This page will list various alternative medical systems, and classify them as either 'expanding', meaning a person will learn more and more as they study the field, or 'contracting', meaning a person will become more and more ignorant about their health as they study the field. Whether a person becomes smarter or stupider about things unrelated to health, such as identifying scams, will not be addressed.

When a person understands paradigms and worldviews they are able to create sub paradigms and sub worldviews which trap people who have less understanding of how science works across different paradigms and worldviews. For example L Ron Hubbard created 'Scientology' by taking factual elements from a common worldview and narrowing its scope so that people could create their own bubble within the new contracted worldview. In very local terms 'contracting' systems are 'accurate' but they are meant to benefit the individual who created them short term, not necessarily his or her followers/victims long term.

In the other direction, a person can look, for example, at analytical psychology vs 'modern psychiatry'. Jung provided basic facts along with his own notion of how those facts could be interpreted, allowing anybody to pick and choose what suited them, and determine if it worked. Within a very broad range of humans, his observations are a starting point, not a dogma. Modern psychiatry though is designed to create a hierarchy in which a specific worldview can be enforced by a power group with no benefit to those on the wrong side of the equation, a variant of scientology, or vice versa.

As a general rule dogma and hierarchy indicate a contracting system.

Most important is the location of 'expertise'.

In an expanding system a person is their own expert and they live or die by what they learn. This may confuse people who associate industrial variables like 'iq' or 'schooling' with the ability to learn. In fact, as Jung pointed out, there are many types of intelligence and ultimately it is zero sum. A strawberry plant is as smart as Einstein in its domain or worldview, and any individual likewise in their own worldview. A person, or a strawberry plant, can only be stupid by investing in somebody else's worldview.


An example of a contracting medical system is 'German New Medicine'.

As you study this medical system you will gradually become stupider and stupider with regard to your health.

Here are some links to get started. A person starts with 'proof' that they are smart then they get sucked into stupid. 

Recordings, some commercial drama involving who owns the rights to the system

A German Fraulein with wunderbar ponytails to help if you need 

Or an older Frau with better marketing skills 

If you want to spend money right off the bat 

Or here it is for free if you are poor 


An example of an expanding medical system is medicinal salts.

Salts have been used for detox for centuries though some modern treatments are not widely accepted. 

Salts have various effects across individuals and species, and by providing some accurate but incomplete information to a person that person is able to construct or flesh out a paradigm or worldview which suits their experiences.

For example

1) Most people in many societies eat sodium chloride as a flavoring to add 'something unknown' to food. It changes the food in a way that is rationally unknown but viscerally, or irrationally, useful.

2) A person who has studied chemistry knows that salts are a category of substance generally involving the product of a metal and an acid. Therefore any salt is related to other salts in some ways, and unrelated in some ways e.g. different or same metals, different or same acids etc.

3) Sodium chloride is the metal sodium passed through an acid, eg HCl, and other metal chlorides likewise to become salts.

4) When a person mixes salts, eventually the perceived flavors cancel each other out which suggests that the body uses / views salt differently than the common perceived notion people have. For example if you consume a mix of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium chlorides in the right quantities there is no perceptible salt flavor.

5) Sometimes people get 'salt craving' which is not satisfied no matter how much salt they get. The 'salt' they take is sodium chloride usually, of course, but the way 'salt taste' i.e., the perception of salt in most people, works, does not differentiate well, so obviously that 'salt craving' is not for a sodium salt, and is not 'updated' in a person's perception of salt 'flavor' until that person knows well the taste of other salts. In other words when they know other salt flavors only 'a little' or 'not at all' then those cravings can be confused as craving sodium.

Just with that information, a person who has some 'disease' or 'lack of health' can experiment, according to their own situation, and develop a sub paradigm or sub worldview in which salts have an effect on their specific health. If the person then decides to create a 'scientology' or 'new german medicine' around their specific observations then they can cash in at the expense of others.

Two books on related subjects. 

Only one of the books has an easily found website 'debunking' it, but anything can be 'debunked' by researching it enough. 

As with anything a person has to be careful. Here is an important video by an expert which I should have watched earlier/  

And my mistake which preceded watching

1) Take magnesium salt to help sleep

2) Get extreme muscle contractions from magnesium so take calcium to balance

3) Take larger amounts of other salts to make them closer to ca/mg

4) Develop massively poor circulation which leads to corpselike fingers and toes and other serious problems

5) Watch the video

6) Retreat somewhat 

Unfortunately a lot of people trust conventional medicine which is simply a business designed to create more and more future customers.

Videos like that will minimize the harm caused by several hundred years of enforced stupidness, but a person should think on their own.


Below will be a list of various systems sold to the public as 'medicines' along with an explanation of why they are contracting or expanding medical systems.


1) Viral syndromes / expanding

Viruses are known for directly causing visible 'diseases', but they may be much more influential with 'syndromes' which mostly have things that do not qualify as symptoms.

Here is a recent hepatitis story that is vaguely associated with a specific virus. 

Reynauds is another thing associated with viruses, but not accurately called specifically a syndrome or disease. 

My whole life I've been very resistant to cold, even after getting frostbite and other damage to extremities I was always extremely able to tolerate cold. Then I met somebody who had a finger amputated due to 'Reynauds', and my tolerance to cold dropped precipitously.

This 'expanding' medical system involves starting with 'syndromes' rather than diseases 

and correlating those syndromes with a higher than average exposure to specific viruses, then backtracking what is known about those viruses.

This system has a lot of potential growth because viruses are often minimized as an incomplete biological element.

In Progress

2) Sustainable GMOs / expanding

'Conventionally' modifying the genetics of organisms ignores some basic realities about nature which have been, or will be, discussed on The Hunter Archetype page.

Many more sensible paths are available including using gene transfer mechanisms which have existed since before humans.

These would have a price to pay, also, when done opportunistically, but it would be more reasonable than that of monkeying with genes using lab equipment.

As a medical system the timeframe involved might seem long at first, but that would help reconcile the difference between 'short term' and 'long term' medical systems. 

Unfortunately, this is also an example of the harm caused by the 'copyright mentality' of colonialism which pushes short term scams like the DSM over long term science, like the invention of practical uses for natural chemicals. Anybody working on sensible GMO technology would be de incentivized by the long term perspective needed in its development while those working on harmful short term genetic technologies have abundant commercial protections. 

Studying the transfer of genetic information across organisms has practical uses, for example in alcoholism

Sugar is acted upon by microbes to create alcohol, and obviously the 'taste' a person has for better alcohol has some relationship to the information within those microbes.

Likewise alcohol becomes vinegar through a subsequent step involving new genetic information from another microbe or microbe pair.

Vinegar is famous as a 'flavor enhancer', in that you can add a small amount of vinegar to almost any food and people will perceive the taste as having been improved. 

Modern commercial alcohol, of course, usually has these microbes, and their genetic information, eliminated, so it is not useful in studying this.

The taste for unusually good wine exists in all people, it has evolved as humans got exposure to various microbes in food, but in many people i.e., those who have recent genetic exposure to alcohol, you can take out the substance, the microbe, and a person senses a high quality microbe which doesn't actually exist in most sterilized wine.

All intoxicants present a person with a completely valid worldview, different than their own but overlapping it, and this aspect of the genetic significance of the microbes in alcohol leads to the next category, 'zero sum' medicine.

3) Zero Sum medicine / expanding

Ayurveda is an example of a zero sum medical system, but any person can come up with an equivalent system.

Western medicine, for example, is an example of a non zero sum system which tries to build on an imaginary foundation.

The underlying foundation of zero sum systems has to do with the dualistic nature of the mind and perceptions.

Anything which can be perceived is, by natural definition, the sum of two things which cancel out or add up to zero. If you feel a certain temperature, whether hot or cold, you are actually perceiving both the 'hotter than that temperature', and the 'colder than that temperature', and those two broad uncalculateable ranges coalesce into your perception of 'it is this temperature'.

The zero sum concept can be used to develop any system, but it has the same danger as other 'techniques' in that a person who develops it academically will be misguided.

In other words if a person does not know what 'zero sum' means, except for having an academic definition, then they will create a contracting system.

In Progress