This is a myth that has floated around for some time, and there have been indications over the years that it is true.

The specific myth is that there is a retirement home in Leningrad, or an asylum depending on who you ask, where most of the big policy decisions in the United States are made.

The story starts with J Edgar Hoover, who was supposedly a Soviet agent from the start of his career, recruited by blackmail over supposed homosexuality.

A long series of supposed policy missteps by the United States are attributable to the Leningrad facility, as the story goes.

In the late 1970s Jack Anderson, an investigative reporter, published some secret U.S. documents which referred to Henry Kissinger as a Soviet spy and identified some of the key links between the Leningrad facility and other Soviet and U.S. people.

Long ago supposedly, the asylum had complete control of the U.S.

At this point inmates in the asylum, retired KGB agents mostly, would pass their time making bets involving what they could do.

Putting a Quail or 'Quayle' in a Bush administration was their doing, certainly, though Quayle was indeed uniquely qualified for high office 


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