Q / What is the definition of a 'tribal member'?

A / Tribal descent passes through one's same gender ancestors. A boy is the tribe of his father, his paternal grandfather, etc. A girl is the tribe of her mother, her maternal grandmother, etc. How far back people 'see' in that regard determines their conscious heritage.

In the middle ages, alchemists used an extension of this hereditary fact to refer to 'real' royal blood. Within a single family, looking back only one generation, the children are the 'royal family'. Looking back several generations, which fewer people do, the royal pool is thinned out but more meaningful, on and on. If one follows the concept far enough they begin to perceive things that can then be tested.

A person could wonder why medievals used obscure language to communicate certain concepts, including about heredity, and a possible answer is that they may have anticipated the effects of the narrowing or shallowing of science, and wanted to create a path in the future which would survive enforced ignorance, a deliberate mix of rational and irrational which was 'protected' from the types of people who misuse science.

When a corporate or 'fake' tribe uses force to colonialize or conquer a more real tribe, they first crush it to the extent possible. Then they build it back up in a way that will be fatal to the tribe. The U.S. has famously done this in all sorts of ways, sabotaging tribes by using 'federal control', and then painting those federal influences as being wasted on flawed groups.





Q / If gender descent and tribal descent are the same then isn't everybody a 'tribal' person?

A / In practical terms a person is only what they accurately perceive. If you say "All people are animals", some people will strongly agree, others will strongly disagree.

There is a tendency under corporate regimes, as in the United States, to manufacture a false tribe. So just as a person can mistakenly pretend to pertain to 'the Rainbow Tribe', they can also mistakenly pretend to pertain to a real tribe.


Diplomacy initially started as intermarriages between competing tribes, and evolved into a mutually beneficial system, as long as both tribes have surviving full blooded members.

For example two tribes, 'population a' and 'population b', both have large homogenous full blooded populations which slowly absorb 'foreign' traits through intermarriage and genetically 'clean up' the overlap. Each takes the 'better' new data from the competitor and both improve slowly over time.

The problem that arises in violent colonization starts when one of the two populations loses its foundation, its full blooded 'reservoir'.

The surviving population gets a lot of plunder, land for example, but they also no longer have an available link between the 'data' they got from their competitor and their newer citizens i.e., their citizens with 'new' genetic information.

What had been a slowly evolving treasure for two populations is now a rapidly weakening 'conqueror' group with 'collapsing' data i.e., genetic information which leads them in the wrong direction.

Once a person's visible ancestor group has become extinct they can try to look 'further back', but until those further back groups have become real again, something alluded to by alchemists and described here as the 'unwinding', they are going out on a ledge that does not exist, even if they deduce or sense that it should exist.

This 'problem' then starts to intersect other problems, for example the lack of resources and space.

At first, an expansion to outer space looks like the obvious solution, a vast amount of new real estate.

But there are fatal problems with a collection of unconsolidated groups expanding into a new unoccupied space.

Expansion can only occur successfully when several groups have consolidated and are at a stable 'diplomacy' phase described above.

The current ploy, of revising history and using deception to cover gaps, is not a substitute which will work.

Q / Is it better for humans to expand into outer space in a clump or tribally?


Because confusion over space real estate interests conflicts with political interests, there has been an effort to mix false melting pot diplomacy with expansion into outer space.

Unfortunately, that expansion cannot succeed long term unless either a) all full blooded tribal people on earth are reduced to the point where their separate lineages are not survivable, or b) expansion occurs by individual tribes at their own pace.

When a group expands into new territory it either leaves its ancestor group behind as a separate new lineage or it expands as a smaller part of a separate lineage. In the case of the current expansion the latter is happening with a token pretense of 'national' units being the expanding entities. This is occurring because science has not, and will not, develop fast enough to enable the expansion to succeed, so smoke and mirrors are being used in a corporate way to 'fake it til you make it'. The resistance, or sabotaging, of the expansion by political elements on earth will never be overcome adequately until tribal sovereignty allows the actual elements of human society to initiate their own secure expansions.