This page is created to allow public comments on the pending escalation from 'wrongful conviction' to 'wrongful conviction / death penalty approved'.

Anybody can make any comment directly related to evidence in the case or to the status of the case.

Prior to September 1st this case will be escalated to death penalty status if no further information is received which refutes the facts so far presented.


Comments can be made publicly through Disqus Comments below or to the Twitter account associated with this case. 


Wrongful Conviction Appeal Forms 


As per procedure    

1) Problems in this case have been discussed publicly since 2014 i.e., ">1 year"

2) Those involved have refused all requests to discuss evidence

3) There is no reasonable prospect for settlement through the channels which led to the wrongful conviction 


After careful consideration, and upon review of any additional facts made available through public comments, a death penalty is being considered or has been authorized.