Propaganda camouflaged as news

1) Lots of older folks die every day. Some of them so weak and sick it's a wonder medical care managed to extend them so far

Dale Weeks was 78 years old with a slew of health problems and an inability to fight an infection, even after powerful antibiotics were administered.

After he died, his family was cultivated until they produced the desired soundbyte which could be incorporated into an article. Several family members had to be interviewed, coaxed, prodded, but one of them finally produced.

"Iowa’s short-staffed hospitals have been jammed for months with patients, including people severely sickened by coronavirus.

It’s infuriating that people who are not vaccinated are clogging it up,” said Jenifer Owenson of Des Moines, who is one of Weeks’ four children." 

2) A very clever British ploy with huge implications

"Many governments and enterprises do not trust PKI in their core networks Organisations with the most stringent security needs still rely on people to transport the cryptographic keys that protect their networks around the globe. Aside from the increased cost and environmental impact, manual key delivery introduces more vulnerabilities and results in poor key refresh rates. 

Public Key Cryptography was broken from the start, one of the biggest scams in the global melting pot. 

Now, more and more 'private' sector individuals and groups know what is going on, and the British side must onboard those individuals and groups, or eliminate them quietly.

'Elimination' worked for a long time, when one would pop its head up every now and then.

But now the flaws are obvious to so many people that the Brits have been forced into collaborating with any criminal enterprise which knows their dirty little secret.

Their 'doubling down' might look like a smart strategic play to them, even though they know its a short term fix.

But its effects on other global systems would be too great to allow.

Another British company blowing smoke to cover exposed pkc threats. 

Note that 'quantum computing' is a very real threat to encryption, there are lots of ways, equivalent to 'quantum computing' to vastly increase computer power, but the deception is in hiding the real threat i.e., that it is impossible to generate secure public keys.

Eventually 'the public' will need some sort of key generation tool to connect securely to others on the internet. This could be a usb drive with a high number of unique keys, or it could be a system designed to provide security only within a short timeframe or it could be some sort of biometric tool.

please, this is too predictable. 

3) It's strange that there are no conspiracy theorists pouncing on possible oil consortium involvement in Chernobyl and Fukushima. 

Chernobyl would have been easily arranged, and the location of Fukushima's reactor probably was influenced from outside.

Either way, those two incidents kept oil alive and profitable for a long time, all that was needed was for the consortium to whip up anti nuclear activists, something easily handled by government which have thoroughly infiltrated those groups.

4) Aduhelm is a worthless drug given FDA approval recently under an accelerated release program for the financial benefit of a few connected people 

Once it became public knowledge that not only does the drug not treat anything but it makes patient worse, the FDA backpedaled.

The issue of money controlling the FDA is sensitive, so the backpedaling is discreet. 

5) Huh?

"When he pulled the trigger, he said, he had no idea whether the person jumping through the window was armed 

6) There have been a statistically significant number of vocal vaccine opponents who have died of Coronavirus 

Googling "fought vaccine mandate", and variants of that phrase, let's see what comes up. 

7) One of the global melting pot's darker ploys is to train people to be ineffectual 

No people is ever 'freed' by their members starving themselves, but yielding to such tactics trains populations to use them, guaranteeing less real threats to the melting pot.

The state of Israel is a hybrid melting pot which could take the smart path and become a tribal state leader, but instead it has consistently tried to improve its position with regard to the global melting pot.

Something which will be ending soon.

8) Part economic news but more propaganda 

The people who will profit from inflation are mostly the very wealthy who own the bulk of commodities, and the people who lose are the ones who will pay a higher percentage of their earnings for those commodities.

The rapaciousness of the oil consortium for the past 40 years, and the eagerness politicians and the media had while defending them, provide the best clues about how inflation will play out.

9) Excellent brief clip describing one propaganda technique 

Very widely respected guy who has early patents on messenger rna vaccines.

Several days later? 

10) A key part of police state propaganda is trying to get people to pretend that police lives matter more than the lives of others

Every day a lot of people die from things either work related or non work related.

Usually it's not national news, unless the person is a police officer. 

Strangely, the off duty death of a police officer is often bigger news than the death of a person killed by an onb duty police officer.

11) The ultimate 21st century conspiracy theory 

There are a lot of things which are not commonly discussed, involving bioweapons and pandemics as they relate to vaccines.

Years ago it was common for pool players to study extreme trick shots, several ricochets which cleared the table and which they could set up to impress people.

The bioweapon equivalent of those trick shots would be to get part of the population inoculated with one vaccine which deposited part of a multi part viral dna sequence, and another vaccine for another part of the population, which deposited another sequence, and then have the trick shot evolve when the two sequences overlapped in a person.

12) More lies

Homeless camp raids by police, in which police violently seize the belongings of homeless people and dumpsterize them, are a routine thing in the United States.

The propaganda around such raids is always the same.

"“We’re in conversations with each and every person about how to connect them with housing and how to provide them with transportation to get them there,” Wu said.

The removal of the last of the remaining encampments is expected to be completed by Wednesday night, according to Wu.

“As of today, there will no longer be a set of encampments for people to live in because we have created enough housing to accommodate and be available to everyone who was there,” Wu said.

Norris Cowart, who has lived in the area for many years, says he’s thankful to be moving into a new home.

“To have a place to call your own, somewhere where you can live and govern yourself…You can get your life back on track,” he explained.

As of Tuesday night, 100 people had been moved into new housing from the encampments. An additional 45 people were expected to be moved in Wednesday. 

13) As fatalities start inching up among indigenous people in the Americas and Australia, Britain and the U.S. will try to find ways to exaggerate Covid mortality among Europeans

 And suppress research on the issue for as long as possible. 

14) Gaby Petito probably would not have died if the police had just left the couple alone but now police are using the case to gain more power 

There are quite a few women who are in dangerous situations which they are trying to leave, and the police seldom get involved in those cases because the woman is dependent financially or otherwise, and because most police identify with the abuser.

In this case miss Petito was a fairly confused young lady who felt secure enough physically, i.e., unthreatened, with her partner that she hit him when she caught a mood. Even the final photo of the killer seems to show defensive injuries which probably preceded the murder.

The boyfriend appears to have been using her attractiveness to market a blog of some sort, but as of the time the police interfered the aggression was mainly, or entirely, from her to him.

The final conclusion should have been 'this is a case in which police involvement created a more dangerous situation for the victim'.

Instead the police decided that in the future they will become more intrusive in relationships like that.

Putting Gaby Petito in jail, as the police imply that they should have done, would have really messed her up, and they would have gotten back together with more of a tendency to fight when they were away from others.

The witness who called police because he or she saw the girl hitting the guy should have been ignored, if the police wanted to interfere they could have stopped the car and verified that there were no injuries then apologized and left.

This case belongs in the 'problems created by overpolicing' category, not the domestic violence category. 

 15) 'Blair was aware that they might have to “adjust their approach” should Saddam give them free rein' 

In any industry, or even any government action, such an elaborate ongoing deception of the entire public would lead to heavy criminal charges for the conspirators.

16) Arqit is an excellent commercial concept, but it is so obviously an extensive spying project that it will struggle with credibility 

The so called 'five eyes' spying project is not even camouflaged in this company, and it is hard to imagine any major industry trusting the company to do anything other than give all the keys they have to Britain and its partners.

China does not spy anywhere near the extent the 'five eyes' countries do, neither domestically nor internationally, and Chinese companies will have a credibility advantage only for that reason.

17) There is lots of fuel for conspiracy theorists with regard to Covid 

That Wall Street Journal image shows the transition from slowing GDP to what is being sold as 'pandemic recession'.

When does it start? On the chart the emerging markets cross the technical 'support' level in 2018 or 2019 and seamlessly decline into the pseudo recession.

So, by astonishing coincidence, the first Covid cases came just as emerging markets started what would probably have been an uncontrolled descent into global recession.

18) Uhm #15 above 

The U.S. gets this information exactly one day after new documents exposing how Blair and Bush manipulated Britain and the U.S. into the Iraq War?

19) Propaganda is always produced by people who believe they have a gang which will outrun the truth

There is always a Freudian element of self sabotage in propaganda works, and depending how visible this is a person can sort of stage the power behind the propaganda, and gauge how much longer they will last. 

Worse, for the propagandists, is that it allows the public to unravel the networks behind it. 

20) A common example of how 'mainstream' propaganda is delegitimizing certain countries

"Siddiqui has long been a cause célèbre in the terrorist world 

There is a narrative about Aafia Siddiqui which is promoted by the United States, but there is also the truth. 40 years ago the United States could have prevented most people from learning the truth, but today the truth is available to anybody who spends a short while researching.

Consequently those who want to support the U.S. narrative, in that case and many others, are forced to become progressively stupider and to rely more and more on their gang.

21) People at the U.S. Propaganda Agency are probably going to get overtime on this one 

First problem is the headline.

Not 'Texas rabbi threw a chair', but 'Texas rabbi says he threw a chair'.

A pretty good indicator that experienced journalists are covering themselves from 'something'.

Second problem, google the guy's name with the word 'gun', and the most productive results are the bbc and DailyMail.

An fbi 'elite' team killed the guy, so the fbi will be fully on board with turning whatever 'weapon' he had into a gun.

They don't want an interview with one of their elite people to start "I fired when he pointed the knife at me through the window".

22) Britain made brilliant use of Israel's Pegasus spyware program

Now Israel is sort of trying to push back in a sad way reminiscent of the rabbi who threw a chair at an 'armed' intruder. 

Israel has had one path open to it for decades, the path of siding with tribal entities against the melting pot.

That path, which has closed or is closing rapidly, was the only path to survival the state ever had.

Instead it chose to be another face of the melting pot.

The 'melting pot' archetype, a variation of the prostitute archetype, is rapidly emerging in the consciousness of groups around the world, and is a clear historical progression from much more basic archetypes which would be common & well developed by now except for the diversion of psychology into the pseudoscience of pharmapsychiatry. 

23) An unimaginable tidal wave

For centuries Britain has used its influence to push their Western European paradigm of medicine into developing countries in order to promote their broader worldview.

Everywhere the melting pot has landed, guns have been used to enforce the development of a Western Europe centric medical view.

This is an example of why conquering cultures thousands of years ago were advised to either kill down to the last person, or not conquer and pursue diplomacy.

Now, as the Chinese slowly gain global traction, they have all the force of nature at their back until they overstep the way the British did. 

Britain and its derivatives have now to worry not only about the fundamental weakness of their system having been used globally, but also the various deliberate fictions they pushed for political reasons.

Things which will require zero effort by the Chinese to deconstruct.

24) Balochistan has been in the news for many years 

They are prominent in British propaganda against the Chinese 'belt and road' project, but there is a huge problem with the British side.

The core rationale for opposing Chinese intrusion into areas like Baluchistan is that the Chinese will extinguish local cultures as the area is bled dry economically.

It's a great reason to oppose the Chinese efforts, but a few simple facts counter the effort.

Most tribes that have gone extinct in the last 200 years have been in British derivative societies like Australia and the U.S. 

In fact it has been, and still is, official policy in the United States and Australia to exterminate remaining tribes through forced assimilation.

British propagandists dance around the issue when the Chinese do it because they cannot discuss it directly.

25) deathwatch

Being a "prominent anti-vaccine lawyer" is not a good health choice. 

26) 'Gunman's' weapon being reduced from 'gunnish' to 'knifeish' in the United States

"Akram entered the synagogue in Colleyville and produced a weapon 

Britain will still be trying to push the 'gun' narrative, and U.S. officials will mostly cooperate because of the optics of an fbi elite team shooting a frail person who had a small knife, but the British know how most high profile Jewish people will react, so they know they still will 'win'. 

27) A small step in the right direction, but he still has a fictional 'loaded pistol' 

Update, actually he does have a small object in his hand that looks like a miniature gun. 

He did not bring it on the plane to Texas, and he did not buy it from a gunowner in Texas. He got it in the cheap toys section of Walmart.

Note too that he is sort of stumbling like he just woke up. The chair probably woke him up.

The fbi agents are covered head to toe in armor, and when they saw he had a toy gun they realized they could kill him easily.

28) How can one country do so many stupid things?

"The resignation of (now former) Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok earlier this month shatters any pretense at legitimacy by Sudan’s ruling military junta.

 Don't worry, the legitimizers have arrived, and they have plenty of merchandise which you might find useful. 

29) Global lockdown is inching nearer 

Still missing some sort of national security emergency in the west and Coronavirus doesn't quite work.

30) Is Britain is trying to get people vested in the Synagogue aftermath to extend themselves further? 

As the 'war on terror' continues unravelling, Britain has several projects ongoing to push public perception of its roots.

It's very possible they were watching the Synagogue character and facilitating him.

31) One thing stands out about the mysterious 'Havana Syndrome' 

The medical records and treatment of those people reporting the syndrome are completely controlled by a small group of federal employees. If a government wanted to develop a weapon that needed human guinea pigs there would be no better population to test it on since prisoners and soldiers are now often studied publicly when they develop unusual symptoms. 

32) COVID vaccines are the first mRNA vaccines to be used in humans outside of a clinical trial but there is a strange propaganda effort trying to hide that fact 

 Notice that Google has made a custom algorithm to send all searches involving the history of messenger RNA vaccines to pages that suggest the vaccines have more history than they actually have.

The truth is that messenger RNA vaccines probably have some side effects that will not be known for years, perhaps generations.

33) Propaganda and counter propaganda

 First a group blankets some neighborhoods with "Jews control everything" flyers. 

For a day or so Twitter posts on the flyers are covered with links to the website promoted on the flyers, goyim tv, a YouTube style site. 

A day later there are no new posts linking to the site, so Twitter is preparing a mass deletion of accounts. 

The second wave has started with variations of "But is the poster telling the truth?" 

Twitter will build a database of those individuals who will each slowly be deleted.

Unfortunately for the site goyimtv, they appear to already be heavily infiltrated by counter propagandists who will try to discredit them. Some of those videos are hilarious. 

34) Covid propaganda?

"In late 1987, Robert Malone performed a landmark experiment. He mixed strands of messenger RNA with droplets of fat, to create a kind of molecular stew. Human cells bathed in this genetic gumbo absorbed the mRNA, and began producing proteins from it 

"Malone, who bills himself as having played a key role in the creation of mRNA vaccines 

35) the degree to which Israel has been walked into the Pegasus trap is mind boggling

In May 2020 somebody did a blatant test of the U.S. public's reaction to the developing issue. 

Including details. 

Which should have given Israel time to react.

Since then, Israel has been floundering and the trap just keeps growing.

Not so strange unless you look at articles like this from, literally, two days ago. 

36) It's starting to look like the Pegasus scandal will be used to sanitize not just Britain and Australia and the U.S., but also corporate entities like Google

A slight delay in reporting in different areas is a thing to watch. 

37) An interesting 're education scandal' involving Whoopi Goldberg

In a normal person, awareness of other groups progresses from 'those in their immediate clan' to 'those in their broader group, including ethnic clans' to more and more broadness.

Whoopi Goldberg took the progression to an obvious next step, something encouraged by anybody worried about atrocities and genocides, including Jews. 

And she was criticized by who? She says

""My words upset so many people, which was never my intention," she said. "I understand why now and for that I am deeply, deeply grateful because the information I got was really helpful and helped me understand some different things."" 

 Which suggests she is afraid to educate anybody about her point, afraid to even admit that she was correct and as a smarter person qualified to make, and explain, that point.

 The interesting thing about this 'scandal' is the climate it creates.

Most people in the United States, a majority, can be easily convinced Jewish people have 'too much power'.

As more and more incidents like this push the majority closer and closer to being conscious of that view, another group of scandals is slowly emerging, including Pegasus #36 above.

As the full weight of these other scandals slowly drifts to the U.S., at some point a critical mass is inevitable.

Although the incident involving Ms Goldberg looks organic, the reaction by the Jewish people in that article shows why it will be so easy to 'flip the switch' once less organic efforts are developed sufficiently.

It's a sort of mass delusion that most Jews cannot see, but at least is well documented for history.

A result of extracting too much 'benefit' from the holocaust for too long.

Anybody interested should ask Norm Finkelstein to analyze the Whoopi Goldberg incident.

He has common sense and may be afraid to post the truth on Twitter 

Mr Finkelstein sees the problem developing. 

But even he may not understand the historical nature of what is developing, and if he does he may be afraid to voice an opinion that makes him even more enemies.

Another interesting aspect of this is the 'enforced stupidity' aspect. 

A clue is in the identity of the person who did the suspension. 

Kimberley Godwin is a black woman who was given her authority position specifically because of the degree to which she fell in lockstep with the 'original authority' i.e., the British.

She clearly was not hired for her independence, nor for her moral or philosophical advancement.

As long as she encourages the type of stupidity that she helped enforce, she will have power within the context of her job.

Thousands of years ago her power would have had no resistance at any point because the 'competing' worldviews of her ancestors would have been extinguished.

Today that is not the case, and her 'British' worldview, or what she pretends as her worldview, faces successful challenges unless vast swaths of humanity which challenge or 'compete' are eliminated.

38) "The Tinder Swindler" is an interesting documentary with some unusual features 

The documentary is about an Israeli conman who uses a dating app to find woman and con them out of money.

It's not unusual as far as conman documentaries until you search for it on Google, at which point you notice that prominent in the first pages of results are a specific type of low quality result which are associated with certain types of propaganda. So the movie is being promoted discreetly at its start, it was just released, by a group that has pumped stories in the past which were of propaganda value to the British.

The documentary is brilliant in its use of background as a mass psychological operation, and within a year or two will feature in other documentaries with a different focus.

"Hayut, now known to be the son of El Al Airlines chief rabbi Yohanan Hayut, would meet Scandinavian women on Tinder, lead them to believe he was the son of the fabulously wealthy tycoon and begin long-distance relationships with them, eventually swindling them out of large sums of money. 

Among these details is overwhelming evidence from documents he used that he had an accomplice within the Israeli bureaucracy, something which will enmesh with Pegasus perhaps.

And other things.

"He was arrested in 2019 in Greece for using a fake passport after a joint operation between Interpol and Israel Police and was extradited to Israel, after fleeing the country in 2017 to avoid trial for various fraud-related offenses 

The NetFlix video makes clear that catching him had nothing to do with "Israel police" despite their evidently trying to hide their lack of involvement.

"The 29-year-old Bnei Brak native was arrested over the summer in Greece for using a fake passport after a joint operation between Interpol and Israel Police 

Another interesting aspect is the philosophical point of whether a woman looking for cash in a husband is being greedy or otherwise inappropriate. One comment shown on the video is a person saying a victim was not a 'gold digger', that the scam did not compare to an investment scam. But actually it was an investment scam. The money the women gave him was a financial investment even if it turned out to be a con.

The flip side would be a man who invests in a woman who trowels on makeup or otherwise has unnatural beauty which hides something else.

In both cases the deceiver is pretending reproductive fitness that they do not have i.e., either money or physical evidence of fitness.

39) At 20:45 in Part 1, episode 9 of NetFlix's 'Inside Job', the white van 'clarifies itself'

It has already morphed into a white teddy bear robot, and in this scene it saves the protagonist and her father.

Then at the end of the episode the white teddy bear robot is exposed as a villain in some subplot of that episode.

The use of the white van by authorities has been discussed in other NetFlix series, but since this is an animated series more opportunities for analysis exist.

Over the course of future episodes i.e., next year, the series will gradually walk viewers back and forth between 'the white van' and 'the white teddy bear'.

40) A very interesting premise which is effectively propagandizing a false view 

This article, at least as much as is visible over the paywall, suggests that a person should be on one of two sides.

a) Inflation but economic expansion continues, or

b) Recession and bond yields drop

There are several problems with trying to put people into one or the other of those two views, the biggest problem being that they both distract attention from what is actually developing.

The most likely scenario is a recession in which many governments are forced to lower interest rates again, both feeding inflation and repeating the cycle, until central banks have no real control over money supply except by using heavy handed methods.

Another problem is the suggestion that inflation exists on only the first option so the suggestion is any upcoming contraction will have the usual downward pressure on prices, something which is not likely even if the money supply did not increase further, but which is silly if you consider that future 'easings' i.e., cash dumped into the economy, will have less and less effect and be more and more inflationary.

41) The 'Arab Spring' a few years ago had some persistent long term themes

Although all countries are a mix of different kinds of propaganda, the Chinese have an extreme advantage in the developing world because they actually do take sensible steps to limit corruption, unlike most Western powers which use corruption as a theater prop. 

"The Houthis emerged as a Zaydi resistance to Saleh and his corruption in the 1990s led by a charismatic leader named Hussein al Houthi, from whom they are named. They charged Saleh with massive corruption to steal the wealth of the Arab world’s poorest country for his own family, much like other Arab dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria. They also criticized Saudi and American backing for the dictator. 

 42) The vast majority of people in the U.S. are not aware that 'Nato' leadership deliberately provoked Russia by trying to expand further and further east 

The irony is that in 5 years most people will look back and say Russia did a necessary thing, and there are indications China and Russia may use the West's reaction to fix a lot of serious global issues.

Very few people are talking about how dangerous the 'Western' reaction to Russia's invasion of Ukraine is likely to be. Britain has expanded on bluffs and bluster for centuries, and they are not used to their bluffs being called.

Very few people are talking also about the obvious similarities between Trump's trade war and the Russian invasion, despite the two things being obviously created in the same strategic 'adult' section of world politics. 

43) "Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we’re blocking YouTube channels connected to RT and Sputnik across Europe"

"the European division of Google reported via Twitter." 

What does the U.S. not want Europeans to see? 

A mind blowing propaganda piece that should not be ignored. 

An important aspect of the conflict is that it occurs as the West is declining, and Asia is increasing.

In other words Russia would have profited more by waiting i.e., by not invading, and in all cases the West i.e., Britain and its derivative societies, may see profit in escalating as much as possible.

It's very likely that the U.S. will find a pretext to get involved in the Ukraine, and Britain will try to use the price the U.S. pays to continue the futile shift in power from the U.S. to Australia.

An interesting article by a respected journalist. 

Notice that on most websites which have Google ads Google will analyze viewer habits to show appealing ads. But on that website, Google analyzes a specific viewer's tastes and shows the most unpleasant ads, according to a specific viewer's taste. Another example of how Google is basically an extension of the U.S. government.

Shortly before the Russian invasion, the U.S. warned that Russia might stage a false flag attack. 

The problem with that is the U.S. i.e., Britain, perceives, inaccurately, a great benefit from any escalation right now. Britain knows it is about to face a steep decline, after which it will have virtually no global influence. So there is likely to be a major false flag soon, but it won't be from Russia which has solid ground under its strategies.

44) The British dominated global melting pot is starting to bump up against the growing reversion to tribal interests 

Their usual tactic next is to deflect attacks onto a vulnerable group in between melting pot and tribe.

Unfortunately Israel has let itself be walked into the sacrifice space, and there is not likely any escape. 

45) The propaganda war heats up, and people in the U.S. are utterly clueless

"Twitter will ban the accounts of Kremlin-backed media outlets RT and Sputnik in Europe 

Don't worry about the United States, of course.

46) An interesting aspect of the Ukraine invasion is that it exposes some ongoing propaganda projects for example has been smoked out as a Western controlled site. 

In contrast to non Western sites which are carefully biding their time. 

47) First reference to ethnic bioweapons in the mainstream media?

"The head of the Russian military’s radiation, chemical and biological protection troops, Igor Kirillov, doubled down on Thursday, saying that U.S.-sponsored labs in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa were working on dangerous pathogens custom-designed to target Russians and other Slavs. 

The specific claim may or may not be true, but the concept of ethnic bioweapons will be front page news every day before long/

 Unfortunately, non European Australians are likely to be the only modern race completely eliminated.

48) An interesting but confusing agenda

First, a Russia Times mention that humanitarian flights to Ukraine may be ferrying weapons. 

That turns out to be true. 

And that source article in Italy lists some other things, including

"We understand that the flights from G. Galilei airport are many more than those declared by COVI and by Carrai. What do COVI and Toscana tell us Airports of the Ukrainian Antonov UR - 82029 landed last Saturday 12.3 at Galilei and left at dawn on 13.3?

 So the Ukrainian airlines is probably moving weapons too, that's normal.

But that same "heavy cargo" aircraft in mid September 2021 flew from China to Pakistan to "Harar Meda military airport" Ethiopia. 


And in the past few days 

So, it looks like Ukraine was helping China arm the Ethiopian military against ethnic rebels, in other words Ukraine was helping China profit from the 'globalizing' facet of that conflict.

 Meanwhile 'Snowflake diplomacy' experts were scratching their heads over how a puppet got out of their control. 

49) In other news, McDonalds is asking the FDA to recommend three Big Macs a day for most healthy adults 

50) The Puppet Show

March 6, 2022 

March 17, 2022 

The Chinese know that all they have to do is watch, to win.

51) 'Two Worlds Colliding' is a film about some Native experiences in Canada

It's significant because it uses propaganda techniques which are a bit outdated.

It was made by the Canadian government with a few indigenous people who consented to participate to give it 'credibility'. 

The background facts could have been made into a documentary which would devastate Canada and probably spill over into the U.S. 

Instead, a documentary was made which portrayed Natives as needing white help, specifically from police officers who, the film suggests, provide a bridge between the two cultures.

Unfortunately for the film makers the piece is easily dissected and quite a few people who watch the film will spot the various propaganda techniques used.

52) Anybody who followed the news knew that Afghanistan would fall instantly when the U.S. left

But let's teach young people to be stupid, so they become more obedient as corporate employees.

"In Afghanistan, intelligence agencies had predicted the government and its forces could hold on for at least six months after the U.S. withdrawal 

 Also probably reduces liability from numerous deaths to claim Afghanistan fell because the people we paid in that country were not competent.

53) An interesting observation, discredited?

A research site posted a paper involving one sequence in the Covid genome. 

They point out that a part of the viral DNA matches a part of a 2016 patented DNA sequence from a patented bio organism which is owned by Moderna, who manufactures Covid vaccines very profitably. 

The article calculates the statistical chances of the sequence overlapping only in those two things, and by their estimation it is quite low which should lead to questions about whether Moderna's sequence was used to create the virus.

The issue appears scientifically legitimate, and a weak attempt is being made to discredit it, first by posting it on a disreputable site then listing lots of other untrue things posted on that site. 

But the truth may be even stranger than a simple bioweapon followed by a clumsy coverup.

If the statistical significance of the sequence is significant, and it probably is, then a Moderna project to create the virus would not have included it since they would have known the overlap would be uncovered.

This raises the possibility that an 'anti West' project arranged the virus to shovel billions in profits to Western Big Pharma in order to discredit Western corporate mentality. This theory would be too arcane for most people probably so even if it could be shown to be true it would be irrelevant.

Stepping back to the bigger picture, this looks like a deliberate continuation of the ambiguity about the virus's origins, an extension of, for example, the 'Wuhan military games vs Wuhan meat market' conflict.

This points to a very well thought out effort probably originating as part of a cooperation between several governments i.e., China and the U.S.

54) Bugged Mugs

April 12 

April 12 

55) "Rumour has it that the heart attack could not have occurred from natural causes." 

Because a 66 year old fat guy does not have a heart attack naturally.