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1) NetFlix's U.S. propaganda campaign is fairly straightforward

It uses symbols like white vans to create artificial authority which it then uses to further aspects of the British worldview. The main objective is simply to enforce things which previously had been enforced through economic and other means.

Overseas, NetFlix is also aggressive in manipulating public opinion through 'entertainment, but its objectives and methods are murkier.



2) A hint of what remote tribal groups in Africa, Amazonia and around the world will be facing soon

"The coup leader shows the Colonel General swords, axes and slingshots which he describes as home-made weapons being used by those trying to create instability in Myanmar. He promises to build stability and discusses cooperation between the two armies.


The 'Russians' in that story work directly with their consortium / melting pot partners in other countries, not with their Russian colleagues.

The same 'Russians' collaborated directly with 'Americans' in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Once these transnationalists are disempowered, their respective countries will no longer have access to the spoils of tribal societies and extreme instability will result.

The price keeps growing, and at some point it will be unpayable.

Then the remaining tribals will be directly targeted with no pretext of 'stability', and melting pots will start going to war with each other over 'worldviews'.

3) Such blatant manipulation of markets will be exposed

The two most limited rare earths are up 9% and 12% in one day, following similar increases in the past few weeks. But their respective stocks are down?


Silver and gold are 'in a consolidating range'.

The 'most successful' etf manager is still talking about deflationary pressure, and she is using the cliches that the Fed uses?


It sure looks like an orchestrated effort to push people out of the hardest commodities in preparation for a rubber band snap explosion.

4) NetFlix propaganda service is getting free publicity on a lot of foreign sites


It would be interesting to see if they have the same quirks as Netflix's English propaganda fare.

5) Finally the anti colonialists are smelling blood

"This idea of an inherent incompatibility between Eastern traditions and science was grounded in a concept of natural racial inequalities that Balfour had articulated quite clearly several years earlier, in his book Decadence.


The explanation is wrong, this incompatibility between the colonial melting pot worldview is based on natural facts, not any balance of force or concept of race.

The so called western pivot to 'rational science' in the middle ages created a long term problem which is being resolved by a natural process.

Western strategists have every opportunity to minimize the carnage, by simply retreating to real science which includes irrational elements.


6) Any translation loses many things but some lose more

At some point sciences will develop specializing in studying things which the melting pot missed or mistranslated.








7) Watching more of 'We Steal Secrets' it becomes clear that it is a NetFlix style docupropaganda film

From 55 minutes 55 seconds to 56 minutes 55 seconds there are two scenes showing Julian Assange wearing sunglasses with a white van across the street clearly visible in the reflection from the sunglasses. This and other props make it obvious the same crew who gave input on most NetFlix propaganda videos were involved with this one.


Adrian Lamo just happened to have a friend who worked in army intelligence?

And he happened to ask that 'friend' what he should do after Bradley Manning told him about releasing classified documents?

Much more likely the military identified Manning then coerced Lamo into a false scenario in which plastic patriots appear to win.

In fact there is enough evidence to say that Adrian Lamo was set up and used as a patsy so that the U.S. could try to profit from the leaks.

First item shortly after Manning was caught.


The next day.




There is a reason patriotism in the United States needs support from propaganda.


All of the evidence points to a small group within some U.S. agency creating 'Project Vigilance' as cover for how they caught Manning.

In other words he was caught through surveillance, then the 'Lamo' fiction was arranged by threatening Lamo with prosecution for some unknown offense.

Project Vigilance had access to a former U.S. prosecutor who specialized in computer crimes, and others who were not random members of the public.

Once they realized that they had to follow three people on Twitter in order to get one follower, they called it quits and went back to their offices in the pentagon.

Another interesting thing about this film is the early focus on Wikileak's claim that it had never had a source exposed. This trivial 'point of pride' in early Wikileaks history is focused on for a reason by the film makers.

Aside from the obvious, the film seems to be trying to draw attention away from the specific 'secure' drop method used by Manning i.e. Tor, a project which has been used for almost 20 years by the U.S. government to catch whistle blowers.

8) There is one small issue in the Wikileaks movie which will get a page most likely

Assange supposedly said that all information should be public.

The example given in the movie is something about 'what if it led to an anthrax attack on a town?'

There are properly two types of information with respect to 'what should be public'.

A government ideally has no business handling information which should not be public. But bureaucrats have fabricated an artificial niche within government which promotes the idea that a bureaucrat, by virtue of his or her bureaucratic nature, is somehow authorized or qualified to handle or use non public information. It's an extension of all the other 'powers' bureaucrats, and other types of gang members, give themselves.

In other words, you can take a random person off the street and 'authorize' them to handle non public information which they otherwise have no reason to access. In order to do this 'safely', you have to brainwash them a bit with bureaucratic 'security' mumbo jumbo.

A vast artificial world has been created in which there is 'public' information or data, meaning data which bureaucrats can profitably release, and 'private' information or data, which is data damaging to bureaucratic interests.

It is such an unnatural and diseased way of viewing 'private vs public' that it can only be maintained through an ever growing coercive force.

Regarding the big Wikileaks leak reported in the movie

1) The U.S. was in a country where most of the people did not and do not support that 'invasion'.

2) The U.S. entirely used money to gain allies in Afghanistan and inaccurate 'facts' to get support in the U.S.

3) Wikileaks exposed that the U.S. was killing far more civilians than were being reported.

4) Wikileaks also exposed what are commonly called 'war crimes', repeated episodes of killing large numbers of civilians, including this article.


5) After Wikileaks published, United States generals said that 'Wikileaks has blood on its hands' because it had only withheld 15,000 documents and had published 75,000 documents without redactions.

It makes not a bit of sense, but most people within the bureaucratic military mindset feel that logic is subservient to their interests, and it is in the nature of gangs that gang members reinforce their own version of reality among each other.

Those U.S. military people who worked, for example, in task force 373 are led to believe that they are protecting the U.S., or helping a foreign country, or otherwise doing something that should be done.

Nobody who is familiar with the region believes that, and it would be very difficult for a small organization to inculcate that kind of fantasy into the minds of most people.

The only way U.S. soldiers can be convinced to do things like this is through extensive control of the information they get, and aggressive prevention of access to information which contradicts fantasies promoted by the military.

9) Money supply is the issue people should be looking at

The Fed claims it is going to taper, after putting trillions into corporate pockets.


Cathie Wood has been the most successful etf trader recently, and parrots Powell's statements about technology etc being deflationary.


Digital currencies are perceived by policy makers as commodities for the moment, rather than currencies, but most digital currencies are neither commodities nor currencies, they are simple trash.

But with a market cap in the trillions, if they were to be used as currencies they would start a cycle of bidding wars for commodities which would be inflationary.

On the other hand, if digital currencies are able to pull in a lot of mainstream investment before a fiat digital currency is issued, and if the rug is then pulled out from under non central bank currencies once the governments have their currencies in place, it would extend the life of fiat and empower the most mainstream historical investors.

So that is what will happen likely within a few years.

10) When a tracking device is found on a car of a murder victim, the public should watch the case carefully



As the erosion of freedoms accelerates in the United States there will be more 'private policing' by off duty cops who are hard to distinguish from other criminals.




"Woman finds tracking device on car, Louisiana State Police wants it back


Of course once police are caught and identified as having placed a tracking device on a vehicle they have to make an arrest. And if you remove the police tracking device from your own car police may try to prosecute you.



Most major media will help cover police abuses involving things like that.


11) Effects of mixed salts

Most people consider sodium chloride to be 'salt' when it comes to flavoring food.

Some people use potassium chloride as 'salt' to reduce anxiety, blood pressure etc.

Earlier in the century a lithium salt was sold as a sodium substitute. Lithium carbonate has an unpleasant taste, but other lithium salts are not unagreeable.

Nigari is a magnesium salt mix used to make tofu, and is extracted from seawater.

There is no doubt that consuming custom mixes of salts has strong effects on a lot of processes. One interesting effect seems to be that consuming a mix of all of the previously mentioned salts, instead of just sodium, seems to reduce the 'sugar crash' after eating too much sugar. Whether the effect is actually in the metabolism or sugar, or in the perception a person has of their sugar level is anybody's guess. But a page looking at different effects of mixed salts as a replacement for sodium may get written.

12) In case a person wonders if any new interesting government agencies were created while they were sleeping


13) Another big factor being ignored about inflation


The Fed is considered the economic policy maker of the United States, but there is clearly some agency which plays with foreign reserves in collaboration with certain allies, notable the rest of the UK bloc and Japan.

For most of a century this secret agency, which obviously exists if you look at how the Japanese and U.S. economy collaborate, has kept a growing money supply in check by using the rest of the world as a cheap supply chain.

Jerome Powell believes that trivial Fed policies have somehow created a new way to manage economies.

The 2008 recession got some scrutiny abroad, unlike previous recessions, and the next real recession will get far more scrutiny.

Inflation hasn't been tempered for 50 years by imaginary new technology which replaces commodities.

It has been tempered by stealing vast amounts of commodities from developing countries using obscure corporate cover.

As smaller countries destabilize in the next contraction, the issue of people being paid a dollar a day to produce cheap items which keep U.S. inflation low will be visible.

China has a gold mine in that issue which it can start working at any moment.

Then, inflation. Worse than inflation, though, China will have a lock on a whole range of commodities, along with its partner Australia, as British interests try to pivot away from the U.S. towards a newly Asiatic Australia.

14) Lebanon is a growing mystery

The superficial subtext is that a group of countries, notably Israel and its Arab allies, have kept Lebanon unsteady because of Hezbollah, or just because.

It sounded plausible for a long time, but question marks are starting to appear.


There is no doubt whatsoever that Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc will collapse hard.

15) Yet another article about tapwater



I live in a place with supposedly high quality water, but distill it anyway. To make the distilling more efficient I add hot tap water to the reservoir when it gets low, and leave it uncovered for a few minutes so chlorine can boil out.

But something else is boiling out too.

Adding very hot tap water to extremely hot water in the distiller reservoir produces some gas / vapor that causes very extreme nausea even from a few feet away. This is from one of the better water systems in the U.S.

Most people of course are drinking the water straight from the tap.

16) If certain countries feel the 'British' are going to back up over their heads, they can take comfort in the fact that Japan is more of a target




17) Monsanto's Eisenhower clone is being trained to give crypto opinions


18) Consortium's are able to ruin societies because people don't question obvious stupidities

"The mixed rare earth concentrated we produce today is an intermediate product that requires further processing in Asia.


Australia and China are cornering a vast segment of the economy, as a consortium with corporate friends, and part of the strategy is to crush the United States, as Australia builds its economic presence via Asia.

There are vast numbers of people who know what is going on, and believe it is part of some national strategy so they provide cover for the criminals.

It is not any sensible strategy.

It is simple corporate pillaging that requires obedient patriobots to loyally follow their orders.

After the fact, of course, everybody realizes they were hoodwinked.

General Stubblebine was a very vocal 911 conspiracy theorist.



His Wikipedia page has only a brief mention of this, and tries to connect him to an unpopular conspiracy theorist.

"Stubblebine's statements questioning the plausibility of the damage done to The Pentagon by the hijacked aircraft during the September 11 attacks have been cited by David Ray Griffin to suggest that there was a conspiracy involving some elements of the U.S. government.

Notice how his Wikipedia page has evolved.



19) And then you have to clean up the cleanup crew


18) 'A Perfect Crime' is a propaganda effort released on NetFlix in 2020 which hints at a dark turn in NetFlix focus

Anybody who followed European news pre internet would remember the 'stay behind' group news.

In the 20th century there were waves of terrorism in Europe which reached a peak in the 1970s with a string of murders and kidnappings.

Extensive evidence established very clearly that these terrorist attacks were part of a government project centered in various western countries, and were using the framework of a group created to supposedly defend Europe in the event of a Soviet takeover.

Before the internet, it became clear that various 'intelligence' agencies had created these paramilitary groups, the 'stay behinds' to drum up terrorism and give cover to the 'necessary response to terrorism' which would follow. In other words most or all of the high profile terrorist attacks of that era in Europe were initiated by Western 'intelligence' agencies. Anybody curious whether that is true can go to libraries which have old microfiche and research it.

Today, if you look for information on the subject you get a very sanitized history.



This NetFlix series involves the murder of Detlev Rohwedder, a German who was hired to break up old East German companies.




Putting the series in context, it appears to be part of an effort to recreate the history of terrorism in Europe from that era.

This general subject will get a page eventually with additional examples which make the effort more clear.

19) Five Brazilian people died in a single plane crash


As George Bush would say "Thassalotta people".

Four of the last 13 plane crashes involving that type of aircraft have been in Brazil.


20) WTF?

Rare earths have been making historic moves for months and still no news?


21) Why no drug tests for high ranking officers?



22) Deflation, finally

"Approximately 1500 pounds of meth (street value: approximately $53.8 million)" 

April 2021 / **$35,000 a pound**


"Meth / 3 pounds / $12,000

September 2021 / **$4,000 a pound**


Or maybe it's just that when police steal drugs they only steal cheap drugs?

23) A pretty compelling conspiracy theory is looking more and more likely


In 2018/2019 U.S. policy makers knew a recession was imminent. They also knew the 'dollar advantage' was going to disappear, and other economies would start growing faster than the U.S.

Trump started negotiations with China that could have slowed the process, but that didn't go far.

Then, just as a contraction seemed imminent, Coronavirus hit, and the slowdown was called cyclical, it was presented as a substitute for the still looming contraction.

As Coronavirus wound down, governments tied to the dollar started a massive 'quantitative easing' program. They said that they were not expecting inflation to last long.

Mysterious explanations for increasing inflation kept popping up. Chip shortages, supply chains, etc.

At every step though the policy explanations do not make sense unless a person plays stupid.

Now, inflation picking up because of all the money dumping, but governments cannot dial down the dumping or they will trigger the cyclical issue which they have been postponing.


The problem with these events is that they were predictable, and it looks like Coronavirus plus several other things may have served the purposes of those trying to crash land western economies.

In retrospect, before too long, it will not be hard to show conclusively one way or another if policy makers anticipated the Corona contraction before it happened.

24) It's now becoming more obvious what is being done with Israel/


The melting pot is using Israel to herd the other more tribal middle eastern groups into a sort of victim stance that will give them a big payoff in their stance towards the melting pot.

Israelis have a sort of tunnel vision with regard to how they are perceived abroad so the worse things start getting the more they will trust in a strategic picture that they don't quite see, but are sure exists.

The prize everybody is after is the Arab world but til the end Israelis will be sure they are on top.

25) There is a big difference between 1970s inflation and today


In the 1970s there was no major systemic reason to believe inflation was more than 'somewhat serious'. It was possible to manage it with mild intervention, and that was done.

Today there is no way to hide the trillions of dollars that will be needed to solve the next contraction, and countries like the U.S. which have been supporting their economies for generations at the expense of developing countries no longer have that tool, unless they revert to outright military action which is no longer possible.

At the moment the U.S. starts to tighten money it will become easier and easier for rivals to put the U.S. economy in a tailspin. Then there has to be another massive quantity of money added to save the U.S. until, of course, inflation talk starts again. But after each cycle inflation will be higher and the U.S. will be more vulnerable.

Australia being positioned as a British replacement for the U.S. has so many problems it is laughable.

But it will be expensive to the world.

26) Why do so few 'experts' understand what commodities are?


27) The non proliferation industry, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, needs to work on its act




Most countries have loads of uranium, but few countries have a sleazy transnational marketing crew that gets the media to pretend high prices are good for buyers.

28) Diplomatic impunity is likely to become more visible soon in places where the U.S. has unwelcome troops



29) Obviously police do not do things this way when it is their own house


30) Two of many articles suggesting the visible, dismissible, 'causes' of inflation are part of a ruse to cover a change in economic policy



A person would have to research the upper echelon of Texas Instruments, but a lot of evidence points to an unknown agency within the U.S. government deliberately engineering plausible covers for short term inflation to minimize the retreat to commodities that will occur when people start applying common sense to the surge in money supply.

Going further, a person can look at things which would be expected to occur under such a scenario, and they line up like ducks.

The first obvious misstep in this ploy was the grounding of a ship in the Suez canal.

50 years ago it would have been easy to do that kind of thing discreetly, but clumsy bureaucrats today are hired for the know who, and a gaggle of idiots don't get smarter by cloistering.

31) Has the worm turned?


A slim chance this news item reflects the beginning of a change in the Latin American mining environment.

Because of the amount of silver in Latin America, and because of the importance of maintaining a favorable gold / silver ratio for British / U.S. policy, there is likely to be a lot of blood shed trying to prevent Latin American bureaucrats from disobeying British / U.S. bureaucrats.

There has probably been a significant up tick in deaths among less visible policy influencers in Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and other countries with significant silver reserves.

If there is ever publicity of behind the scenes historic influencing of metals producing regions by 'mining interests' from Australia / Britain / Canada / the U.S., and if that were to lead to a loss of control by those Britain based countries, it would have far reaching effects.

This is probably part of the calculus in Australia's move to ally with China on resources in developing countries.

Anybody who imagines China would resist corruption would be making a mistake.

Peru is probably the most important country to watch, along with Bolivia, but Mexico will be the one in the news.

A bunch of similar news just under the mainstream radar suggests the Australian side of the British metals consortium will be taking front stage soon.




It would be a very easy thing to start a nationalist stampede against transnational miners, akin to the revolt against massive debt from several decades ago, but far more serious.

So easy, a small NGO could do it.

A lot of cleverness has gone into the British projects, especially from Canada, but at the end of the day rape is still rape.


32) A very strange series of events involving uranium properties in North America



It's anybody's guess what is behind the recent shuffling, but there is no doubt whatsoever that transnational petroleum interests have kept nuclear power off the table for a long time.

Countries and corporations have been talking about trillion dollar costs of clean fuel, but the entire issue could be solved by creating cheap modular reactors and selling them at a reasonable price to developing countries, and letting those countries produce their own fuel.

If corporations and countries want to pump petroleum via deceptions involving proliferation, it would be very easy for anybody to tell the truth.

33) In the most backward third world countries, a person can spend years in prison, even after they are shown to have been falsely convicted

"Sharpe, who maintained his innocence, was wrongfully imprisoned for 24 years until he was exonerated in 2019 when a judge found that a key witness in the case had “entirely made up” her testimony.


This is actually common in that country.

34) The similarity between 'western rational science' which ignores and tries to eliminate irrational functions, and the same thing in parts of Asia


Doesn't bode well for the species, but deserves a page.




35) It's not enough to deliberately kill civilians by bombing them?


The footage seems to show rifle rounds hitting the ground after the bombs drop.

36) Universal basic income is picking up steam

Experts are suggesting that the Fed accelerate tapering, which makes no sense whatsoever, since it will trigger the postponed recession before there is some other backup, and it will give teeth to inflation instead of reducing it. The amount of money used is not a big factor in inflation but it is a big factor in employment.


When the subsidies given to corporations through asset purchases are instead given to low income consumers, via universal basic income, it will be obvious that the dollar is being ditched, but at least the economy will continue.



37) Taper talk may end sooner than expected


It would be interesting to know the extent to which the U.S. is going to blindside Japan.

Poor Japanese have no idea.

38) Could the Astroworld stampede victims have survived if they had been adequately armed?


39) The usual suspects

1) Police shoot a young girl and wound some bystanders, which is not what they are paid to do.

2) The family decides to cash in so police will try to not shoot children in the future.


3) The police try their usual ruse of 'We didn't shoot the girl, some kids did."


40) An interesting article that, at first, appears to show the disintegration of a melting pot scam run by the British based aspect of the melting pot.


41) An interesting mass shooting?

Individual mass shooters always have an identifiable exposure to toxins, usually in public water, which can be deduced.

Columbine Colorado had a shooting years ago which had features of a 'chemical act'. Since then there have been a statistically significant concentration of similar events in that area.



42) There are two general sides in society on the issue of rape

One side generally discourages rape as incompatible with advancing society.

The other side is notable for discrediting the actions of the first side.

In the U.S. there are complex networks of bureaucrats on the second side who pretend to be on the first. A classic example was the support network that appeared after Harvey Weinstein was accused and which included the top law enforcers in that state.

This case in India may be a similar case in which law enforcers promote a case for its weakness with their only real intention being to discredit it.


43) Anti vaxxers will have strong ammunition eventually

One possibility is in a recent article about the messenger rna used to make vaccines.


The authors do not get favorable mainstream treatment.


But anybody interested should glance at the article, including the section "Lessons from Parkinson's disease."