Second Tuesday of the month falls on an even numbered day. You know what that means.

Time for an article about how nuclear fusion has just made an astonishing breakthrough.



Strange that unrelated 'national' themed Youtube channels are built on the same template

Turkey https://www.youtube.com/@StraitTalk/videos 

Poland https://www.youtube.com/@TVPWorld/videos 


There is a good reason homogenous/tribal societies are not easily vulnerable to melting pot religions


The same reason Islam had to initially be imposed violently in Arab societies.

And the same reason the main thing limiting China's expansion...


Darkness continues converging on Utah 





At least some government propaganda channels on Youtube are not using ai yet


The overlap between UK propaganda channels like that, and Chinese propaganda, is unfortunate for both.


A shame nobody has been willing to bring these wars to the homes of the soldiers and those who send them



Very clever ruse by Pfizer or another biotech to use Chinese cover for their profiteering



One more oil pump by the consortium before the final crash?


Oil is headed very low once realities of hidden supplies uncover, but one final pump would let consortium insiders unload assets on unsuspecting outsiders and shift to other types of commodities.



This is almost certainly a major U.S. or European biotech company using an obscure Chinese company as cover




Any vaccine manufacturer can spend a few thousand dollars manufacturing a pathogen that will generate billions of dollars in profit. What company would not do that?


The phrase "nuclear submunitions" is still suppressed on Google which points to a real problem

A video from the year 2000


186 results in 2023, probably carefully cleaned up.



China and the UK are popping up their heads around the world through subordinates


Those heads should be chopped off, but most people target the subordinate instead of the head.

Which is why those two entities have managed to exterminate so many so easily for so long.


An incredible clip that shows how melting potters suborn and subordinate the vulnerable


He has been trained to be obedient, follow roles, and as an administrator for Europe he is now telling fellow Africans that they must follow the roles created for them by Europeans.



One thing all people who like holding prisoners have in common is a tendency towards imitating police


Causation and correlation are not always directly related though. It may be that modern 'law enforcement' style is derived from the underlying tendency to overpower women, rather than vice versa.

Either way, both are pathologies directly rooted in what a lot of people today call the 'colonial' mentality.

Most people who commit that kind of 'sexual kidnapping', perhaps 100% of them, are 'police officers' either actually or psychologically, role players imitating a melting pot archetype.

Why most of those people are not directly employed as police officers is a mystery. It could be that they have been better at not getting caught.


There are a lot of statistical peculiarities in the Gilgo murders that point to corruption, and other things

It seems unlikely that two or more different people would dump bodies in the same area unless they had some connection.

Two days after 1 body was found a Long Island businessman, James Bissett, committed suicide.




Now it gets weird.


That video was published several weeks before Heuermann was arrested, and the voice on that call sounds like him.

It's very possible that a group of powerful people committed the murders, separately but with knowledge of each others crimes, and that they had contingency plans for when the bodies were discovered.

Framing a person like Bissett would be their logical choice.

Combined with the evidence that was available to the initial investigators it looks like the main purpose of the 'task force' was to cover the corruption, not catch the killer. Somebody probably told the FBI or police that they were going to burn the corrupt cops involved unless they cleaned it up. If that is the case then federal cops will be limiting access to Heuermann and he will 'commit suicide' before too long. As with most such cases, including Epstein, the first effort will be to get him to do it on his own, but if it looks like he may give a public interview then he may be given an assist.





"...headed for a nearby Chinese fleet..."


Is it possible the Chinese brought down MH370 to frame the U.S.?

Is it possible that 'witness' is a U.S. disinformation specialist?

Who knows.

One thing can be guessed safely though.

Since the electronic hijackers had the option to crash it anywhere, they would have chosen to guide it to an undersea trench which had features which would make it hard to find with seabed mapping tools.

That eliminates 99+% of the possible search area, probably.


This is a dangerous time to be a young actor nobody has heard of


Several actors in their 20s have died in recent weeks


The concept conflict between 'minority' and 'tribe' might be key to whether or when federations begin in Africa

And when or whether other regions follow



A confusing interesting situation




It looks like part of the agreement between most or all superpowers to tidy up the corporate global stage is being micromanaged to the point of hiring people like that, so they can be caught to give credibility to the broader project. More indication Britain is the main player in bringing the U.S. to a government that will deal a certain way with upcoming civil unrest.


Possible, if unlikely


That video mentions a minister of mining, and of petroleum, being arrested. If those arrests are part of an exterior effort to wrest control of the petroleum consortium then there will be crackdowns soon in the same areas in China and Russia. If that's the case then devastation of Western economies will be coming soon.

Worse, if outside countries try to use past corruption as a political issue they could create quite a bit of problems almost anywhere.


Is Africa about to pull into the lead?


One of the biggest governance scams in history has been the globalization of parliamentary type 'democracies'. These are clever arrangements designed to trick people into believing that their society has control over its leaders. But in fact the real purpose of these systems has been to allow narrow powerful interests to control countries without their citizens seeing. Instead of controlling an entire population, a meddler only has to control a few national leaders.

This scam has prevented the development of federated societies, something that was developing thousands of years ago but was suspended in recent centuries by ambitious colonizers and globalists. Until federated societies are properly sustained, societies will continue degrading, and there is no downside border limiting that degradation.

One aspect of this "control a country by controlling a few leaders" scam has been Ecowas in Africa.


Africans are handed an organization, controlled from Europe, which, they are told, is an African organization which will tell them what to do. Sounds dubious but some people buy it. Worse though, this organization has been imposed without any understanding of how tribal groups globalize properly. So all it really is is Europe trying to impose its own diseases on Africa.

Most people are familiar with how 'law enforcers' and bureaucrats use 'legal powers' to control, and live through, their 'subjects', that's discussed on the dollhouse page, but in this case it is millions of people being controlled strictly for profit.

As with China vs the West, Africa is moving into a position where it will not have to do anything to win.

There is an important difference though. China is a largely homogenous society with strong central control while Africa is a very diverse mix of the full range of humanity. Neither has to do anything to "win", but if either takes its cue from how the West treated them then they could want more than to win, and both will soon be in a position to inflict pain on the West.

Notice that Wikipedia gives not the slightest hint about the purpose or motive of Ecowas.


Wikipedia, like Google, Twitter, Reddit, etc etc etc is an extension of certain narrow Western government interests which are feeding flames underneath themselves.

Unfortunately the next step almost certainly involves the West 'punishing' Africa for its 'disobedience' which will lead to a more violent anti West turn down the line.


More evidence Elizabeth Tzurkov was not kidnapped by radical Muslims?

Her kidnapping was first reported on June 19 by a person who may well be associated with the Western group of neo Zionists who would profit most from the kidnapping.


But neo Zionist news outlets are pointing to TheCradle as having broken the story.

"Tsurkov’s capture has been known by those close to her for months. Israel’s government went public after a publication called The Cradle broke the news of her kidnapping earlier on July 5"


TheCradle is a site that often slants news in a way that hides its origin. It appears to be used the same way certain government news outlets are used, to propagate narrative


Slowly becoming the new norm in the United States

Reuters, one of the biggest news agencies in the world, disables comments on its Youtube channel


Notice on that video Reuters is calling an organization that many Africans consider colonial, an "African bloc" group.

In 10 or 20 years public commenting on news will be a thing of the past, but the news will be entirely state managed from Europe west.


Why have there never been any FBI agents sacrificed the same way FBI agents have sacrificed so many people?



A person could potentially make a gun far more lethal than anything today


Bullets would be almost free and could hit targets 50 miles away with no worries about trajectory or wind.

But there would be no money to be made selling ammo, so probably not coming to gunshops nor armies anytime soon.


Labor unions in France get set for another rampage



Not going to study German just to watch foreign Youtube videos, but...


Either people need to stop smuggling dog treats, or cops need to stop training their dogs to like cocaine.


Very hard to figure out the nationalistic knot under the Ukraine war

But this character seems to be near the center though it would need to be researched, and for that, a person would need to be interested.


From Google Translate " In addition, such actions would be interpreted as acting for the UPA Nazis and other degenerates of this type"



So, it looks like, broadly, naziism is being equated with nationalism, from any side, but a person would have to figure out how Russians perceive it.

Very interesting the Soviet, or actually UK, use of psychiatry, as a political tool, and also interesting that the woman being victimized perceives Russia as defending against Zionism.

“President Putin stood at the head of all nations oppressed by Zionism, he stood at the head of all Slavs... I believe in the victory of Russia and (Russia’s) help for us Slavs — thank you in advance and pray for Russia,” she wrote on her social media.


Something not easily perceived from faraway.


Going to have to call that one suspicious

"while commanding his army against FACT rebels in the north of Chad during the Northern Chad offensive, at the age of 68"




Some sort of deviant globalist group imagines it is guiding their own civilization or others to harmony or prosperity when it is doing the opposite.


"The U.S. has a drone base in the country"


What could go wrong?


Another mystery solved? Unclear, but possible.

This speaker refers to "the nazis" as a certain concept in the mass psyche.


The Russians refer to 'eliminating nazis', but generally there is no obvious overlap between their use of that word and the common use, aside from, for example, the use in this video.

It is probably inaccurate as an archetypal concept, as used by the speaker in that video, but if it is commonly perceived that way then it would explain the Russian use of the word.

The archetype of 'messiah' or 'christ' is a paradox which is not obvious except when it is reduced to symbols, as Jung did. There is no such thing as an 'external messiah', except as projection. So a person can project that concept, but any attempt to go beyond that is the old archetype of 'creating a false god'.

So the archetypal 'anti christ' is not actually the opposite of the original archetype, it is the original misused. Sort of like if a moth learns that it can find open space by flying towards light it will save itself again and again. But if it starts using that salvation tool when it is too close then it gets roasted.

In this case the 'solution' being applied by the UK and Russia is actually the imposition of an archetypal antichrist i.e., a messianic authority, a movement which profits from abusing the messiah archetype.

So to combine the UK and Russia with the speaker in that video......what both sides are doing is using 'nazis' as an invalid weak symbol of an 'antichrist' in order to impose an actual antichrist symbol on a carefully prepared population. Sort of the sauce you add to a meat before you cook it.


Amish Lessons 

Although this website distinguishes between "real ai" which is seldom discussed, and "fake ai" which is sold to the public as being "ai", there is one aspect of fake ai that especially should not be ignored nor trivialized

A few mentions have been made about trivial aspects of the ai fraud which corporations and governments are cooperating in, but there is one aspect of the global scam that is not trivial. Here is a video that incorporates fake ai, but with a dangerous new twist.


Notice that the video portrays a narrative that is part way between objective truth and the common narrative portrayed by U.S. media. It actually contains facts which are passively suppressed in part of the mainstream, and incorporates them into a slightly new worldview.

The automation or "ai aspect" of news like this allows a government or global group to create patches, or bridges, between gaps in public narratives.

To put it another way, the entire global population which is connected to electronic real time media can be walked into the same kind of 'cognitive bubble' stupidity that Zionists have been walked into. Basically it makes the entire planet a factory farm raising 'humans as meat' to be harvested by a single dominant worldview, once that worldview has a sufficiently advanced "ai" media presence.

The net effect would be further imbalance in tribes. The group using that ai aspect will benefit greatly, but the endpoint is only brought closer. The endpoint means the time when there is a single dominant ethnic group and that group then becomes obliged to overtly consume the remaining groups in order to maintain itself.

These technologies always begin as "mafia storefront" operations.

A young person is told "You are elite and we need your skill to develop...etc". Eventually that person realizes they were never the sharpest pencil, but rather the cheapest prostitute, the most affordable tool for a gang they had not perceived.


There is a very deliberate effort to encourage stupidity with regard to economics among the general public


There is no obvious reason for it, maybe the purpose is to shift wealth from the public to the government.

Anybody can look at commodity prices and guess what short term inflation outside the service economy will be, so short term goods inflation lends itself to manipulating inflation explanations.


The money supply clearly need at least double digit inflation in the dollar economy, for decades, in order to maintain the dollar as viable, even without taking things like de dollarization into account.


One thing all governments agree on with regard to MH370 is that the truth would change a lot of things


If it became common knowledge that any electronics system could be 'canceled' with a small device, there would be a dramatic drop in international air travel. So that obvious aspect of the MH370 mass murder is not discussed publicly.


During Covid there was an unprecedented drop in greenhouse gas emissions when jet travel was slowed.

In fact there is probably no other single way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would come close to simply telling the truth about MH370.





British style governments allow corruption to be introduced by outside


China seems to be the only political entity profiting from that, at this point.


More layers of coverup in police corruption?


Incompetence and corruption are not the same, but corrupt cops, and their bosses, often use incompetence as cover for their corruption


Probably not the final push, but it could be


Tsurkov will probably appear in a generic video soon, if it is, then some sort of Nick Berg type video, followed by a token Israeli attack which the Israelis would expect to be followed by U.S. strikes on Iran.

Unlikely, since Egypt and Lebanon are calm and Ukraine still hasn't evicted Zelensky, but who knows.


If civilian populations are ever held accountable for their nations military attacks on foreign civilians, the U.S. would have cause for concern



A very clever ploy by the U.S.



The economic success of the United States is based entirely on carefully managed cross border economic issues, including preventing natural factors from compensating for that profiteering.

The United States uses its military superiority to coerce foreign powers to play along with its narrative that cross border economic issues are automatically balanced simply by virtue of having been imposed by the United States.

In this case the United States is using two of its aspects, the state and the 'federal', to give the appearance of having control over both sides of the issue.

The fact that the U.S. has put submerged barbed wire in a place where it reasonably knows migrants will cross, and the fact that this action has led to migrants drowning in that barbed wire, would be considered intentional murder in any context where coercive influence over the narrative was not involved.

Why there are no cross border lawyers squeezing money out of the U.S. on behalf of the victims is a mystery, but clearly the ploy of 'owning both sides of the issue' is meant to protect from that kind of liability.


MH370 solved

A recent documentary gives a clue that probably solves the MH370 disappearance mystery.


And a second documentary may give a clue about who was responsible.


The first video gives an important clue, that out of the hundreds of phones on board, only one pinged a tower when passing the island of Penang.

This points to the use of a modern weapon which is seldom discussed, and explains why governments do not want the crash publicly solved.

Electronic jamming devices have existed at least since the 1960s and today there are electronic missiles, and boxes, etc, that can be used to cancel all the electronics within a certain radius. Putting a device in the body of the plane could cancel all the electronics in the passenger section but not quite go through additional partitions and distance to the cockpit.

That seems like the only reasonable explanation for all of the passengers phones being jammed over Penang, while a phone in the cockpit was not, and any country that had that technology would also be able to arrange a 'remote hijacking' of the plane.

There are certainly less than ten countries that would have had the ability to pull off the disappearance, and psychological evidence in some of the material various governments were trying to promote may narrow it down to three governments.

Most of the material online is obviously inaccurate, and any high school student who has studied science can figure out some of the 'secret' details that Wikipedia will not mention, as well as why these weapons are seldom discussed.





The 'unspoken' or 'classified' aspects of electronic interference are reminiscent of the Pegasus spyware scandal. In both cases there are obvious facts which anybody can deduce, but due to the common tendency to limit speculation to the 'approved' realm most people do not deduce nor discuss the obvious. In the case of Pegasus, a big deal is made of its use in a lot of countries. Mexico is listed as the country with the most people surveilled through Pegasus, over 10,000 people, including journalists and others, a few of which appear to have been surveilled and then assassinated. But Pegasus is an Israeli company. Would the Israeli government really not make full use of it, including for assassinations? And what does the exposure of one Israeli company suggest about the dozens of companies in other countries which sell similar technologies, along with several governments which have even more resources than an Israeli company?


This is starting to become complicated



Even aside from ethical issues around the state, Israeli games are embarrassing


Many older people feel obligated to continue pretending there is something interesting or useful about the Mossad, but the silly frauds they perpetrate have only one goal, to make them appear competent.

If that 'heroic fiction' story wasn't bad enough, shortly after another even more ridiculous story came out of Azerbaijan.


In the United States there is a small part of mass media which tries to expose fake terror plots and similar abuses by bureaucrats.


But in Israel there does not appear to be any comparable effort.

Some of these antics could be seen as near harmless if not for the recent abduction.


An explanation for Israel's fake, managed, internal protests?


Israeli bureaucrats went to great lengths to create a fake drama which would lead to visible protests, but why?

The fact that an internal security chief uses the word 'coup' points to the motive being a strategic decision to try to create a certain psychological climate outside Israel i.e., the notion that Israel is having a revolution of sorts. One of the many, many, facts that those bureaucrats miss though is that the superpowers are no longer relaying their sentiments so the 'external psychological climate' Israelis perceive is 100% projection. Very similar to what was done to Germany between the wars.


Likely one 'Israeli' faction is burning another


It's likely, >70%, that Tsurkov's disappearance was arranged by Israelis associated with the UK/Russia aspect of 'Zionism', and part of their goal is to sabotage the more simple Zionists.

One interesting aspect of their effort is the fact that they are burning Israeli assets as part of their game, similar to what Cheney et al did with Niger yellowcake, and almost certainly involving some of the same people.

A big difference, this time, being that the neo Jews involved have full access to the resources of the UK and Russia, if needed.

Unfortunately, the most likely scenario is that she is dead, or will be killed, with the death being used to some political end among a domestic Israeli audience.

Maybe Israelis will be led to believe that her situation would lead to a final confrontation with Iran, and if publicity goes in that direction then it would probably indicate an escalation within days of that.


People should be very suspicious of the Israeli narrative surrounding Elizabeth Tsurkov


Obviously 'most' Israelis are not involved in the deception, but they unknowingly support it.


More evidence that a group of former police officers is connected to the Gilgo killings



Russia and the UK have cooperated in carving up weaker countries for generations


The deceptiveness towards their respective domestic populations should come with a price


Was the Gilgo beach killer expecting police to discreetly give him his freedom again in exchange for another payoff agreement?



There are, in fact, bureaucrats who make some tiny effort to avoid conventional retardation



One of the many motives Israelis may have for sabotaging Jewish interests may be simple doll housing


The doll house pattern was described on another page.


A lot of people with limited skills use any authority they can get within a bureaucracy to pretend they are deliverers of virtues.

In this case there are certainly some Israelis who believe that by feeding the problem they can 'create' Palestinian heroes, and the dimmer among those Israelis see it as a good deed.

This is not a new character defect, as a person can see by the Christian saying "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof".


A video which helps clarify why China supports the UK and Russia in eliminating the state of Israel as a strategic entity


If China can create a cold war between an ethnic group i.e., Han, and a religion i.e. Islam, they will be able to grow their ethnic group relative to all other ethnic groups. If they draw it out long enough they will then be able to profit from the dishonesty of a competition between incompatible realms. The vulnerability of their strategy is that people globally could eventually become adequately conscious of the difference between those two realms, but, bizarrely, it is the competitors of ethnic Han i.e., UK/Russia/etc and all other non Han groups which do not have hard local identities, which are preventing any efforts to solve the problem.

China will continue surging ahead relative to other superpowers, as long as those superpowers continue preventing a solution.


Thousands of years ago militaries were honest with their soldiers

They might say "We are going to rape and plunder, you will get whatever you can get away with".

Or they might say "We are entirely to defend our area, and not to plunder others".

Today, melting pot militaries are quite different from their tribal counterparts.


Today it is all about convincing people to do something that benefits those who control them, but without letting them understand what it is.


Safe bet that Ukraine elections are not as reliable as those in Byelorussia



At least several countries cooperated in this one.


A very dark trend becoming visible in so called "ai" propaganda


First a person notices that there is a glut of very low quality Chinese propaganda sites using automated deception, what some people call "ai".

Then a vague network of connected sites using a higher quality of somewhat more sophisticated 'automated deception', e.g. TVPworld etc.

Then the general themes behind these sites start to overlap.


It is virtually certain indigenous Australians will be exterminated if they do not get sovereign territory soon

All of the clever ruses by UK strategists to hypnotize indigenous away from awareness of what is pending are disgusting.




A possible explanation of why the Gilgo beach murders went unsolved so long?


A news report says he owed $400,000+ in county taxes despite having a well connected business. One possibility is that after he was identified he was shaken down instead of being arrested. Police would try to cover up this aspect if it was what happened, but media are likely to research this. In a case like this he could have been paying $100,000 a year or more, maybe much more, to whichever agency controlled the case.

It's also possible his business just wasn't as successful as his company website says.


Gilgo Beach killer arrested?


Some years ago police arrested a person named John BittrolfF using evidence* that featured a very loose bit of science regarding some residue on a body. The police then painted him as probably the Gilgo Beach killer, in order to point suspicion away from the police. There had been suspicion the killer was a police officer.

*Several years ago there was an interview with one of the detectives involved in the Bittrolff case, and he described evidence involving the tails of sperm found in the body. His account had features which indicated it was not truthful. That article is no longer available on Google. I'm sure I have a copy of the article somewhere and will add it if I find it.

Now they have another person. A litigious individual, googling his name produces at least three lawsuits he was involved in.

It looks like the bodies contained hairs that are consistent with both him and his wife, and which exclude 99.9% of other people, in addition to quite a bit of detail about 'burner' cellphones and other evidence.


Assuming the people around him are average size, he looks to be about 6 foot 5 or so and more than 250 pounds.



The Malware Deception


Since at least the 1970s flawed encryption has been used by governments to get strategic and financial advantages.

Recently the Pegasus scandal has given a window into how that works. Israel appears to have used a corporate front to administer policy in several other countries. For example in Mexico it helped administer control over drug networks which were cooperatively run with other countries, including Mexico.

A country like Israel, any country, would not provide access to vast intelligence resources to another country without exercising some control and influence over the specifics of those resources.

There is no doubt that the UK and its satellites, like the U.S., have used programs like Pegasus since at least the 1990s, and analogous 'spyware' on comparable communications systems before that.

There is no doubt that the UK and U.S. have access to malware even beyond Pegasus, through the U.S. governments complete control over Microsoft, and the ability to insert literally any kind of malware as a built in Microsoft feature.

So the question that arises is how, or why, Israel is being made the 'malware scapegoat', and more importantly, why there is no pushback.

The best guess is that the Pegasus scandal is simply one more aspect if the UK/Russia/etc Israel project, designed to create a global psychological climate that will support the coming elimination.

There has been virtually no detailed coverage of the darker aspects of misuse of surveillance technology by the UK etc, despite there being evidence of significant material available. Even Snowden's mild 'disclosures' were sanitized before release.


"Thanks for cluster munitions, but to really protect democracy we need more pallets of cash"



Overwhelmed Orcas leave 13 migrants



The issue of U.S. government agents creating and running drug cartels in Latin America is covered on another page

A lot of people from a lot of countries are involved in that mess, an effort to sabotage indigenous populations,...but...?


recorded on his cellphone just before he was killed


Israel was heavily involved in South Africa during the apartheid era, so it is possible that Israel is also connected to various of the UK's indigenous extermination campaigns including in Latin America. The UK priority right now is the Aboriginal Australian population but there is no sign of anything yet happening there. If NSO malware appears on the phones of indigenous Australians it would be interesting.


Physicists spend so many years in college


But they cannot seem to understand that their entire science is a trivial subset of worldview which can only be studied through psychology.


Does Biden know what is just around the corner for Zelensky?


Very hard to read because he is in such a fog.

Notice Zelensky is seated between an Indian representing the UK, and Turkey representing Russia. Erdogan is uncomfortable because he is not entirely sure when the bomb goes off.


"Just happened to be in the vicinity"

"Imagine my surprise"



Orange juice, lumber and coffee???




It's clear that commodities have been managed in recent months to create a 'disinflation' or 'low inflation' narrative, and there is a lag between the various parts of that manipulation.

The U.S. aspect of that manipulation is very out of sync with more important aspects of it.


Has the dollar decline started?



A pretty substantial jump in the value of the Japan Yen, or a drop in the dollar? Both currencies headed down but who knows which is ahead.


Now that prices were suppressed for a while and the 'deflation' fantasy was promoted, Asia and Eastern Europe will start their engines



Predictable that Zelensky will be removed soon



Highly suspicious 'kidnapping'


It is not at all clear what happened to this girl


but if the Israeli government does not provide proof that she was abducted in Iraq by an Iranian backed group then it is >60% likely that it was ultra conservative Israelis who disappeared her.


Everybody knows that eventually Japan and Korea will move back to Asia


What isn't known is how thoroughly the UK will try to cripple those countries as punishment for what they have not yet done.



Unlike a lot of prescription medications, opium is genuinely useful, safe and important as a medicine, even if it is addictive when abused



"The Russian George Soros", What is the truth about the Prigozhin drama?



It is the one thing the UK and Russia are cooperating on.


It's almost billionaire suspicious death season


The article from August 2022


At least in the U.S. these things are done discreetly.


Einstein may go down in history as a brilliant scammer, a notch above L Ron Hubbard

But the happy retards in this video won't even approach that


Until worldview is understood by a 'scientist', he or she should refrain from trying to create a new all encompassing worldview.

The European hyper rational shift of the middle ages will continue dragging down Europeans and their followers for centuries.



This statistic may or may not be accurate


But it is clear that some recent economic statistics are fabricated.


It's understandable that a small group is willing to sacrifice the zionoids for their personal gain


It is incomprehensible though how stupid and susceptible to manipulation Israelis are.


As the Israeli puppet state retreats it's saboteurs go on the attack


Coming soon, new revelations about some historical misconduct, probably involving surveillance


Alrighty then

Now we have low frequency gravitational waves


File them in the fictional physics section of the 'we don't understand worldview' category


In case there is any question about who the UK and Russia are using to eliminate the state of Israel


It isn't the first time that a small group of political Jews traded lots of dead Jews for a bit of political power.



U.S. media has covered Canadian smoke in the U.S. and Europe extensively


But so far no indication of smoky Canadian cities?


As the transnational consortium loses its centralized ability to hide massive oil fields, other issues will arise



The consortium has shifted 'usable' oil fields in a very specific direction i.e., away from certain blocs, and disentangling globalized economies will lead to some areas where hydrocarbons are almost free, and others where they are almost unavailable.


Obviously no country would drop chemical weapons without checking wind direction, which raises the question of who dropped these chemocals


Of course such an effective weapon will be used, but in this case the context appears to be the desire to provoke a nuclear response.


The deception continues


The economy is not at a critical juncture, the scam is. Most industrialized countries are preparing for an extended period of high inflation, and plan to try to ride it like a surfer. Big investors know they can bleed vast amounts of money from less savvy people by pretending that the Fed has some other plan, and the Fed plays along in their announcement because they know who they work for.

There may be one more brief period of low inflation, which the scammers will portray as 'deflation', but once the fire is lit the dollar and many other currencies will struggle to buy commodities.

The wild card is possible nuclear weapon use. Years ago when there was a little tension there would be endless articles about gold as a flight to safety.

Today, there is at least a 30% chance nukes will be used in the next few months, but no talk in media about gold.


Ukraine claims a Russian chemical attack, but western media ignores it


Pretty strong indication Ukraine is either planning or sounding out the use of chemicals.


Eventually all the hard sciences of the melting pot will crumble


The scientists who are considered most brilliant are actually only the scientists willing to create a construct in their field which is enforceable rather than true.

Since most peoples' perceptions are based almost entirely on the groups they belong to, rather than being objective, anything can be enforced as science as long as there is adequate control of individuals.

Until there is understanding of the concept of 'worldview' a normally educated person can be easily indoctrinated into any scientific belief system.


A compression proof chamber probably would have added only a few thousand pounds to the sub


And if the interior was not pressurized they could have ascended at the speed of a large air bubble in case of problems.


With all of the professional actors involved, Jews in Poland must be nervous


Progozhin is obviously engaged in a Kremlin ruse, but why?


India's Rupee is one of very few major currencies that never closed the 2017 bitcoin gap



And strangely the gap was closed with almost unbelievable precision in the Japan Yen



The implication being that Japanese investors will have 'evidence' pushing them to bitcoin while Indian investors might look elsewhere.

More possible indication of a careful long term trap designed to utterly wreck Japan at some point in the near future.


Submersible implosion vs migrant ship mishap


Submersible passengers all led ultra comfortable rides on a trip that was considered very safe. Their families are still very wealthy and will get more money from the accident. When they went missing several militaries made resources available, and the U.S. gave post accident information that gave unusual information about their abilities apparently just to make clear that the U.S. government was available to support those passengers.

Migrant ship passengers have often been abused before starting a trip they know will be extremely dangerous. When they intersect official navies at sea they are often treated poorly, and there are reports indicating some European navies may have deliberately sunk refugee boats. Before the voyage most passengers were in extreme poverty, and in many cases they will spend years in detention and/or poverty even if they are successful.


Ruh Roh



A very interesting scandal in Europe


Interesting because it is virtually uncovered by U.S. media.

For Qatar, the deal was no doubt too good to turn down. For a price amounting to about half an hour’s worth of natural gas revenue, representatives of a parliament that routinely pillories the human rights records of states like Haiti and Belarus anointed Qatar a humanitarian standout. For years now, the Gulf state has been expanding its influence, at much greater cost and out in the open. In Britain, it controls more London real estate than the Crown. In France, it has purchased the country’s most popular soccer team. And in the United States, it has spent hundreds of thousands on election campaigns, donated hundreds of millions to universities and pledged to inject billions into infrastructure.


On fact in the days after the following two European news items...



...there are virtually no new English language videos on the subject on Youtube, suggesting the media curtain originates within the U.S. government.

All of the evidence appears to point to this 'scandal' being one more piece of the UK attempt to shift its survivable core to Australia at the expense of Europe, Israel and other 'allies'.


One of Wikipedia pages which is likely to be discreetly removed soon.




There are few things as liberal as oxygen estimations underwater


"12 hours of air" could easily be a day or more.


Who was running South Africa and Iraq at that time anyway?




Macron makes an interesting stumble as it becomes clear why Russia is so slow to escalate



As China continues arresting corrupt officials...


The UK positions itself in anticipation of newspapers uncovering more corruption


A person has to wonder what effect the Chinese willingness to go after corruption will have in the view of future historians.


Another example of people who did everything by the book but forgot to get the proper licenses



China is developing a darkly fascinating propaganda style


It looks to be much more successful than even the most complicated Western propaganda efforts of the past.

Much worse is that Westerners will start supporting the silliest Chinese narratives soon.


It is possible most people do not know what olive oil really tastes like


Most people will not buy oil at full retail price because of the cost...

But most heavily discounted olive oil is rancid in varying degrees.

So it's likely that many or most people who decided to try olive oil when they saw it on sale tasted rancid oil and decided they 'didn't like olive oil'.

Selling rancid oil at a discount price is the norm at all retailers in the United States, but probably not in countries where it would be discussed in media.

Rancid oil can be used to pop corn or in foods that will cover the flavor, but it is tiring to constantly get rancid oil being sold as discounted fresh oil.


China's 'most nuclear' option


If China were to monetize silver and encourage its use in settling international trades, it would trigger a long series of catastrophes for the United States.

If such a change were times to coincide with other events the combination would have a synergy that would probably make the United States unviable.


In case there is any doubt about who the Fed serves


Here is one site that has covered the issue of where Fed 'liquidity' goes.


They don't have an article on this news item yet, but will have a more comprehensive coverage of it soon.


How many times has the FBI done this?




"The market is closed Monday, June 19 for Juneteenth National Independence Day"


Another example of bureaucrats using coercion to hide their crimes, and those of their partners


"Under the agreement, once his convictions and death sentence were thrown out, Jones pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder charge in connection with his failure to seek medical care for the girl. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison and will be given credit for time served.

“Mr. Jones spent nearly three decades on Arizona’s death row despite compelling evidence that he was innocent of charges that he had fatally assaulted" the girl, said Cary Sandman, Jones’s attorney, who said his client didn’t sexually assault the child."

Rather than admitting the evidence they use their local gang authority to create a false narrative that he was still guilty.

The U.S. is a 'coercive false democracy' which lends itself to gang power.

Democracy is defined as "a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials to do so", but there is a difference between having a free voice and having a voice that is controlled through coercion. All of the journalists, lawyers, etc involved in that article understand that the person did not commit that murder, but the bureaucrats understand that they have the power to coerce those journalists, lawyers etc to pretend otherwise.

The usual excuse for such misconduct is that they are teaching by negative example, but the truth is that they are simply acting without accountability. The only things they are teaching is that power excuses crime, and competence can be replaced by power.

The jury system is a big part of what perpetuates this. In the United States a juror is specifically a random member of the public coerced into pretending they have qualifications they do not have. Jurors do not have a democratic voice, rather they are coerced into pretending willing participation.

Imagine if you went to a car repair shop and they called random people from the public to work as mechanics, and the shop had the power to coerce those random people to participate.

Eventually the only people running those shops would be incompetent bureaucrats drunk on their powers of coercion.




One of the most secretive aspects of nuclear energy is the actual cost per unit of fuel

If you try to find that information on Google you run in circles, and there are others running in those circles, as is obvious by the weird variations people come up with to try to get that information indirectly i.e., what autocomplete suggestions show.


If you simply research the cost of nuclear energy, all of the results paint it as more expensive than other energy sources.


What is the truth?

The energy in 46 kilos of Uranium enriched to 3% = the energy in 3,900,000 kilos of gasoline.


 So one kg of Uranium 3% = 84,000 kgs of gasoline.

 Or 14,000 gallons of gas = 1 kg Uranium 3%.

Googling the cost of enriched Uranium is risky in the U.S. so anybody can do that research on their own, but it probably takes about 8 kgs of Uranium ore to make one kg of fuel.



The appearance being that any industrial country which presents Uranium as being anything other than virtually free, as an energy source, is not giving accurate information.

Another comparison/source

"One kilogram of uranium-235 can theoretically produce about 20 terajoules of energy (2×1013 joules), assuming complete fission; as much energy as 1.5 million kilograms (1,500 tonnes) of coal."




Being crammed onto a migrant boat from Libya to Europe costs more than a first class seat on a 747

"“The last time we spoke was eight days ago, and (my wife) told me that she was getting ready to get on the boat,” Abu Zeed told The Associated Press. “She had paid $5,000” to smugglers." 



Guatemala's president has a changing Wiki page

"He had several conflicts and accusations about the Pavorreal case, leading to his incarceration for a short time"


That quote links to a page that has no mention of the scandal.


And even Google seems to be hiding details.


Guatemala has been entirely controlled by the U.S. for a long time, along with El Salvador and Honduras, and the main use the U.S. makes of that control involves exterminating indigenous people who show any sign of rebellion.


Commodities have been slow to move, but so much is in Uranium's favor it still edges up



There's only one way to find out how 'quiet' people are treated



One of the cornerstones of UK/U.S. expansion has been preventing public discussion of 'compartmentalized' strategies


Just as wrongful convictions are perpetuated by encouraging people to not discuss them without first negotiating privately, military crimes are similarly strengthened.

In order for the U.S. to engage in military operations on a significant scale in Syria it must have control of the media 'supply chain' so it can mediate public discussion.

Not an issue much longer as the mantle shifts from UK/U.S. to China.


The hundred dollar bullet


A big part of modern war is subjugating common people by preventing popular awareness of defensive tools.

A smart typical college student could design a bullet using publicly available technology that lets a sniper target somebody reliably at more than ten miles.


Zionoids want to invest in their version of an imaginary Chinese strategy to divide and conquer Muslims


What they are missing is Russia's strategy to remove Jews through an elaborate decades long game.

Should anybody bet Russia would invest in Israel over China?


...Or India could send some of its citizens to college so they could learn how to build complicated gizmos



Body cams are silly if the police prevent them from being seen when it suits them

“The Sheriff’s department has refused to disclose, or even allow me to view, the dash-cam and body cam footage that depicts the young, unarmed Isaiah being shot 4 to 5 times without provocation,”


One more way for people with power to spin narratives that favor them.


If bureaucrats want bargains on their wrongful conviction misconduct they have to stop hiding their misconduct


This looks like a case of a factually innocent person. After a decade in jail the city wants to give him less than the one years salary of some of the people involved. That might be acceptable except that these same bureaucrats also want to pretend that their only mistake was a sloppy interrogation, and they are not saying whether he is actually guilty, which means he is not, almost certainly. If innocent people pay a high price for not having local power then powerful people must pay a higher price, or be sacrificed to some political deity.

But it gets worse.

The city was being sued for $12 million so they paid a fixer who worked with the lawyer of the person suing to give the appearance that he could be retried and found guilty. The evidence used? A fictional story about the possibility of incriminating statements they are pretending might have been made to mental health workers in the prison.

Williams credited the discovery plan of the city’s outside counsel, the Chicago-based firm Nathan & Kaminoski. She said the firm was in the process of obtaining mental health records from Marshall’s time at the Green Bay Correctional Institution. Williams said Marshall may have made “incriminating statements” during his time in custody.


A death penalty case if ever there was one.


There's a word for that



Drive a stake through his heart just to make sure



Most people have never heard of the Obesity Industrial Complex even though it hides in plain sight



Why are all sides slow to escalate, and why is the Ukraine war so choreographed?


All regular military equipment becomes available to civilians with money.

Once soldiers start seeing entire formations cremated instantly they will demand the same tactics from their side, and realize it is pointless to fight with rifles.

Once tactical nukes are distributed, and available to connected individuals with cash new controls will be necessary on melting pot populations, but these controls will become useless once small nukes are acceptable as local weapons and local 'scientists' start manufacturing simple bombs for cash.

At that point any person or group with political power can be controlled with three or more nukes.

1) Issue demands

2) Explode 'proof of firepower' nuke

3) Use remaining two nukes to 'lather rinse repeat'

Ultimately tribal borders are the only answer but if melting pot authorities want to make 'from here to there' expensive then it will be.

Melting potters like to pretend they are preserving some tradition from the past, by indoctrinating modern people into a pale imitation of real military, but they are doing much worse than the opposite.


So obvious nobody even noticed it


A choreographed war in Ukraine involving cooperative escalation among all sides would serve a lot of ends, and is consistent with other evidence.


"Namibia signaled it will push to nationalize its natural resources"


An obvious next step which will echo around the world.


Pretty substantial buying in encryption and quantum computing stocks this week


So either a hedge fund buying massive stakes or news pending which reflects flaws in encryption standards.


In 2017 a documentary tried to give credibility to a group of journalists for their pre Iraq skepticism



That news organization was forced out of business, and now one of its former star reporters has a 'scoop' that is so silly it could be easily discredited by anybody who simply reads news.


If China wanted to open an electronic eavesdropping facility to spy on the U.S. they could simply rent an apartment in the U.S.

The story itself is paywalled so the absurdity of its logic cannot be measured, but it does make a person wonder why some agency is feeding that particular fake story to a high visibility reporter just a day after a U.S. agency claimed that Ukraine blew up Nordstream.


NYTimes has indicated that gas or another escalation is imminent in their view



Once the dollar collapse begin there will be a waterfall effect of all sorts of secondary troubles


When people cannot buy foreign goods cheaply, and need more money to buy domestic goods, a fundamental inflation cycle resulting from the inability to hide newly minted money will lead to social unrest. After that a person has to wait for things like UBI to stabilize the society, but it will inevitable be done in a stupid way and authoritarianism is always the melting pot answer.

At least this time there will be crowds cheering even if they are overseas.


Stupidity often evolves in new ways


Melting pots necessarily train people to follow roles, something even Shakespeare pointed out, but new idiots will come up with ways to observe that fact in feebler ways so they can sell something.


A very strange mix of extremely low quality Chinese propaganda videos


That channel is barely 2 months old, and focuses on Africa but includes generic Chinese propaganda almost identical to quite a few other channels.

Youtube is very much a U.S. government project so it's possible these videos are an attempt to sabotage real Chinese propaganda such as



In many places, after a tribe is conquered they must hold parades for those who conquered them



Being perverted is not as simple as it used to be



The vulnerability of infrastructure in melting pot countries does not register with most people


Countries like the United States are much more open to attack than Ukraine, and can easily be reduced to stone age.


Without money in an industrialized are a person has no food, no indoor housing, etc, and is subject to arrest at any moment for any of dozens of 'poverty crimes'


The entire structure of corporate 'melting pot' existence is based on forcing people into dependence and subservience while trying to get them to 'join' the group that has power.


April 3 Saudi Arabia announces surprise oil cut


Market goes up slightly then drops.


June 4 same thing.


Wait and see if they have any takers this time.


Almost certainly the same schemers behind the Abraham Accords are behind this scam as well


Designed to encourage 'new tribal' 'Israelis' to extend themselves even further so more people will celebrate when their heads are cut off.

At least this time we cannot say there was no warning.


Still no positive indication of what happened at Bournemouth beach


It looks like the British have such tight control over the internet that they can literally prevent hundreds of people from giving their accounts.

Not a good sign.

Yahoo typically has thousands of comments on articles about things like this. Here is an article from three days ago with one comment.


Another one with one comment.


And one with zero comments.


Giving the impression that all major media are manipulating or preventing information about whatever happened.

Another article that says "commenting has ended" with zero comments, but adds the detail that screens were put up to prevent people from seeing the bodies, which suggests some injuries that police wanted to hide, rather than concern for the privacy of the dead which is silly in that circumstance.


The U.S. has such physical control over indigenous Americans that it easily converts their external parts into corporate structures


And in exchange it gives a few Natives some token political offices which take their surrender even further.



Another of those news articles that suddenly reappears every few years


At some point maybe the ship will disappear on its own?


Gangster culture within the U.S. legal system has begun feeding itself


Authorities within a melting pot create deceptions which legitimize their mistakes temporarily, just long enough for them to escape.

In this case one of the old deceptions has been that flaws within a justice system are a way to educate the public, but because of how profit was taken from this construct, these mistakes are now training the public to tolerate misconduct by authorities, the first step in integrating this kind of misbehavior into the normal routine.


More evidence that Europeans in Australia will be a catastrophe for the species


It isn't clear how solid some of the science in that video is, but it is more indication that European power in Australia must be broken


One of the most intriguing stories in a while


Melting potted places prepare elaborate defenses for their charades, and it will be interesting to see how both sides try to work criminality such as drug trafficking into this drama.

Israeli English language narratives are unraveling.



An interesting preview of how several governments will be managing news stories



Authorities are clearly trying to hide the nature of the mysterious 'incident', probably using tourism as the rationale..

Britain has fallen far behind China in managing its public, but in the very long view that is not a negative.

There was an unknown incident which led to two death which police refuse to discuss.


And the next day dozens of people who presumably knew details of the incident got into a brawl.


A 'brawl' means there were enough people on both sides of the issue to spark a conflict.

A possible clue, a video uploaded the same day.


The UK has its first West Asian prime minister, and is in an awkward position.

They pillaged poor populations around the world for centuries, and are cautious about ongoing historical secrets that threaten them as they try to shift the center of their legacy to Australia.

The U.S. had worries when Barack Obama was elected, and he was just as obedient to his masters as Sunak, but the UK is more 'crowded' psychologically and once deterioration starts it is likely to quickly spiral.

A Google search that Google says has only ten results.


Including "Nathalia Chubiin took to Twitter to express her disappointment at being labelled a 'wog' while travelling in Australia with husband Adam".

All but two of the results change "wog" to "wig".

"Wog" is a British word similar to "ni**er" in the U.S.


China's conquest propaganda will pick up where the U.S. left off


It's not clear that this pretty Chinese girl is directly employed by a Chinese government propaganda agency but her use of various techniques gives that impression.

As the U.S. decline picks up, China will continue benefitting from the unfortunate work the U.S. has done in legitimizing colonial conquest.

Australia still is probably on track to be the worst offender, but China is not far behind.


The deflation narrative is so absurd that few mainstream people are willing to push it


It is a useful fiction for some though, sort of like the Wagner chief going of the rails.


If the DJIA breaks below 30k solidly then the U.S. economy will probably be crashed by the end of the year


Otherwise it will be in 2024.

Either way authoritarian governments will be the norm soon everywhere.

The best a person can do at this point is proliferate weapons and decentralize weapon's supply chains around the world,


Burying unpreserved bodies is not the norm in the U.S.


And a person has to wonder what cosmetics the mortuary covered the body in.

If they want to make her a saint they should first leave the body outside for a few weeks and see if it still stays fresh.


An interesting video that contrasts one aspect of corporate or 'melting pot' beasts vs tribal beasts or 'constructs



One of the most lucrative scams


A properly done study would show that treatment centers have an effectiveness rate near 0%.

The trick is to find out who is about to quit then admit them to treatment.


Joseph Balderas is one of the most suspicious native deaths in Alaska


He was working in the court system and focused in areas where certain aspects of colonial history could be researched.

If he was murdered, and it's likely, the state has set things up perfectly to have his body i.e., evidence of remains, 'found' under the watch of a native trooper who is letting himself be used to further indigenous surrender.

The most likely scenario would be a state employee hunting several dozen miles from where he went missing who 'finds' artefacts associated with him, including bones, and the case is 'soled' very publicly by the native trooper.

An interesting aspect of Balderas is that his features are associated with south American Indians quite different than most north American Natives.

He distinctly resembles people from tribes that have outwitted European colonizers in several areas.

Balderas's roommate at that time was associated with the head of Search and Rescue who is strongly associated with colonial type corruption.



'Finding' the body would serve several things.


Orcas are capable social hunters, and they are capable of differentiating when to eat and when to wait



It seems likely that if they sink a boat loaded with migrants, and there are no other boats nearby, it's dinnertime.


It is very rare that a person with such extensive physiological damage from alcohol stays on top so long


In 2004 there were articles about his drinking but not much recently


A big part of China's future planning depends on a unified Muslim Middle East



"...while the Swedish and Dutch embassies, which were also holding passports, did not"



The quantity of strategic metals easily mined undersea will be staggering


And the mining will create more devastation than land mining.


Tough decisions


A person can make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling spyware to governments, or they can make tens of billions of dollars a year spying on governments and corporations.


Orcas are learning that as long as you are smarter than your food you won't go hungry




As usual in 'democracy', the constitution has become a blunt weapon clever people use to beat harmless people to death



Won't be long until the U.S. ambassador sends a not to the Russians saying "Sorry about those sanctions, don't know what my predecessor was thinking"



More evidence that bleeding the global economy was a British, and not U.S., strategy


There is a lag until most people realize that the debt of UK based societies will be paid off in worthless fiat, and until then economic strategists on the UK/U.S. side will be trying to convert their plundered loot to long term commodity positions via Australia.

Rotsa Ruck with that.


Quite a few problems with various news items recently


And authorities in the U.S., including mainstream media, have no interest in seeing their publics prepared or warned.


The main purpose of prison is to create a population that can be raped in one way or another


Making rape a crime for prison guards is like making left turns illegal for race car drivers


Everybody knows the 'recession' is going to be inflation, but the U.S. government pretends it has another plan


At this point the only people the U.S. bureaucrats are still trying to deceive are Americans.


All sides seem to be stretching the inflation rubber band as much as possible


The only option seems to be inflation and permanent 'quantitative easing' since that is the only way to avoid a fatal recession.


The ghetto lottery slowly evolves



Slowly people are being introduced to inflation


Probably a while of 'deflation' silliness then the industrialized world will get slammed with the reality that commodities are money.


Russia's weekly warning about escalation


Maybe the next world war will be a guerilla war between superpowers, sabotaging infrastructure.


Australian leaders are pleased to have white indigenous people who have no interest in sovereignty



There are probably dozens of full time bureaucrats trying to make sure indigenous sovereignty does not become a public topic, a small fraction of the investment the U.S. makes on the issue.


Waiting for WW1 to break out



Nobody is talking about using gas to clear trenches, but everybody is waiting for the idea to arise organically.

An expensive history lesson that somehow got missed in Syria.


Orcas are not known for eating people, according to Google


But their interest in small boats is generally in that direction rather than the theories mentioned in articles.


Texas Rangers are known, above all else, for false confessions





Now we're getting somewhere


Though there still has to be some pretext.

First there has to be some effort by younger progressives to create a psychological transition from nuclear weapons to nuclear energy, then an attack that justifies a nuclear response.

All of the frothiness under the dollar makes an appetizing meal for whoever triggers the attack.



One small detail missing


The large number of vaccine documents need to be printed, not written.


One possibility is that Russia will let China broker a peace


Then wait several months for commodities to move up again and move back in to finish Ukraine.

The fact that Russia has not escalated yet, and there has been no whisper about chemicals or nukes, is the biggest mystery.


"India has been pushing the bloc to include "English" as the official language of communication"


And to settle all accounts in dollars?


In a thousand years people may look back to the 21st century, and say that the biggest tragedy was that indigenous Australians did not form terrorist groups



In early 2007 the most basic commodities started spiraling up which forced the Fed to tighten money and trigger a recession




If the same thing happened today, obviously it would crash the U.S. economy so people in the U.S. are betting that the U.S. has some secret trick the Fed or policy makers have in reserve.

Even if that's the case the problem for the U.S. is that the economy is not its only wide open vulnerability.


The similarity between the "melting pot" archetype and the "prostitute" archetype become evident to more people as the shift accelerates


Once this reaches a 'tipping point, China will almost certainly have enough power that it will be able to buy enough time to use a unified Muslim bloc in other countries to buy time to 'win' in a more permanent way.



The broader problem, obviously, is that this will preclude successful human expansion to space and this create even more competition for resources on earth.

At this point, or before, the only wildcard will be whether new sciences will become visible to tribal groups fast enough.



Now the U.S. is seizing domains of political opponents?




Now, when the U.S. government wants to confiscate a domain, it can do it through its subsidiary, Google



Usually incidents like this are not reported in national media


Unless they are used to promote 'counter propaganda', in this case in the comments after the article.

Immediately after the article is published, five comments, all with only thumbs up

"Environmental terrorists destroy the environment they proclaim to try and save by blaming others for the destruction they do. Throw the book at him to send a message to other terrorists." 

"Eco-Terrorist trying to cause an oil spill to save the planet " 

"Tie him to the tracks." 

"Isn't tampering with RR equipment a major infraction? Hope so" 

"jail him till he dies -- domestic terrorist " 

 Propaganda from any side only works until it doesn't.


Pretty bizarre that no mainstream media is willing to do the basic math with regard to Russia




The latest 'leader' of Russia's mercenaries was not put in that position for his military background.


"unusually warm and dry weather" did not spark more than 100 wildfires in Alberta


Canada had a taste of arson last year and in the next few years will probably be getting a full meal.


It looks like some internet security news will be out soon

 Microsoft has been issuing new modules for Windows security every few hours today, at least 4 so far today, in addition to definition updates, and Apple started a new kind of security update 3 days ago.



The commodity consortium jumps in the deep end

Nuclear energy output is also expected to pick up elsewhere after the US, France, Japan, UK, and Canada, agreed to form an alliance and leverage resources to jointly shun Russian fuel producers from the global nuclear fuel market. Despite no formal restrictions against the trade of Russian nuclear fuel, utilities have opted for long-term contracts with Western miners, enrichers, and converters to hedge against the possibility of incoming sanctions 



Most important commodities have dropped substantially in the last year or so


Cheap commodities let governments survive contractions, and that is part of the calculus of people who arrange monetary policy.

But this time is different since the drop is not in the context of a visible recession, and it is based on manipulation not fundamentals.


Most people see the decline of Europe and the U.S. as a gradual process, but it's likely to not continue steadily that way


9/11 is usually perceived as a bump in American history, but it also provided a sort of template.

Authoritarianism is definitely in the short term outlook for the U.S./EU, as well as the long term, but there is likely to be a very specific catalyst soon.


Stagflation from the past is very different from anything a person could call stagflation in the future


In 1981 the money supply was around $1.6 trillion, today it is more than $20 trillion.

How much of a burden comes from things like debt is the big factor in whether or not inflation will allow growth.

In the 1970s the dollar economy was survivable, and debt was something that could lead to growth.

That is not the case any more.


The vast majority of people have no idea what transnational consortiums are, and aren't interested


As the world is slowly delivered to China, consortiums probably won't be in the public consciousness for 20 to 30 years, until Asia liberalizes and the U.S. and Europe gradually become authoritarian nightmare states, before breaking up into microstates.

The big consortium trade seems to be Chinese tolerance for a powerful European outpost in Australia, along with letting Europeans finish the elimination of Australia's indigenous population, in exchange for the consortium turning U.S./Europe into a vast human cattle market.


"In July 1995, the governor of North Carolina officially pardoned Cotton, making him eligible for $5,000 compensation from the state"

"Cotton had served 10 1/2 years of his sentence"



Proof that the U.S. and its Asian allies are at the beginning of a massive controlled demolition will be when the word 'deflation' starts appearing in mainstream news





A lot of commodity charts are being unnaturally manipulated by political interests preparing for something, but the Uranium chart stands out


Belarus + commodities + uranium chart = predictable news



There are a few things that nearly 100% of digital currencies have in common

At least one of those things is now illegal



One way to get a jump on a science is to be the first to study it within a particular worldview


In a melting pot, education is a factory process designed to cookie cut productive workers, but as the melting pot starts to diffuse there will be more and more brand new sciences which can be easily weaponized.

One of those researching Covid pointed out some unusual aspects of the virus or its response which was related to prion diseases.

Some time later a bunch of new research papers were published expanding on that subject.









Wonder how this ends?



A short seller or competitor only has to infiltrate one position in the supply chain


Humans won't be traveling far until tribal societies are survivable again.


There is an obvious disconnect in unemployment figures

For a while news reports have said that unemployment is extremely low, even as dozens of companies lay off long term employees


It's possible the issue has to do with cash reserves held by large companies, and if so the next 'quantitative easing' is likely to be a money shower.


There are some common themes in many mainstream articles about 'sovereign citizens'

Most of the articles reference a 2010 killing to 'prove' that sovereign citizens are dangerous.

Sometimes the battles get bloody long before they see a courtroom, too. In 2010, 16-year-old sovereign Joseph Kane gunned down two police officers in West Memphis, Ark., after a routine traffic stop. The boy killed the officers with an AK-47 after his dad, 45-year-old sovereign Jerry Kane, got into a scuffle with one of the cops attempting to frisk him. Both Kanes were killed later that day in a shootout with police. Since 2000, “lone-offender sovereign-citizen extremists have killed six law enforcement officers,” according to the FBI. 


That article says "'since 2000 sovereign citizen extremists have killed six law enforcement officers' according to the FBI".

But the FBI page is non existent "Page Not Found" 


and a cache of the page does not list the six, aside from the two used in most articles, and the FBI page was from 2011 so the person who wrote the article probably couldn't find any real fatalities either.


It looks like something bureaucrats are afraid of, so they do what bureaucrats often do, they make up fake stories.

Sovereign ideology is something anybody can claim, just as anybody can claim to be a wealthy king who will send you $20 million if you send them $100 first.

The vast majority of characters used as 'examples' of that ideology in mainstream articles are conmen conning others, they are not anybody who has a coherent philosophy.

What happens to those who are educated and capable of explaining their philosophy, like Chase Allen? The police shoot them and suggest it was necessary because 'they' are dangerous. Why are they dangerous? Because two of them shot two cops in 2010, and there were four other killings between 2000 and 2011, but nobody knows who the other four were.

Police kill over a thousand people a year, most of them unarmed or minimally armed with 'weapons' like small knives or canes. Then they usually lie about details of the killing. Not 'sometimes', but usually.

Two people who called themselves sovereign citizens but obviously were not hyper philosophical killed two people in 2010 and that makes anybody with that ideology a threat?

The article claims there are 300,000 people who call themselves 'sovereign citizens', and are violent extremists, but cannot name any of their victims aside from two people in 2010 who probably had no actual connection to the philosophy most of those 300,000 people have.

Bureaucrats, including law enforcers, are heavily vested in the status quo, and are the main force preventing the United States from becoming survivable.


Seems to be a pattern of people like Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni



The United States creates a group of special police, then creates a cartel or similar organization subordinate to them, then when things get hot the foreign government executives are removed.

Usually no publicity, but in the case of Mexico every now and then part of it will hit the news.

Seems logical that a lot of mid level killings are of people targeted from the United States bureaucrats managing that mess.



Quite significant drop in rare earths in recent weeks


Almost certainly related to commodity issues which are developing, but remains to be seen what is going on.


Is Afghanistan a tribal area?


Tribal areas are non hierarchical, aside from natural factors like age. Any area that has 'royalty' is, by definition, a non consolidated melting pot.

Why is this significant? Areas like Vietnam and Afghanistan were attacked by melting pot powers under a number of commercial pretexts, but the underlying motive was simply their societal deviance from the melting pot worldview.

A melting pot which attacks a tribal society might or might not succeed in overpowering it, and not much can be learned to accurately stage a melting pot by the simple fact of its having attacked a tribal society. That's been going on since the dawn of history.

But when melting pots attack less consolidated melting pots in a way that they would attack a tribal society then they are trying to force consolidation on their target. This lets an observer stage the attacking society.


Another way to ferret out corrupt oil executives and politicians?


Edward Teller explained the concept of 'the greenhouse effect' in the 1950s.

The major melting pots then spent decades consolidating control over oil markets to make sure profits flowed only into their countries. A big part of this involved elaborate deceptions which hid major oil fields until they could be controlled through corporate shenanigans.

Another aspect involved hiding the effects of those greenhouse gasses.

 It isn't clear if this data mistake was accidental or if it was one more piece of misconduct by the corporate leaders who feathered their nests at the expense of the species.


Very interesting ploy, China is looking to cash in big, but anything they did would be just as ridiculous as the Abraham Accord nonsense



Probably the big difference between the 1930s depression and what's approaching is that then there were plenty of commodities but little cash







Farmington has been the wrong place to be not guilty of anything, whether New Mexico or Utah




The word 'tribe' or 'tribal' does not appear once on this Wikipedia page





Sciences are the new military


The only people the U.S. is trying to hide information from are its own citizens


China begins to de industrialize as wealth flows East, and factories prepare to flow West



A gun with bullets that are almost free?



The vast majority of weapons are not used because they are not consciously perceived as weapons


The big difference between fake AI and real AI is that real AI does not create problems that did not exist.


The FBI looks more like a job creation agency than anything else


If North Korea or Iran or China ever spends as much on internal policing as the U.S. they will probably follow the U.S. down.


Most commodities are down dramatically year over year


Which means it is likely interest rates will be raised regardless any other factors.


Industrialized populations are slowly being walked into tolerating very high baseline inflation


Once a contraction or recession seems inevitable the economy will bounce back and forth between overt recession and inflation until most people support inflation i.e., the illusion of wealth over recession i.e., the illusion of poverty.


90% of wars in the last 50 years have been based on unnecessarily recreating past battles deliberately


The Russians know that a chlorine canister or similar will be dropped in the trenches


Chase Allen video slowed down shows what the police did not want people to know


His left hand is on his right hip, and the officer's hand is reaching in.

He would not draw a gun on his right hip with his left hand, but he would unbickle the seatbelt.

Combined with camera A which shows how far in that officer was, it shows the officer only retreated because another officer was yelling 'gun', and the officer inside the car knew the other officers were probably going to shoot.

If Chase Allen had drawn a gun with the intention to shoot, that officer in the car would have been shot.

Media in Salt Lake City will not show this image, because it shows there was no need for the exaggerated attack by police.


It turns out Utah police did, sort of, release body cam footage from the officer inside Chase Allen's car

I had searched "Chase Allen" on Youtube but this result had not appeared before.


A few things stand out. The officer giving the briefing comes across as prone to deceit. He was not given that job for his integrity. The important footage is not given a frame bt frame discussion, and I would bet very strongly that the file given to media is of too low quality to break down.

The underlying issue which police need to hide is the very simple issue that Chase Allen was never a threat, aside from what police opportunistically pretended. A second issue is the strange giddiness which the officers display like boys hunting a rabbit that they know is harmless.


People think the U.S. is avoiding an economic crash

But a super crash is probably the only way to purge a lot of dollars at once, and provide justification for domestic militarization.



Macron had no problem serving the U.S. when the U.S. was the most powerful

Now he jumps to the other side without hesitation as winds shift



The money pipeline is flowing not just to Ukraine, but to Pakistan as well?


The weapon may be money not bombs




Unfortunately the fact that both sides are being led by the same consortium is becoming obvious. The next step is Ukraine lobbing gas canisters so there can be a history refresher course for the masses.

Very few people under 50 have ever met anybody who fought in world war one, soon they will get a chance to hear the stories.


Unfortunately, one of the first things a person notices about most Asian public figures is their basic decency


And one of the first things people notice in Western authorities is their comfortable corruption.


That will do it

"Tupperware stock plunges after warning it could go out of business" 


But they have $1,353,300,000 in property plant and equipment if you ignore the accumulated depreciation of $1,117,700,000 so if they sold everything and paid off their debt they would probably be giving a lot of money to shareholders at current market cap of $54,000,000.

Probably surprises hidden in the mix but seems like a smart bet.


An unusual aspect of failed melting pot efforts vs successful tribal efforts involves what could be called 'homosexual influence' as a certain type of 'priest' transitions to 'soldier'



Certain types of undertakings, in certain types of areas, tend to appeal to individuals who are stuck at what could be called a 'group' or 'homosexual' developmental level and as these individuals gain influence in a melting pot it becomes a reliable indicator of pending rapid decline.


One of the most important facts ignored by zionists is the direct correlation between settler deaths and Israeli viability


If "settlers' in 'occupied' Palestinian areas were routinely killed defensively by Palestinians the zionist state would be viable.

But using the state to flip that calculus in reverse has the same effect on state survivability.

At this point the viability of the zionoid entity is approximately zero.

As the murders of Palestinians continue, and in defiance of standard math, that viability continues decreasing.

An elaborate proof i.e., of the kind used in logic, could be made using 'worldview sciences' if that were a popular science.


1) A 'Jewish' tribe forms and disperses with strong viability.

2) A European subset uses wealth to recolonize an original territory.

3) That subset then goes extinct because unlike its original founding population it ignores the most basic rules of conduct which even wild pigs follow.


An investigation was begun after somebody noticed a few officers which seemed to be getting all the good calls


"Code 17, car 51 go and deal with that"


In that region it is common to see two adult males or two adult females holding hands as they walk


Obvious death penalty material in countries far from there.

Worse are jokes made by 'authorities' like the dalai lama.


For many years Pakistan's military served as an informal mercenary outfit throughout the region

Recently there have been quite a lot of domestic attacks targeting police, in several different areas, by different groups, all of unclear origin.



Looking at a map, a person can guess at boundaries that would be enforceable using 'special interests'. 



A wide variety of philosophy is sold as libertarianism



Most people would agree that the people who founded the United States were generally libertarian.

But what passes for libertarian among a lot of people today is a very distorted colonial libertarianism, a philosophy that includes forcing oneself on others 'for their own benefit'. It's sort of a variation of the broader colonial notion that if you rape somebody long enough eventually they will be grateful.

The question is how does the original idea of libertarian get to where it seems to be now?

The missing piece seems to be the concept of worldview. Most people do not have any understanding of worldview and they believe by forcing themselves on others they are correcting some deficient part of another person's world.

Most government is based on this ignorance, and there is not much anybody can do about it, because once the melting pot shifts east that disease will only continue getting worse.

As has been in the West, once Asia has control the only cure will be money, Asians will learn just as Westerners have.


100 police officers in Pakistan killed in January, and very little coverage in Western media


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization focuses on nothing but Pakistan though.



"We do have some openings in the kitchen, Can you cook?

"The United States applied for observer status in the SCO, but was rejected in 2005"




Something does not compute




If Clarence Thomas keeps his job after accepting millions of dollars in freebies it will be funny


The U.S. is known mainly for the impunity surrounding corruption, but a supreme court justice owned by a billionaire?

That is funny.


Where does this 'deflation' silliness come from?


It would be interesting if an economist explained how that might happen, but so far none has. If the dollar economy got to the point where prices dropped for more than a few weeks it would be because everything else was about to collapse.

The Fed does not have the power to create 'deflation' at this point because there is a massive amount of inflation that still hasn't become visible. Smoke and mirrors could do it if other countries cooperated or were intimidated into cooperating as in the past. But other countries are not moving in that direction.


Australian media must walk a very fine line when discussing squatters


Land ownership rights are one of the main bases for colonial occupation, and in places where indigenous survivors remain, including Australia and the United States, the weak foundation of colonial laws is easy to undermine if things aren't framed a certain way.

In that video a 'respectable' corporate type is portrayed sympathetically vs an animalistic being who the corporate types pretend to get 'help' for.

Here is a more ambitious squatter, in the U.S.


The underlying premise of a colonizer is that the government will provide access to land in a fair way, or in a way that favors the colonizing ethnic group.

This went well throughout most of history, until various pressures prevented the elimination of the prior inhabitants i.e., the colonized.

At some point various trends shifted until smaller and smaller corporate type groups created systems that benefited their slice of the original colonizing population.

As things are today zoning laws restrict land ownership to those who have a fairly lot of money i.e., those willing to devote their life to serving the broader colonial/corporate entity.

An obvious solution would be wealthy people providing land ownership to less wealthy all the way down to those with no resources, but this style never developed, instead the wealthiest pass that responsibility to the government which serves them, and the government passes it to charities mainly.

There are more than 20 million millionaires in the U.S.

There are about 500,000 homeless.

If 2.5% of millionaires bought a cheap parcel of land and gave it to a homeless person, along with a cheap house, there would be no need for anybody to squat.

Of course that won't happen and the situation will almost certainly resolve in a completely different direction.



The Alex Saab saga may be much more complicated than it appears

There seems to be quite a different tone in English vs Spanish discussion of his case, and an educated guess might be that the underlying issue is being obscured by media on both sides.

There is no doubt that there are high level people on both sides trying to steer the narrative, but here are what look like basic facts.

1) Alex Saab appears to be loosely affiliated with what could be called the 'new' cartel, a direct competitor of the broad European political interests that steer the well known cartels.

2) He is very fond of material possessions, and although he does seem to take a stance ideologically, it's not clear if comfort or ideology prevails.

3) He is to some extent of Lebanese and Palestinian descent which may have something to do with his politics.

4) His main 'prosecutor' i.e., the root of his legal problems in the U.S., has more to do with secondary businesses like cocaine than with sanctions.

5) Like most 'challengers' to any existing cartel or consortium he is not actually bringing anything new to the table. He is as much a puppet as the puppets prosecuting him and was hired for similar reasons.





It sounds absurd that the Sinaloa cartel would be interfering in a U.S. election

Until you find out who the Sinaloa cartel works for.



As Macron's plane landed in China the Chinese president whispered to an aide "Who is this guy again?"


His aide said "Not sure."    


How the U.S. population learned to think in a toxic way

Ron Paul is an intelligent guy who has an accurate view of many things which most other public figures lack.

One of the pillars of the ideas he promotes is that a person should have their own beliefs and opinions apart from any gang, but that a person should also not try to control or influence others views. He is more a 'free speech absolutist', and his opponents are always people who believe it is important to form groups to prevent 'free speech' which they disagree with.

Here are two elaborately organized criticisms of him, based largely on the simple fact that he does not support controlling or coercing others.



There are people who don't like dogs, and there are people who don't like cats. Should a person from one of those groups silence those from the other? It leads to progressively stupider people.


The global iq test a lot of smart people are failing? 

There are certain kinds of scams that are very common, but people refuse to see them, so they keep getting scammed. The so called Abraham Accords are a classic example. The current Saudi regime i.e., 'royal family', the state of Israel, the current Egypt, Jordan etc regimes, none of those entities is of use to the next cycle of development in the region as things are now.




The timing defies belief




Again, People should be very careful with Sky News

A Chinese woman was detained in Bodh Gaya following an “extensive 24-hour manhunt” on suspicion of spying for China, say the Bihar police, who named her as Song Xiaolan and circulated a sketch of her. They had reported that she was “under custody and is being interrogated”. However Sky News has now reported that she is “a staunch follower” of HH the Dalai Lama who had overstayed her visa and will be extradited back to China 



Will a technique from the past evolve?     

And why has media coverage of Tibetan issues stopped?



At first glance it looks plausible that  was working for the CIA or other group

But a look at his past writing might point to something else.




One of the big shifts that is being largely ignored is the survivability of indigenous populations vs melting pots.

Up to several hundred years ago a melting pot consumed tribal societies with ease, at no cost.

The next step, or current step, is the exact opposite since there is literally no space for melting pots to consolidate, and the only option is for 'mixed blood' people to serve the 'diplomatic function' that is extensively described in European Renaissance history several hundred years ago.

Those individuals of mixed blood currently running governments act in their personal interests with neither awareness nor motives involving broader issues.

Gershkovich makes reference to subtleties that may be a sort of shark fun in the water with respect to certain aspects of tribal defenses.


A very confusing series of events around a Columbian diplomat extradited to the U.S.

A Wikipedia page full of errors.


Allegations he was working for the DEA.



It looks a lot like what the Soviet Union used to do, and what the U.S. did to Whitey Bulger. In fact the FBI was working for Bulger.


Venezuela is holding a U.S. lawyer, but that individual obviously was not working for the U.S., and it serves U.S. publicity aims to keep him in a Venezuelan jail.


All sides acting unethically but nothing is really clear in any of the cases.


Avalanche may be starting



Next obvious step is price tiers for allies vs foes



Excuse me, Dept of Justice

The Sinaloa cartel was taking orders from the DFS which was taking orders from the CIA.




Garcia Luna is in the same awkward position as Caro Quintera. He knows he will be killed if he talks about the CIA, and he knows he might be killed if he doesn't.

No media interviews for him in jail, right?


"Blinken Says ‘No Doubt’ Russia Has Wrongfully Detained WSJ’s Gershkovich"

"The State Department is working on an official “wrongful detention” designation, which would launch major government effort to win..."


In other words he works for the CIA.

And the U.S. journalists in Venezuela jails don't.


If a Universal Basic Income had begun several years ago coming protests would be mild


But there is no sign of that having happened in recent years.

Maybe the United States has two years left.

Maybe it doesn't.


Sorry to break the news, interest rates can't go higher, and they can't go lower



The real shock not discussed is the combination of a weakening dollar and systemic trade deficits



At some point the West will have to either export or import something which compensates.


An interesting psychological test of the Chinese approaches


The Chinese never had any need to force Western aircraft makers down, a person can guess that their overactivity was human nature.

But now, as their lead develops and grows there will be a tendency to either increase offensive acts, sort of jump on bandwagons, or relax and let things take their course without grandstanding.


"Further deepened their ties"???


Britain and Australia being called separate entities is inaccurate and silly. They have separate governments at a superficial level but it is the same population and interests.

If there is a difference it is only that the Australian part of that population is currently more directly involved in tribal exterminations intended to consolidate the group's gains in Asia.


The massive amount of money and ammunition flowing to Ukraine is getting suspicious to say the least


Obviously there is some intent by both sides to extend the war or use the material outside Ukraine


The technology exists today for colonized victims to lay claim to their colonizers' capitals

And to depopulate them if necessary.


At some point somewhere, a colonized victim society will lay down the law. Its colonizer will either retreat or not.

Easy access to weapons which take any advantage away from colonizers has existed for a long time.

Why should a large country 'own' the people of a smaller country, based on military calculations that are no longer accurate?     


Yahoo's main financial news page has only three articles that are less than 4 days old. How do they stay in business?



Inflation vs inflation?


One of the most interesting things about the current economy is the pending shift from "contraction fears" to "inflation profiting".

Since a few years ago many people have calculated based on the simple fact of a depreciating dollar, i.e., inflation as a domestic factor.

At some point those who still look at regular economic cycles without that reality will have to surrender to facts, but until then there is a tendency of smarter wealthier investors to pull more and more money from conventional types. Unfortunately only those with a lot of money can determine when the shift happens.


Does anybody really not know how this ends?


All sides in that region are going in the same direction.


Donald Trump has probably stolen more money than almost anybody in history

Should a person wonder why all of a sudden he is charged with something that is probably not a crime?


Did he force her to take money?

Is the purpose of charging him with a non crime to divert from other financial issues?


Google's main page has a link telling people how to fact check information


A quick test, and Google fails miserably at whether truth is part of its goal.


Nevertheless, a person should not underestimate propagandists. It would not be surprising if Seymour Hersch was deliberately fed one story by high level U.S. sources so that his story could be discredited. That would raise the question though of why U.S. military propagandists would feed him a false story.


Very funny dynamic developing in the Middle East

Each of the many banana republics believe they will be one of the few to survive, except maybe poor Sisi.

Saudi Arabia is sure that it has secured a place for its royal family in the new world order.


Egypt, Israel, Jordan all will probably fall before Saudi Arabia, but not before they have been milked dry.


Several countries, including the U.S. and UK are trying to absurdly claim they have not been privacy raping their citizens

The strategy so far involves shifting the public focus to private Israeli spyware firms.

Because the state of Israel has been written off.

Though it is still twitching.



Cover stories begin

Adding to political issues long simmering, the realization that major melting pots have hidden oil reserves in poor countries to keep them impoverished will be a big issue soon.

Articles trying to hide that strategy are starting to appear.


But as massive new fields are uncovered it will be harder to hide the truth.


China's fake islands, along with massive metal deposits also are intended to lock up massive oil reserves.

Australia is at the forefront of the next wave of consortium corruption and has invested significantly in Chinese corruption.


After all the freedom and liberty the U.S. brought Iraq they do this?


Oil exporters are running out of time before more hidden oil fields, which wealthy countries have been hiding for decades, open up. The U.S. did its part by draining the SPR, and either the upcoming winter or 2024/25 will be the final blowout.

This will probably be the last oil price rise this century, and it won't be long until conspiracy theories about who was involved in preventing lots of poor countries from finding oil fields in their own countries.

Before the dust settles from oil the mining consortium will seize control of most of Africa and lots of other areas, and in the process will make the mafia look like nuns.


There are many more levels to the corruption involving numerous murders by U.S. agents including the killing of Kiki Camarena



The first article above had never been archived at archive.org until it was done just a few minutes ago.

At the time of those articles, 1990, it was known to the prosecution that CIA agents had asked cartel leaders and the DFS to kidnap Camarena. Berellez has come clean, but all of the other U.S. government employees are still lying when they are interviewed for The Last Narco.

The implications of some of the things they did points to corruption within the various agencies, including the Justice Department, that is more extensive than anything ever discussed publicly anywhere.

The key appears to be the gradual realization by employees of various federal agencies that those who are in charge of pulling strings for the U.S. government are not fighting drugs or terror or crime, they are fighting indigenous tribes who want to survive. That was probably the intuitive realization that led Hector Berrellez to take a step back after noticing that all of the bodies he saw were indigenous.


In fact another DEA agent had come forward even before him, listing identities, passport numbers etc of mostly indigenous people abducted, murdered etc by U.S. agents.


MKUltra 2.0

"the notion that racial minorities were unanalyzable"


"The commission, along with work by the group Black Psychoanalysts Speak, and an influential 2016 documentary called Psychoanalysis in El Barrio, have argued that analysis is a powerful tool for addressing buried racial and class trauma"


Europe is trying to squeeze a last little bit of global supremacy out of broader 'colonial psychiatry' by pretending that Freud's work will evolve into some sort of 'inclusiveness' which will unite conquered groups and their melting pots.

No matter the reason a European analyst in the past might avoid pretending to have insight into a non European, the reason for going far in the other direction will be obvious.

Not a big deal until you realize that this 'inclusiveness' is only possible by eliminating the non European perspective.

Every group evolved its own psychological traditions, and exporting European worldviews to past and future conquerees is not psychology.

Jung advanced a lot of Freud's theories, but he also began the notion that psychology was not the business of understanding somebody else's mind i.e., he needed the money of his business but recognized that each person should chew their own food.


Meth has been the weight loss drug of choice for a generation of Americans. Is Elon Musk going to change that?






Easing the world into commodity consortiums



In the past most public talk has been about domestic price ceilings, but now the public has to be prepared for real inflation by first distracting their attention.





A case of blatant police corruption from 2019


And Google has already whittled it down to 24 results.


If they can erase it down to zero before anybody decides to investigate the cops in that town will be home free.

The police had issued a "Community Briefing Video" which inadvertently showed evidence of corruption by the cops present.



That video is still on Youtube.


Police tried to cover their mistake several ways.

Notice too the second suspect had different pants, shoes etc when he was taken into custody.




Sovereign what?

Some of the stories people tell about 'sovereign citizens' are ridiculous. It is a lot like fictions told by democrats vs republicans, or republicans vs democrats, the biggest difference being that if a real sovereign philosophy were promoted it would benefit people.

According to Fox News, “adherents of the movement believe the US government creates a secret identity for each citizen at birth that controls a clandestine US Treasury account totaling up to $20 million, which is used as collateral for foreign debt. And by filing enough bogus legal documents, including fake liens and false foreclosure notices, sovereign citizens believe they can game the system, ultimately eliminating personal debt or defrauding corporations.” 


There are probably a few dozen people who believe what Fox News and the NYPost are pretending is a common belief.

One irony is that if there is wide instability in the United States eventually, something that appears more and more likely, people with a grounding in 'sovereign' philosophy, i.e., libertarian beliefs, will do much better than most others.


Biometric hazards


One of the downsides of biometric security is that thieves need a body to break the encryption


As an authorized Vape Toxin Connoisseur


There are some vaping systems that are very clean, Boulder comes to mind, but there are also many which feed elaborate toxins into the gasses.

Sigelei vaping cartridges have a unique toxin which gives a special nausea reminiscent of what used to be sprayed on apples in the early 1970s.

Why would anybody deliberately use a vape cartridge that causes nausea which sucks the wind out of their body when cleaner cartridges and healthy tobacco are available? One of those mysteries that is unknown.


"The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet says its Emergency Response Team was dispatched to the incident"


They'll be in a convoy of 5 monster trucks covered in Budweiser decals so honk if they pass y'all.

If the methanol drains into the river there will probably be many thousands of tons of fish killed from Kentucky to the gulf.



Corporations, like governments, are an easy way for criminal gangs to act with impunity

Alphabet Inc's Google LLC intentionally destroyed employee "chat" evidence in antitrust litigation


Are there limits to the shield? Not if it's used properly.

Can Google or GM kill somebody? If they have enough money to spend on corporate lawyers.


After hundreds of mass shootings this may be the first time U.S. police did not hide and wait for the shooter to run out of bullets


It's possible they knew the shooter was a young lady.


China begins the process of reeling in Japan




"US media reported on Monday"


Uhm, no, Iran, sorry but the U.S. media does not report stories like that.

It was mentioned in the Iran version of The Daily Beast, but otherwise not in U.S. media at all.



"Page 8 of about 74 results (0.49 seconds)"




A place to live or a place to die?


Indigenous tribes in the United States are denied sovereignty, but each tribe is carefully led on a path that will lead to assimilation.

By the time the United States realizes that its survival depends on real sovereignty of indigenous tribes, the U.S. will be in full collapse.


A person has to wonder if China and Russia are waiting for the Bolshevik boomerang to hit Europe






One of the core stupidities in most people is the disconnect between economic slowdowns and what motivates central bankers to slow economies down

Food is obviously important in stability, if a country's people cannot afford food they will find a way eventually or die.


But another important thing is energy, which allows industrialization.


Uranium began taking off just before the 2008 recession, and economies were slowed to compensate.

Today uranium is on the brink of becoming a basic fuel which will have shortages, despite it being a common mineral in most countries, and easily mined.






The main discussion about cryptocurrency is how to make money investing in crypto which does nothing

Coins like bitcoin and dogecoin don't do anything useful, therefore they are going to appreciate in value?

Exchanges focus on coins with the least utility, so they have made useless coins the most valuable.



Online comments used to be 97% anti Israel

Now articles are 97% 'no comments section' and articles about Israel are not indexed by Google if the site has a comments section.


372 comments on that article, most by Israelis telling critics not to use any modern technology because they invented everything.

Israel being run by Europeans gives Europe a place to divert attention from upcoming colonial crimes, something they are used to.

The big difference this time is that Israel is no longer any use to them so the 'final bullet' will not be a blank.


Comments turned off & video unlisted, police are learning


Some more things for officers to remember.

1) Civilians are your enemy, always eliminate witnesses.

2) Always carry a dropgun to throw down near the suspect, after using it to eliminate witnesses.


Gold has formed such an interesting technical base that regardless whether it goes down or up, the chart will become unusual



The sabotaging of analytical psychology in favor of colonial 'dsm' psychiatry has allowed for the collapse of the orchestrator i.e., the UK

But corresponding distortions, such as that of behavioral psychology, have enabled the collapse of societies subordinate to them, such as the zionists.


Shockingly, there actually is such a thing as a Middle Eastern Jew, a non European, non melting potted, Jew.

And unsurprisingly those non European, non melting potted, Jews are virtually powerless for now, but their situation will get much worse as Jewish influence collapses with zionists.

With so many noisy philosophical schools it is baffling that nobody has deconstructed Netanyahu's globalist jingoism to the benefit of non globalist tribals.

Are globalists really in need of an army mr Netanyahu?


In Utah, as in most other places, when police say somebody posed an "immediate threat" it is a euphemism for "they were unarmed"



Something not quite right about Israeli 'protests'


Protests in Israel are far more managed and predictable than in most countries.

The appearance in this case is that the protests have been engineered to have a psychological effect on opponents of the state of Israel, in other words to portray the state as having 'good' zionists and 'bad' zionists.

The underlying premise is that the 'image' aspect can be used in a way similar to letting Arab armies get a slight advantage in 1973 so they might be more willing to peace.

That premise though relies on the continued usefulness of the state of Israel to the new international order that is developing, a usefulness that does not seem to exist.

Israeli leaders appear to be waiting for an outside power to arrange their survival, but they are probably in for a surprise.

Nobody with any sense imagines Israel's current borders to last much longer, and if any new superpower leaves any zionist presence in the area it will be a token group that is easily controlled from outside.

Unfortunately there is not even any neighboring country that would be capable of arranging a solution, as Egypt, Jordan etc are not credible governments...yet.


Maybe Israelis should start to wonder if the tactics they have taken pride in are being used against them


Israelis have long taken pride in using their 'diversity' to infiltrate their enemies.


does not compute



More than a year after Bonitas Research published a short seller report on MP Materials there has been no sign of a followup by anybody

The fact that the U.S. is not taking a side is more evidence that wider U.S. policy is controlled by a small group using its policy influence for China's benefit.


"Despite their name, many rare earths are in abundance and in oversupply. There is a lot of fluctuation - mostly speculative - but the long-term dynamics are clearly tilted in favor of a balance of power that favors demand over supply. Moreover, new deposits are constantly being discovered and large areas remain unexplored" 





Wait, what?

"Which is why many citizens are scoffing at junta newspapers’ boastful articles about the regime’s modular reactor project supposedly being implemented with technical assistance from Russia, as well as China-backed solar power and wind power projects" 



The first Chinese propaganda film was made by the global master of propaganda in 1944


Oh wait, Madame Chiang Kai Shek?


The vast majority of suspicious police shootings are never investigated at all

And part of that may be because major media help hide the stories.

Here are some articles and videos about a 2019 shooting.



Then police release what they claim is a still from the video, showing the person with a fairly long barreled gun just before he was shot.

A second before and a second after there is no sign of that gun barrel though.

This is the sort of problem that police need help solving, help from Google and Youtube.

Youtube has exactly four videos, as of March 2023. There were probably dozens at the time, but if you search the name and city there are only 4 now.


Google has 23 results total, including 5 video results and 5 news results.


Whether Google and Youtube hide news items like that on their own, or if there is some federal agency working to pressure them, is anybody's guess.


"evacuated to a coalition medical facility in Iraq, the Pentagon said"



One fatality, a contract employee of WagnerUS, and several uniformed troops injured.


Despite, or maybe because, there are hints of sabotage in recent derailments, Google has only 6 results in the last week for "rail sabotage"

And all of those results are discussing incidents outside the U.S.




The U.S. and China criticize each others' extermination's of indigenous groups mildly

But as the crimes become more visible there is less and less criticism amongst the two colleagues



Is there something worse than stagflation?

And does the possibility of that economic scenario explain why police departments need military gear?



The only way out will be some form of universal basic income, and that will force a new 'target inflation' rate of 'some pretty high number', which is the only path the U.S. has for short term stability as dollar dominance evaporates.


In 1989 the highest levels of the U.S. Justice Department learned that CIA agents had been involved in the torture/murder of a DEA agent

It would be more than 30 years before some of the details became public, but U.S. authorities continue hiding the truth.



The Last Narco tv series gives strong evidence that CIA agents were managing the cartel leaders who ordered the kidnapping, but there are some details in the series that point to something more important.

Going back to before WW2 it was common in the U.S. government to use a person's pedigree to determine what level of access they would have to the machinery of government.

A person who had, for example, a European background would have access greater than a person of Asian background.

The Last Narco does not touch directly on that issue with regard to threats perceived, by the European/U.S. power structure, from other groups, but it does give exquisite examples of the tactics used by people who appointed themselves as defenders of the European/U.S. hierarchy.

Another issue is the mind numbing stupidity which was fed to the public after The Last Narco tv episodes.

"Did the CIA Torture an Undercover DEA Agent for a Mexican Drug Cartel?"



"...and that it was people like him and his grandparents who were the "real Palestinians"..."

Smotrich looks suspiciously European, but if he says he's a Palestinian and he says it's his land, it's not for anybody without a gun to disagree.




March 21, 7am, Coinbase stock looks like it will triple, according to Barrons


March 21, 6pm, ARK dumps a lot of Coinbase stock


March 22, After market closing i.e., extended hours, SEC issues a venomous letter to Coinbase, crashing its stock


March 23, a major short seller issues a report on Block/Square which appears to make use of information from govt sources



TikTok CEO faces intense frilling from U.S. lawmakers

Says under oath "No speeky Engrish"



In the 1970s the U.S. Secret Service publicized photos of Gerald Ford's body double with a sub machine gun.


Today it is considered secret that high profile politicians use body doubles.


One seldom discussed issue around sovereign indigenous rights involves the usefulness of mixed blood people to a melting pot


If two sovereign groups, including a melting pot and an indigenous group, each have sovereign territory then each uses the genetic reservoir of mixed blood people to evolve and benefit.

But when one group, typically a melting pot, prevents sovereign indigenous territory, then as the indigenous population loses its ability to survive as a viable separate original population, the melting pot gets deficits, genetic frailties, which persist unless/until the original indigenous population is restored.

Nobody loses when indigenous people have sovereign territory on which to live apart.

And nobody wins when they don't, and the big loser is the species.

Worse, as an indigenous population slowly melts into its conqueror, mixed blood people, archetypal diplomats, are pawns the melting pot tricks into serving it's conquest. All sorts of social trickery is used by governments to create a hierarchy with indigenous at the bottom then mixed then 'pure' colonizers at the top. Alcohol is an easy tool to use, casinos, social benefits, all carefully arranged to create the illusion of a deficient indigenous people rescued through colonization.

Notice NITV and SBS are largely controlled by the Australian government, and subtly promote a viewpoint that subordinates indigenous sovereignty to the worldview of the European based or 'white' worldview.




Youtube seems to be hiding videos which discuss Indigenous sovereignty solutions involving the return of tribal lands to their original inhabitants

A common 'replacement theme' on Youtube is 'indigenous data sovereignty', which suggest preventing discussion of indigenous sovereignty may be connected to the European 'intellectual property' scam.







Shortcut to extinction


Australia will soon be the most lethal place to be an indigenous person.

In spite of widespread knowledge of colonial ploys there is virtually no public discussion of sovereign land rights or defense.