For most people the biggest commercial factor involving ‘space’ or ‘success’ is energy. If you gave any person access to unlimited commercial energy, like gasoline or electrical outlets, they would be able to generate unlimited commercial wealth.

Oil or Petroleum has been the most visible commercial energy source for many decades.

It has been utterly controlled by a narrow transnational consortium for about half a century. A person could argue either side of whether that control is justified, but elaborate measures have been taken in the past to enforce it. 

 Oil has been presented as a ‘fossil fuel’, vast oil fields have been hidden or prevented from development, etc.

Whatever the ostensible motive, this consortium has clearly evolved into a tool of the melting pot against the interests of surviving tribes. More than anything else it has provided a framework to unify the most powerful melting pots against any remaining tribals.

When nuclear weapons developed there were further pressures on melting pots to merge and consolidate against tribal interests.

One of the biggest secrets of nuclear weaponry was not any complicated technical wizardry, but simply the fact that a nuclear weapon is not that sophisticated a device. It does not require a ‘rocket scientist’ to build a nuke.

In the Middle Ages there were many leaders who believed that ‘common folk’ should be prevented from learning how to read. They felt that book learning would provide dangerous power to individuals and would lead to the common rabble overpowering the ‘leaders’, whether political or religious or whatever, who guided them, taught them.

Nuclear energy and several other areas are modern day analogues of reading and writing in the Middle Ages.

These things are carefully restricted, limited to consortiums carefully monitored and controlled by melting pot interests.

The big question around ‘hidden sciences’ like ‘nuclear weaponry’ is not whether the U.S., China, Russia, India, Pakistan, France, the UK and other melting pots should have them. They do.

The question is whether their victims should have those tools. 

In many tribal areas within many political ‘countries’, a small group of people with some knowledge of astronomy, chemistry, mining, physics, shaped charges & solvents could build a simple nuclear weapon using less than $100 worth of material from Walmart.

Should they?

Do they need to do that?


~In Progress