This refers to an archetypal progression, but is put in the 'Melting Pot' section because of its timeliness. 

The archetype does not specifically involve necessarily nuclear weapons, but that is used here since it is the specific content this go round.

All sides have 'roles' they play, often without awareness, and those who see the game generally win.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this role involves 'playing by old rules'. 

This unusual aspect is obvious today, in this example.

Two hundred years ago the most dangerous "mass weapons" would have been pathogens. You could not sneak up on a group and shoot dozens but you could infect them with small pox or another pathogen.

A hundred years ago dangerous chemicals like chlorine were the most feared 'mass weapons', and there was a distinct series of steps necessary to use that weapon. For example an attacker would first have to position a lot of chlorine gas within several hundred meters of its target. Not a small challenge since a foreigner with an obvious payload of dangerous chemicals in the tons could be found easily if the threat were perceived.

Today any multi ton payload can be stored in any country by any enemy of that country, with virtually no chance of discovery, being only a few exceptions on the planet, like Bhutan.

What is less obvious is the targeting of this deception.

A person in 'country a' would see the development of the ability to position weapons quickly, but a person in 'country b' would not.

In a country like the United States the first target for government deception are the domestic population. The United States 'strategy' begins with keeping its domestic population slow so that certain strategies do not have interference.

This strategy works on local issues that can be kept isolated but eventually is the downfall of a mixed or heterogenous society.

The United States now requires more and more domestic control of its own population in order to defend itself from 'outsiders'.