Things to look into, generally involving melting pot trickery.

1) The top manipulators in melting pots use gender differences to control tribal elements within society. Anything that is visible is only a footprint of manipulations by a group 

2) Why are Saudi Arabia's missiles being designed to carry Iranian warheads? 

3) Once Covid and C auris converge things will be interesting

How do a fungus and a virus work together? 

Ask a bacterium.

4) A surge in undiagnosed deaths in South Sudan peaking two weeks ago

At that point the South Sudan Health Ministry, obviously a European controlled entity, releases a statement that, probably inaccurately, points to malaria. Westerners would see the problem with blaming malaria, locals not. 

Then, after the peak, some Western news articles. 

Conflict areas in Africa are an ideal area for bioweapons enthusiasts to test new microbes, for several reasons. In addition, the type of person who works on offensive bioweapons in developed countries would be drawn to testing in those specific regions.

5) Now is probably not the time to book a flight on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner 

6) Some type or types of prion disease seem to have grown pretty rapidly in the past two decades

Looking at the chart here, it's about doubled in the U.S. in 20 years. 

But if there is a 'baseline incidence' and the increase is due to some new variable then the increase is greater than it appears. In other words the 'new cases, from a new variable' are camouflaged by the original incidence until they become much higher. The kind of increase that would be more accurately visible on a log chart.

That chart only goes back to 1979, and a person does not know if 100% of cases were caught in that year, but the chart does look like it represents a baseline incidence with a new factor which is accelerating. U.S. population has grown from 225m to 330m in that time too. 

One of the risk factors involves a generic reference to sterilized medical equipment which might mean only that it is more prevalent in people who have had a lot of procedures. 

7) How involved is the state of Israel in squashing indigenous 'threats' to the global melting pot? 

The Salvadoran president is very clearly a puppet who aggressively opposes any indigenous sovereignty, and is scrambling to 'globalize' the country at the expense of the indigenous population.

8) Nothing wrong with a prosecutor getting prosecuted, but

"30 years for each of the two counts of making false mortgage applications 

 A person who can't pay their mortgage loses their house, plus all the money they put in it, so very few people are going to deliberately say they can pay a mortgage when they cannot.

That person is greedy to the extreme, a $250,000 salary and wants three or more expensive houses while prosecuting people who are mainly committing poverty crimes, but the specific 'crime' committed, 'lying on a mortgage application' is dubious.

The money was connected to a relief program, but it was a loan.

9) Ghislane Maxwell enters the danger zone 

Ms Maxwell operated for a long time under the assumption she was protected, and she was.

As her legal case continued she failed to notice things which were being set up for future use, such as the Bill Cosby precedent, and her lawyers neglected to point things out to her.

Now, though, she has stepped back a bit and is trying to show some teeth towards those who she perceives as having not defended her. Or at least somebody has encouraged her to take that stance.

This latest action on her part probably puts her at some risk, not because of the names she agrees could be made public, but because of the public perception of her willingness to let become public things which might put her handlers at risk, among which, in her estimation, are those names.

Many more lines of defense are available to her. 

But in the bigger game there are two sides.

On one side is the prosecution and defense and all the lawyers on all sides and all the judges.

On the other side is her demise if she steps too far, or appears to lean a bit to much.

The significance, of course, is that her lawyers are on the one side, with everybody else, which implies that they are part of a carefully crafted game to use her to effect a bigger strategic play against another aspect of that one side.

The similarities with the Esar Met case are interesting, notably all of the lawyers on both sides cooperatively targeting a defendant who probably should have picked a random lawyer from the phone book.

The most likely time and manner of her death are easy to guess.

Epstein died of what could be called an 'induced suicide'. He was carefully managed so that he would commit suicide and there would then be circumstances which pointed a particular way.

A suicide by Maxwell is not so easily induced, and further, a natural death would better serve the interests of the 'one side' she and her legal process are controlled by.

There are plenty of substances which could be used to induce 'natural death' in her, so a person would first look at which scenarios favor the interests of that group and which type of poisoning would then suit them.

There is no certain way to predict what they will choose, but a scenario which would pay well for them would be if she suffered some sort of medical event caused by one poison, then was hospitalized and poisoned a second time just as there were news articles implying she might 'cooperate'.

What would follow would be some sort of public Congressional interest leading to a flurry of news articles informing younger people about her father's history in Australia, then some sort of purge in those two countries with Australia landing on its feet and the U.S. a bit weakened.

10) Oil consortium whackamole

Control of the U.S. government by the oil consortium has been pretty well established, likewise control of the Russian government.

An enduring mystery is why nobody in the mainstream press puts these two facts together to expose the way Russia and the U.S. work together to boost petroleum prices. 

11) There are a lot of reasons Indonesia will be moving into the news over the next several years 

12) Some people suspect Messenger RNA vaccines may be designed with a trigger that targets some segment of the population

The Covid messenger RNA vaccines are the first ones ever used in humans, despite a heavy disinformation campaign trying to obscure that fact.

Now an interesting new study out of Czechoslovakia uses another messenger RNA vaccine whose consumers would be what might be loosely referred to as 'Lyme disease enthusiasts'. 

Just as a conquering population millennia ago had to exterminate the entirety of their foe in order to have long term success on the conquered land, today the same holds true for worldviews.

Britain has established a foothold in all developed countries which have surrendered to its various views, but it has done so without fully eliminating the more youthful challengers.

Sort of like somebody who has one trick for getting past one obstacle then tries to inappropriately use the same trick for all future obstacles.

The Czech study is almost certainly an organic reaction to the 'lyme disease' people who, in turn, are an organic reaction to the distortion of the broader diversity of worldviews by the British.

13) It's clear now something is developing, but what? 

The British have a lot more to lose than other sides, and, like the Nazis in WWII their signature is baffling the opponent with poorly thought out high stakes risks.

At this point Britain's adversaries only have to call a few of their bluffs to win.

14) Is Lopez Obrador going to go full Qaddafi? 

He would not be taking steps against Australia / China unless he had some sort of backing.

Is Mexico about to be added to the global terror list?

15) Burmese theater is becoming more theaterish

"The NUG defense minister said in the case of Tagaung Taung nickel mining project, the local resistance group carried out the attack on its own initiative because in some cases, junta troops are using factory compounds of companies from neighboring countries as bases from which to commit violence against civilians."

"U Yee Mon assured the Chinese mission that the NUG would make sure similar incidents do not happen in the future, but also stressed that foreign businesses should distance themselves from the military regime. 

16) Are 'cryptic lineages' an attempt to force public awareness of bioweapon aspects of viruses? 

When Covid started there was such an obvious element of deliberate obfuscation of the source that many people suspected it was some government's science project.

When Omicron was analyzed much more of an indication that it had been developed using 'gain of function' in mice. 

But no indication if it originated with the same government or org which started the first variant.

Cryptic lineages which show, like Omicron, a long series of evolution out of the view of scientists, could be from animals, but it could also be from a person or government or other entity developing the next Omicron.

If that is what it is then it would be developed by somebody aware of the places where sewage surveillance would catch them. In other words it would be deliberate rather than with the intent to actually update to a new variant.

What motive would a scientist have for deliberately forcing the issue of gain of function on the public?

17) Israel is in a precarious position with the Pegasus scandal 

Britain has maneuvered Israel into a vulnerable position in which Israel can be expected to follow 'societal norms', which are actually British norms which have been globalized to some extent.

So if Israel follows a conventional gameplan the British will eventually reap the rewards at Israeli expense, and so far Israel has followed the British lead step by step.

Israel has other allies, of course, but they are other faces of the melting pot which ultimately defer to Britain with regard to its actions involving consumption of lesser societies.

The underlying dynamic is sort of like an abused woman who can hit her husband back mildly, but knows she will get clobbered if she fights back too much.

The British have created a vast number of 'abused woman' societies which they eliminate at their leisure, but Israel has a timely value at the moment because of the dynamic behind a rapidly changing balance of power in neighboring countries.

Ultimately there is no path to survival for the state of Israel unless it shifts its focus entirely to supporting tribal boundaries, and pulls out all steps in using simple facts to discredit the British.

Unfortunately, even if Israel were to take that step there would still be the issue of other countries, like Russia, whose interests are more in line with the British melting pot than with any smaller society which may have some grounds towards tribal boundaries.

Israel could trust support from any ally to the extent that ally fell in lockstep on the 'tribal boundaries' paradigm, but since the power of the melting pot is shifting to Asia, and Israel is largely viewed as a de facto Western European society, it would be in almost as bad a situation as European Australia.

18) Every 'Afghanistan style' war has plenty of events similar to the Basra jail incident in Iraq 

In fact, a big part of government propaganda efforts, regardless the countries involved, is covering up these incidents.

Here is what looks like a 'parting shot' by some sort of 'elite' unit i.e., punkish young soldiers who operate secretly and are given extra privileges. 

19) The United States invaded Afghanistan because it was independent, not because of 9/11

All of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia or Yemen and were based in the U.S.

After the invasion the U.S. transferred Afghanistan's wealth to the U.S., and now plans to distribute half of that wealth to U.S. citizens under the false pretext of reparations. 

The real motive of course is to destabilize the Afghan government and create desperation which forces the Taliban into the Chinese camp alongside Pakistan.

As the U.S. declines it will become less and less a nation and more and more a blank face of the melting pot.

20) Indonesia just spent $22 billion on advanced weapons from France and the United States. 

Indonesia's minimum yearly wage is $1027. 

So the money could have provided more than 21,000,000 jobs for poorer people for a year. Or 2.1 million jobs for 10 years.

These weapons deals always involve a mix of corporate and government 'salesman' finding weaknesses in the bureaucrats who approve such sales, then discreetly using the information to make the sale.

A small percentage of the money will be kicked back publicly as 'aid projects' for the poor people.

21) The Gold/Silver ratio is a massive colonial footprint which seems to be about to 'clean itself up 

 As the dominant monetary commodity of the last 200 or so years, gold has enabled British control of the global economy in some interesting ways.

 The gold market is considered the ultimate 'free market' exchange because gold is the most liquid commodity and most countries have some in ground supplies.

But the truth is that the market has been tightly controlled.

In Progress

22) At first glance, the Russian move into parts of the Ukraine is similar to Trump's trade war with China 

Corporate consortiums have devastated the planet and created the likelihood of a 'point of no return' for the bulk of the human population.

A few tentative steps to return to a sustainable path are facing almost insurmountable obstacles, but at least they are not going in the wrong direction.

If Russia is able to force a local view of politics among enough people, by fracturing the Ukraine, it increases the chances of that happening elsewhere, but ultimately it will probably end simply in more melting pot consolidation and ruin.

Most people perceive all actions of specific countries as being within the interests of a rigid group of allies of those specific countries, but in this case it is possibly, though unlikely, that enough awareness exists about the importance of reverting to tribal boundaries that Russia may be able to force the notion of tribal federations to take hold.

23) Are the Chinese about to shift the crypto economy to math / science coins?

Most people assume regular crypto will be banned once cbdc's are regularized, but that isn't 100% certain.

Recently there has been a wide spread, massive arbitrage opportunity, with Primecoin on AEX exchange vs Western sources for the coin like SouthExchange.

Usually unusual arbitrage opportunities indicate a scam, but in this case it may be something else.

AEX claims to go back to 2013, and that is not likely.*/ 

But they do appear to be a high quality exchange with some history. 

Asians generally have more focus on math and science than their Western counterparts, and there is a slightly higher focus on quality coins on some Asian exchanges.

One possibility is that a Chinese group is using independent arbitrageurs to bulk up on Primecoin before listing on a higher volume exchange.

24) Now Russia is about to spank the West to death with the West's own hands 

While the British have managed to go far on bluffs and deceit, at some point their empire will have to ante up or admit bankruptcy. 

At this point, or soon, any bluffs will be called. 

25) The NFT concept is such a blatant scam that it is difficult to tell if it was initiated by the Brits to legitimize ip 'rights' or by their opponents to discredit them 

26) How should a person decypher Powell's strange comment? 

It clearly shows he is out of the loop at a key level of U.S. financial policy.

The most likely explanation, backed by other evidence as well, is that he is simply unaware that there is some other government agency which uses U.S. influence on the global economy to support the dollar vs other currencies.

There is no magic though, only sleight of hand, and the disappearing dollars will turn up somewhere.

Of course inflation, and the shift to digital currencies, could make those dollars less relevant, but countries like Japan, especially, which have been a U.S. dumping ground, could figure out what has been going on and take steps to defend themselves.

27) Little doubt that the Ukraine problem will expand indirectly into something worldwide

And little doubt Trump's advisers are smarter than Biden's. 

But it is the U.S. and its allies which are declining, and more likely to try surprise.

28) The carrying capacity of the planet is already far lower than the current population 

And there is a fair chance Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, like Trump's trade war with China, is a feeble half hearted attempt to push the global population in a better direction. 

29) "sign of Russia’s growing influence in the region" 

 Russia's influence isn't growing, the U.S.'s and Western Europe's is declining.

 In countries with a heavily state controlled media, like the United States, people are not aware of the immediate cause of Russia's Ukraine invasion so leaders cannot act against facts without increasing control over their population.

30) Not hard to guess what is coming

"A steady stream of U.S. and British military planes have been landing in Poland in recent days filled with those missiles, along with other munitions, rations, and small arms and ammunition. 

31) Obviously Ukraine is about to heat up 

Probably will be a brief calm before the storm though.

32) Biden should probably ponder Britain's interests before he travels too much 

33) The Ukraine invasion is playing out as almost a mirror of WWII with many countries on the opposite side

Ukraine itself cannot seem to decide if it is a melting pot or a nation. 

WWII had Russia consolidating its melting pot, i.e., the 'USSR', which finally disintegrated into a more realistic federation.

After the 'Soviet Union' broke up Western Europe began buying loyalty in an easterly direction, culminating in the current invasion by Russia to draw hard lines.

The bigger battle now is between the false 'new' federations like the U.S., which try to impose a facade which will cover British expansion, and older national interests based on common sense.

The world will decay until British ambitions are tempered, and it could get very expensive for the United States.

34) As North Africa and the Middle East disintegrate, a person wonders what the French know 

"But in Ukraine and beyond, U.S. officials have also focused on a more specific worry: that Americans living in foreign danger zones would wrongly assume that an Air Force C-17 cargo plane — like those that transported thousands out of Afghanistan during the final days of the U.S. withdrawal — would be their escape option of last resort. 

 * * 

 35) There are few things more disgusting than the coercion from occupiers to continue surrendering to the U.S. 

 36) Boeing would not have sabotaged a Boeing jet to get revenge for the 737 max 

But Airbus may have.

37) As Burma heats up, United States to take in 100k black brown tan white refugees from Africa North Africa Yemen Europe 

38) One of the best kept secrets, around the world, involves back doors existing in certain technology items 

Large export airplanes have been backdoored for many decades, by all sides, and that is likely to become public soon.

Not because of any security flaws on one side or another.

But because the Chinese may have found the trigger.

39) Should Big Pharma buy profit insurance? 

It would cost a Big Pharma company only a few seconds profit to make billions of extra dollars, but should they, or a large investor, do something like that?

"Based on company financial statements, the Alliance estimates that Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna will make pre-tax profits of $34 billion this year between them, which works out as over a thousand dollars a second, $65,000 a minute or $93.5 million a day." 

40) One of the most delusional articles in recent memory

"Israel’s warming ties with the Gulf have also encouraged Egypt to freshen its relationship with Israel, fearful of losing its role as a bridge between Israel and the Arab world 

Maybe it has something to do with the Israeli Trump, Bennett. 

41) The U.S. has been arming soldiers to prevent Russia from stopping the eastward expansion of NATO

Now the U.S. is going to send hundreds of massive bombs to European ports? 

The more the cargo is hardened the more it will explode.

42) If it turns out that Bonitas Research is correct about MP Materials, it will expose corruption in the U.S. government of staggering proportions 

Or lead to a domestic bloodbath as high level U.S. people try to hide commercial connections to the Chinese.

Probably smart to bet on the latter.

43) A benevolent view of Britain prodding Eastern Europe into war is that they may have been promoting decentralization 

There have been a lot of 'ages' in history, the stone age, the bronze age etc.

Next may be 'the counterfeit currency age'.

44) The United States is widely known for its 'fake' justice

Police, prosecutors, judges all use laws to benefit themselves rather than simply doing their job, and there is seldom any recourse to victims.

When there are complaints the usual reaction is to offer what appears to be a solution, but which doesn't actually change anything.

"Police officers could frame people, file bogus charges, conjure evidence out of thin air—and, in most of the U.S., they would still be immune from facing any sort of civil accountability for that malicious prosecution. Until yesterday. 

45) Russia is not a super wealthy country like the U.S., and their leaders are known for harassing journalists

 But Russia Times is a site that is much better about allowing dissent than Reddit, Twitter and most mainstream U.S. sites.

A person would have to research whether other Russian sites, especially Russian language sites, are also more tolerant, or whether it is strictly on that site for foreigners.