The National Securitard or ‘Patriotard’ is a melting pot archetype, somewhat different from the Militard.

This page will explain how National Securitards are formed and why there are so many of them.


One common theme in melting pots is ‘the broken family’ which is converted into part of a wider melting pot ‘plastic family’.

The melting pot strips authority from traditional families, then steps in and offers to replace them.

A common pattern used to assimilate indigenous groups is a) homosexual abuse, followed by b) heterosexual abuse, followed by c) a ‘conciliation’ in which the victims or their descendants are ‘restored’ to full power in the melting pot. Of course ‘the power that is restored’ i.e., the assimilation of the victims, is simply the destruction of their traditional families.

In some Native areas nearly all children were abused by homosexual priests 

Then heterosexual priests, or related occupations representing the melting pot, would consolidate their power through heterosexual abuse 

The final step is a resigned surrender by the Natives, they agree to be part of the melting pot in order not to repeat the cycle endlessly, which of course it does anyway. Once a group is assimilated along this path their descendants will follow variations of the same path until they either restore their original tribal identity or until that melting pot no longer exists.

A variation of this pattern is used to create National Securitards.

Anybody who has watched melting pot enforcers will notice a strange pattern across melting pots.

This involves a group of younger ‘aspiring securitards’, young recruits recently hired within the context of some security agency. These younger folks are first segregated by their weaknesses based on family background, then assigned ‘replacement parents’ who will give them some freedom they did not get from their original parents, along with enough incentives such as money, power etc that the youngster is not uncomfortable selling his or her past for the new Securitard role. Anybody who has studied these groups has seen a bunch of young 'recruits' following behind their new parent like baby geese which have imprinted on a dog. 

The final product, the finished National Securitard, is supremely confident in his or her moral supremacy. He or she has been ‘made a parent’ by the group, given full authority to ‘become’ the replacement for their own parent, rather than the more natural path of developing through their parents tradition’s. 

This process is camouflaged as it pertains to one’s own melting pot and described as it pertains to a competing melting pot. For example in the U.S. you can read about how the Chinese use psychological ploys to convince Uighers, Tibetans etc to fall in line with ethnic Chinese security interests, but you will not read an article in U.S. media about how this is done in the U.S.

There are many occupations which are natural extensions of some archetypal human process.

Policing others is not one of them.

Chefs do work that is done in every society. Hunters, astronomers, entertainers and most other occupations can trace their roots cleanly to some primitive and ongoing normal and healthy human activity.

There is no ‘policing’ or ‘national security’ function in a natural society though.

Melting pots specifically need a class of people who are indoctrinated into an unnatural narrow belief system in order to ensure that the status quo is not upset i.e., the central colonizing entity maintains authority.

This begins by forcing the population to be dependent on melting pot authorities for basic things like food, housing and personal safety ‘You don’t need land, the melting pot will feed you. You don’t need a gun, the melting pot will protect you’ etc.

Places like the ‘United States’ are not real nations.

Before Europeans arrived in the new world, there were hundreds of nations across the Americas. They had complex societies which were complete and well developed.

The first Europeans to arrive did not pretend they were a nation.

They presented themselves either as ambassadors representing their European nation, or as pirates looking to plunder and return to their lands with wealth. 

Gradually these Europeans tried to ‘settle’ amongst the nations which were well established in the Americas. Then they tried to convince others that they were a real nation and were entitled, through some mysterious right, to displace the real nations. 

Amongst early U.S. nationalists religious authorities were the most powerful ‘police force’, an artificial contrived authority of ‘leaders’ who claimed to have some special knowledge which gave them authority.

As more and more diverse groups were lured into joining the U.S. charade it became necessary to employ specially authorized people to keep others in line.

Crimes were developed in such a way as to prioritize the values of the leaders, largely imposing Western European values on anybody who wanted in on the extensive wealth of the region and was willing to play along.


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