Reddit site moderators, and other sites' moderators, impose their specific beliefs on the public by banning and deleting opinions which don't match their own. One major focal point on these sites involves transgender issues. These moderators have grossly inaccurate views, but they portray themselves as serving that community and claim they are preventing psychological damage or worse.

What is the truth?

This page will be an assembly of facts which refute the fictional 'lgbtq' and transgender fictions being imposed on Reddit readers and others. This will try to use archetypes and Jungian concepts, so it will be in the psychology section of the website.

Here is an author who had transsexual surgery some years ago, but has opinions that would result in his being banned instantly on Reddit. 

Another 'trans' person who recognizes that the issue is not what it seems. 

In Progress


Q What is the most likely cause of 'transgender'?

A All animal species have two lineages, from two different original microbes. As a species consolidates the 'male' and 'female' lineages balance in such a way that the two lineages are physically 'compatible. As a conquered group is being assimilated a person can see this process over the span of generations as traits compete and diminish or expand. When there is a 'riddle' in the two lineages which is not resolved then that, and other unknown factors, cause a physically transgender person, or a biological tendency towards homosexuality, which is just a variation of 'transgender' caused by the same thing. When a parent tends toward that conflict they transfer the conflict to their child, which is the proper thing parents do with conflicts.

Q What is the difference between 'transgender' and 'psychological transgender'?

A Some people are born with ambiguous gender, they are not clearly identifiable as male or female. These are 'true' or 'physical' transgenders who serve an important role in the consolidation of tribes.

Among people born clearly in one gender or the other there are many possible confusions which can arise. Homosexuality is a common example, and in analytical psychology is considered a developmental issue. In other words before an outward sexual identity is formed most of the energy of an individual is directed to peers of the same gender. Around adolescence most people shift that energy, to some extent, to the opposite gender. The greater the shift the more 'individuation' from an analytical perspective. The less the shift the more a 'group identity' persists into adulthood. However in some individuals this shift is postponed and leads to a 'homosexual focus' extending past the development of a sexual identity.

Psychologically transgender people are individuals who have been influenced to play a role, that of transgender. There is overwhelming evidence of this behavior being role playing, and not an innate difference between psychologically transgender people and their same sex counterparts.

Q But aren't there subtle genetic or neurological differences which could be found in psychologically transgender people?

A One of the under discussed facts about genetics and neuroanatomy is that you can find a genetic or anatomical correlation to literally anything if you have enough data. There are trillions of generic and anatomical variations, and one can be found that corresponds properly to any tendency within any sample size far past the number of people on the planet. Although there are safeguards against misusing statistical data built into most statistical formulas, because of the nature of these 'sciences' the safeguards are worthless and anything can be shown to appear true.

Q But animals have occasional homosexual pairings and 'transgender behavior', doesn't that prove that there is fluidity in those roles?

A Yes, of course. Animals diverge and then consolidate just as humans do, and the consolidations often leave loose ends which are solved that way. From a Western view i.e., analytical psychology for example, there is not a clear solution, and likewise from an Eastern view, for example the energy studies of various Eastern disciplines, likewise. But combining the two perspectives there seems to be a fuller picture, and that is probably where the study of this subject will go in the future.

The most accurate basic deduction that can be made from the Western perspective is that the 'subconscious' or balancing factors of analytical psychology originate in the difference between the two lineages. In other words despite any careful studies Freud or Jung or others may have done, ultimately the subconscious of a physical male is female and of a physical female male. Where Freud and Jung and others were able to find subtle adaptations of that fact in various psychological trivia, it was only associated with the lack of individuation in their subjects.

On the other hand, the two lineages cannot diverge too much within a viable species, so a person can argue that the 'lack of individuation' along with the various deductions which that allows a scientist like Freud or Jung, are necessary or you would have males and females evolving into completely different animals.

Q Is there some natural societal progression past 'gender role confusion, a next step as a culture consolidates?

A Many possibilities, but one example would be having the 'confusion' or 'ambiguity' projected onto language, externalized so it develops in a uniform way across the people.