This page will list mysteries related to this topic which appear solved.

 1)  There was a Native woman I met who is married to a Native guy, and they have two children.

The husband and wife appear to be full blooded Natives, and their children appear to be full blooded whites.

This happens a lot and is an awkward issue for the people involved since the common assumption is that the wife slept with somebody else.

In this case though there is no doubt the woman is the mother, and there are other clues that point to something else.

a) The 'goal' of a melting pot is to eliminate surviving remnants of competing tribes, so that competing groups cannot continue i.e., "competing" against the core original power group of the melting pot.

b) Until that elimination is complete i.e., until the tribal remnant can no longer survive as a separate population, it's surviving members can assimilate genetic information from their aspiring conqueror at a faster rate than vice versa.

c) In this case the progeny could belong to either lineage, and ultimately would belong to the white lineage if the Native side is eliminated. But as long as their original 'stronger' background is survivable they can continue harvesting competitor dna at a faster and faster clip. In other words the same as a comparable white couple but faster. That is the most unusual strength of mixed blood people, and probably why tribes took such a long time to develop survival strategies. In other words after the east and west started mixing, the new 'melting pot' creature was especially dangerous, but its first prey was the only prey that existed at that time i.e. tribals. Not so today.

d) The male child has been diagnosed with 'schizophrenia' which can either be viewed as an opportunistic syndrome created by the melting pot, or as a reflection of something, as described on the 'colonial psychiatry' page.

e) A person should understand how a group 'invests' its genetic information in a competition with another group. For example it has already been pointed out, on other pages, that a tribal group starts destroying its scientific 'new material' when it becomes likely the group will be conquered.

f) In this case a person has to step back and try to estimate which side the children will ultimately pertain to, in other words whether it is a survival strategy or a recovery strategy. Whether they are 'surrendering further' or 'taking a step back to better jump forward'?

g) A population always has a core group, and offshoots can 'retreat' to that core group as long as a survivable remnant remains. After such a remnant no longer is there, the offshoots develop the defensive measures referred to on the 'Unwinding' page, a simple fact that will eliminate exterminative colonizing in the future, in the species. At this point then, that couple's children likely still have the ability to retreat, or attack, in either direction, and their decisions will be made according to their perceptions.

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