1) A classic communist conspiracy


"Slovak 83.82%, Hungarian 7.75%, Romani 1.23%, other 0.68% (includes Czech, Rusyn, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Polish), unspecified 5.42% (2021 census)" 


As much as many people in the U.S. consider it a land of opportunity, that photo is a goldmine for Russia obviously.


Britain, and its derivative societies, are facing a disaster of incredible size. It could all be averted if British leaders studied early U.S. philosophies from the colonial era, and retreated to a survivable stance.

2) Enforced stupidity in the West is getting sharp teeth

People in melting pots are obliged to unlearn basic facts, and this leads to a lot of predictable situations.

Ukraine has surrendered to such an extreme extent, in exchange for perceived financial benefits from the West, that its focus has left behind issues like corruption.

Generally in more melting potted places corruption is refined, but Ukraine is a fairly new melting pot by modern Western standards and it will be facing a corruption storm soon.



"“We found good investor appetite,” Hegazy said"




4) It's unsettling to know that Kamala Harris will probably be president


But more unsettling that there are lots of bureaucrats trying to convince the public that trivial protests at the capitol were a major event, because of who was inconvenienced.


5) It's economics

"Inflation is running at 17.5 per cent, despite Sri Lanka’s central bank raising interest rates by 200 basis points from their pandemic-era lows."