1) Why are they 'contractors' when we hire them but 'mercenaries' when others do?



At any rate, at least they are modern soldiers which conscripts are not.



2) Why don't some of these brilliant scientists notice that 99% of hyper rational 'science' is a group delusion?




The actual goal of modern scientists is to iron out inconsistencies on the fly, same as the goal of conmen.

3) What do North Koreans know about digital currency?

For years the United States has been telling people that North Korea has master hackers who can infiltrate the most secure Western systems.

But an ethereum developer went to North Korea and simply explained how digital currency, specifically ethereum, works, and the U.S. is suggesting he helped them learn something that might help them avoid sanctions?


Obviously the 'master North Korean hackers' are a charade, but who is doing the mischief that the U.S. blames on North Korean hackers?

A worse sign is that 'mainstream' crypto sites are starting to fall in line with government propaganda. This ethereum developer is being portrayed as mentally ill because he dis not agree with whatever politics was involved, and mainstream sites ignore the nonsensical 'facts' around the country which has ultra skilled hackers supposedly able to outwit the West, but needs a foreigner to explain to them how crypto works.

"In January, a report by Chainalysis revealed that nearly $400 million was stolen by North Korean hackers in 2021 through exchange hacks and ransomware, employing a meticulous laundering system involving decentralized exchange swaps and multiple crypto tumblers.


Here is another supposed North Korean hack. Obviously this kind of hack would be easy for people with access to government hacking tools. It would be very unlikely North Korea has the same tools the U.S. and other major governments have.


4) Is Ukraine a potential core decision making part of Nato?


At some point Zelensky will realize that Ukraine is an expendable pawn for Nato and a bishop or rook for Russia. More valuable to the British dead than alive.

5) Was Imran Khan ousted by external forces?

Mining and other industries run by UK/U.S./Aus/Canada are in a mad dash to extract minerals as fast as possible from their victims before tables turn. All through the developing world, last ditch political games are trying to rapidly increase resource exports. Most of these companies are controlled by Canada and the U.S., some by AU/UK.

Pakistan is clearly lost to the West, but there is the chance still to extract billions of dollars worth of minerals before the tables completely turn.

Barrick Gold recently completed a major set of international mergers or consolidations, and has probably paid tens of millions of dollars towards the fund to remove Khan.



6) Coincidence?

April 13, 2022 https://www.abajournal.com/web/article/deputy-who-witnessed-skivvies-clad-colleague-baptize-woman-after-traffic-stop-cant-escape-suit-federal-judge-rules 

April 14, 2022 https://thefreethoughtproject.com/woman-suing-police-for-kidnapping-stripping-and-forcibly-baptizing-her-during-traffic-stop-found-dead/ 

7) How might the UK spark the U.S./China conflict it needs to complete its Australia pivot?

Difficult to guess, but although the core British group is very cloistered they have access to resources most people do not even know exist.

Among these are things involving Western control of North Korea, a cash cow that the British based dollar consortium has been milking.


North Korea is the only major conflict zone in which the core British group has complete control, and could create a scenario which the entire Western military infrastructure would 'support' via control of information. In other words Western audiences would receive only that information which the British core group wants them to receive, even to a much greater extent than in Ukraine.

The big short term risk, and a sign the Chinese are wise to the strategy, would be a Chinese style anti corruption campaign in North Korea, which would throw British control into disarray.

8) If a generator produces electricity + heat, why do people use boilers that only produce heat?

A boiler or furnace burns oil, and produces heat, which is fine.

But a generator produces the same amount of heat and also produces electricity by channeling that heat through an internal combustion engine.

So if houses were heated by generators they would burn much less fuel if some of the electricity were diverted to heating.