issue specific to their situation, and solving it.


The fact that Reddit has a group of moderators specifically assigned to prevent honest discussions when those discussions do not serve the corporate or political interests of Reddit makes Reddit an inappropriate place to discuss any topic which is not supported by the mainstream, including false confessions.

Like the Twitter profile on the case, the Reddit profile will be left up, but a person should be wary of any conversations on that site since they are modified by employees with corporate motives.

Other subreddits are similar.

Notably, the "bad cop no donut", and "acab" subreddits are heavily populated by police officers pretending to be regular posters.

There is no genuine discussion on the subreddits, except those discussions which increase 'authority' control of the issues being discussed, something which is not conducive to a solution.


How many law enforcement employees committed perjury during the Esar Met Salt Lake City trial?

How many law enforcement employees committed perjury during the Esar Met Salt Lake City trial?

This involves a Burmese refugee who was pressured by police and the FBI to confess to a murder he did not commit. He is still in prison, has no legal assistance and there is no effort being made by authorities to resolve the case properly.

Images below come from the police report and audio comes from preliminary hearings and the trial.

Esar Met went to trial in 2014, about 6 years after he was arrested in Utah, USA.

In the U.S. it's difficult to hold a person for 6 years without trial unless you create elaborate cover.

The judges and lawyers carefully covered themselves by guiding him into wording 'on the record' statements, based on what he had been told.

In this recording he has been in jail about 4 years and this testimony is to provide an 'on the record' verification that, after 4 years in jail, he was willing to waive his 'right to a speedy trial'.


One of the things his defense lawyers did not tell him was that, at that point, there was no real DNA evidence against him. The DNA evidence pointed to somebody else.

Here is a coded conversation that took place a short time later.


At this point both the judge and defense lawyer know the prosecution has no real evidence and there is 'considerable' evidence pointing to one of the roommates.

They both want to avoid the embarrassment of the state having a public trial which could expose misconduct, but they aren't able to speak openly about bypassing a trial via a plea deal. The first time a guilty plea had been discussed in court Mr Met began shouting that he did not kill the victim, and there were some awkward questions raised in the press.


This was a public hearing and they knew if they used the phrase 'plea deal' it could end up causing trouble in the papers because of the previous fiasco.

Now to the perjury issue.

Original charging document has several things which authorities knew to be untrue, but that is a separate issue. https://tribalcash.org/images/pdf/Esar_Met_Information.pdf

This is a simple and straightforward example. The person speaking is the detective who worked with an FBI agent to get a Reid Technique false confession from Esar Met. He is asked how many apartments had not been searched as of a certain point.


Here is one of the corresponding police report supplemental narratives which contradict his testimony.


Why did police need to lie about that?

The victim was known to frequent only two apartments besides her home, and one of those two was the place her body was found. The girl's mother had gone to that apartment shortly before calling police, and spoken to the roommates to see if her daughter was there.

Here is a courtroom discussion of the mother's interaction with the mother of her daughter's friend and later with the roommates. "Kalar" is a Burmese ethnic slur that might roughly equate to 'ni**er' in English.


The 'Kalar' woman being referred to is the woman who Esar Met spoke to the morning Hser disappeared, and who was one of Esar Met's alibi witnesses. She was never asked at hearings on the record, nor during the trial, about the alibi.


Of course if she had been asked to testify that she knew he had left in the morning then it would prove Esar Met was not the killer.

The girl's father also stopped by the roommate's apartment before the police got involved.


At the time the body was found it would have been awkward for police to say that the only apartment they had not searched was an apartment the girl was known to visit, and which detectives had decided was 'unoccupied' because the roommates refused to answer the door.


Much worse, later forensic evidence would point to the girl having still been alive well into the second day while police were saying the apartment must be unoccupied because nobody answers the door. In other words if the most basic police work had been done the girl might have been found while she was still alive. As bad as that may sound for the local police, there was another aspect that would have been even worse for the FBI.

The solution? Instead of telling the truth, media were told that there were several apartments that were not searched due to nobody answering the door. Once the FBI believed that they knew where the body was they initiated a 'new search' which necessitated a whole bunch of local officers committing perjury to cover an FBI error. Local police did not understand then, and probably still do not know why the FBI needed them to lie, but that's a separate issue.

One more item will be added here in regard to the perjury by the detective mentioned above.

Remember, he mentions untruthfully that two apartments had not been searched by end of day on the 31st. Those two were the one where the body was later found and another one two doors away.

The victim had been wearing pink sandals when she disappeared. It's a Burmese custom to leave shoes at the entrance when you are at a house.

As the police were initially searching the apartments they saw pink sandals inside the entrance of an apartment but did not search the apartment at that time.

The next morning they went back to that apartment to search again. When they got to the basement they found a locked room which the owners said they did not have a key for.

That next morning, the day after they had seen the pink sandals, the door was forced open.


If you have questions or want additional documentation on something, ask.

Edit to add some previous posts that have other types of evidence or recordings.






Were lies by Utah swat officers part of the reason a jury convicted a refugee in Utah for a crime he did not commit?

ETA Edit to change one audio link that was copied incorrectly https://tribalcash.org/images/mp3/clipQ12etc.mp3

The person convicted in this case is still in prison, with no lawyer and no interest on the part of the fbi and Utah police to fix their mistake.

A young Burmese girl was killed in Salt Lake City Utah in 2008

Several police officers and FBI agents gave dishonest and, in several cases perjurious, testimony at hearings and at the trial.

At the bottom is audio of one of the smaller examples, of a swat type cop lying about the circumstances of the arrest itself.

First some background and details on some of the DNA evidence

5 years after the murder the prosecution did not have any forensic evidence which pointed to Esar Met as the killer, but they did have strong evidence pointing to somebody else.

As the trial approached, the prosecution met with some people from Sorenson labs and arranged some new testing.


In 2013 the state continued monkeying with DNA in preparation for a trial. Part of this involved making more DNA evidence against Esar Met and removing DNA evidence against one of the roommates.

Prosecutor mentions, in opening to jury, two pieces of DNA that are unusually weak, blood on his 'clothing' and DNA under her nails, but neglects to mention the solid, real DNA evidence pointing to one of the roommates.


Notice that he says 'clothing' rather than jacket. The denim jacket Esar Met was wearing is a separate issue with huge red flags, but the t shirt will be discussed here.

The shirt he mentioned Esar Met was wearing had blood on the inside, his own blood, from a mild beating he got as he was being arrested.

There was a minor profile in that DNA which was conclusively not from Hser Ner Moo, the victim. The DNA was from a person who had genetic alleles that Hser did not have. In other words there was no chance she was the minor profile.

https://tribalcash.org/images/mp3/cliptshirta.mp3 There is a long silence in the audio you have to wait through.

By saying that the victim 'could not be excluded' as being the minor profile on his shirt, even though in fact she was excluded, the jury does not know if it might have been her blood.

Why was the blood on the shirt so important? During the false confession the FBI agent asked Esar Met if he got blood on his shirt.


Esar Met said he did of course, he agreed with everything he was asked to say. At the time Sorenson was doing the work it was still not known if he would testify, but if he were to testify that fictional evidence would have been one of the most important pieces of evidence against him.

Another DNA game involved the code r rape kit.

The public was told that there was DNA but that it was of insufficient qualty or quantity to be tested. This suggested a rape which had left a bit of rape evidence but not enough to test.

At the trial there was a long bit of testimony reinforcing this 'suspicion' that the victim had been raped but the amount of DNA was insufficient to test. There is also documentation in the police files that this fictional DNA existed, when in fact it did not, which is one of many examples which seems to point to the police report having been changed.

Finally the defense lawyer pointed out that in fact there was no DNA found in the rape kit. The prosecutor then cleaned up his testimony, and here is the final clip by the defense after the issue has been exposed as prosecutorial creativeness.


The public was told that there was only one sample of DNA from 'roommate #1' mixed with the victim's blood, and that it might have come from that roommate spitting betel nut juice on a spot which would later be where some of the victim's blood would be deposited. In other words he spit betel nut juice and some time later the victim's blood was deposited on top of it.

But was that the truth?

There were a number of DNA samples which had mixed profiles, including Hser Ner Moo and the roommate, which were tidied up in 2013 at Sorenson labs before the trial. Four of those samples are referred to as Q2, Q10, Q11 and Q12.



Another longer clip https://tribalcash.org/images/mp3/clipQ2etc.mp3

Now to the swat team officers.

Esar Met was called and gave the police his address and said he would wait for them.

Several dozen officers were then sent to arrest him as an aggressive 'dangerous target' type arrest.

Here is the first swat officer lying under oath about at least two important things at a 2012 hearing. All of the people in the house gave testimony that contradicted his testimony.


Here he is lying some more in 2014 at the trial trying to adjust his previous testimony.


After the arrest the public was told that Esar Met had tried to flee, an outright lie.

Eventually they admitted that he had not tried to flee but the swat officer tried to portray him as combative.


Notice the gesture the officer was using for "get down" is actually "come here" in parts of Asia including Burma.


Here is that same officer several weeks later.


Some previous reddit posts with more audio





Did a federal agency in the United States deport a young 'undocumented' mother to prevent her from giving testimony that would unravel an fbi coverup?

*Please ask questions to clarify anything about the case you are curious about*

People don't want to look at the evidence, and challenge the 'authorities' because they don't want people to think they support child murder.

Look at the evidence and ask questions if you support solving crimes properly.

Stop supporting the fakesolving of crimes.


There were three women at SouthParc apartments in Utah in 2008 who each had a 7 year old daughter who was an immigrant of some sort, and the three children were classmates and friends.

The first woman was the victim's mother.

The second was the mother of the girl the victim had tried to visit the day she disappeared. She was also the last person who Esar Met spoke to before he left the apartment complex. In other words she knew he had left the complex long before the girl disappeared so he could not be the killer.

The third woman, Mrs Aurora G., was the last person known to have seen the victim, Hser Ner Moo, alive.

First a brief case description then at the bottom of the post how the third woman fits in.

This involves a 2008 murder case in Salt Lake City.

The person who has been incarcerated since 2008 and is currently in prison is not guilty and nobody in Utah has shown any interest in fixing the matter. So authorities will get nickle and dimed with small posts like this until something is done.

Brief case overview.

  1. A young Burmese girl went missing on March 31, 2008.

  2. April 1 her body was found around 7pm.

  3. April 2 around 3am an FBI agent and local detective use the Reid Technique to eventually get a confession from a young Burmese man. The details of the confession have no resemblance to the actual crime.

  4. The media is immediately told that they have a suspect who confessed and it is implied that it was a sex crime.

  5. About 2 hours after the confession an autopsy is performed by the medical examiner with an fbi agent and detective present.

  6. As the autopsy is concluding the medical examiner says that he sees no evidence of a sex crime.

  7. The prosecutor is contacted and he sends over his own expert who determines that it was one of the most severe sex crimes she has seen.




This expert determined that not only was she sexually assaulted but

""It's a rare injury. It's a lot of injury. ... Rarely do we see more injury than this,""


8) Several weeks later the DNA results of the crime scene evidence come back and show conclusively that one of the roommates appears to be the killer, he left his DNA in several blood samples of the victim at the crime scene.

9) At this point the 'authorities' involved did not know what to do. They did not want to tell the public that the fbi had helped local police get a confession from a person who was not guilty.

10) After several years a trial was held and the person who the fbi and local police knew was not guilty was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

Back to the third woman.

Aurora G. had a stable life in Salt Lake City. She had three daughters including the one that was Hser's friend.

Four years after the killing police contacted her and asked her to testify at a hearing.

She testified that initially the police did not even mention what they were looking for and that it was on the third search, i.e., the second day of searching, that she told the police what she saw.

The police officer says he got that information the evening around 10pm, of the first day, in other words before the first search, and he said the time Aurora G last saw Hser was about 1410 or 210pm.

There are a few reasons why her testimony was so devastating to police, but anyway she disappeared shortly after that testimony, so the matter was 'fixed'.

Audio files

Notice that when the judge and lawyers are discussing the missing witness they throw up a smokescreen involving a completely unrelated domestic abuse case precedent. Then the 'state's investigator' throws on more subterfuge about her child's school not having records since 2008.






snippet from police report supplemental narrative by that detective




2008 murder of a young girl in Salt Lake City


In 2008 a young Burmese refugee girl was found murdered. Shortly after the body was found, police and the FBI arrested a suspect and got a confession. In 2014 the accused was found guilty at a trial.




Mainstream media largely supported the prosecution, including adhering to a gag order.


One reporter in Utah did give hints that something might be off though. For example she pointed out on her Twitter feed that three jurors who were dismissed were diligent note takers.


A very similar murder had occurred less than a mile away just two years previous.


There had been a lot of questions about that investigation and arrest, which also involved a secret confession and a gag order, so police were under some pressure.

It was largely the same group of police and FBI agents involved in both cases.

Anyway, bits of information have become public over the years, pointing to the person in prison not being the actual killer.

Material recently put online includes recordings from the trial, of significant material that the media did not report.

Is anybody interested in this case? Ask for any material and I'll post it. 


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Can you copy and paste one part of the comment which is inaccurate?Adults should be able to do anything they want.Children should not take chemicals that will alter their body in a way that they might regret later.You obviously believe that children should be given puberty blockers and hormones from the opposite gender, and you try to make your opinion sound mainstream by pretending you are educated, but your posturing is empty.Here is a 'Russia propaganda site' which allows much more dissent than many U.S. sites, including your subreddit.https://www.rt.com/russia/551704-russia-instagram-ban-extremist-meta/A person does not have to agree with the comments, but banning those who disagree is not the way.

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Removal reason

Can you copy and paste one part of the comment which is inaccurate?

Adults should be able to do anything they want.

Children should not take chemicals that will alter their body in a way that they might regret later.

You obviously believe that children should be given puberty blockers and hormones from the opposite gender, and you try to make your opinion sound mainstream by pretending you are educated, but your posturing is empty.

Here is a 'Russia propaganda site' which allows much more dissent than many U.S. sites, including your subreddit.


A person does not have to agree with the comments, but banning those who disagree is not the way. 


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They appear to be the same person.

In each case Reddit corporate moderators deleted my responses so it would look like I did not respond to these users. This corporate moderator is pretending to be 'defending' people who identify as 'trans', but he or she is doing the opposite.

Note too that there are a lot of similarities between these posts and many of the posts on 'acab' type subreddits made by police pretending to be regular posters.

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