Public comment sections on news sites in the United States are slowly disappearing. It isn’t a big mystery why.

For many years it has been common to read anti Muslim comments. Sometimes they are on anti Muslim articles. After 9/11 it was considered patriotic to be anti Muslim.

The flip side, anti Jewish sentiment, has always been a part of the United States. Pre World War 2 there were a lot of people in the U.S. who wanted to support Germany, and were it not for the presence of heavy Jewish influence in media and politics that might have happened. A lot of Germany’s worst atrocities were modeled on U.S. actions, and the two would have been natural allies were it not for Jewish influence.


Yahoo News had a very popular comments section, attracting hundreds or sometimes thousands of comments on some articles. For several years there had been a very visible battle between pro and anti Israel spammers on Yahoo comments, with the anti Israel spammers probably ‘winning’ by most measures.

Suddenly Yahoo News eliminated its comment section, as many other sites have done.

Today, December 13 2020, a news article about the price of gold, on a gold dealer’s website. 

33 comments so far on the article today. The most popular 4 comments, by far, with 10 to 12 upvotes each reference


2) “METHODICAL ILLUSION by Rebekah Roth...”. A person researches on Google, and surprise, she is an anti Israel writer who is supposedly pushing ‘Israeli 9/11’ theories. One site says she is suspected of being an ‘agent provocateur’ i.e., an agent of those she appears to be fighting 

3) “ An Abridged History of Israel’s False Flag Operations against the U.S.A.”

4) “With allies like Israel, who needs enemies.” 

And another comment about “the joos” which was evidently deleted by moderators in the time it took to write these paragraphs. Now there are 37 comments on the article.

Update a few minutes later. 54 comments, but 3 of the 4 comments above have been deleted by moderators.

So it’s only a matter of time until Kitco dumps commenting. 

Update January 2022

Kitco comments survived evidently by using a new comment system which carefully controls posts. The most recent articles do not have comments, suggesting they are not published until they are reviewed.

Feeding fire with gasoline, as anybody with common sense knows.