This page will look at likely changes around the globe within a few years of the current instability.

1) The single most tragic change will probably be the extermination of the indigenous populations around Australia. Britain's top strategic concern at the moment is eliminating those populations, and unfortunately there is no defense available. There already exists the means to do it easily, all that is lacking is proper cover. Unfortunately it is something that can be done by a very small cloistered group, and that group can promote both 'tolerance' and extermination at the same time, and benefit from both positions.

2) The state of Israel also has roughly ~0% chance of surviving the change. It looks like almost a global running joke as people subtly point that out. Even Israeli leaders appear to understand the problem in a general way and make no effort to change course, instead accelerating towards the cliff since the individuals controlling the gas pedal have safe outs.

3) The most obvious extreme change in the balances of global power will probably be the incredible rise of Latin America as a power bloc. Another example of how Europe will be seen by history as having shot itself first in the foot then the head.

4) One of the biggest mysteries is Britain's next step with regard to China. At this point all British strategy is effectively transparent to China, and nullable, but the cloistered nature of colonial leadership makes it inevitable that the British are about to take what they consider delusionally to be 'bold' steps. Whatever the British do will only be useful to the Chinese, and whatever price China pays they can easily transfer to their Eastern allies.

5) The Ukraine situation, seen from the perspective of #4, raises all sorts of unusual possibilities, the most obvious and likely of which point to the old conspiracy of transnational power groups pulling strings. Ukraine provides a 'believable' scenario in which these groups can appear to be doing the work of their various allies.

An unusual thing about the current situation is that it allows individuals to see how the worldviews of different groups are developed to different extents.