Update May 2023 / The perils of paranoia

Waiting for a delivery, there was a white pickup in front of this house, similar to one that was associated with vandalism in the past, but not the same vehicle. Instead of waiting to see if it stayed there a few days, I texted neighbors to ask them if it was theirs. It turned out to belong to a day laborer.

Recently a vehicle was playing the annoying deep bass sound that seems to have come from one or more of the cars that parked there in the past. In this case there was no noise coming from the vehicle and it had only been there a short time. My mistake.

Still is not clear which neighbors were involved in the vandalism, but I understand why the previous resident left.


One interesting aspect of frontier areas in a melting pot, is that the closer you get to the frontier the more you are surrounded by people who got married in their teens and have spent their life trying to force others into their world.



Update January 2022

This page alludes to a misuse of a process by 'colonial' types.

The general process is 'against the species', meaning that the group tries to extract benefit for themselves at the expense of the broader species. Up until 'east met west' in the new world, there was no defense against this process. As described on the 'button down' page a defense has developed even if it is very expensive.

disclaimer / It's entirely possible that outside people, or an outside person, is responsible for the mischief outlined on this page, but the most likely explanation, ~>80% certain, is as outlined here.

1) Around the 1990s there was a movie called "The Horse Whisperer" which was based on research and experiences of a scientist of sorts. This scientist examined a social process that existed across the species of horses and looked at the specific role of female horses in that process.

2) The specific examples of mischief described below appear to have been initially directed at the female prior occupant of the property where I am staying at the moment.

3) Prior to my arriving, based on what I have observed, and discounting that outsiders are involved, it looks like the neighboring males were hostile to the female who lived here, but as a direct consequence of the hostility of the wives of those males.

4) The females then used a very weak derivative of the technique described above, the 'horse whisperer' scientist's observation, to try to force the female to 'join' them.

5) She was not interested, or otherwise uncooperative, which then led to the neighboring females putting up overt indications of false support for her, referring to the 'blm' type signs mentioned below, while the males began overt hostilities against her, referring to dumping trash on the property, killing plants etc.

At this point this is the most likely scenario, but in the United States police often do harass people using their resources in complex ways and that is still a possibility ~20% or so.


Nobody wins in situations like this, which is as it should be.

A Youtube playlist describing colonial strategies may have a video on this broad process added eventually.



Original page

All tribal societies begin as melting pots, or melting pot splinters.

But not all melting pots or melting pot splinters become tribal societies.

Something changed roughly 500 years ago, and the shift is largely ignored.

This section will describe processes involved in the collapse of various melting pots from a broader or 'strategic' viewpoint.

The obvious conflict between colonial and tribal, or aggressor and victim is discussed a lot, but there are interesting patterns that might be behind the obvious.

One strange constant among 'colonizers' is the 'battle of the sexes' between men and women. In a consolidated setting, a tribe, there is generally harmony, or at least detente, between most people.

But the closer you get to frontier areas, the more you see individuals trying to control those of the opposite gender. Frontier couples are almost always built around one of the couple having unnatural control of the other. In the United States, typically, men use overt physical control of women in unstable areas, and as an area stabilizes women flip things and take control using non physical strengths.

The 'bigger picture' is the observation that male lineages and female lineages are distinct but evolve in parallel. This has been discussed in articles by evolution scientists and geneticists, but at the local level it can be unpleasant to observe.

"Symbiosis of Two Prokaryotic Cells at the Origin of Eukaryotes" https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/the-two-empires-and-three-domains-of-14432998/ 

The first item below is in a neighborhood that was owned in the past by a guy who used a lot of prostitutes, and he named all the streets after prostitutes, maybe to save money. All of the people in 'frontier' areas like this go out of their way to convince you that they mean you well, but you pay a heavy price trusting them.

Just as the best rule in national parks is "Take only photos, and leave only footprints", the smart rule in conquered frontier areas is "Bring only money, and leave only curses".

1) The Melting Pot neighbor

Almost anywhere in a melting pot there is a sort of detente among people who live in a mixed neighborhood. Everybody tries to follow certain basic rules of the area. There is a sharp divide though between 'frontier' melting pot areas near recently conquered groups, and areas where the melting pot is trying to consolidate.


Video of one of about 5 or 6 cars that parks at my place even though all of the neighbors have driveways and road frontage. In the summer they park at different spots in front of this property instead of their own. One neighbor who has this type of vehicle said this specific truck was not his and he didn't think it belonged to other neighbors. The goal is to try to put 'crowding pressure' on newcomers to make them join the local group. Oftentimes other motives are pretended. This is the same as the broader goal of police in frontier areas, who also are focused on control but must use the cover of pretending to want to help.


An added detail from a few weeks later. One neighbor likes to 'encroach', and I had assumed the vehicle was his, possibly mistakenly. He said that it was not his vehicle and he did not think it was a neighbor's vehicle. Today, a few weeks later, I went out early on a Sunday morning and an across the street neighbor, or at least somebody in front of his or her house, pulled out of that house just as I walked out.

Whether it is a neighbor dumping trash on this property and parking 5 or 6 different vehicles at different times, or somebody from elsewhere I don't know, but it's interesting to point out the 'neighbor conflict' history in this area before I was here, which will be in the 'prehistory' at the bottom.

The facts that it was so many different kinds of vehicles, and the fact that some of them tried to hide their license plates, may point to somebody from another area trying to pollute this area further, for example police. Police actually do spend vast resources on such things and it is possible that some petty piece of scum at some police agency took offense at something I did or wrote and this is their way of pretending power as they look for other ways to pretend they are heroic.

The United States has, literally, 1 million or more police and millions more 'pseudo' police and there simply is not enough to keep them busy, yet, unless they prey on random people.

Whether it is neighbors dumping trash and trying to crowd out 'new' people, or if it is police of some sort, I do not know. One interesting observation is that when I asked the north and south neighbors whether they were involved their responses were on a continuum. The south neighbor said 'wasn't me' while the north neighbor said with extreme politeness 'it is something that was done to you, not to me'. Neither position is survivable in this case, but contrasts sharply with people in tribal or even consolidated melting pot areas.

Also interesting that both neighbors include their spouse's in their conversations with one other person. Most people who read the last text from the male north neighbor would say it was 'obviously' written by a female.

A similar phenomenon is on social media. The female 'chief' of a popular sleuthing site has a 'male' profile which she uses to give credibility to her posts as a female. On Twitter too there are groups of people who do the same, generally women who create male profiles, perhaps to get more credibility in a patriarchal society https://twitter.com/ASchittz is part of a strange group of these profiles.

When a person lives in an area where the melting pot has already conquered indigenous people, for example a large metropolitan area, neighbors generally are helpful but non intrusive.

'Frontier' areas though are the opposite, intrusive but non helpful, a constant game of neighbors looking for sneaky ways to profit from each other while pretending to be 'neighborly'.

See "Long History 1" at the bottom of the page for examples.

Another interesting aspect is the similarity between the 'pretending' aspect of neighborhoods in the melting pot with police qualities. For example in the criminal cases on this website there are links to a lot of videos that show a police interrogator pretending he or she is 'a friend' of the person they are interviewing, along with numerous clues that there is an implicit threat to the subject if he or she does not play along.

Esar Met for example, and many others, are obligated by implicit threat to pretend that the melting pot 'authorities' are serving some higher interest. If he does not play along at any moment, a threat is conveyed either explicitly or in body language as a bluff that most people respect.

All 'melting pot authority' is based on this 'pseudo friend' paradigm of 'pretend we are old friends or suffer the consequences'.

Many people have to learn over and over not to trust the types of people who become police, including most 'frontier' neighbors who are the 'new melting pot police'.


2) The Untamed Shrew

This is a feature that has both male and female aspects but the example here is female since I just watched this video.


Notice that the 'criminal' really didn't hurt anybody except herself, but she provides authorities with an opportunity to pretend they are morally superior. In fact they do much worse things but they do them under cover of local law, an option not available to her, except as a ruse.

She had been 'trained' to be devious and to involve society in her marriage, and once she did as she was trained to do, authorities stepped in and harvested her.

A big difference between melting pot, frontier, and tribal societies which most people notice quickly is the difference between independence among females.

See "Long History 2" below

Females in tribal societies are almost always independent thinkers and are able to hold 'unpopular' opinions even if they don't manifest or promote them. Unless they get roped into joining the 'frontier', or the melting pot.

That contrasts with melting potted females who are generally trained to pretend independence, trained to play the role of a consolidated personality standing on their own legs, but are often quite the opposite.



The worst tragedy are semi colonized Natives who have been crushed and are resigned to join the 'frontier' which will, they imagine, fast track them to success in the melting pot.



A person cannot fault them, they are simply surviving, but it is a tragedy.

The male counterpart, the male version of the melting potted roleplayer, is just as much the dominant male role in a melting pot.

Here is a classic example. Two equivalent males, equally eager to fulfill their roles and prove their value to society. Only one of them is part of a group though. A gangster who knows his gang will back him up as long as he plays the role carefully.


The criminal is sincere and trying to be independent and honest. The representative of the legal system is using nuanced language to speak over the head of the 'criminal' to signal to others that one of them 'belongs' and the other does not.

A long time ago smart people in the West created a developmental path for the legal system through things like the 'insanity defense'. This sort of recognition that 'real crimes are always developmental' had to be scuttled by people who needed to control others' cultures, and probably also by simple ambition by prosecutor types. As 'the wrong path' on this developmental continuum is followed further it creates yet another of the many roots of the coming police state in Europe and European parts of the new world.



This region, of course, is Native American. Whites have lived here only a tiny fraction of its occupied history, but have used first violence, then other means to displace Natives.

The place I am staying at the moment is one of the first places built in this area, e.g. 1 square mile neighborhood or so, around 1946.

That family, i.e., who bought it from the patron of prostitutes, has largely maintained the house through several generations. Right now I have the 'paper' for the house but obviously no connection nor interest in living here aside from paper considerations i.e., financial. I consider it their house aside from the paper aspect which I feel the need to use to my defensive benefit at the moment.

When the place was built it was probably one of the only houses in the area.

In the 1970s there is a history involving building addons which indicates a lot of disputes among neighbors. The real estate agent provided a lot of historic documents. A resident of the house had some kind of day care in the 1970s and a neighbor said that the zoning commission should not approve the addition because of something to do with that.

The houses on either side have signs that are vaguely 'blm' type signs saying 'we like all races, we don't discriminate etc'. It's on odd thing to put on your front lawn, but for two houses to do the same sign is odder. It seemed to point to some history with the previous occupant and those neighbors.

Within a short time of moving in, a neighbor seemed to imagine that I had taken a wheelbarrow. I told him I had not been within 40 feet or so of any wheelbarrow in decades except maybe at Walmart. Then he had a bicycle disappear. I didn't take that either.

After some time he said he found the thief on his home security film and it was a girl he later 'caught' riding the bike.

He talked about his exotic home security system, cameras and two way intercoms etc, and I said I would get one like that.

A day or two later a guy knocked on my door and said he was selling home security systems door to door and he would like to give me some info. The guy acted seedy as anything but I don't know the area and was curious.

He then asked if I had a pen so he could write down contact info. Okay, obvious scammer, but still curious since he has an obvious connection to people living next door.

Eventually he asked if he could come inside, then he said he wanted to look around the place.

Finally after an hour or so I asked him to leave.

He would not.

That pretty much summarizes the security of this region starting with the viewpoint of the original inhabitants.

There obviously seems to have been some histories with the neighbors before I arrived.

Another example. All or almost all of the people in areas like this are locked in power disputes with their spouses i.e., who has more power. Once I tried to make a very mild polite reference to that to a neighbor and the response was something like "You and the girl who lived in that place before you never do anything, but as little as you do, she did even less". In other words he was upset that I was not industrious but he felt he should point out that the girl here before was even less so. I've worked a lot of jobs, including some that involved hard physical work. What work he thought I should do is a mystery. The previous occupant was a girl who grew marijuana in the basement. I don't feel like doing that. I spend most of my time end effort trying to make money. What other thing should I do on a tiny plot of land that isn't mine, in an unpleasant area surrounded by people I distinctly do not trust?


'Long History 1'

The last 'fairly consolidated' town I lived in like that, in this state, I did not know the name of any of the neighbors. If somebody needed a jump for their car or whatever I would do what I could. When I left that place to move to another state briefly I gave the extra 'valuables' I had to a neighbor, still not even knowing his name. A CPAP machine I told him he could sell on Craigslist or use if he wanted. He could probably have gotten a lot for it. I have no idea what his name was nor any of the other neighbors there, decent people with their own business that I had no interest in, and vice versa.

Anybody who has lived in 'frontier' areas, though, knows the new rules, and must follow them, or patiently wait for things to shake out. I've lived in two 'frontier' towns which were recently conquered, have large numbers of indigenous people, and are not yet close to trying to consolidate.

The first had a lot of interesting quirks. I went there roughly May to October for about 8 or 9 years.

First thing when you arrive are all the stories about who slept with whose wife over the winter.

Interestingly it was almost all white people sleeping with each others wives and normal practice. Natives are not like that generally unless they are becoming melting potted. Both groups have a lot of single young drunks who slut around but in frontier areas it is the whites who continue that when they are married not the Natives.

Of course the public perception, encouraged by media, is the opposite, savage Natives and cultured whites.

There was a hotel in that town that was cheap and popular. At night girls would go door to door wanting to trade sex for alcohol. I stayed once more recently at that hotel before it burned down. That kind of thing is a signature of 'frontier' white areas, and is absent from places where whites are absent. There are many very good reasons why indigenous villages in the United States do not welcome whites unless they bring soldiers or troopers.

A big part of melting pot propaganda is that it is Natives who are 'morally deficient'. Natives generally have far less money than whites, but are much higher in integrity and most common 'virtues', again, except when they are trying to blend into white U.S. society.

A Native person you can always trust when you are in a difficult situation. Among whites you have to be very careful though and follow rules as outlined below. That's not a universal rule, of course, just a broad observation that is generally reliable

In the 'frontier' town where I currently live my first place was an apartment.

The first time I went there a woman was at the entrance, clearly angry at me, and she made it clear that I was to pretend to be her friend or I would pay a price. I aggressively avoided her the entire time I lived there.

While I lived there I used taxis to get around, and there was another neighbor who had a window facing the parking lot. She would mysteriously jump in cabs I called so that I would see the cab driving away after I got outside.

Once I decided to see where she was going so I stopped the cab while she was in it and the driver said the caller for the cab was me, but I said she can go where she wants first then he could take me to my destination, after she got out. She hesitated for a while and said she was going to the hospital, but once we got there she asked to be dropped off at a Covid shot type place if I recall.

I was clearly an outsider and when I went once to pay my rent I learned something interesting. The girl took out a sheet with about 30 names of tenants and their rents. I looked at it and saw that I was the only person paying 4 figures, $1,000 or $1,050 if I recall. Everybody else was paying between roughly $700 and $900. No problem, I agreed to the rent, but seems a bit sleazy.

Not long after that, I moved to another place in the same town. Before I had moved in an agent was showing me the place and there was a red car that would drive up and down the street, stopping to look at us each time. I made a comment to him about it.

At this place, again, the same beginning. A neighbor makes it clear that I must pretend we are old friends or I will pay a price.

The first time I met the neighbor to the south I was carrying a bag of cement mix on my shoulder and he said something. It was about 85 pounds and I tried to make a polite comment but really was not interested in chatting. After I finished what I was doing I went over and he had gone inside but his friend was still outside so I tried to say something friendly but his friend was unhappy with me evidently. Still I tried to be polite. The neighbor's friend made an indirect reference to the fact that he felt I needed to consult or respect the neighbor on a specific issue involving the properties.

Soon after, maybe the next morning, there was a pile of dog droppings from a small dog in front of the mail box for the property I am at. They looked like they had been placed there rather than dropped by a dog. The mailbox is right next to the south neighbor's mailbox on the road in front of their property.

I rang his doorbell to try to play the 'lets pretend we are old friends' game since I already know how it works. He invited me in and I saw he had two very small dogs. He said he would come over and do something in the place I was moving into. I asked him please not to, very politely. He and his wife asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner. I very politely said I did not.

Shortly after I noticed somebody was dumping garbage on the property. Not a big deal. Then several other things.

This street has about 50 to 100 feet of road frontage for each place, but some neighbors were making it a point to park on the road frontage at the property where I was instead of their own property. There have been probably about 5 different cars that have parked at this property. I don't drive now and don't have a car. It seems logical that if a person lived nearby they would park at their own property unless they had a specific reason. If I were driving I would not drive back to where I live then park at somebody else's house, unless I had a specific reason. It appears to be another 'frontier' rule among whites, basically trying to see what they can get away with regarding other people. No big deal since I don't have a car and don't need that space.

Then a large branch was broken in the middle of the yard, could have been by an animal but the timing raised doubts. That same neighbor asked if I wanted him to cut it and I asked him to please not do that. He had previously asked if he could cut a dead apple tree to use the wood in a smoker. I said sure and he then asked if I wanted other trees cut. I asked him to please not cut any trees that are alive. He did not cut the dead tree last I checked.

Then a package missing, actually UPS's fault. I got the message from UPS that it had been delivered, but it was not there, so I called two neighbors and asked if it had been mis delivered to them. The next morning several hours after I called, somebody parked their car again in front of the place I was living instead of in front of their own place. No big deal.

The neighbor to the south has several similar white trucks so I texted him and told him if he needed more space he was welcome to park in the driveway. He said it was not his truck and did not look like a neighbor's truck. I photographed it and the license plates FMA213 and its location.

Then somebody knocked over a large branch from a tree, which now blocks the driveway where I live. Again not a big deal since I don't drive and don't use the driveway. Actually I oppose the knocking down of the tree, and it was clearly malicious, but I don't oppose the fact that the tree creates a tiny bit of privacy.

Shortly after I moved in, the north neighbor stopped by and offered to do the driveway. Obviously that is not something that neighbors normally do so I questioned him and he said in an exaggerated female way "It's what neighbors do".

In other words that morning at his house,

wife "I hope the new neighbor isn't a cannibal"

husband "I think he's white"

wife "Go over and see, ask him if he wants you to clear his driveway"

husband "That is silly, just let him be"

wife "Go and check him out, ask if you can clear his driveway, it's what neighbors do"

Both male neighbors, when texting or responding to texts, will sometimes respond in a very female way. Once I had an exchange of texts with the south neighbor and in the middle of it his wife started texting from what I guess was another phone, but usually these 'female' texts come from the male neighbors' phones.

This kind of thing happens in all melting pot developments, but it is the norm in a frontier area.

The observation can be extended to say that in areas where it occurs but which are not commonly perceived as 'frontier' areas, there is a 'frontier' dynamic which is reflecting the specific mixes in that 'non frontier' area. Something that will be looked at separately.

As a side note, I get a lot of 'discreet' harassment by police, from unknown agencies, when I travel, and this harassment is 'melting pot style' i.e., 'be friendly towards us or you will regret it'. This property is the same where the south neighbor parked a white van between our properties shortly after I wrote the "White Police Rape Van' page. So it is possible though unlikely that the same agency that focuses on me when I travel is actually spending even more money when I am living in a town. He moved into his place several months before me though so it is unlikely he is one of the many cops I have been harassed by.

The government has countless agencies and spends vast amounts of money harassing people who annoy the Napoleanic midgets they employ. Again, possible though unlikely. I don't think I have ever done anything which would put me on the high dollar watchlist. Another white van was usually parked three or so houses down at that time as well and a wide variety of cars have parked on the property where I live rather than on their own properties, if they are neighbors.


 Long History 2


"Free installation"

This is just a funny story not incorporated into the above yet.

Getting internet installed is the same everywhere. Almost everywhere.

Where I am now I called the internet provider to get internet hooked up. The previous occupant obviously had internet so nothing too complicated, should have been about 20 minutes to install the box and hook it up, and free to hook it up of course.

Two guys arrive. Immediately one says he needs to use the bathroom, and there he stays. For a very long time. At some point he reappeared and the two got to work.

They worked at the place where the cable box is, same as is done in most internet installations.

Then they said they had to repair the connection from the power line outside. Turned out to be a very very long process.

Then they said they had to work in the crawl space under the house. Again they spent a very long time and I was glad it was free. If it had cost something hourly it would have been expensive.

At some point, after a very long time, they finished and I gloated over how great it is that internet installation is free.

Then at some point I noticed the basement seemed very hot. It kept getting hotter.

A control knob for one of the heating zone valves, just inches from one of the new pieces of cable equipment, was broken off. I called a repair man and spent somewhere around $200 for that. Evidently the repair man contacted the fuel company since he was concerned the tank might be low, and they delivered 275 gallons exactly, the precise size of the tank, around 700 dollars.

It looks like the installers felt the crawl space was too cold while they were working, and instead of changing the thermostat they decided to open the zone valve, but it broke off and they couldn't close it when they left. It might also be possible that they accidentally hit it at a moment when the valve was open and something about how it broke prevented it from closing. At that time I had enough money so stuff like that was not a big deal and I ate the loss myself.


Final conclusion

1) 100% certain / At least one bit of overt mischief was done by 'an outside party' i.e., not a person living nearby, and a purpose of that specific act was to create the appearance that the south neighbor was affiliated with a police agency, which he may or may not be.

2) ~99% certain / That south neighbor was responsible for at least one act of mischief against this property, and the original root of that act appears to be 'an unknown event' that occurred with a female prior resident here and one of the male neighbors.

3) ~95% certain / A third neighbor has been trying to insert him or herself into the history by siding with the group to which the north and south neighbors pertain. Once he or she sat in a vehicle for about 15 minutes waiting to start their vehicle until he or she saw me. He or she will often make a noise or do something to attract my attention when I go to the mailbox.

4) ~90% certain / The red car which had been parking briefly in front of this property as I was talking with the real estate agent is obviously associated with that 'colonial clade' which includes those three neighbor groups, but it is only 90% certain or so that this same person is directly connected to other mischief. A different person, who is about 5 foot 6 and a little overweight, often drives a white pickup truck past this property, and he is more likely directly involved.

5) 100% certain / Nothing will end well in colonial 'communities' like this, especially in the Western United States.

It still is not clear who owned all the cars that started parking at this property after I moved in. At one point I had texted the south neighbor and he seemed to indicate the white truck was his, then more recently he said a white truck that was parked at this property was not his and he thought it was not a neighbors. A dark midsize car that parked at this property for a while looked like his wife's car, but it isn't clear if it was.

This is very distinctly a 'white van community', a 'Stepford Wives' type neighborhood, and I will be grateful if I escape without too much misery.