There is only one relevant nuclear fact today, and even the progressive media won't discuss it


All sorts of things are mentioned regarding nuclear weapons, but nobody wants to mention the fact that all sides benefit from a contained nuclear escalation today.

The United States could have gone in the proper direction and started diffusing power locally, including to sovereign indigenous nations it holds at knifepoint. Instead the U.S. has decided to accelerate into a modern police state which has had no parallels in history.

To make this transition the United States will need a lot of pretexts and a lot of fluff to shovel into young minds.

There is no better domestic unifier than war, and there is no war that can be used to centralize power further than what could be done in nuclear war, or the climate after a limited nuclear exchange.

Everybody knows the United States is going to fall fast and hard, and rivals of the U.S. know they don't have to do anything.


Blatantly telegraphed false flag


Anybody anywhere in the consortium can arrange a 'briefcase nuke' incident and cash in.


Cop accidentally overdoses on fentanyl, begins life of prostitution and crime


Just days after accidentally overdosing during a traffic stop, the officer is now working as a prostitute and selling drugs for her pimp.


An interesting article that possibly sheds some light on issues in the legal system


Being attracted to very young children is not common despite what most people think. Studying the fact that people with that taste are concentrated in melting pots, and the fact that those people gravitate to jobs which allow control of others, is strongly discouraged in the melting pot.


Police coercing witnesses to lie?



The Postal Service and UPS are competing for most unusual service

UPS says a package has been delivered.

"Your package was delivered. From AMAZON.COM Delivered Thursday 12/08/2022 5:16 PM "

 Their website says it was delivered.

But no package.

A neighbor had previously gotten a package, but neither they nor the neighbor on the other side say they got this one.

In the morning there is a parked white truck in front. A neighbor who lived nearby would not need to park in front of somebody else's place, so it seems likely it has some connection to the undelivered package several hours earlier.

Shortly after I moved in somebody started dropping trash, including a half full garbage bag, on this property. I just put it in the trash can for the garbage man. Several weeks ago another trash bag, this one very heavy, left by an unknown neighbor. The place where these trash bags are left is within the field of vision of a doorbell camera of one neighbor, and it seems likely he probably dropped the last bag, but no indication he took the package.

Calling UPS, they say it was not delivered but will be delivered on Monday.

But that is not the unusual part.

The UPS employee sounded like a white guy doing a poor imitation of an Asian accent.

The U.S. Postal Service does not do that yet, so UPS has a slight edge.

A guess? Maybe their call center in Asia was over busy and a U.S. employee was pretending to be an Asian.


District0x is a crypto ecosystem that could potentially take over the space


One of their first projects was ethlance.

Where is it at?

"ethlance.com has expired Webmaster please contact Hostgator.com" 

 The most obvious problem is that they are taking cues from morons, and focusing on 'governance' which is code for 'stupidity'.


America / Joseph Paul Franklin Part 2


All of the people involved understand that he is confessing to crimes he did not commit.

Next step?

See what other crimes he did not commit can be solved by him in exchange for extra morphine in his drip.



Winters of Discontent


As the United States enters an era of discomfort, anybody who sees a problem is obligated to remain silent unless they want to be isolated and targeted by the happy retards who cause the problem.

"If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by."

Sun Tzu 


The Irony


Literally tens of thousands of young idiots, convinced of their eliteness, never figure out that the goal of their bosses is to indoctrinate them, not teach them any fictional psywar skills.


 A trickle of stories, starting in the UK and Australia, don't bode well for Ghislaine Maxwell

 Jeffrey Epstein 'tried to lure' Prince Andrew to extort the queen: adviser

 Prince Andrew held secret crisis talks with Fergie's toe-sucking ex-lover after disastrous interview | Daily Mail Online


It's possible China has been building an AI infrastructure since at least 2015




It still isn't clear how the UK will attack China


But it is clear that China has weapons the West is not aware of.

And clear that the attack will vaguely involve Taiwan.


A pretty significant shift in the common narrative


The public misperception is the result of deliberate deception, but otherwise the new narrative is a step in the right direction.



"confined with actual terrorists"



 More evidence of a massive upcoming short squeeze on metals, the "short" being overprinted paper metals



Ruh Roh



One of the most credible bomb threats in a while



The end of “An era that was marked by blackmail, threats and extortion"?



Just as it was ridiculously easy for one person to move a biotech stock 5% during Covid, it is even easier for one person to move oil or gas that much soon.

When these 'one person' interests start forming into groups then they can probably do worse.


A dramatic increase in the likelihood of the UK instigating a war between China and the U.S.


1) The UK promotes a decisive separation between Russia and Ukraine, but ignores human nature with regard to certain traditions

2) Russia sees the weak strategy and plays wounded duck

3) Russia consolidates *current news, this article*, anticipated by UK

4) The UK realizes it has made a strategic mistake *at some point* and tries to walk back

5) Ukraine 'pro West' side drifts towards Russia *near the end of next economic downturn*


Adnan Syed is released


The case has interesting psychological similarities to another high profile case.





Something to research

Anti psychiatry and RD Laing videos are the only videos that are difficult or impossible to download on Youtube.

Youtube prevents them from being saved or watched offline.



Chat transcript for case: 7-5507000033121
Sep 18, 10:48 AM (Pacific Time)

10:48:26 AM Frank S.: Frank S. joined the conversation
10:48:36 AM Tribal Cash: Tribal Cash joined the conversation
10:48:42 AM Frank S.: Hi. This is Frank with The YouTube Support Team. I see that you have issues with donwloads.
10:48:54 AM Tribal Cash: Antipsychiatry videos won't download . All other videos do, but any video with "anti psychiatry" in the title or description will not download.
10:49:50 AM Frank S.: Don't you see an option to download them?
10:50:23 AM Tribal Cash: Yes, and I click download, but those videos will not download.
10:51:09 AM Tribal Cash: No video with "anti psychiatry" in the description or title will download. Does Youtube block those videos from downloading?
10:51:46 AM Frank S.: I understand your case, and I know how important it is to you to solve this as soon as possible. With this in mind, let me go ahead and help you out with your case. It'll be a pleasure to find the best solution for you in this interaction.
Did you already try any troubleshooting step before contacting us?
10:52:32 AM Tribal Cash: There are no troubleshooting steps. It is a problem only with those videos. All other videos download fine.
10:53:13 AM Frank S.: Thanks for confirming. You are trying with The YouTube App, or a web browser?
10:53:29 AM Tribal Cash: Web browser
10:54:06 AM Frank S.: Could you please try with an incognito window?
10:56:44 AM Tribal Cash: Does not work either
10:57:34 AM Frank S.: Alright! Just to make sure, could you try it on another device other than your PC?
10:58:46 AM Tribal Cash: Why? One very specific type of video does not download. All others do. There is no problem with this device. There is a problem with Youtube preventing downloads from that class of video.
11:00:39 AM Frank S.: If you think that there's no issues then why you don't want to try this? I need to make sure with all the steps, because if I need to escalate your case to our specialists team. I need to try all the basic troubleshooting
11:01:04 AM Frank S.: It's part of our protocol to help you
11:01:37 AM Tribal Cash: It does not work on any device. All devices and browsers logged in can download all videos except those. The question I have is why are they being blocked?
11:02:43 AM Frank S.: You don't try on another device, now you told me that It does not work on any device. 
11:02:54 AM Frank S.: Let me check further here
11:03:00 AM Frank S.: I'll be back in 5 minutes
11:03:05 AM Frank S.: Hold on please.
11:03:12 AM Tribal Cash: It does not work on any device I have.
11:03:33 AM Frank S.: Send me a link from any of those videos please.
11:05:35 AM Tribal Cash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN8v-X2ZLro&list=PLMya78GAdrpxtOjEayvMp1lC88ce21kUb
11:06:25 AM Frank S.: Let me check
11:07:31 AM Tribal Cash: thanks
11:07:54 AM Frank S.: I'll let you know how to proceed in a while.
11:07:58 AM Frank S.: Hold on please.
11:08:08 AM Tribal Cash: okay
11:11:34 AM Frank S.: Thanks for waiting.. Is there any other video from that channel but a little shorter
11:11:51 AM Tribal Cash: just a minute
11:11:58 AM Frank S.: No problem! Take your time
11:12:29 AM Tribal Cash: Different channel same problem shorter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYZdqm0e4S8
11:13:04 AM Frank S.: Thank you for letting me know about this.
11:13:17 AM Tribal Cash: You can search "anti psychiatry" on Youtube and none of the videos with that in the description or title will download.
11:14:12 AM Frank S.: Alright! Let me make an internal consult here, to confirm if I can escalate your case with our specialist team.
11:14:18 AM Frank S.: I'll back in 5.
11:14:22 AM Tribal Cash: okay
11:19:47 AM Frank S.: Thanks for waiting. I'll escalate your case. I need you to send us feedback from your PC, please follow these steps
11:19:50 AM Frank S.: Sign in to YouTube.
Select your profile picture  and then Send feedback.
Describe the issue you're experiencing. The more info you include in your report, the more helpful it is for us.
Choose if you want to include a screenshot. You can highlight info on the screen or remove personal info.
Click Send.
11:21:28 AM Tribal Cash: Okay, it said "thanks for the feedback"
11:21:42 AM Frank S.: Thanks for confirming. Let me check the feedback
11:23:42 AM Tribal Cash: On the bottom left it will say "Downloading 1/28"
11:24:54 AM Frank S.: You mean that one videos that you wanted to download?
11:25:13 AM Tribal Cash: The screenshot that goes with the feedback.
11:26:12 AM Frank S.: Alright!  I'll escalate your case and once they reply to my request. I'll be contacting you via email. Would that be okay?
11:26:22 AM Tribal Cash: fine
11:26:44 AM Frank S.: Alright! Is there anything else I may assist you with ?
11:26:57 AM Tribal Cash: That's all, thanks
11:27:18 AM Frank S.: You're welcome. have a nice day, Take care
11:27:21 AM Frank S.: Frank S. left the conversation
11:27:21 AM Frank S.: Thanks for contacting YouTube. Have a great day!
11:27:22 AM Frank S.: Frank S. ended the conversation


OPEC 2.0

The rice consortium is moving to seize power.




But soon that will extend to all commodities.

The 'British World Order' will try to portray the globalized face of Britain as a civilized fair alternative, but the nature of games like that is that the final nail in Britain's global coffin has been set.

Unless Britain joins the non existent group of nations pushing indigenous sovereignty, even British derivative interests will start to crumble as Asia roars forward.


A nearly perfect fractal in rice futures might point to one more leg of expansion before a recession


If that's the case then the U.S. Fed has made the mistake of a lifetime and the U.S. will get hit first by their hikes then by recession, and that will probably end in the final inflation spiral.


Oil is still one of the most politically important commodities

The biggest traders are affiliated with political interests and use the price as a gauge and influence of the public.


The usd 75 level on charts is one of the most obvious long term places to watch and the next time oil crosses that level decisively will probably coincide with some political monkeying.


Stocks in Uranium mining companies and related stocks have been trending up on no public news

A pretty reliable sign that large interests such as governments are getting ready to pounce on profit from insider info.


Two very different types of events going in the same direction

A group of U.S. politicians who were each pressured by 'an unknown party' to make a time consuming trip.


And an old style tactic used in an attack which could have come from any single individual or small group which wanted to push things in a certain direction.


Although nothing has changed, a person still has to figure out the timing which the Russian chose for their invasion.

And a person has to anticipate that by the end of next winter, many things will change.

A person could go out on a limb, and speculate that when it becomes difficult for one person's children to travel safely it will also become difficult for that person's neighbors' children to safely travel.


Another effort to push down the Japanese Yen


The Yen/Bitcoin chart will get cleaned up if the Yen really collapses, and that looks likely since it will make bitcoin look more stable. Bitcoin only has to fall to 3,100,000 Yen which will be easy if the Yen drops enough.


A common theme in almost all mass shootings, "No officers were injured"




Bureaucracy is about control, but bureaucrats are almost always misguided by ambition



Walrus attacks are unheard of in modern times, except for one incident at a zoo in 2016.


But when a bureaucrat gives instructions they are reenacting their own experiences with their parents, and they expect obedience.

One bureaucrat in Norway vaguely remembers his or her puppy being euthanized when they were a kid. They didn't understand why it was necessary, and they are reliving the experience subconsciously from the other side, as a sort of surrogate parent to an unwilling public, in the hidden hope of understanding it now.


Control is very different from discipline though.

Control has an immediate payoff, in the short term while discipline costs.


As the world cycles into authoritarianism some countries have a rocky road ahead.


The average price of hearing aids is about to drop from ~$3,000 to $20


And quality will increase dramatically.


At some point European countries are going to figure out what the UK is doing


"Nick is taking part in a British-led program to provide military training to tens of thousands of Ukrainian Army recruits and staff, an effort designed to bolster local resistance to the Russian invasion."

 Are the British training Ukrainian soldiers because of the Russian invasion?

"Other nations — including Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden — have pledged to join the effort, which is in effect a retooled version of Operation Unifier, an international training initiative that began in 2015. In that program, troops from the United States, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Poland and Sweden, among other nations, trained about 35,000 Ukrainians." 

China is the big winner, but the biggest loser isn't clear yet.



Worldview Games


A key variable in the conquest of indigenous peoples involves the perceived boundaries between groups.

Among other things, this article refers to "a perceived Russian monopoly on Arctic Shipping".

Of course when indigenous people in that area look West they see relatives who often speak closely related languages.

The melting pot though, including both the UK/U.S. and Russia, believe they benefit from an artificial boundary which puts the human race as being split between political interests.

The military silliness in the article is more transparent. Part of conquering a group, after making them subservient to the conqueror, involves a continuous presentation of power and pressure to join that power until the last vestiges of old tradition are gone.

It is clear from the article that the senator is being puppetmastered by some entity within the melting pot bureaucracy.


An interesting update



Melting pot pharmacology

Multiple chemicals which are not on the approved domestic list are approved for use in foreign countries.




At a time when certain countries were still trying to create fictional jihad groups



 This video appears to have been shot from a great distance probably using parabolic mics for sound, and possible having the angle at which the video was shot altered.



In 20,000 years, as things are going, the bones of most humans today will be seen as neing from two species


Each time the global melting pot consolidates the range of human DNA narrows.


"a proprietary view of material that legally belongs to the government"


An interesting battle between two sides both trying to deceive everybody.

The 'justice department' is trying desperately not to mention Deutsche Bank and the Russians.

Trump knows he is a decoy and is trying to preserve his usefulness to parties unknown.


Corporate pollution, encouraged by melting pots, has caused a lot of damage

In the melting pot, science exists to provide profit to those with power, and those who challenge that paradigm are at risk from the gangs which protect melting pot interests.



The leading edge of the most dangerous part of the melting pot is unfortunately ahead of less harmful groups.





Wait, what?

"there are no assurances that if the defendant were released she would not try once again to kidnap her child"


She had a history of being domestically abused and kidnapped a child?

A random child?

No, her own child.

So it wasn't kidnapping, bureaucrat clowns.

Bureaucrats spent a lot of resources pretending they had captured a master criminal, but at the end of the day it is a major fake crime and a few trivial crimes, none of which offend any natural law.


What is policing really about?

2018 https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/oct/12/lawsuit-man-convicted-after-mother-rejected-dirty-/ 

2021 https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/14/us/kansas-city-police-investigation-golubski-invs/index.html 

2030 ?


In 1967 and 1973 the state of Israel marketed itself as hesitating to place explosives around trees, and being less likely to casually destroy vegetation with weapons

That marketing effort may have been partially intended to present the state as moving in a positive direction, after abuses in previous decades which have now largely disappeared from public view.

Now that the final push is on before weapons decentralization starts to accelerate, the state does not see so much need to care for its overseas image.



"ostensibly due to a server malfunction"


 It is starting to look like one cloistered group of high level government and consortium morons are going to try to squeeze one more expansion cycle out of the economy to pillage some more cash, before a contraction around winter, then a mess of historic proportions.

The problem they face though, is that since 9/11 the public has become more savvy about these groups, and if anything the main effect of their efforts is to expose the individuals involved.

Dick Cheney learned the hard way, but at this point anybody who manages stooges like him should start to expect exposure.

The one small monkey wrench is that a lot of financial markets still have not corrected adequately.

This points to the possibility of the group being unraveled by its excessive cloistering, which is becoming a common theme in the world. A group of extremely powerful people with 'everything' they need suddenly realize that they are overlooking one small detail, as that detail gets shoved down their throat. It should be a few weeks or less before one group or another emerges as having sufficient power. Either a few days or less of rising markets followed by the collapse continuing, or a strong expansion starting now followed by a vicious contraction maybe near winter.


 Roughly a third of 1% of the population are police officers, but roughly 5% to 10% of the most prolific violent serial rapists are also police

Police do not routinely destroy evidence in bank robbery cases, nor in car theft cases, nor in carjacking cases, but they do in rape cases.


Rape is unusual among crimes in that in some cultures it is not actually a crime.

Similarly, 'property crimes', as a category of offense, are 'worldview dependent'. In other words property crimes only exist for you if you were socialized to believe they exist.

The big difference though is in the sustainability of those two types of crimes in a worldview.

The perception of 'property crimes' is necessary in order to have an economic system that uses pressure to motivate individuals to be productive in a certain way. Property crime was created specifically to allow control of some individuals by other individuals, for motives a person could speculate on or philosophize over.

Rape, or the tolerance of rape, similarly, is something that encourages control of one group by another group.

There was a point in human history when the violent control of women made it easier for certain specific groups of men to gain power in their broader group that they would not have had otherwise.


News of nuclear projects, including small modular reactors, seems to be picking up



But, at the end of the day it is still the petroleum industry which controls the biggest governments, and little is actually likely to be done except for long term projects which can be cancelled before they come on line.


More evidence of the U.S. sleazy policy of enforcing domestic stupidity

Bureaucrats in the United States may make some personal profit on their policy of enforcing stupidity, but it is tragic ultimately both for the United States and for its victims. The most common rationale used by people who do this sort of thing is that they are making 'tough decisions' or 'protecting the childish masses' who, they fantasize, are not as adult or qualified as them. The truth is that they are bureaucratic gangsters whose only notable quality is that they only function in gangs.

"In June 2020, a group of independent researchers in the United States published a report stating that the OAS's conclusion about the voting trend indicating election fraud was false and based on statistical errors and incorrect data.[306] The researchers from Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEBR), made up of a group of political scientists and experts on Latin American politics, concluded that there was "no statistical evidence of fraud" during the 2019 elections." 





It's great if a person mired in patheticness finds some power in a group, but when those individuals and their power groups hijack countries it is not so great.


When a person is hunting for food they take the quickest kill shot

For an unknown reason, police are trained to kill with every shot, even if they are up against an unarmed man or woman, and could easily back away.


It may have something to do with trying to create a fake image of police, or it may be due to the quality of people hired as police, and the extent to which they are trainable.


"No jail officers came to the women's aid during this time"

"According to the suit, when a group of women complained about their treatment, jail officers retaliated by revoking the women's "dark" privileges—that is, by keeping the lights on for 72 hours. The officers also confiscated the female inmates' personal items including pillows, blankets, and hygiene products." 


 They receive a lot of money for their job, but 90% of the reason they are there is to control women, and the remaining 10% is split a lot of ways.


For decades there have been stories about the Unification Church being a CIA front to push Western, or European, strategic interests in Asia


The more the Chinese watch Western global misdeeds unravel, the more they realize they don't have to do anything in order to win.

And Africa has barely begun.


A Canadian local paper


Among the top 5 trending stories

1) A Native woman disappears with her young son, shortly before she is to go hear the Pope's 'apology', public impression appears to be suicide https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/enormous-pain-enormous-strength-dawn-walker-search-continues 

2) Multiple people charge in a murder https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/multiple-people-charged-with-first-degree-murder-in-death-of-bells-point-man 

3) Carbon tax news https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/some-rural-sask-taxpayers-shortchanged-on-carbon-tax-cash-back 

4) 4 people arrested in disappearance of Native woman, police seem to be fabricating charges https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/fourth-arrest-made-in-connection-with-death-of-megan-gallagher 

5) A murder from 2013 in the news https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dellen_Millard_and_Mark_Smich 


The only way the global economy can continue expanding is if it had shifted to nuclear fuel 30 years ago

It didn't.

So it won't.


The United States, and the oil consortium which controls it, knows it has to straddle the fence as long as possible.


Russia though is developing nuclear power for some countries which will allow them to continue industrializing.




Canada reaches a disgusting new low


Instead of responding to the Pope's 'apology' by saying "You are right, their rights here precede yours and ours, so we will pay reparations and restore full sovereignty", they decided to continue their scam, by pretending that the Canadian government has any authority at all to speak on behalf of its Indigenous prisoners.

Canada and the U.S., and many other countries, are contorting themselves through all sorts of hoops to distract people from the very simple fact that they are holding large numbers of indigenous captives by using force and political silliness to control their land.


Getting ready for more clever propaganda

The origin of Covid is an issue that might be useful to various interests in the near future, so it's a good idea to watch it.

An article seems to point to the Wuhan live animal market as a source of the virus, but that article may be laying the groundwork for a different hypothesis.


The updated article references a July 26, 2022 article in Science.


Notice on the maps in that article, and on Google Maps

  • There is a strong cluster of cases around Wuhan Market which have no known connection to the market, but
  • Cases which do have a known connection are not clustered the same way, and
  • The overall population density of the area correlates more strongly with the clusters shown in the article, and 
  • The Virology institute is just about 10 miles or less East of the market
  • Weibo data in part D of figure 1 correlates strongly with population density areas but minimally or not at all with the live market location
  • Figure 1 data comes from the WHO which is easily manipulated by small interest groups, and if the virus were deposited intentionally the inconsistent, or contradictory, locations of linked vs non linked cases would be where they are shown on the map, i.e., in December 2019 before it was widely public
  • The Virology Institute and the live market are roughly equidistant from the river, but at the same latitude only if you consider the river as the 'north/south' 

 It's unlikely a group of scientists would use that data to exclude the Virology Institute as the source of the virus, unless they were building a foundation for a similar, weak, conclusion to be built pointing to the Virology Institute.

So, it seems likely that in the coming weeks a broader entity, like a government, will present new evidence pointing to the Virology Institute.


Egypt has been spending a lot of money, there's no doubt about that

They are the third largest arms importer in the world.


One site supposes they are trying to buy silence with regard to their human rights issues.


This is such a ridiculous theory that the first question it should raise is "What is the theory trying to distract from?"

The net effect of Egypt's path is toward a heavily armed unstable country with a revolution prone population.

So clearly in the long term it's trajectory is the same as its neighbors.

North Africa is being carefully cultivated, but for what?


The U.S. and UK have been pushing a narrative regarding Asia and Eastern Europe


What's the truth?

Common sense.

China is rapidly increasing in power, it has no reason to attack Taiwan since the longer it waits the easier it will be.

But the UK and U.S. are declining in power rapidly, and one easy way to postpone the decline is to cripple their 'foes'.

There may be a bigger war coming soon, and it may be presented as defensive, but it is a simple misguided offensive action.

There are a lot of sensible ways to reposition the West, and one obvious option is presented on this website, involving building an economy around taskwork coins.

The UK and U.S. are not going to like how their project ends.


Dozens of federal agents stood around drinking coffee in Uvalde as a massacre was occurring

There is almost zero chance any of them will pay any price, in fact they may get promotions.

But the woman who worked as principal?

Not so lucky.



Two non violent women did what they thought was right, and what probably was right, when nobody else would

One of them got 8 years in prison.


Now federal prosecutors want to give the other one 8 years too, and add a terrorism charge.


The typical sentence for the most serious corruption acts committed by federal prosecutors is typically from 0 to 1 year probation, or less. Occasionally there are exceptions, like this federal prosecutor who got two years probation for lying to a grand jury. 80 people died in the incident he was trying to help cover up details of. He had a simple job, and a small part of what he received money to do was to not lie to grand juries. The two girls were working for free.


These two girls chose the wrong line of work.

Along with a lot of other nonviolent people.


Worth noting too, that because of the buddy system, a federal prosecutor, or any kind of prosecutor in the United States, has almost no worries about being prosecuted.


Must be nice to have unlimited access to the most effective Covid cure which costs most people $1700+ per dose


It's experimental for a reason though, probably.


"the new spyware-detecting tech lab at the European Parliament in Brussels"


What's being ignored by many is that behind the smoke and mirrors the United States is able to insert anything it wants into the code Microsoft uses in its operating systems.


What are police trying to cover up?

A girl went missing. Police arrested a bunch of people, then released them.

"Some of Whitehead’s release conditions prevent him from contacting anyone in a gang and from posting anything to do with Gallagher’s disappearance on social media." 


 The "gang" part is silliness to make the public believe that person is guilty of 'something'.

The "social media" part is because the police are worried that person will let the public know something about his recent contact with police.

Police in many cases try to prevent the public from scrutinizing their actions and almost always use elaborate deceptions to do so. In about one case in 20 the police are being proper, but in nearly all cases it is simple deception to prevent the public from learning about 'something unknown' involving police.

Was a police officer responsible for the murder? Or a prominent local person? The first thing the police do in those cases is try to create a plausible suspect for the public to focus on.

"ICYMI: Ernest Whitehead, 41, appeared in court wearing a black t-shirt with a white cross on the back. When asked by the judge if he had any questions, Whitehead tried to address the court gallery before the judge cut him off." 



Is one of the biggest plots of the 20th century about to blow up?

"Thanks to the discoveries made in its waters, Guyana has become the world leader in oil and gas discoveries, accounting for 18 percent of globally discovered oil and gas resources and 32 percent of oil discoveries specifically." 


Uh oh



How common are headchoppers?


About 25 years ago, and about 20 miles away from that, several Western tourists were decapitated.


Good news / Bad News


Zoning laws, which prevent most people from owning an affordable home themselves, are one of the biggest factors in the decline of many societies.


As Western democracies accelerate their decline, some people point to the successes of parliamentary systems and voting




What are the real chances of a small nuclear war soon?

Very high.


The U.S. has been bulking up on surveillance equipment, and tanks, for a reason

"28 percent of voters, including 37 percent who have guns in their homes, agree that “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.”" 



On the bright side though, unstable government seldom send troops to quell uprisings in the neighborhoods where those troops live.

So if you join the "national security police", or whatever they will be called, you will probably get to travel a lot.


The Japanese gold chart is reliable enough that it is near certain that gold is going up soon, at least vs the Yen


If the dollar unwinds a bit against the Yen then it would be even more move up for gold, but even if the Yen were to continue collapsing, a Japanese person could have enough confidence in their government that they would buy gold now.


The evolution of fake heroes

Thousands of years ago, a group would be attacked, and if they succeeded in defending themselves, their defenders would be called heroic.

As time passed politicians decided to use this mechanism to create fake heroes who could be used to control the psychology of populations.

Artificial conflicts would be cultivated, leading to 'heroic' wars in which the 'heroes' had a punkish group quality. They became gangsters who had paid a fake price in a fake conflict but they were rewarded by society as if they were real heroes. Examples can be found in most melting pots.

But there are also 'real' or 'semi real' conflicts which give younger people the opportunity to do something heroic in a modern context without the danger of conflicts from thousands of years ago and without becoming plastic thugs like most fake heroes who join military gangs.


There is still a tendency to try to create as many fake heroes as possible,

"As a result, the total number of on-duty firefighter deaths in 2020 was higher than it has been since the late 1970s (with the exception of 2001). Of the 140 on-duty deaths in 2020, 78 were due to COVID." 


But among those who face genuine threats which were not manufactured there are some genuinely heroic actions.

Unlike fake military conflicts which, at best, produce a few people who don't like fake military conflicts, and also produce a lot of dead stupid people.


Here we go again

At least it's not opium




The big mystery is whether one more expansion will be squeezed into this cycle

The answer probably is known to people who research adequately and have plenty of data, but everybody else has to guess.


It looks like if there is not an imminent slowdown there will be an epic crash.

"LME headline zinc stocks were already low coming into this week at 79,425 tonnes."

"They're about to get a lot lower. The last four days have seen 48,575 tonnes cancelled in preparation for physical load-out. That leaves available live tonnage at just 14,975 tonnes, equivalent to a few hours worth of global consumption in a 14-million tonne market-place." 


 It's hard to believe that the UK and the United States could just stumble into this situation.


What a disgrace


She gets a medal for killing 600 Tribal people using her computer to target them, then pretends she has some concern about political nonsense.


In the near future bureaucrats will be able to enforce death penalties for 'anti state' acts or 'terrorism' by hitching a targeted lethal pathogen to the common cold


And shortly after that the technology will be simplistic to college students.


Covid has become such a lucrative industry it is not likely to end anytime soon

Notice table one on this page.


 IC50 is a measure of how much of a drug is needed to neutralize a pathogen to some degree.


Bebtelovimab is the clear winner.

But wait. It is a brand new drug. It isn't even approved except for emergency use.


And BA 2.75 is also brand new.


Highly suspicious. But it gets worse.

In February it was a lot newer than it is now, and still not approved, but the U.S. government bought 600,000 doses for $720 million.


And just weeks before BA 2.75 appeared, the U.S. bought 150,000 more doses for $275 million.



So the price jumped from $1200 a dose to $1833.33 a dose.

Any drug company, or any investor who follows basic safety rules, could develop a specific strain that requires a specific antibody that the strain was designed around but which would be hard to treat otherwise.

Drug companies and/or investors are almost certainly doing this already, but the vast sums of money will inevitably bring more players to the table.

Potentially a person with good lab hygiene could develop a super pathogen that only he or she had the cure for.

The United States supposedly paid Ukrainian bioengineers not to go rogue, but soon it may have to start cutting checks to college students.


An interesting series of events in Egypt

In 2016 Giulio Regeni was murdered in Egypt. A lot of evidence points to him working for a group of Western intelligence agencies.



He died of a broken vertebra.

"His recovered body showed signs of extreme torture: contusions and abrasions all over from a severe beating; extensive bruising from kicks, punches, and assault with a stick; more than two dozen bone fractures, among them seven broken ribs, all fingers and toes, as well as legs, arms, and shoulder blades; multiple stab wounds on the body including the soles of the feet, possibly from an ice pick or awl-like instrument; numerous cuts over the entire body made with a sharp instrument suspected to be a razor; extensive cigarette burns; a larger burn mark between the shoulder blades made with a hard and hot object; a brain hemorrhage; and a broken cervical vertebra, which ultimately caused death." 


Now another person is missing, and people more familiar with the circumstances say it may be similar.




After WWII there was a lot of violent intrigue in Europe sometimes involving similar types of things, and it could be the first visible signs of Egypt's rapidly approaching descent into chaos.


This is an interesting news item that may get its own page in the worldview section

Recently scientists were surprised by how little effectiveness was found in Covid vaccines given to very young people.


Now, a malaria vaccine.


"Among babies who received their first shot between 6 and 12 weeks of age, protection against severe malaria was close to zero" 

"The biggest concerns, however, are about the vaccine's safety. In the largest trial, children who received Mosquirix had a risk of meningitis 10 times higher than those who received a control vaccine" 


So of course the vaccine will be tested further in Africa, since testing on prisoners has been restricted in most countries.

The worldview aspect has to do with the similarity between false results in certain areas of physics, caused by quirks in group psychology, and the possible similarity to the results in cases like this, since vaccines have a strong psychological component which cannot be measured using 'controls' due to the nature of the 'component'.

In this case a quirk of modified DNA may be the culprit, or it could be one of many 'escape hatches' available to vaccine manufacturers to extend their worldview.


Vaccines have been getting bad press recently

People are starting to realize that being vaccinated gives their body less ability to deal with new strains that are coming.

Several weeks ago there were reports that polio virus was found in sewage in London.


Now an actual polio case in New York.


Polio is the only disease that has the ability to rehabilitate the public image of vaccinations, so obviously there will be some suspicion about the origin of the polio in NY and London.

These two news stories, by themselves, would have a financial value in the many millions of dollars to vaccine companies.

A full blown polio outbreak would be worth billions of dollars just in the increased use of Covid vaccines.


The United States is in serious trouble



Indications Joe Biden may be planning to leave his wife and commit U.S. troops to Ukraine?



The economy may be in a dead cat bounce, cleaning up short term charts, but if the SPX passes 4200 then it would be likely another expansion is being squeezed out


In that case the contraction, when it comes, will probably be associated with a political event, something like a 'false flag', but actually a 'real flag', i.e., an overt event correctly attributed.

All things considered, if the Brits cannot get the Russians to escalate adequately then they will need to do something that gives their central government more control of the economy, far more control than was given by the mini contraction of Covid.

Another possibility, given the rapidly increasing economic power of the Eastern bloc, is that the contraction will be timed for the winter to upset Europe.


Venezuela, Libya, Iran, Russia


Should people in the U.S. start wondering which side the CIA oil consortium really works for?


One of the most interesting things about Uvalde is how the system facilitates lying by police and other bureaucrats


Every day people are charged with lying in court or in some legal process. Here are some random links from a search for "Charged with lying".




In fact just from the last week a few dozen articles on maybe a dozen people charged with that offense.

But if you are an employee of any law enforcement agency you would not hesitate to lie about being injured, to lie about evidence, to lie about somebody committing a crime, because it is not illegal, in fact it is completely normal for police to lie about almost everything they are asked.

Often times police are caught in extensive lies and a person is left why they lied so much.

The only time in recent memory when police sort of were held accountable was when 19 children were killed.

They had constructed all sorts of elaborate lies, and nobody was bothered by it until the bodies piled up. Many of their lies from that event have not been exposed yet.


Joseph Nye Welch was not an Israeli, that's clear to too many people



 What may be clear to fewer people is that unless somebody like him gets power soon in Israel that failing state will turn tits up.



Is Britain racist?


It almost seems like Ling Wong Shin never had a chance in UK politics.


"Australia has lost the most mammals of any continent"


"the 39 mammal species that have disappeared since colonisation in 1788 represent 38 per cent of the world’s lost mammals"

The only things a person can say with a high degree of certainty is that a) mammal extinctions in Australia are about to jump dramatically, and b) nobody who has the ability to derail it will.


Bad news / good news


"You have bird flu, but you're not going to die from it"


"Nearly 400 local, state and federal law enforcement officers were at the scene


 At an average around something like $30 or $40 an hour that's $12,000 to $16,000 an hour for a lot of people to stand around rock throwing distance from school kids who are on the phone asking for help as they are being shot.

Three local cops and one federal agent pretended to have been shot, but no media wants to point that out, because that kind of fake injury is normal and accepted among police officers in the United States. Roughly 90% of the injuries police officers in the United States report are fake.

"The overwhelming majority of those who responded were federal and state law enforcement."


The FBI responded early, and they were the senior law enforcement agency present, but they are not mentioned in any of these articles.

Their big contribution, aside from doing nothing, was pointing out that nobody, including themselves followed the FBI shooter protocol.

There are lots of people serving long prison sentences for less than those local, state and federal officers did. In the past week at least five people have been released after serving decades in prison because of cops who put dozens of other innocent people in prison.

"Illinois authorities exonerated two brothers who have spent more than 25 years in prison after they alleged they were framed for murder by a retired Chicago police detective who was trying to protect a drug ring run by cops."


"Gonzalez blamed the convictions on the lead detectives on that case, Louis Scarcella and Stephen Chmil, adding that Scarcella pressured the teenage defendants into confessions and ignored factual inconsistencies in the evidence."



"So glad I boarded late or I wouldn't be here to tell the tale"



Because Bangladesh needed 11.5 tons of weapons




"Expect inflation to officially be over 8% and stay there a few months, Bank of Canada governor warns


 But don't worry, the government will spend cad$50 trillion to ease the sting until it drops.


One of the biggest tragedies for Western civilization is that the issue of indigenous sovereignty will slowly be solved in Asia at the expense of the West





Ukrainians can't catch a break

During the Soviet era there was a superficial rivalry between the Soviet Union and the West, but under the surface the two were both faces of the global melting pot, working together to eliminate tribal identities in the developing world.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia started cooperating overtly with the UK/U.S. melting pot probably out of defense and practicality. The 'West' started sabotaging Eastern European identities and Russia, although obviously uncomfortable with this, did not have a way to resist.

Ukraine, especially, became a thoroughly abused franchise of Western expansion. Ukrainian women became a sort of commodity available to Westerners whether as surrogate mothers or wives or other things.

Now Russia has invaded Ukraine, and a lot of people see it as Russia putting their foot down to stop the process, but is that really what's going on?


If anything the Russian move into Ukraine has accelerated the accessibility of Ukrainians to the West and their alienation to their local kin.

If a person wanted to look for evidence, try to figure out the real motive of Russia's move, in other words determine if it is just one more service Russia is performing to its masters in the West, a person would look at the degree to which Russia is willing to extend the conflict i.e., make the West pay a price in the war to the extent the West is involved.


What Medvyedev is saying is that the West can do anything they want as long as they don't accuse Russia of war crimes. If he is being truthful then obviously Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a service Russia is performing for the UK/U.S.

The implication is that the UK/U.S. used the breakup of the Soviet Union as a means to cultivate powerful people within Russia, and Ukraine etc, to take control of their policies and actions. If that were the case then it would not have been that difficult for Russia to be walked into invading the Ukraine.

What would the net long term effect be if that is an accurate assessment?

Russia has the world's largest land mass i.e., the most real estate, and a lot of it will become prime high latitude land as global warming starts to bite.

Any indigenous peoples in those areas are largely disarmed and pacified and could be effectively removed with little noise.


The numbers don't add up


As Canada heads south.






"I'm going to have to arrest you for destroying evidence"

"Well if you arrest me for destroying evidence, I'll arrest you for interfering in federal laws"


"Is that a threat? You're under arrest for threatening an officer of the law"

"Is that a gun under your jacket? Are you armed while interfering in the administration of the constitution? Backup, I need backup."


Finally the CIA does something that does not disgrace the United States


Experts say the doctor's note looks very authentic and has an embossed seal from the doctor's office along with a certificate of authenticity.


Question / What should a male cop do when he is sent to a house with an armed crazy person?

Answer / Send his female partner in first then saturate the scene with bullets and run away as fast as possible and yell "Somebody call 911".




An interesting coincidence

"In an emergency hearing Tuesday morning, a U.S. district court judge ruled bankrupt crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital may not transfer or dispose its assets located in the U.S. as court-appointed liquidators seek to appraise those assets."

"The ruling follows an emergency motion from Friday in which liquidators in the case accused the firm’s founders — Su Zhu and Kyle Davies — of not cooperating with legal proceedings."

"Their whereabouts also remain unknown, raising concerns the founders could abscond with the firm's assets."

"“We don’t know where they’re located today,” Adam Goldberg, the attorney representing the team in charge of the Three Arrows liquidation, acknowledged during the hearing."


"When Abe took office in 2012, Japan was suffering from weak exports, a trade spat with China and continued fallout from the 2011 nuclear disaster and tsunami. The combination of factors led Japan into a recession, forcing Abe to come up with a way to jolt the economy out of a sustained period of high inflation, high unemployment and stagnant economic growth."

"His plan consisted of “three arrows”: an increase in government spending, a boosting of the nation’s money supply and structural economic reform. It used a surge in government spending and hyper-easy monetary policy in the form of negative short-term interest rates to kickstart Japan’s stagnant economy, producing results that experts say were positive but inconsistent. Structural reform brought more women into the workforce, increased protections for temporary workers and eased the rules that have largely restricted migrant workers."


Abe's "three arrows" were an utter fraud of course. Western bankers took him aside and said "We've got a marketing team that will help you serve us better."

Whether crypto turns out to be part of a larger scam designed to fail remains to be seen.

As a standalone product crypto has what it needs to become a game changer, but bureaucracies do have the power to hijack it to the point of uselessness, as long as there are no decentralized interests i.e., individuals, with the ability to limit bureaucratic ambitions.


Wait, what?


Most major software in the United States has deliberate flaws put there by the U.S. government, which has been caught doing that countless times, and still does it.

A Chinese company did the world, including the U.S., a favor and pointed out the flaw.

So the AP tries to suggest the Chinese are doing, or did, something improper in this matter?

A person should wonder if the Chinese were sending a message to U.S. snoopers by releasing details of that flaw.

Also the fact that researchers are surprised by how little such a severe bug has been used could mean any number of things, including that the demographics of hackers is a little different than 'experts' believe.


The truth about the economy

Between February 2020 and April 2022 M2 money supply increased from $15.4 trillion to $21.7 trillion which, all other things being equal, would lead to about 40% inflation over those 26 months, close to 20% annual inflation.

Also in that time period the Fed's definition of liquid money M1 was suddenly changed.


And public debt increased dramatically, which will become more expensive as interest rates rise.





Another interesting article on the Unification Church


For decades that church was seen as a camouflaged pseudo U.S. organization whose goal was globalization. That article shows that it is one of many 'old projects' which are decaying in such a way as to burn their originators.

One unusual thing is that there do not seem to be any conspiracy theories involving the assassination yet, which suggests the story is still developing.


Some interesting videos from China recently


In the United States police can do things like that, but a regular citizen would face accountability from bystanders in most crowded restaurants, except in urban areas.

The fellow at the end of the video beating his wife probably would not have lost his job in the U.S.

Where guns are legal you never know for sure who is big and who is small though.



Very awkward international situation, not likely to become unawkward


China knows the UK/U.S. needs to start a devastating war, and the UK/U.S. knows China may have many options to mitigate their cost.

Russia knows it may move from third place to second place if it plays its cards right, but it also knows that third place may be better than second place.


If crypto is a deliberate escape hatch for crypto, and if Central banks are going to squeeze one more brief expansion out / 

It could well be that one more brief expansion will be forced out of the current economic mess, and that will then be followed by either a major recession or a war.

It is starting to look increasingly like that is developing. The dollar is continuing to crush the Yen, and it looks like the biggest traders, probably Central Bank affiliated, are going to use the JPY BTC chart as one of the metrics to show each other where they are. That probably means a little longer expansion i.e., 'not a recession', maybe until JPY/USD goes low enough to make the JPY/BTC chart look presentable, then a surprise blastoff in crypto, followed by a rapid rolling out of CBDCs which nobody was expecting, along with non CBDCs being made illegal in order to pull a few trillion of fiat off the inflation table.



 The only certainty though at this point is that police states will be necessary soon in most industrialized nations.


Chinese Chuckle

Nobusuke Kishi was Shinzo Abe's grandfather.

"On July 14, 1960, Kishi was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant as he was leaving the prime minister's residence to host a garden party celebrating Hayato Ikeda's impending ascension to the premiership. The assailant was Taisuke Aramaki, an unemployed 65-year-old man affiliated with various right wing groups. Aramaki stabbed Kishi six times in the thigh, causing Kishi to bleed profusely, although Kishi survived because the blade had missed major arteries. Kishi was rushed to nearby hospital, where he received a total of 30 stitches to close his wounds. Reporters raced after him and climbed on stepladders to peer into his hospital room, with nurses angrily closing the curtains on them."

"Aramaki was arrested at the scene, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to three years in prison in May 1962. Despite being unemployed, he had somehow been able to post a substantial bail during the intervening two years."



He existed in a sort of crossover world between Japanese imperialism in Asia and Asian defensiveness towards European expansion on the other side.

In both roles he would give a sort of credibility to the UK/U.S. later, when he worked for them after WWII.

Of course he did not actually directly serve Japanese interests, he was an employee of foreign interests who made use of him for his nationalist credentials.

"The church established its branch in Japan in the late 1950s, and it soon found common cause with right-wing Japanese politicians, including Mr. Abe’s grandfather Nobusuke Kishi, over their shared animosity for Communism.


Thousands of years ago a conqueror would have succeeded in doing what the UK tried to do in Japan.

An installed puppet would lead the conquered people to pretend respect for the conqueror's worldview. Over time the conquered people would assume a group identity under the imposed 'royal' lineage with any deviating individuals being eliminated. Once the group identity was firmly entrenched individuation would be allowed again and a reliable puppet state or lineage would be formed.

Because Japan was never adequately conquered there remains a residue of traditional sovereignty which contains vast abilities and resources not available to the more conquered majority.

Over time this residue will slowly grow with a stronger, more basic foundation than the imposed puppet state worldview.

The same thing is playing out around the globe, and the destructiveness it leads to will be a direct function of the common sense of previous conquering entities.

The usual path in things like this is for bureaucratic groups to continue doubling down on their losses until they are themselves beaten by simple math.

It is not necessary, but it is probably inevitable.


"Over a 2-week period in 2007, for example, at least three blue whales were killed by ships striking them near California's Channel Islands."


Sounds like an opportunity to design a new gadget.



Indoctrination Nation

Recently the Unification Church has been in the news but the idea of using social pressure to force unassimilated people to accept unnatural beliefs which contradict tradition, in order to help the melting pot, is a universal theme across all melting pots, especially in frontier areas.


First beaten people are shown who has power, then they are told what powerful people believe, then they can choose between joining the powerful or 'staying conquered'.

Little do both sides suspect that no matter which they choose they lose.

The ultimate irony is that this 'conquering' is no longer conquering. Since 'East met West' countries and groups which try to win this way are destroying their core groups, even if they have short term wins. The United States collapse will accelerate until indigenous peoples have their own fully sovereign lands.

Conquered people have become the monkey traps of the global melting pot.



The Japanese continue their march towards gold





Shinzo Abe assassination and behaviorism

Several days after Shinzo Abe's killing articles are mentioning that the killer may have had a grudge against Sun Myung Moon's reunification church which was one of many melting pot projects probably originating in Western government offices using 'anti communism' as cover for 'anti indigenous'.


All sorts of complicated motives could be imagined, but this is probably a good example of an action that could best be understood in simple behavioral terms.

The killer's mother was supposedly heavily invested in a Western rooted organization that supported a melting potted Asia. Although Shinzo Abe was called an ultra nationalist, he was actually the opposite of that, which is what allowed him to become powerful in a Europe controlled Japan.

This will eventually be another example of the West's deceptions catching up to it. Mainstream Westerners may perceive the killer as an anti nationalist, but he probably represents a strong corp of much more genuine ultra nationalists who are able to operate as individuals, as opposed to the melting potters which the West has been trying to empower and pass off as genuine 'Japanese' leaders.

The most unsettling thing right now for UK/U.S. strategists would be any sign of Korean reunification, something that is likely to happen suddenly and utterly different than the artificial Sun Myung Moon melting pot vision.


In other words for about 70 years the UK side has been trying to split Asia into rival camps, and that was kicked off by the very real Japanese colonialism of the past. But the fictional construct created by the West to weaken Asia is being undermined by a natural reaction i.e., looking with a behavioral view.

Regardless what the killer knew, or what his motives, he is bringing into Asian Awareness something which was largely repressed when Asia was weaker.




The three or four officers getting 'grazed' by bullets should be on those videos.

The FBI probably has control of all the video by now and will do everything they can to prevent them being released.


Obvious next step

Regardless which interest is responsible for the current push towards disentangling economies, an obvious next step is a longterm massive disruption of internet in industrialized countries.



Considering facts like the timing of the Russian invasion and various other things, there is likely to be a fair amount of warning.

But the surprise element of the disruptions is probably that they will get progressively worse, while people wait for a solution, until eventually it becomes clear that it is the new status quo.

At that point other local internets will probably start to develop maybe using localized technologies like shortwave.


https://swling.com/blog/tag/internet-over-shortwave/ Notice the original 2016 article is gone.




Once this disruption begins its origin will be clear.

A group of people in the United States decided to use network vulnerabilities as a platform to further themselves professionally rather than trying to make a secure infrastructure in the internet.

CIA 'hoarded' vulnerabilities ("zero days")

In the wake of Edward Snowden's leaks about the NSA, the U.S. technology industry secured a commitment from the Obama administration that the executive would disclose on an ongoing basis — rather than hoard — serious vulnerabilities, exploits, bugs or "zero days" to Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other US-based manufacturers.

Serious vulnerabilities not disclosed to the manufacturers places huge swathes of the population and critical infrastructure at risk to foreign intelligence or cyber criminals who independently discover or hear rumors of the vulnerability. If the CIA can discover such vulnerabilities so can others.

The U.S. government's commitment to the Vulnerabilities Equities Process came after significant lobbying by US technology companies, who risk losing their share of the global market over real and perceived hidden vulnerabilities. The government stated that it would disclose all pervasive vulnerabilities discovered after 2010 on an ongoing basis.

"Year Zero" documents show that the CIA breached the Obama administration's commitments. Many of the vulnerabilities used in the CIA's cyber arsenal are pervasive and some may already have been found by rival intelligence agencies or cyber criminals.

As an example, specific CIA malware revealed in "Year Zero" is able to penetrate, infest and control both the Android phone and iPhone software that runs or has run presidential Twitter accounts. The CIA attacks this software by using undisclosed security vulnerabilities ("zero days") possessed by the CIA but if the CIA can hack these phones then so can everyone else who has obtained or discovered the vulnerability. As long as the CIA keeps these vulnerabilities concealed from Apple and Google (who make the phones) they will not be fixed, and the phones will remain hackable.

The same vulnerabilities exist for the population at large, including the U.S. Cabinet, Congress, top CEOs, system administrators, security officers and engineers. By hiding these security flaws from manufacturers like Apple and Google the CIA ensures that it can hack everyone &mdsh; at the expense of leaving everyone hackable. 



Considering preparations for this event it's likely that the state of Israel will take the fall for the event in most Western media.

The fact that the Canadian outage was widely 'not reported' in the U.S. points to a high level of government anticipation and preparation for this type of event.



Just when things couldn't get more confusing

China is like a vast casino, and the British are going to be selling their clothes soon to pay back borrowed money used to finance losing bets.


Australia is what the British consider their ace in the hole. Rotsaruck with that.




As the UK slowly walks Western civilization into the new British 'Soviet Union', not a lot can be done

Several hours after Shinzo Abe's assassination, no mention of it yet on MiddleEastEye, but other interesting stories published shortly after.




At least no stories about Arab consumers mourning the loss of abortion rights.

"In January 2010, the defense minister ordered the JMSDF to return from the Indian Ocean, fulfilling a government pledge to end the eight-year refueling mission. Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama refused to renew the law authorizing the mission, ignoring requests from the American government for continuation. Both the Western alliance country typified by the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Danish Navy, doing friendship activities in the Indian Ocean.[41]



Shinzo Abe's assassination is rich in symbols and will probably be discussed on a separate Japan page



Abe was a sort of imposed dynastic character foreign to Japanese interests, and there is likely to develop a hidden subculture which finds good reason for the killing unrelated to the motives discussed so far.

An interesting aspect of the killing is the overlap between the effect of environmental chemicals and politics which should be a science in itself, and might be discussed in the worldview war section.

The Japanese value discipline, and the killer will be admired by his supporters for that, but it may be years before support for that type of thing is visible in Japan.

Whether the killer was acting entirely on his own or was part of a group that arranged the assassination will be very hard to figure out because of the unusual discipline the killer shows.

An interesting side note is that Western viewers who search video of the incident immediately afterward on government controlled outlets are directed to a few specific sites such as Sky News and Guardian News https://www.google.com/search?q=Shinzo+Abe,+youtube 

Several hours after the shooting, on the first page of Google results, three of the first ten results send a person to Sky News which has more of a history of using new 'worldview war' techniques and less of a history of delivering accurate news.

Here is an interesting document whose language is stilted whether English or Japanese. Notice that Shinzo Abe's killer was in Japan's Maritime Defense unit, a franchise of the UK/U.S. militaries.


A person can argue that "this side is better" or "that side is better" but at the end of the day there is truth and there are untruths.


A very unusual progression of articles on pediatric liver disease.

For several months there have been articles suspecting an unusual increase in children having hepatitis of an unknown cause.

The first thing that was reported for several weeks was that there was a higher number of those children which had Covid previously.


Then, in late June, "a diverse team of researchers" claimed to uncover genetic associations to the condition.


A premise with a weak foundation even if it is supported by "a diverse team of researchers".

Now suddenly, a new villain.


The history of 'news' on the subject has been murky. Some reliable sources have said there is a mini epidemic of pediatric liver disease, other reliable sources say not.







If prenatal exposure to certain chemicals is the underlying source of the disease, and it looks like it is, then it also looks like there is an organized effort to obfuscate that origin.

"Liver disease" is a vague thing, even when it is a specific liver disease.

And specific liver diseases also are not necessarily as specific as they seem.


It is starting to look a lot like the lead pipe issue.

Lead in water is responsible for a lot of the problems associated with other things. If lead were reduced substantially in drinking water it would reduce violent crime, reduced intelligence kids and other things.

But removing lead from the drinking water in low income places is cost prohibitive in the short term, so it is carefully ignored.


Prenatal chemicals likewise appear to be behind a wide variety of diseases, and the strategy of choice seems to be to provide information to those who can afford to mitigate, and ignore others, for short term financial reasons.


Are governments behind some ransomware attacks?

Attacking a healthcare provider does not seem like it would be the first choice of people with financial motives, but it would be a first choice of a government trying to collect data on individuals.


On the other hand, a big part of the company's business is debt collection for medical bills, something that financially destroys thousands of people a day in the United States.

So the list of potential suspects is long.


Two of the biggest financial conspiracy theories are starting to develop into one

Conspiracy theory number one involves the use of Japan's economy by Western interests to develop UK/U.S./Aus influence in Asia.

Conspiracy theory number two involves using the digital economy as a parachute to lessen the impact of what looks like an upcoming fiat collapse.

Each of these conspiracies would necessarily be developed outside the usual bureaucratic realm of committee and consensus, and hence would contain individual psychological components which could be watched, such as elements of rivalry between two sides.

As has been mentioned the Japanese gold market i.e., gold denominated in Yen, is probably the cleanest gold chart in the world.


This could be due to some Japanese financial integrity, or it could be part of a bigger trap set by opponents of Japan. The unknown variable would be the extent to which the Japanese Yen is influenced by overseas strategists i.e., the UK.

 In December 2017 bitcoin made a short term top in Japanese Yen at roughly 2,312,000 JPY. From there it dropped to a recent low then got as high as roughly 7,800,000 JPY.

In April of this year the JPY broke downward against the dollar just as bitcoin started its recent drop against the dollar and other fiat.



The unusual aspect which brings the two conspiracy theories together is the fact that the JPY's drop against the dollar has created an unusually precise prevention of the BTC/JPY chart from being technically clean the way JPY gold charts are if you look at the 2017 high and the recent low.

The appearance is that there is a high chance that the tiny imperfection in Japanese btc charts is not an accident, and that it reflects some rivalry between two groups of traders, or perhaps one group trying to create the appearance of such a rivalry.



The United States is not on historically very solid ground in Asia


"In response, U.S. military provincial governor William F. Dean ordered a purge of WPSK sympathizers from the ranks of the Korean Constabulary, and three sergeants were summarily executed."

"Fearing an upsurge in guerrilla activities after they succeeded in getting what they wanted out of the election, General Dean requested a US Navy blockade of the island on May 11, so that sympathizers from the mainland could not reach Jeju. The Navy sent the USS John R. Craig to enforce the blockade."



The U.S. has, for a long time, used the tension between Japan and Korea to give the appearance of a strong U.S. influence in Asia, but the reality is not something favorable to the U.S.


The vast majority of all Covid deaths in Taiwan and New Zealand happened in the last 12 weeks



Whether this represents a shift in those governments' strategies for economic reasons, or reflects the contagiousness of new strains is anybody's guess.


A pretty significant part of the 'Ukraine Strategy' involves heating up other areas


The Russians are well aware that the UK needs to destabilize various other parts of the world, and that Ukraine provides some cover for that, and they are also aware that there is nothing they can do about that.

North Africa is likely to be the biggest second hand recipient of 'Ukraine' weapons, and several countries, including Russia, are already heavily involved in mischief there.

The most important factor will be if some sort of African interest manages to create a sort of nationalism on the continent that leads to a complete expulsion of all foreign actors.

From a European perspective this would be a problem because it would lead to more awareness of specific conflicts which are easily connected to Western European colonialism, e.g. the 'anglophone vs francophone' conflict which could easily spark a colonial reckoning in other areas.



That specific conflict is especially significant because of its potential to unravel colonial interests globally.

When 'East met West' many centuries ago, a new dynamic appeared. Mostly its effects and influences are invisible but can be deduced by simply looking at facts.

Where thousands of years ago all these colonized societies would consolidate into 'new' tribal societies over thousands of years, for that to happen today would require such global depopulation that it is unlikely. Much more likely is a natural unwinding of, or retreating from, the effects of colonialism at the local level across the globe. In other words a retreat to pre existing tribal identities with 'federated' or 'mixed blood' people picking a tribal side to bring their spoils to.

That isn't to say that the melting pot consolidation won't be attempted. The UK appears to be positioning for a massive attack against indigenous interests in Australia in the attempt to consolidate European interests there. But globally such a project would be so messy it's unlikely, and it would not succeed.


The Jayland Walker Strategy

Jayland Walker was a black guy shot by police yesterday, and the police reaction is an example of their recent strategy in handling these shootings generally.

There are a fairly lot of people shot by police under completely unjustifiable circumstances. Those shootings often have extensive video footage available but that footage is either ignored by most media or not released for a long time.

When police announce they are going to release video quickly, it always means that the video makes the police look justified to most people, in other words it is not actually the worst kind of unjustified shooting even though it is presented as being that.

In this case police have been announcing for quite a while they were going to release the video, and they claimed it was the worst kind of shooting and would start riots, etc.

So a person had warning, before it was released, that it probably did not make the police look that bad to most mainstream viewers.

Once it was released, all of the major media outlets covered it prominently, which only happens with videos that do not reflect poorly on police, unless there is overwhelming social media pressure on major media.

The video itself contains body cam video which has been obviously reduced in quality. Body cams have actual normal video cameras that capture a normal quality image. The released 'body cam video' was of a very low resolution and color range, and had obviously been reduced in quality through editing. The video makes clear he had a gun, was wearing a sky mask, etc, but does not show the police shooting him 60+ times.

Later today, or tomorrow or the day after, more people will be shot by police under much less justifiable circumstances, and no major media will report it. That's how it goes in the United States.

Here is the database of police shootings most easily available.


Notice that the most recent shooting they show is almost three months ago.

A 74 year old who supposedly had a gun according to police, and was suicidal.


The third person on the list is listed as "name withheld by police" and was shot for running from police. His name was Ramiro Guerrero and there are literally almost no news reports on the shooting, probably because there are issues and the police pressured the media not to report on it. A recent Twitter expose showed that major police departments spend a lot of money on influencing media. The LAPD for example has a large media section with a lot of employees that has a history of using untruthful information to spin stories.

Then another one that police tried to hide until a local news outlet filed a freedom of information paper.


A woman calls 911 to complain about her husband. The police shoot her and her baby, then kill the husband too, so there aren't any witnesses.


Here is one, an unarmed woman in a car shot by police who were pretending they would have been killed if they didn't kill her.


Another woman who police killed because she was holding a pipe. She looks like she weighs under 100 pounds. If it had been a man that small they simply would have overpowered him, which raises the strange issue of police seeming to have a tendency to shoot women in situations where men would not be shot.

https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2022/apr/01/state-police-id-woman-killed-by-officers-in-atkins-wednesday/ .


Pakistan is starting to get interesting again




It's starting to look like Imran Khan was removed from power by his own backers in anticipation of an economic situation which would let him return as savior.

That would probably put his return a few months away but it would probably be preceded by a change at the top of the military.

There is little doubt Pakistan will be one of the most important countries in whatever regional blocs form under the upcoming stress.


Where are the two SWAT teams?

Two police from two different departments have an altercation that should have been settled by their respective SWAT teams.


The one that can summon the most helicopters would probably win, but that is rural Georgia so tanks might factor in.


Years ago it was the U.S. that would be first at obvious things



Japan says gold is going up, UK says it is going down

Who to trust?





Another odd change in precious metals accounting in the UK/U.S. which occurred shortly after large institutional trading scams were exposed.


Another UK official news source exposed?


One of the key strategies of a powerful interest in the UK will be to have the royals take the fall for problems that will develop soon.

Outlets like Sky News and the BBC have been caught too many times in propaganda plays and a person can watch 'new' outlets which trash the royals if they want to know which companies to buy stock in or stay ahead of the propaganda storm.


Fire season?


"TSB investigation 'flawed,'"

October 15, 2021 https://www.castanetkamloops.net/news/Kamloops/348759/Lytton-residents-say-TSB-investigation-flawed-demand-to-be-interviewed 

"A 32-year old Kelowna man"


"A 36-year-old West Kelowna man"


"a 42-year-old Kamloops woman"


"a 44-year-old Kelowna woman"



Global Holodomor

The Holodomor was a massive starvation event in Ukraine which is usually viewed as the result of Russian attempts to control Ukrainians, though there may have been some behind the scenes corporate influence from outside the region.



In 2013 China gained a large amount of Ukraine's farmland.



Together with other evidence, including Covid and the recent Fed policy in the United States, it is clear that another mass starvation event is being engineered, although this time it will have a biowar aspect, the target not being a "victim country", but rather a wide swathe of the species without direct political control of their own land.

The end result will be slightly harder melting pot borders designed to consolidate the larger melting pots, along with probably an ongoing series of wars.