An interesting article in Japanese media shortly after the assassination of Shinzo Abe. 

At the bottom of the page a bio of the author mentions she is a type of psychoanalyst.

"Lacan has a devoted following throughout much of the non-English-speaking world (where he is the best-known psychoanalyst) but he is mostly unknown to the English-speaking psychiatric community (where he is the least-known psychoanalyst)." 

The article is unusual in that it is not really written from an analytical perspective. Anybody with a certain personal belief or discipline could have written it, and the fact that it is an English language 'explanation' claiming to use some analytical style, but ends up with nothing more profound than rhetoric seems to point to something not being translated.

Some more links on that tradition, the first link being the most important. 

Shinzo Abe was the descendant of a lineage that was reacting to being conquered by the British. His grandfather was a globalist, an opportunist, who worked within the Japanese imperial system until it lost militarily, then shifted sides to the British and served them.

A person could say that lineage created a buffer between traditional Japanese and the West, giving the population space to survive a little longer in the hopes their fortunes might change.

As it turns out their fortune has changed, and a massive shift in power from the Westernmost Europeans i.e. Australia and the new world, to Asia, has begun.

But going back to the 'new' analytical style of the article in Japanese media, obviously something is missing from that style as translated. As communicated in the article, that style has 'retreated to better leap forward', it has reverted to what would be 'pre analytical logic' in that author, in the hopes, by that author, to create a more solid foundation for the 'science' on which her credentials are based.

The 'long story short' is that the tradition being advertised by the author is one more in the long list of evidence that there is a 'missing science' whose absence prevents other sciences from doing anything beyond consolidation.

From looking at how that tradition developed and spread, it is clear that the 'missing science' involves the development of worldviews, and that the popular blindness with regard to that science is the result of 'globalist' pressure. In other words that science which is necessary to understand value in diverged tribal sciences and worldviews is sabotaged by 'the opposite science' which is something like 'globalization', which could also be called 'simple consolidation of previous sciences'.

Another way to look at it, is that traditions like 'Laconian analysis' are not actually sciences nor traditions, they are simply a cypher of sorts to translate one group's sciences to another. In that case Lacon's 'Western European information' was made available to other groups within the context of a pseudoscience which was 'exposed' or whose fraud was made visible in the necessity of the author of the above article to retreat when using that system to explain anything.

 Here is another character in the same news on the same day. 

From a long term historical perspective, a conquered group can either be

  • exterminated thoroughly, or
  • assimilated, 
  • or they can recover from their having been conquered, and rebuild with the spoils of whatever the conqueror invested in their assimilation

In this case it looks to be the last one, non English speaking societies which have not been exterminated will have a lot of the 'proprietary data' of Western Europe without having surrendered anything comparable.

In archetypal terms it is the English speaking West playing out a sort of 'prostitute archetype' as slowly the archetype shifts to other faces of the melting pot and the remaining indigenous societies on the planet either consolidate the 'data' they got and strengthen, in other words retreat and isolate, or globalize and weaken to gradually evolve into 'future prostitute archetypes'.

Because of how things are, all national groups and tribes will probably follow the same path, in other words either a continued spiral towards globalization and death, or a new system in which tribal survival is possible.

Both paths are rocky for the world.

Below will be some elements and features of a worldview science

1) The single most important factor in worldviews is their equivalence. Two worldviews are utterly different, they present two different worlds, but they are exactly equivalent and the degree to which that equivalence is perceived reflects certain things. For example if you go into a store with a dollar, an apple and an orange are completely different products but a dollar of one is equivalent, not equal, to a dollar of the other.

2) One phenomenon associated with a collapsing worldview i.e., a group worldview which is no longer sustainable, involves a confusion regarding synchronistic events. Because of the generally weak development of legitimate psychology, certain areas in that field have glaring flaws whose effects echo into other areas. 

Another example is 'gravity waves', a silly construct which becomes more and more extended away from reality as it draws in new people trying to verify it.

Each of these things can be 'legitimized' at great expense until other parts of the worldview eventually collapse it.

Unless these new ideas are subordinated to a different worldview e.g. an indigenous sovereign worldview that has equivalent 'academic' or 'political' power then the original worldview i.e., the 'global melting pot' worldview, will suffer some unknown correction which will have the quality of a synchronistic event.

3) In the current popular global worldview, which is an overlap of incompatible worldviews, an example of how natural realities steamroll misconceptions can be found in Alzheimer's research. 

Alzheimer's deals very specifically with awareness. In other words it is not actually a disease unless you consider the awareness of an Alzheimer's patient to be misdirected, and it's 'misdirection' is entirely subjective.

Because the 'substance' which is misdirected, i.e., awareness, is much more studied as parts of various sciences among the Eastern civilizations it is more likely any 'cure' would come from there.

As with many other things, the underlying threat to finding a useful cure is from the artificial division of societies into melting pot political entities.








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