A list of potential conspiracy theories.


If history is a guide some of them will turn out true.

How should a person deal with people who are brainwashed by 'official versions' and refuse to consider alternate possibilities? https://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/wireStory/talk-believers-covid-19-conspiracy-theories-76900765 Wrong link.


1) Nationalist interests within the U.S. federal government had a strong interest in encouraging, and then exaggerating, the so called ‘Capitol Riot’. Brian Sicknick was a Capitol cop killed that day, but who really killed him? The police lied about several things involved in his death, and he was cremated quickly, preventing certain types of toxicology tests that might now be interesting https://nypost.com/2021/03/02/fbi-director-wray-mum-on-officer-brian-sicknicks-cause-of-death/ 

Note that there are daily articles in the mainstream U.S. press which show the U.S. deteriorating in much the same way as the Soviet Union did, though the timeframe is a little different. https://news.yahoo.com/nc-man-posed-ike-inside-222502944.html 

The ‘Capitol Riot’ is an excellent example of how people can be manipulated into believing nonsense. Any rational person can look at the details and see the 'riot' was a trivial protest, but a clever publicity campaign has led to ‘easily swayable’ people becoming convinced that a sinister group is out to destroy 'their' country. It’s exactly how the United States caused the decay spiral in the U.S.S.R., but now that it is happening in the U.S. it has suddenly become a mysterious process people cannot see.

Are you thinking about helping the United States avoid this? Be very careful.

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2) So called ‘transexual acceptance’, the idea that gender confusion is a part of healthy society that should be encouraged, serves a necessary function in melting pots. As melting pots start to destabilize, a longterm ongoing cyclical event, more and more pressure will be put on society to ‘create’ transsexuals via social pressure. Is there a deliberate organized effort within some U.S. government agency to further this function within society? https://nypost.com/2021/03/01/a-society-that-cant-debate-trans-ideologys-effects-on-kids-isnt-a-democracy/ 



3) Is the grounding of the Ever Given part of the progression towards a global lockdown?

If a global lockdown is being arranged there are certain things that would precede it. The silly Trump / China negotiations are an example discussed elsewhere.

People involved in such a project would have a mix of backgrounds, though generally would be united by a skewed nationalist mentality. One part of the group's motives would be to minimize harm to local populations, and a part of that would be to prepare various populations, i.e., individuals across various countries, for the bottlenecks, disruptions and halting of a lot of global trade. The grounded ship is likely to cause numerous disruptions that will be publicized in locations around the world as 'a problem caused by relying on foreign suppliers'. The bottleneck also raises the issue of a security vulnerability in bottlenecks like the Suez canal. The same parties behind, for example, the drone strikes on various oilfields, could spend a few thousand dollars to create massive global headlines involving supply chains under cover of some regional motive.

The ship was traveling from China to the Netherlands, and 'high winds' are not a credible explanation for its grounding.



4) One of the most blatant conspiracies, already widely discussed online, involves Coronavirus.


In Singapore less than 0.05% of people who get Covid die.

In Qatar it's 0.2%. Al Jazeera is based in Qatar and they are famous for muckraking.

In Iceland it's 0.5%

In Norway 0.7%

In Taiwan 1%

Denmark 1.1%

Finland 1.1%

Sweden 1.7%

United States 1.8%

Japan 1.9%

Russia 2.1%

Brazil 2.5%

Several European countries >3%

China 4.8%

Some outliers can be explained by the local health infrastructure or quality, but overall the correlation between 'ease of foreign manipulation' and high mortality makes a conspiracy very likely, and the high numbers in those countries which have a strategic interest in the virus makes it more likely yet.

Is manipulation of the public 'for the greater good' justified?

People like power and control. Most people, if given the choice between doing a job 100% well or doing it 90% but getting a boost in personal power, money etc, would choose the latter.

Covid has, and does, reduce greenhouse emissions dramatically. But there are far better ways to reduce greenhouse gasses much more dramatically. The best example is a simple 'extreme tax' on carbon fuels. This kind of solution would shift profitability in those markets from corporations to governments though, and powerful individuals in corporations would lose the discreet credibility they get from fake wars and other ruses which they try to pass off as their contributions to the environment.

Italy, as of early April, has had 1,827/million people die and 60,088/million infected. several other countries leading the 'third wave' have similar numbers.


Johns Hopkins says Italy has a 3% mortality rate https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality which is close to the worldometers number, and makes no sense.

If mortality were really that high there are places it would have shown. So far such high mortality is only visible in places where either a) cases are grossly undercounted for economic or political reasons, or b) countries whose public health infrastructure is vulnerable to political influence, and whose 'national strategic' goals are aligned with an expanding epidemic.

Also interesting that the JHU page linked above is probably one of the most important Covid pages on the internet. It was prominent on the main JHU page as recently as several weeks ago, but is now almost impossible to stumble upon unless you know to look for it.


5) A blatant example of the Coronavirus 'conspiracy' is in Brazil.


Brazilian leadership is clearly trying to act in discreet concert with what it believes is a transnational agenda.

Bolsonaro believes a Western European plan to preserve European influence in the Americas is underway, and he is acting in such a way as to telegraph his willingness to go to the end with that project.

There has always been a hesitancy among Covid academics to describe the disease via its statistical aspects in ethnic terms. It is extremely unlikely that an accurate breakdown of deaths by ethnic group in Brazil will appear while Bolsonaro is in power, and it is virtually certain he will aggressively take every chance he can to skew statistics without overtelegraphing his motive.

There is no doubt that a lot of European nationalists in the new world believe the Coronavirus was a gift, and like many others they expect it will be followed by more viruses which are more precisely targeted, and they are probably right.


6) The Hitler Conspiracy.

Most people believe they know how and where Hitler died.

The common story is that Hitler committed suicide as the Allies were closing in, and his body was burned. Is it the truth?

If that were the truth then the Allies would have been the first to announce Hitler's death. In fact though it was the Germans who announced Hitler's death. Then, shortly after, the Allies arrived at his bunker and found a body that looked like Hitler, sort of, with a bullet hole in the front of the forehead. It was later determined to be one of his body doubles.

Would he have used a body double as a matter of pride before a real suicide, e.g. to prevent desecration? It's very unlikely psychologically.

Would he have used a body double after a real suicide to maintain morale among a tiny few of his followers. i.e., to promote the view that he might still be alive? Again unlikely on psychological grounds.

After the war ended, major political leaders on both sides, including Stalin, Eisenhower, even J Edgar Hoover, believed he was still alive.

Amazingly, in 1968, as the Soviet Union was facing some of its most serious 'internal' threats, like Prague Spring, they suddenly announced that they had found Hitler's body in 1945 after all.

In 2009 skull fragments from Hitler's body which the Soviets had kept were tested and determined to have come from a woman in her 40s.

In 2018, as nationalism increased in Europe, a strange old memoir coincidentally seemed to point to a way to verify his death https://www.history.com/news/hitler-death-cause-teeth-analysis 



7) Here is a story full of rich material for conspiracies that are probably true.

"The elder Gaetz is a former Florida politician who became rich after selling a hospice company he’d co-founded"

"And she was actually threatened by the FBI, told that if she wouldn't cop to the fact that somehow I was involved in some pay for play scheme, that she could face trouble"


So there does seem to have been an ill timed FBI investigation which preceded the March 2021 publicity.



Political/Corporate money laundering https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VITAS_Healthcare 

Indications Gaetz has some sort of corporate team covering him behind the scenes https://www.vox.com/2021/3/31/22359953/matt-gaetz-tucker-carlson-interview-sex-trafficking-allegations 

Although Tucker Carlson and Matt Gaetz have incredibly practiced and brilliant 'poker faces' https://nypost.com/2021/03/30/matt-gaetz-claims-former-doj-official-trying-to-extort-his-family/, the evidence seems to point to the following

a) Matt Gaetz's father Don was purchased/controlled by some corporate interest, a common thing. Part of the bargain in that kind of arrangement usually involves family. The son, Matt, would be much more reliable to that interest than a random stranger, since he could be trusted to further his dad's work and would also be vulnerable because of it. But he clearly does not know what his father knows with regard to politics.

b) A group of people, members of the controlling group, or semi outsiders who knew the details, including various people employed by 'law enforcement' agencies in Florida and federally, decided to cash in a bit under guise of helping a kidnapped American.

c) The elder Gaetz was contacted and asked for a $25 million contribution. He knew that he had no option other than to pay, but for whatever reason decided to push back mildly. He contacted some aspect of the initial controlling corporate sponsor i.e., his former patron, and tried to negotiate.

"McGee added, “I have no connection with that case at all, other than, one of a thousand people who have heard the rumors.”"

"“If there is a tape, play the tape,” McGee said. “There is nothing on that tape that is untoward. It is a pleasant conversation of a dad concerned about his son and the trouble his son was in.”"

"McGee told the Washington Post that Gaetz’s father had “called me and asked to talk to me” but did not elaborate on the conversation."

d) At this point there is a schism between 'old guard' Justice Department people and some younger employees in the Justice Department who do not know how things go. One or more of the younger new people was clever and arranged a scenario that would blow up. His or her mistake was imagining that media will follow each trail through the Justice Department, which it will not.

"“The investigation was opened in the final months of the Trump administration under Attorney General William P. Barr, the two people said. Given Mr. Gaetz’s national profile, senior Justice Department officials in Washington — including some appointed by Mr. Trump — were notified of the investigation, the people said.”" https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/30/us/politics/matt-gaetz-sex-trafficking-investigation.html Notice that some sites omit the second sentence, implying that the investigation was not about, or concerned with, political interference i.e., suggesting it was initiated by Trump political appointees, when the opposite is true.

e) The most likely scenario from here on is that the younger Gaetz gets new criminal charges brought, real crimes that had been used to control him but will now come out. Smart media interviews would be with the elder Gaetz, which won't occur of course, except as controlled and allowed by the 'Justice Department'.

f) The tidying up of this mess, the cover for the crooked people in the Justice Department, will probably involve the 'pay for play' scheme Gaetz alluded to. They will portray that as the basis for the whole story, and portray its resolution as the end.

It is close to 100% certain that Gaetz slept with the '17 year old', or more than one, that the Justice Department is using. Bizarre is that people at the Justice Department are using such a weak pretext for a case. Normally of course a Congressman wouldn't be prosecutable if he were connected, but whoever started this obviously was betting their career on Trump being out by the time it hit the news.

g) Now the case is taking a truly dark turn https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/documents-detail-alleged-matt-gaetz-25-million-extortion-scheme with connections to the war on terror and, soon, a number of murders in countries the U.S. has 'brought democracy to'.

h) A person should pay attention to how the case evolves. The FBI is trying to carefully cultivate the sex side of the case to draw people away from the corruption facet, while Gaetz and his allies try to do the exact opposite, they want a broader focus on corruption issues at the expense of the sex issues, which they consider mainstream behavior. Of course the FBI has more resources than a Congressman who gets male friends together to have sex with women. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/rep-matt-gaetzs-communications-director-resigns-amid-probe/story?id=76835439 

The corruption issues are quite serious, it looks like there is a powerful group which includes influential people in the Justice Department who use their power to extort 'vulnerable' politicians, and its extremely likely Gaetz's father knows a lot about one side of that.

Their cover seems to be as a group which wants to help a kidnap victim. A plausible cover, as long as no connections can be made between 'the extorters' and any wider circle.

The sex issue is unappealing, a guy who prowls for women as part of a group of guys, a sort of weird evolution of a homosexual tradition, but that is a basic part of any melting pot, even if it is illegal. The 'group sexual' component is as much a component of law enforcement as politics.

i) The whole project, from a distance, looks like part of the effort to clear 'Trump populist' types out. The abruptness of the publicity was probably caused in part by Gaetz becoming more aggressive, defensive, and in part by the eagerness of 'anti Trump' people at the FBI to pile on to what looks like an easy victory. Trump never had a real mainstream following, and was always easily discreditable. He was the Hindenburg of American politics.

"Gaetz’ relationship with his party’s leadership has been especially strained since he flew to Wyoming to lambast Rep. Liz Cheney, the third-ranking House Republican, in her home state over her vote to impeach Trump.https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/matt-gaetz-built-devoted-fan-base-has-few-friends-washington-n1262689 

People should be watching for Trump's replacement.




j) Is there a real 'proof of life' video of a kidnapped or 'disappeared' American in or near Iran?


If there were, the 'owners' of the video could make it semi public, which would force strong 'official' action. But questions would arise about how they got the video, as well as other difficult questions regarding previous videos.

A person has to notice how the interests of anybody who might get such a video might overlap with each of the two sides in the Gaetz sitcom.

k) There is not much doubt that the 'extorters' have both a) significant connections in the Justice Department, and b) a fair amount of non public information about the 'kidnapped' American. 

It's hard to believe he wrote this LinkedIn article in 2019 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/robert-levinson-iranian-foreign-influence-campaigns-us-bob-kent?trk=public_profile_article_view, and so far there have been no comments?


The appearance is that the 'cigarette smuggling research' story is already perilously thin, weak, and the federal types involved do not want to pay a price for their shabby work. Considering how far out on a limb the 'extorter' went, and other factors, it looks very possible that the person he is trying to help may be still alive, but his survival would inconvenience some careers.


8) More of a public terror situation than a conspiracy, so far.

New Brunswick Canada has a few dozen cases of a disease that resembles Mad Cow and Creutzfeld Jacob Syndrome, but there is no evidence of the specific pathogen, called prions.

One of the problems is that some parts of that area seem to have a high incidence of real prion disease https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/creutzfeldt-jakob-disease-moncton-hospital-1.5452483 

So one possibility is that prions are not actually the original pathogen in 'prion diseases', but simply a symptom and a means of transmission.

Another problem is that Creutzfeld Jacob is sometimes transmitted by hospital procedures, which raises the issue of why was the outbreak being hidden from the public.




A person should have in their peripheral vision that prion diseases possess the potential for 'terror' use to a greater degree than almost any other pathogen.

Prion diseases are among the many diseases that are probably a blind spot in the current global worldview, but easily solvable by some threatened or extinct tradition. Some prion disease has a sign called the 'pulvinar sign', some sort of diagnostic indicator. https://www.cdc.gov/prions/cjd/clinical-pathologic-characteristics.html 


Here is a poor person who had that indicator https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4090853/ and, of course, was given steroids, the blanket cure all when the doctor doesn't know more than the patient.

So far, the only human beings known to have survived a prion disease appear to come from a remote society, homogenous people evolve much more quickly than melting potters, whose genetics are still consolidating https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn18172-gene-change-in-cannibals-reveals-evolution-in-action/ 


9) "Who were we supposed to tell?"


Police shoot a 13 year old boy on Monday, and announce it to the public on Friday?


They claim the delay was because it took several days to find his name, but what if they never found his name? How many people, including kids, have been killed and their deaths never mentioned because they didn't have id?

Sometimes the victims can be identified quickly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Jeremy_Mardis 

Sometimes, uhm? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/sheriff-s-deputy-shot-14-year-old-boy-it-went-n1234057 

So which cop shot the boy? Uhm, https://youthtoday.org/2020/06/louisiana-law-enforcement-wont-say-who-shot-teen-in-back/ 

Police are hired specifically to force accountability on individuals. That sort of stuff, an entire group of police refusing to say which officer shot a kid, should lead to a mass of firings. That problem of police hiding behind each other is not unique to Louisiana, or New Jersey, or the LAPD. It happens almost everywhere.


10) Leidos is a massive defense contractor involved in a lot of secret projects.


A Navy employee was killed near a bioweapons military base.


Looking at the map of where he was killed, it was roughly 100 feet from the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

Unlike most cancer research facilities, reviews of this site do not seem to contain any testimonials from patients, only some strange 'endorsements' from people in that area.

That 'cancer research facility' is operated by Leidos.

What was going on with a Navy corpsman who was working at a base involved with bioweapons and who is being supposedly tied to deaths at a location near a 'cancer research facility' which is operated by a company that specializes in the darker side of defense?

 Defensive bioweapons projects are public projects. There is no need for secrecy with regard to defensive bioweapons projects, in fact it is counterproductive. Those who profit from secrecy are not the same as those who defend.

Twist it, spin it, distort it, the truth is still the truth whether you can still see it or not.


11) Gaetz Part Two

The media has shown no interest in the extortion side of the Gaetz drama, but now a bizarre twist.


The PR person at the consulate would not have leaked information like that accidentally, so a person has to untangle the motive.

Looking at the history https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2522975/CIA-analyst-Anne-Jablonski-ousted-Levinson-vanished-teaches-yoga.html it's obvious somebody is trying to portray Levinson as having been kidnapped by a rogue group of people in the U.S.

That scenario is possible, but it would mean the consular spokesman is being thrown under the bus. He would not have been put in that position, of sharing texts with a public figure, if he knew anything.

The financial side of the 'extortion plot' does not make sense as a rescue mission plot, it only works as a real extortion plot. The consular person is indirectly claiming to have access to the 'proof of life' material from the plot, which puts him in a dangerous position if the whole Levinson kidnap history was a deliberate ploy by his 'colleagues'. He looks like as much of a 'patriotic stooge' as the pseudo hippie chick who set Levinson up. Each thinks they are doing something for one group when actually they are being used by an entirely different interest.

There are enough variables which do not add up, that the best conclusion is that the entire Gaetz Show is an entertainment plot dreamed up at the Leningrad Asylum to keep Trump supporters busy.

a) The whole scenario, based only on evidence, points to an illuminati dream conspiracy. A rogue group, including Israelis and some opportunist partners, who have a small network with 'some' power, but not enough to use their influence mainstream, lured Levinson to an area where he could be held by allies of theirs. His lady friend was a pawn to lure him to where he could be abducted.

b) Because that group was not in 'mainstream' power they always had to cover themselves, and did not have the resources a mainstream group would have. At this point they are looking a lot like the 9/11 crew.

c) They would have known that all of the communications 'Anna Jablonski' had prior to Levinson's kidnapping would have been scrutinized, but they clearly had limited power to hide evidence in case the people behind Levinson's kidnapping made clumsy errors with Jablonski.

d) At this point, the fact that Israelis are burning their own people points to another group being behind the burning. Something made easy by the nature of modern melting pots.

e) Unless he died of a medical issue, Levinson is almost certainly still alive. He would not have been killed deliberately based on how things are playing out.

f) His most likely captors are some tribal group which had unusual political connections and involvement in the 'war on terror', like the Haqqanis or the Saudis.


12) The 'economic growth miracle'.


This is not actually a conspiracy theory, but most people would call it that, so its added to the list.

For a long time, the U.S. and its allies have had utter control of the global economy. 'Allies' referring simply to the other component companies or 'countries' of the global melting pot, but mainly the direct allies of the U.S.

The U.S. used various means to continue its own growth at the expense of less powerful countries. It created a wide divergence between economies such that resources and wealth from other countries flowed to the U.S.

Throughout this process people were baffled by the resilience of the U.S. economy, because people generally did not take into account that this resilience was a product of using economic force to bleed growth from less powerful nations to the U.S. and its allies.

This process created a single global economic path which the U.S. and its allies hoped would 'prove' the legitimacy of the Western model. Sort of like if you have a sports competition and you have the ability to control and change the rules constantly to benefit yourself, you will be able to 'prove' whatever you like e.g. you are the best team, or whatever.

Economics is a science ultimately, and the various mysteries of how the U.S. has evaded scientific accountability with regard to its economic policies is starting to be examined.


The U.S. national debt stands at around $28T now while GDP is around $21T and tax revenues around $4T. So domestically the U.S. has been doing to its citizens the same thing it has done abroad i.e., making poverty/powerlessness a crime which carries an economic punishment.

If the U.S. were to abolish all taxes and use inflation as its tax would it follow the Weimar path?


The Fed chairmen has mentioned automation, new technologies and other factors as having given the economy space that it did not have previously. What the Fed chief was not noticing though was the different effect these 'new' things have had in different parts of the economy.


13) Ongoing Candida Auris mysteries


"Overall, C. auris was isolated from two of the eight sampling sites a salt marsh with no or limited human activity and a sandy beach with human activity. The researchers reported that both multidrug-susceptible and multidrug-resistant C. auris isolates were found in the samples, and an analysis showed they were similar to other isolates from South Asia.


The study seems to have gotten a tepid response, probably because it makes no effort to explain the finding of multi drug resistant C Auris on a remote beach.

There are a lot of potential implications if a person researches just a little bit.

The study has a diverse group of authors 


PDF explaining minimum inhibitory concentration https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/6b86eddf-3bd4-4dfc-ada4-2ccc95244318/MICS_Breakpoints_AMS_Updates_Issue1__2018_SAAGARversion.pdf 

It seems to be an example of 'a group with an agenda' fiddling with facts, admirable though their intentions may be.




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