One fact that more and more people are becoming aware of is that the 'leaders' of many countries act in the interests of other countries.

Anybody looking at United States strategic actions in the last 50 years would speculate that the United States appears to have been deliberately sabotaging its own long term interests. The recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost, by some estimates, up to $4 trillion and did not serve U.S. interests.

A person looks further at corporate influence, and the only conclusion a person could draw is that the United States is a sort of zombie country being puppet mastered by unknown foreign interests.

As those foreign interests become more and more obvious, a person should look at Europe.

There are lots of books written about how to create a successful federation, lots of scientists who have expertise.

And yet the European Union was carefully designed in such a way that it would become less and less viable as time passed.


One of the most important, but least discussed, aspects of the current global situation is the shift that occurred in science hundreds of years ago in Europe when science was essentially redefined as 'a reproducible group conclusion'.

The net effect of this shift is that some very basic things are invisible to most people with a European worldview. A person interested should look at Jung's four function. 


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