A comparison of the Gilgo Beach murders and the Golden State killings. 

Two of the most famous strings of serial rapist/killers have a few things in common.

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In both cases the person who committed the crimes appears to be, or was, a police officer.

1) In both cases the killer left audio recordings of his voice and police declined to release, or did not release until years later, the audio.

2) In both cases other people were arrested and convicted for crimes that appear to have been committed by the rapist/killer, and police appear to have monkeyed with evidence to divert attention away from what looks like a police officer who committed the crimes. 



3) In both cases law enforcement downplayed or ignored evidence that the offender appears to be a police officer. 

There are quite a few similarities between the two crime sprees, and quite a few differences too, but the important point is that in both these two cases, and many others, the person is or was protected from capture by the fact that police are concerned about the effects of arresting a police officer. 

Worth noting that any time the subject of police officers committing violent crimes is raised, a flurry of comments and articles regarding 'police impersonators' will appear. In fact police impersonators commit only a tiny percentage of the violent crimes committed by real police officers. 

Should suspects be pursued without regard for whether or not they are police officers? Or should police officers who commit violent crimes be dealt with discreetly, so the public does not lose too much confidence in the police? 

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There have been a few articles on similar issues, but the subject is largely ignored by mainstream media. 









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