The Born Beast is one of the most important melting pot archetypes.

It is also one of the 'fatal diseases' of the melting pot, a cognitive puzzle that must be recognized by individuals who are to survive the melting pot.

To the extent a melting pot victim understands this archetype he or she is immune from many melting pot diseases, but another feature of melting potted people is a skill in pretending to understand this archetype without really understanding it.

Recognizing this archetype superficially, while at the same time completely ignoring it, has become the signature of the progressive melting pot. "We are the new melting potters, the good ones. We are not part of the beast."


People prefer monsters over diseases.

If you say to a melting pot person 'There is a brutal criminal who is committing such and such crime', the melting potter will think 'Oh, it is one of the bad people, one of the criminals, one of 'them', 'we', the good people, must protect ourselves.'

The next melting pot step is to create a flawed partial science i.e., a proof, that distinguishes 'them', from 'us'. The science must then meet melting pot standards, it must be verifiable by a group, but not by an individual.

Then, once 'they' have been abstractly identified, the virtuous melting potters can step in and demonstrate their superiority, their virtue.

Whether by religious means or melting pot scientific means, or through some other cleverness, the 'leaders' or 'teachers', the experts, supporters of the dominant culture, will guide the savages to harmony, health and interdependence.


Unfortunately it is a ‘human nature’ issue, so there isn't a permanent real solution.

A person cannot entirely 'solve' it, but they can treat it symptomatically and slowly recognize it, which allows a person to avoid being on the wrong side of nature i.e., joining a gang/group that is terminal.

Here is a story about a supposedly dangerous group of these 'monsters'.

They pose an obvious threat, and the threat must be contained.

The Germans of course, as a melting pot nation, have recent experience with this archetype.

They were led by a melting potter who was consumed with purifying 'his' indigenous group, which was actually a melting pot, from the pollution of criminals, outsiders.

Whatever it is they learned in the past is clearly evident from time to time in their current searches for solutions.


In early indigenous societies, thousands of years ago, the monsters were all real, and 'outside the species'.

In other words when a society was homogenous it looked for monsters rather than creating them. There wasn't any 'payoff' for fabricating an internal monster.

Looking at early legends, including religious, a person can extrapolate the development of the born, or human created, beast. There are many early legends, created in early melting pot societies, that use the logic of the day to describe this or that type of criminal person.

Many people, when they read these stories and legends, believe they refer to some past misconduct that 'today's society' is in the process of diminishing, rather than seeing the legends accurately as melting pot dilemmas that are growing.

Religious scriptures, in any melting pot religion, were created by smart people to warn stupid people. They were not created to share the secret good news about some available bounty or plunder.



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