Alan Hirsch is a false confession expert who has testified at dozens of trials as an expert witness. 

Here is his opinion about the interrogation of Esar Met.

"The interrogation was textbook Reid Method -- the interrogation method known to contribute to false confessions.  The two most central features of Reid involve: 1) confronting the suspect with certainty of his guilt (and thwarting all denials), often buttressed by claims to have irrefutable evidence; and 2) minimizing the consequences of a confession.  Both features are clearly present here.  From the beginning they asserted certainty of the suspect's guilt, and never wavered in that regard.  They frequently insisted that any [exculpatory] claims were "bullshit" and contradicted by objective evidence.  The minimization was aggressive, too, with several direct references to "reduced punishment" if the suspect confessed as well as the suggestion that the death was an "accident."  (That is a common minimization theme.)  They also invoked a problematic tactic explicitly endorsed by Reid -- giving the defendant a choice of two narratives, one far more damning than the other, i.e., "You either planned this or it was an accident." "


Professor Hirsch may provide additional opinions about the case when more material and transcripts become available.