1) The hidden melting pot

This page will go in the weltanschauungskrieg section because it shows how the globalizing worldview is preventing globalized 'politically correct' scientists from seeing obvious things.

NetFlix has a series called 'Diagnosis, Second Opinions'.

Episode 1 involved a girl around 20 with a conventional genetic disease, two recessive genes, one from each parent.

Season 1, episode 2 has a girl with something called 'Rasmussen's encephalitis'.

The girl in episode 2 has a father who appears to be indigenous to the Americas, and a mother of European descent. The disease causes convulsions in one half of the brain and is often treated by removing half the child's brain.

The disease is named after Theodore Brown Rasmussen, MD who, incredibly, was associated with McGill University in Canada.


McGill University was the site of various dark experiments as part of MKUltra, and other colonial misconduct.



Here is another sufferer of Rasmussen's encephalitis.


The parents are Baptist British which points to one of them being probably from another area outside Britain.

In the United States the main center for Rasmussen's is in Texas, long a melting pot frontier.



Common sense says that a disease like this which arises spontaneously in children without any environmental causes is probably what Western science calls genetic.

So why would scientists be hesitant to label Rasmussen's a genetic disease?

The common paradigm of genetic diseases is that they are usually caused by simple overplay of genes, usually a recessive gene from each parent or something similar.

If 'genetic diseases' are expanded to include inflammatory responses which are caused by past colonial adventuring then the entirety of medicine would need to realign in a different political direction.


This page will flesh out a more accurate disease paradigm which melting pot science avoids.

One interesting thing to observe about Rasmussen's encephalopathy is the harsh treatment its sufferers are offered i.e., 'all we can do to help you is remove half your brain' and the parallel to broader societies treatment of mixed race people like Holtzclaw, who was treated very differently than white policeman, and who is mentioned on another page, as well as, on a global level, the prejudice against very melting potted tribes like Jews, as mentioned also on another page. The melting pot famously preys on the vulnerable, and if you are of mixed vulnerable descent the melting pot will smile as it eats you then bills you for lunch.

At one point during this NetFlix episode the girl's symptoms are described in a NYT article and roughly half the responses from readers suggest looking into Lyme disease. She is then given a Lyme disease test and the result is a strong positive, but she does not respond well to Lyme disease treatment. This should be a 'full stop' under the circumstances and a person would say that there is a flaw with the 'Lyme disease' paradigm as well as the 'Rasmussen's encephalitis' paradigm. In other words two more fictional diseases created from syndromes which require a foreign worldview to properly understand.

One thing to notice about 'treating' Rasmussen's encephalopathy is that most diseases can be influenced by modifying diet, and those kinds of symptoms are much more easily affected by diet than most disease symptoms. So a person should ask why patients are immediately told that 'the gold standard' is to remove half the patient's brain 'as quickly as possible'. Why would doctors not advise the patients to spend several weeks experimenting with diet before getting half the brain removed?

The answer goes back to why any vulnerable population is vulnerable in a melting pot in the first place.

About a dozen cases of Rasmussen's encephalopathy are easily findable on Google. There is no clear familial pattern in all of the patients, aside from the tendency of researchers to avoid looking for such a pattern, but the few cases where some facts are available are more than enough to give statistical significance to the entirety.

2) Basel 3 is some kind of 'global' banking arrangement supposedly designed to reduce stress on banks.

As one part of the process, which involves gold, becomes effective, it is getting publicity.

"The vast majority of gold trading takes place in the London bullion market, said Gold Newsletter’s Lundin. The regulations are expected to take hold in the U.K. at the start of the new year, so the “real impact won’t be seen this month.”" 


A big conspiracy theory has existed for decades involving various financial markets and their relationship to the British government and allied or derivative governments.

One part of that conspiracy involves the use of 'paper' metals to control global precious metals prices.

When a commodity is largely consumed, then replenished annually, you can more or less trust that price is a pretty direct function of supply and demand. Orange juice cannot be stored indefinitely, so if the price of orange juice is x dollars then that price has to reflect an honest compromise between buyers and sellers. If sellers controlled the market and tried to inflate the price they would end up with unsold rotten orange juice, and if buyers controlled the market and pushed it too low they would be hijacking the seller function in the market, among other effects.

Gold does not decay in storage like orange juice, so there is the opportunity to use gold held in storage to manipulate markets.

The common conspiracy theory holds that banks have created a vast amount of 'paper gold' which they use to control the price of real gold.

The supposed implication of Basel 3 in this conspiracy is that it will prevent that manipulation and force buyers and sellers of gold to deal with actual gold, thus dramatically reducing the supply of gold.

The hidden variable involves the timeframe that Basel 3 is implemented within, and what other factors are likely to come into play in that timeframe.

This page will look at various scenarios, as well as why the Basel 3 aspects involving gold are being implemented now.





3) Diagnosis, Second Opinions'. Season 1, episode 3 has another disease evolving to counter melting pot worldviews

The episode starts with a guy who has brain lesions which have been causing various problems. He is first diagnosed with something called 'clippers syndrome'.


Almost anything which is called a 'syndrome' is something that is not understood, but anything whose treatment involves steroids, aside from poison ivy, is especially mysterious.

Notice, too, the person appears to be of some indigenous American descent and had previously joined the army, including 'serving' in the gulf war, obviously for financial reasons, and now has insufficient resources to cover medical bills.

One third of U.S. soldiers involved in the gulf war have 'Gulf War Syndrome'. That, and the widespread use of depleted uranium in that area, suggest that part of the motive in the war, at some point, may have been experimental. Most Gulf War Syndrome patients are treated at VA hospitals without public scrutiny.

So what is 'Gulf War Syndrome'? Obviously a collection of diseases or toxic exposures. But an important thing about it is that it has two populations. 1) U.S. military veterans whose government is motivated to hide its existence as a syndrome as it gains knowledge about long term effects and 2) People in Iraq and Kuwait who have the same syndrome.

Iraq and Kuwait will have a much wider age range of sufferers since the U.S. soldier population was limited to only about ages 20 to 40.

Iraq and Kuwait governments are largely controlled by the U.S. still, and a person interested in the syndrome would start by looking at U.S. government health projects that may have interfered in studying the disease in those countries. 

Season 1, episode 4 is another 'genetic disease' which doesn't involve two recessive genes, in other words the result of two parents whose combined genes had to adapt in an unusual way.

The child is mixed race of parents who divorced early, so most likely the normal tests of genetic compatibility like scents etc were not part of the initial union.

The mother of the young girl involved first met a genetic researcher who had been working on that gene. Unfortunately that researcher is focused on conventional status quo type research and tries to add animal experiments wherever possible, so her research will not lead to any permanent solutions.

Next she found a boy in Sweden who had a very similar symptom and the same genetic mutation. The 'parents' of the boy appear to be two lesbians, so it's possible their children are 'turkey baster' babies, also indicating again not too much intuitive testing for compatibility before the egg dropped.

The gene mutation has something to do with potassium channels in cells, and potassium is certainly a sedative. But potassium's sedative effect is a function of total potassium level relative to sodium, so it isn't clear how a gene is causing the totality of all cells to react at the same time, unless the 'sedative' aspect of potassium has several different aspects, or the gene causes a synchronized action in all cells.

The fact that 'genetic diseases', which involve the reaction or adaptation by the child of two sources which are in some way incompatible, are usually analyzed very superficially, is more evidence of the hidden bias against children of mixed origin.

A new worldview which would be constructive but dismiss most of conventional wisdom on diseases like this would involve starting with the broad 'symptom' of reduced awareness, or consciousness, then branching out, but only advancing as fast as that common thread would allow. Jung famously refers to the general cause/symptom 'abaissement du niveau mental', 'lowering of consciousness'.


Season 1, episode 5 is an interesting example of the failure of modern psychiatry. The episode begins with the host introducing the case of a girl who started vomiting chronically after being bitten by a raccoon in Costa Rica. The host said that in most cases it would look like a psychological issue, but implied that the raccoon bite made it something mysterious.

As the episode goes on it's clear that the 'patient', a 20 year old girl, has what conventional medicine would dismiss as a psychological condition. The mother says wisely that she wants to figure out the root of the actual problem. Ultimately the girl is diagnosed with a nebulous condition called Rumination syndrome.

Like most similar conditions e.g. eating disorders etc, it's considered a fake illness by the pharma psych industry which is part of the pharmasurgical industry.

An Analytical Psychologist though easily finds concrete causes and real solutions for that spectrum of disorder. Anything that has a substantial fatality rate, as eating disorders do, should not be dismissed as a pharmapsychological illness when it can be identified accurately by analytical psychology. In that case, the raccoon bit girl, the obvious first solution is to restore her sense of privacy so she can continue developing at whatever point she was stifled. Jung wrote a bit about temenos and Tibetan symbolic art etc, which applies to many things including that, but pills are more profitable.

Season 1, episode 6 starts with a 20 year old guy who has a lot of things that seem to parallel Eastern type sciences more than Western.

He gets a sense of deja vu before he has a certain kind of episode. In Western parlance it would be called a situational memory. Some unknown thing happens and he 'recalls' something appropriate to that situation, like a person who only remembers certain things when they are drunk, or at a specific location.

The specific 'situation' which causes the 'situational memory' would be guessed differently in different places, for example in a place like Tibet it might be considered the remembrance of a past death or post death, maybe even something from the intermediate steps between death and birth in the Tibetan book of the dead.

This case is very distinctly on the border between what is usually called 'psychological illness' and what is called 'physical illness'. Unfortunately the person in this case retreated to therapy, the most popular placebo in industrialized countries, instead of figuring out the issue.

Season 1, episode 7 involves two people with paralysis.

A 61 year old former dentist who first got numbness in his knees which worked its way up. He says "I am a firm believer in Western medicine" which suggests he is not. Dentists are sometimes called 'people who couldn't get into medical school'. He also had 'Waldenstrom's Globulemia', a rare kind of blood cancer, 15 years before. This is an obvious case where herbs like Lion's Mane would be useful, but are not promoted by doctors.

A 44 year old woman with an obvious discrepancy between her right and left sides is introduced talking to a young girl whose eyes move up and down when talking to her, trying to find a balanced symmetry. The woman loses half her body control, on the right side, from time to time. The spinal cord turns 180 degrees in the neck so the right of a body is often like the left of the head. She seems to be quite stubborn, individualistic. Despite the fact that the spinal cord turns 180 degrees, people consciously have a 'right side' and a 'left side' including head and body which they identify with. That stubborn identity, or role, is probably her undoing.

4) In what could be an important precedent, the FBI has decided that 150+ year old stolen property claims are valid


This has a lot of implications for indigenous Americans, and maybe a page will be made pointing them out.

Recent legal decisions have invalidated coercive contracts, as well.

5) Australia and China are both involved in Myanmar




Australia is Britain's representative in Asia when it comes to mining but it isn't clear how any tension between Australia and China influenced the coup. The most likely scenario is that Australia and China are developing a rare earth consortium along the lines of the collapsing oil consortium, and are working cooperatively while pretending to be rivals.

6) So called 'modular nuclear reactors' have been mentioned in the media recently


There is little doubt that nuclear energy will play an important part in a lot of things soon.

This page will look at 'private nuclear tests' and their future influence on using nuclear fuels to reduce carbon emission.

The recent, and ongoing, extreme shortage in Uranium appears to be a gift from politicians to 'some unknown interest', and is probably tied to the decline of the oil consortium.



Numerous new oil fields are opening up, and there will be no reduction in the use of oil until the model shifts to discouraging use through taxation, rather than encouraging use through corporate incentive.


The many long term fictions surrounding nuclear power have led western science into a huge dead end which will also be examined on this page.


7) The great vaccine coverup?

There are a lot of people who instinctively dislike vaccines, and as a result those with a taste for vaccinating others have developed some unusual tactics.

Food allergies are increasing, and there are indications that vaccines may be responsible for it.

Here is a study of a vaccine in Japan which concludes "The 2011-2012 IVA spike in Japan was caused by specific IgE antibodies to influenza vaccine components."


IgE is an antibody associated with food allergies.



The wording of the study tries to discourage a connection between that specific vaccine and food allergies by using a mix of irrelevant data and convoluted logic.

"Influenza vaccines produced in embryonated eggs might pose a risk to patients with egg allergy. However, patients experiencing influenza vaccine–associated anaphylaxis (IVA) do not always have egg allergy. In the 2011-2012 season, an unusually high incidence of IVA was reported in Japan."

 Several studies claim to 'prove' that vaccines are not a cause of the increase in food allergies.


Notice this article which has links to "One Swedish study" and "an Australian cohort study" but both links misleadingly lead to the Chop.edu link.


There are enough red flags around this issue that it will get a page eventually.



8) Amateur hour at the local University?

A strange mix of fraud and stupidity, but who is really leading it?




9) How extensive is Google propaganda? What effect does it have? Who is behind it?

One of the worst influences on the West has been a series of harmful propaganda efforts, of which Google is a prime example. This page will last various of these efforts and describe the harm they do in miseducating entire generations.

Dr Jim Swire is the father of one of the Lockerbie victims. He is convinced that Iran was behind the bombing, as the evidence indicates, and that the prosecution of a Libyan was part of a propaganda campaign by Britain and the U.S. against their own citizens.

Notice this cleverly crafted Wikipedia page which appears to have been written by somebody trying to hide facts.


The first video result on Google, if you search "dr jim swire" goes to skynews, a site that has become famous for promoting inaccurate pro Britain stories.


Here is Dr Swire's website


A recent article hinting at further effects of such deceptions on the 'unity' of various groups.


10) Space Psychology

A page listing what can be guessed so far regarding the differences in human psychology once outer space is available.

11) At some point documentation of the western roots of China's one child policy will be leaked by China, probably to encourage nationalism

When that happens, a new nationalism era will begin.






12) Chinese plans to tow the moon to mars and have it orbit the red planet are raising concern among scientists


Will it actually increase rice yields by 40%?

12) Niobium is an interesting metal to watch as countries start to play games with strategic resources

It isn't especially rare 


but it's production is pretty concentrated,


and it has uses that could pick up abruptly if governments ever decide to address global warming. It is also an ideal substance to be used as some part of a consortium arrangement between the Chinese and Western interests which have resources.







13) In every country, including the united States, it's common for police to target their critics


The harassment of Ramsey Orta got a lot of publicity.



When the uncle of the person who filmed George Floyd's death was killed in a car accident, hit by a police officer who was supposedly chasing another vehicle, it seemed like an odd coincidence.


Is there any reason to wonder whether that most recent accident was arranged? 

The police have not released any video footage, but a news organization did find some local security cameras and published that footage.

Notice at 1 minute 27 seconds.

A car starts to pull up behind another car at the intersection, but it's approaching the intersection very slowly. A conspiracy would need the police car and the 'stolen car' to be working with a third car which would be watching, along with a gps tracker on the car being targeted. Notice that after the accident that car which had slowly been approaching backs up to leave.

In the final segment, starting at 2 minutes 11 seconds until the 'stolen car' speeds by, the car never gets even close to the normal distance cars usually maintain behind other cars at intersections.

14) Nuclear energy use for energy is very controlled by the U.S. government

For decades Nuclear energy has been discouraged as a result of the political power of the oil consortium. Often this has been 'justified' by using issues of proliferation, safety etc. The world has long crossed into an era though when proliferation risks are dramatically increased by discouraging nuclear fuel as a common energy source.

Recent actions by governments involving uranium production suggests that there may be some sort of effort to manipulate markets further as part of some sort of shift towards nuclear energy.

Lightbridge is a very small company with very few employees, but seems to be quite plugged into whatever project is underway.




The entire company seems built around one small concept, easily reproducible by any competitor, but which would have great commercial value as part of a consortium controlled development pathway.

This could be a stock to watch for evidence that the U.S. government is going to start pushing nuclear energies.

15) Are gravity waves one of the biggest frauds in science?

This will go in the weltanschauungskrieg section because it is an example of the pollution of one specific worldview. i.e., that of 'western science'.

In the history of science some trends emerge which are common to fake data or fake science. For example looking at snake oil cures, a person notices similarities in how those products are created, marketed and so on.

Gravity is a pretty easily observed phenomenon. You can see strong evidence of it wherever you go, yet scientists came up with a bizarre experiment which required elaborate equipment, designed expensively, by 'experts' who then used their 'specialized knowledge' to explain to the public the exquisite measurements and precision etc etc.

Are there really no ways to find these 'gravity waves' up close, such that we have to measure something a fraction of the width of a proton by bouncing laser light from mirrors set kilometers apart to find gravity waves from billions of miles away?

The starting point for gravity in western science is 'space/time' which obviously is a paradigm other than that commonly used by the western science crowd. So everything within that concept 'space/time' has to be referred to using something like analogies, parallels.

The initial analogies of course were far off. You can find pages that show a pretty design of some kind which is supposed to represent the concept, which in turn might point to the reality, if a person follows it properly.

One of the 'missing links' in western science is the collection of psychological phenomena which 'validate' false data and science. It's easily visible if you take a small group of isolated people and a big group of isolated people and set them to defining some aspect of nature. You end up with two competing views. Which group ultimately wins? The one with the most money or weapons. It's been proven countless times that any homogenous group of people will create an internally consistent worldview, which can be tested and verified, but whose base ultimately fails because the members of that group instinctively search in a direction which will validate the core of their path. At some point the snake oil scientist, or the physicist, bumps into some foreign competition which utterly vaporizes these proven data or sciences, unless that foreign competition has been eliminated, as the melting pot is doing.

There are many indigenous cultures which have theoretical sciences pertaining to 'space / time', and have developed disciplines which advance those concepts far beyond anything western science imagines. Tibetans, Australian aborigines, South American Indians, all have tiny disciplines which are more compatible with a singular 'space / time' perception or phenomenon, but which are not compatible with western science.








Is it a big deal if Western science's monopoly inaccurately diverts the bulk of the world?

There are a lot of things that are necessary to allow survival of the human race, and its expansion into space. An understanding of space/time is foreign to the common melting pot mind, except through analogy, but understandings of derivatives of space/time, like gravity, are probably going to be a big factor in expansion or survival.

16) The biggest ever U.S. gift to China

History will probably view bitcoin as the biggest gift in history from one country to another.

Starting as a way for the U.S. to deceive the masses and extend Western financial influence, the only country that appears to be preparing to make proper use of bitcoin is China.

Once China has created a network which will allow a quick rollout of taskwork coins, they will bury bitcoin and the other public key cryptography coins the U.S. is trying to push, and issue their currency with some as yet unknown security, on an entirely new network.

Then the U.S. will start another round of trying to 'punish' the laughing Chinese.