This is an updated version of the Big Trap which could be put in the Weltanschauung section, but will stay where the original is, in the psychology section.

The core of the 'big trap' is the illusion that Jews are a homogenous group.

Every group has a mix of melting pot and indigenous, and in Western Europe Jews, broadly, were one of several dozen visible groups which interacted with more recent stable populations.

Fast forwarding to today, several consolidated, recently stable, groups are trying to make use of what is commonly perceived as 'the Jewish population' to further their own short term interests.

In order to perceive the big trap, a person has to acknowledge several things.

1) 'Jews' today, broadly speaking, in the popular culture, are neither a tribal nor a religious group. They are a construct which has political uses to other groups, positive and negative.

2) There are several tribal entities from the past which are most visible as subsets of 'the Jewish population', but which are in fact more closely allied to other current groups perceived as 'tribal'.

3) Jews have been heavily involved in globalization, as a self serving tool but also in many cases as a legitimate progressive policy, in the past.

4) Globalization has, and does, directly contradict the survival of tribes distinct from the mass, and globalization at this point today will lead to the end of the human species on its current track unless there is a hard turn towards facilitating survival of tribes. In other words once there are two identifiable tribes the next step is not one, but zero, due to advances in weapons technology.

5) The popular perception of 'Jews' as homogenous is being used by one of the 'hard to differentiate' tribal groups, as a way to project some price of some sort away from that group and its allies onto the 'Jewish mass'.

6) The recent 'Abraham Accords' are one of the rare public steps this indistinct tribal group has taken, and their aggressive use of Chabadniks in their scheme shows that there is an urgency to what they are doing i.e., their willingness to use a hidden asset, the Chabad political infrastructure, so overtly, indicates their project is nearing a big step.

7) There is no direct evidence that the recent Trump drama is directly related to the plot, but most likely Trump was recruited by some consortium decades ago, paid through discreet channels that would try to ensure his obedience, then thoroughly milked once he was in a position to further the interests of allies of that consortium.

8) An important part of the 'big trap' involves the fact that certain things are visible to some groups or individuals and not others. The irony in this is that while the conspirers take advantage of the blindness of others they ignore their own.

9) One of the interesting 'tribal blindnesses' in the 'big trap' involves the use of false leaders, externally installed or maintained leadership. Many former colonial territories were left, by colonizers, with a superficial tribal facade for future use. In this case it causes some Jews to perceive the Arab leadership very inaccurately. In practical terms it means this facade can be removed almost instantly at the right moment to profit. Any person can look at the following examples of clown antics in Jordan, and see that the 'king' is thoroughly owned by a British worldview, even as far as using psychiatry as a political tool. He wields it clumsily though, similar to what the Soviets did, as described on the Nouveau World page. 

10) Zionists have clearly been carefully walked into a colossal delusion which will be expensive.

"About three-quarters or more of UAE (88%), Qatar (75%) and Kuwait (74%) populations in 2015 are non-displaced, international migrants" 

And this set up is only made possible by an astonishingly low quality of leadership e.g. Bennett and an entire civil service infrastructure filled with incompetents who are useful to the 'other side'. 


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