This is an important part of an archetypal concept, closely related to the 'Suicide Bomber' archetype.

 Many people are familiar with the use of the 'Price Tag' concept by Israeli settlers, but it is hard for most people to understand how and why those settlers are misusing that concept, because they themselves do the same. 

This page will explain the origins of the concept, how it applies to various other things in colonial areas, and why the concept changed once survivable remnants were left in colonized areas.

This is sort of an extension of the 'Unwinding' page 

"China was fined war reparations of 450,000,000 taels of fine silver (≈540,000,000 troy ounces (17,000 t) @ 1.2 ozt/tael) for the loss that it caused. The reparation was to be paid by 1940, within 39 years, and would be 982,238,150 taels with interest (4 per cent per year) included. To help meet the payment it was agreed to increase the existing tariff from an actual 3.18 to 5 per cent, and to tax hitherto duty-free merchandise. The sum of reparation was estimated by the Chinese population (roughly 450 million in 1900), to let each Chinese pay one tael. Chinese custom income and salt taxes guaranteed the reparation. China paid 668,661,220 taels of silver from 1901 to 1939, equivalent in 2010 to ≈US$61 billion on a purchasing power parity basis." 



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