Update June 2022

It is starting to look like police are worried about the obvious corruption links, and are using the usual police ploys to continue hiding facts.

Here is 'news' two full years after the killing.

""This is a delicate investigation, and because of that, we need to keep information out of the public eye," Police Commander Paul Kane told Pioneer Press


The only 'delicate' thing is that the guy had a job with the Chicago police department that would have given him an inside view of higher level corruption, at a time when corruption in Chicago was completely normal, and the woman has a strange link to the Hastert case, a Congressman that was being blackmailed for decades and falls into the murky 'federal corruption' pit which is almost impossible to investigate.


This is an interesting double murder in Chicago.



At first glance, it’s clear the couple were involved in helping problem youth and could have been killed by one of their projects.

But some details don’t quite add up. Below is a possible ‘maximum conspiracy theory’ scenario. This is speculation about one possible scenario only. This is not in the same category as the other cases listed on this menu which have overwhelming evidence.


1 The man had been heavily involved in Chicago’s notorious police culture. He let himself be used to provide cover for vast police misconduct over the years, and would have had high level connections that were involved in the biggest coverups.

2 It’s very unlikely that a person in his position did not carry a gun, and did not have a gun readily available where he slept.

3 Regardless which scenario a person follows, the killer would have known he was armed and attacking with a knife makes little sense.

4 Valuables were left by the killer, the obvious implication being that money was not the immediate motive.

5 The fact that a knife would be used to kill both of them might point to a wayward youth who did not have access to a gun, but generally guns are not expensive and certainly would be easily available to most young people in Chicago.

6 So the possibility arises that they were killed with a knife specifically so the crime would point to one of their wayward youths being involved. In that case, the question would then be ‘If the victim had a gun, how did the killer overpower both of them?’.

7 The wallet was found on the floor with its contents scattered. This gives the impression that the victim was reacting to the confrontation by taking out his wallet to offer ‘something unknown’ which he kept in his wallet, probably cash. Again, though, as with the use of a knife, it’s not clear if the ‘scattered wallet’ might have been a ploy by the killer.

8 The time of death is not known, but the husband was found in his bedroom, and the wife near stairs. So the husband’s injuries were probably overwhelmingly fatal, while the wife’s slightly less so. But if they were surprised in bed then why would the wallets contents be scattered? The possibility arises that they were ‘held’ briefly by the killer, confronted about something, and then...stabbed to death?

9 The fact that the bodies were not discovered for four days makes it more likely that the killing was timed, more likely that it was not an unplanned murder. The killer waited until there would be a stretch of time in which they would not be discovered. Also possible of course, if it was one of their wayward youths, the killer wanted weekend money.

10 Footprints of the killer were found, presumably in blood. This would give information about the height and weight of the killer, but in the nearly 6 months since the killing police have released no details about the killer based on any evidence. This points to some hesitancy on the part of higher level police to pursue the case.

11 The specific area where the killing took place has a strong history of extreme corruption among both local police and federal agents who work in that area. Anybody interested can research the various actions by local and federal officials in the Joe Gliniewicz case. Keep in mind most of the police involved in that charade knew from the very beginning that it was a suicide, and federal authorities were behind most of the coverup. https://www. nwherald. com/2015/09/03/timeline-of-fox-lake-police-shooting-manhunt-investigation/am3y25x/ https://web.archive.org/web/20151107015124/https://www.nwherald.com/2015/09/03/timeline-of-fox-lake-police-shooting-manhunt-investigation/am3y25x/ In other words the police and federal agents in that area are largely crooked and none of them try to counter the corruption, they all cooperate to hide corruption, 

12 It looks very possible that this murder was staged, but there is nowhere near enough evidence to say for sure whether he was silenced by cops for what he knew, or killed by a person who was angry about something. If a suspect eventually turns up who is identified post death, in other words if police say ‘we have a suspect, he’s dead though’, then it should attract scrutiny.

13 The most suspicious element in the killing is its timing, just as the current cycle of ‘police accountability’ news was starting. The woman would have been more inclined to expose misconduct, and she would have been less clever in perceiving threats from such activism...

14 Interestingly, the law firm the husband and wife own was involved peripherally with matters involving Dennis Hastert. There’s “local Chicago corruption”, which is deadly, but then there’s federal Chicago corruption, which is deadly 2.0.

Did the couple know something about whoever was running Hastert?






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