Pages that may be written in the future

1) Green hydrogen is the latest in a long string of Oil Consortium scams which have been killing the world 

Solar, hydro and modular nuclear reactors could easily solve the CO2 problem quickly.

The oil industry has used its political power to set up solutions which are designed to fail, and green hydrogen is the latest.

Green hydrogen does have a place in energy production, but promoting it as a major source of energy has one big problem which conflicts with the political world in the near future, a problem which will make it easy for the Green Hydrogen infrastructure to be made irrelevant once it is built, forcing a reversion to oil.

Hydrogen is explosive. Not just explosive, but it would create easy opportunities for sabotage at each step from production to use, requiring an extensive security infrastructure built around it.

How do modular reactors compare?

Nuclear fuel itself can be made very safe. Any short term sabotage would require a substantial amount of outside explosives, and even then there would not be a major problem.

The problem of taking fuel intended for reactors and using it for local weapons has been largely solved by making fuel in which it is difficult to isolate the fissionable material and concentrate it unless you have expensive high temperature equipment and an extensive knowledge of chemistry. And in any event it is not hard to find radioactive material and enrich it for weapons purposes. An educated person would have no reason to spend a lot of resources monkeying with fuel, if they wanted a weapon, when the useful material is readily available almost everywhere on earth.

Green hydrogen involves using a local cheap form of energy, like solar wind or gas, then spending that energy to create hydrogen, which is then stored, and transporting that hydrogen to a consumer.

It's basically like using one safe fuel to extract a highly explosive fuel vulnerable to sabotage, then transporting that vulnerable fuel to consumers thousands of miles away. It makes no sense, and that is why the oil consortium has been promoting it. It's another way to keep petroleum on top.

What are the real uses for 'green hydrogen'?

In a very local environment, where a concentrated non polluting fuel is needed, and where production and use are not separated geographically, it would have a lot of uses. Eventually splitting water may be an important space fuel.

The key factor in green hydrogen's utility is political stability. Where you have a great deal of conflict, whether genuine or the type of manufactured conflict that developed around oil, hydrogen is not a great idea.

Is there a way to make 'green hydrogen' safe from political conflict? There are two obvious ways which would be used, neither of which would work.

Combining the hydrogen chemically with something which required very little energy later to break the molecules back apart would create a 'less proliferatable fuel', but you would be converting fuel to hydrogen by breaking H2O then creating a new fuel which needed another step before use.

Creating hardened containers to hold hydrogen would be the dream of those looking to sabotage it. Sort of like creating a world full of pressure cooker bombs. The harder you make the containers the bigger the explosions will be.

A comedic irony in 'green hydrogen' is that separating water to produce hydrogen also produces oxygen. Oxygen is normally stored in green bottles, if you see a green gas canister it is usually oxygen. But anyone targeting a green hydrogen facility might put oxygen near the hydrogen to aid the initial explosion. So people working directly with bottles of hydrogen will have a safety precaution of physically separating any green bottles from the green hydrogen. The production facilities themselves will be taking a harmless material and separating it into an explosive that has two components, and the facilities will have massive amounts of the two components in addition to whatever fuel they are using to power the separation.

And yet another silliness in this process is that the fuel needed to produce the 'green hydrogen' is more, in terms of energy value, than the fuel produced. If you want to produce x amount of energy value, for example btu's or kilowatts or whatever, you have to use more than x amount of energy to do it. Simply storing the energy in an efficient battery, and sending the battery to the end consumer, would be more efficient and safer.

2) Otay

He was practicing with the gun by pointing it at a lady and pulling the trigger? 

Mentioned on a previous page is what happens if you are not a celebrity or a cop. 

Accidents happen, but if average people face accountability then so will celebrities and cops.

3) A miniskirt? You're hired 

Ooopps, you're fired.

4) One of the many mysteries around the JFK assassination is why documents regarding the case have been repeatedly hidden just as they were due to be released

There is a lot of speculation about what is being hidden. 

But there is an explanation that people are hesitant to mention publicly.

The House Select Committee on assassinations determined that there was a conspiracy. 

Both the CIA and FBI admitted that they had withheld documents from the Warren Commission.

The key evidence involves whether he was shot from in front or from behind. An assassin would not wait until his target had passed, then shoot from behind. The doctors who worked on the body said the entrance wound was in the front.

If he was shot from the front, as the evidence indicates, then it means a second shooter was given 'cover' by the arrest of Oswald. In other words the motorcade was routed specifically in front of the building where Oswald worked in order to arrest Oswald, and provide cover for the shooter.

So several people would have known which specific individual arranged the motorcade route. These would have been reasonably educated people who could put two and two together. Some of them would have been career bureaucrats but others would have been Kennedy connected civil servants new to that administration.

Also, if the House Select Committee on Assassinations was telling the truth, then it means autopsy photos were altered to make the rear exit wound look like an entry wound. Anybody should be able to look at the film and guess he was shot from in front, but a lot of documents were altered to give the opposite impression. There would have been a number of people at whatever agency was involved in cleaning up these records who noticed unusual activity.

So there were probably quite a few bureaucrats who had reasonable suspicion that their colleagues were involved, and were at risk of becoming whistle blowers.

What happened to those people?

Whistleblowing is pretty safe today. You know something and you forward an encrypted tip to a journalist. Bureaucrats intercept the message and you go to jail a few years. In the post war era including the Kennedy years, whistleblowing was quite a bit more hazardous, and that may be what administration after administration has been trying to hide.

Would there have been any researchers who tried to find unusual deaths of people who might have interfered with the Warren Commission? 

Some people suspect George Patton may have been one of the first whistleblowers silenced after WWII. 

5) China is slowly reeling itself into the world of corporate corruption

On the same day two of the most important rare earth elements surge by 5% each, Chinese industrialists offer to cooperate in fleecing consumers globally. 

All that's missing is Australia. Those aborigines won't drive themselves extinct without help. Privately owned, of course.

Oh, wait. 

"Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) focused in Metallurgical Engineering from University of New South Wales 

The fix is in, carry on with the exterminations. 

In a little while everybody will be scratching their heads over how a small group of interconnected businessmen from China, Australia, the U.S. and UK took control of a bunch more mines.

6) Facebook is planning a massive investment in virtual reality 

Combined with Google fake ai, humanity will be one amorphous blob soon.

Then the prisons will start. They'll probably call them schools. Nobody will object.

7) If you have to attack any country in order for them to be part of your country, they probably are not part of your country 

There are no indigenous American tribes who are voluntarily part of the United States.


Is the goal of melting pots like China and the U.S. to safeguard resources for the local population, or is it to bleed those resources dry?

Alaska has the bulk of U.S. oil, and most of it is in areas populated by Natives.

If you try to find out how much oil is left, Google is not much help. Searching "How much oil is left in Alaska" has only 22 results, and a lot of them are nonsensical results.

In fact oil companies have tried to extract resources like oil as fast as possible, and if Natives were ever given their land back it would not have a lot of oil left. Native tribes were given a slice of the money from oil on their land, to give the appearance that they supported the ultra rapid extraction, but they had no choice. 

8) Another post bankruptcy scam

"The company emerged from bankruptcy on June 30 with $1.8 billion in unrestricted cash and $1.2 billion available on credit lines.

"Hertz didn't disclose financial terms of the deal, but the Model 3s it is buying have a starting price of $44,000 for US retail customers. Rental car companies typically pay less than full retail price for cars, but Tesla currently has more demand for its vehicles than it has capacity to build them, and thus little incentive to offer significant discounts. So the total order could be more than $4 billion. 

Companies in Hertz's position are controlled by people who want to quietly extract as much money as possible before the final bell. It's very unlikely the deal will ever go through, but it is likely a lot of money was already made on stock deals connected to the announcement.

9) Although 'white van mentality' is a simple pathology of bureaucrats, its real world effects have extensive global impact

"Facebook's own researchers have repeatedly warned that the company appears ill-equipped to address issues such as hate speech and misinformation in languages other than English, potentially making users in some of the most politically unstable countries more vulnerable to real-world violence, according to internal documents viewed by CNN. 

10) El Sisi is starting to worry, but he should know the melting pot won't sacrifice him until the most opportune moment

"Approximately 70 languages are indigenous to Sudan. 

11) Uhmm, go without us

"Inhofe noted that the Biden administration "always said 100 to 200 U.S. citizens left in Afghanistan," but now says it "has already withdrawn 234 and is in contact with 363 others, 176 of whom want to leave," citing numbers the State Department provided last week. 

12) 'House of Secrets, the Burari Deaths' is a NetFlix Docupropaganda series that should get several pages

It involves the deaths of 11 people in one family in Delhi. Like most NetFlix propaganda pieces, the film is littered with white vans, mostly ambulances.

The most important thing the film shows is the degree to which Indian society has been polluted by Western nonsense. 'Expert' after 'expert' goes on using Western rationale to explain this or that aspect of the deaths in a way that follows the British Colonial psychiatric model discussed on other pages.

This 'rationale' is nonsense when it is used in the West and it does not cease to be nonsense when it is used in other countries.

There is a hierarchy of what could be called 'sciences and arts' which develop in each society. Britain happened to invest very heavily in military and conquest 'arts and sciences', at the expense of others. This allowed Britain to be in a position to replace all sort of legitimate arts and sciences with self serving nonsense in countries that were militarily less developed.

What could be called 'good news' is that, as was mentioned, nonsense does not cease being nonsense when it is forced on foreigners. At some point simple truth, paths that are not concocted fiction, will replace the nonsense many Indians have swallowed whole and which is promoted by NetFlix propaganda.

At some point a long page may be made dissecting the film and pointing to the tragedy of forcefully propagandizing other cultures with utter nonsense.

13) Episode two of the NetFlix Docupropaganda series 'The Billion Dollar Code' hits one of its punchlines

The Billion Dollar Code is interesting in that it shows the accelerating desperation of whoever is behind the NetFlix propaganda project. 

In the second episode one of the characters says "You have to protect your intellectual property".

This 'intellectual property' issue is part of the foundation of an attempt to maintain British control of the global weltanschaaung, or worldview, a little longer, but it is misguided.

In the past, British derived societies have used 'intellectual property rights' informally as a tool to prevent commercial challenges from developing countries. Now, as developing countries start to develop at a faster pace, and this strategy no longer makes sense, the reaction by the British centered part of the melting pot is to codify this strategy. It makes no sense, of course, and looks like the kind of strategy coughed up by a bureaucratic committee.

Despite the counter productiveness of this specific aspect of the NetFlix propaganda project, it does have some use, in that it exposes more of the methods used to propagate propaganda.

It would be interesting to gauge the reaction of the audiences targeted by these NetFlix projects in various countries.

Australia seems to be taking the lead in dubious strategies like this one, but the fact that it is specifically targeted to Western Europe may mean that Western Europe is perceived by British derived strategists as a weak link.

Which it certainly is.

One interesting possibility is that this top down 'ip rights' strategy is an extension of the individuals who have been managing the oil consortium, and the so called 'strategists' running the British derived propaganda projects do not understand what is going on.

The oil consortium began as a vaguely Western oriented project, but at this point it is entirely transnational, its obedience is to wealth, nothing else.

Very possible that the increasing vulnerability of the British made them an easy target for another oil consortium scam, but this one a longer term project to give Asia a bigger lead in coming decades, and having nothing to do with oil.

14) Celebrity actor to receive 'cop treatment' and spend no time in jail for accidental shooting

After all, it was somebody else's fault. 

Meanwhile, black kid gets four years for accidental shooting that he does actually regret and was entirely an accident. 

And another guy, not a cop or a celebrity, got seven to twenty years 

And an undesirable, or deplorable, depending on your politics, got 15 years plus. 

Even an accident where the gunplay was understandable, but black young man, isn't a cop or celebrity, etc. 

And shortly before the celebrity hit man's episode, a black militia member's gun accidentally discharged. He was a felon, like most people in the United States, except he had been caught so even though nobody was injured in the accidental discharge of his gun, he got more than 6 years. 

Another black guy, less than a year ago, with the same first and last name. 20 years. 

More interestingly, the celebrity episode involves a string of firearms 'accidents', a group of actors who walked off the set, and indications that the bullet was deliberately placed in the gun.

The important question though was asked immediately.

"Are you a cop or a celebrity?"

"Yes, I'm a celebrity".

"Can I have your autograph? You're free to go. Please speak to the media office at the front desk of the police station."

15) There are no human beings on the planet so simple and stupid that they believe the '15% corporate tax' silliness 

The government is still funneling massive amounts of money to billionaires through its asset purchases.

Why not just acknowledge that taxes are irrelevant to the economy, and are a clever way to subsidize the wealthy.

U.S. national debt $29 trillion

Income tax revenue $2 trillion 

It's a funny game unless you actually study it.

16) *facepalm#1* 

17) If an investigation of the oil consortium were even scratching the surface, it would be news

But it's not 

18) Myanmar getting ready to jump into the news

Strategic Metals | Kitco 

19) Very strange situation

Genaro Garcia Luna is a corrupt former head of Mexican federal police. He worked closely with many high level federal police in the United States.

Arresting him involved some sort of schism between the 'in the dark' 'idealistic type' short term employees of the U.S. justice system, and the greater beast in the U.S.

There was never any chance of a real trial in the U.S. He would make Epstein look like a diplomat.

Now, 10/29/21, news in a lot of Spanish language sites that his trial is being 'held' in autumn 2022.

The only English language article so far that refers to the 'trial that will not happen' is in the intercept, but you cannot read it unless you register.

The intercept has long appeared as a honey trap for whistle blowers but it may have broadened its net.

The first articles about the trial date occurred quite some time ago in Spanish. 

20) Let's start a Canadian mining company and call it 'The African Group'

"The Kobada Project is a gold exploration project with the potential to produce more than 50,000 ounces of gold per annum" 

Probably ten times that.

Australia, Canada and the U.S. are going to have to start splitting the loot with China soon.

The Chinese know the drill. 

21) More NetFlix Docupropaganda fun

More from the 'Inside Job'.

Episode 5, at 19 minutes, has 'the cool government crew' driving around in a white van to retrieve their colleague in a city that is stuck in the past.

There are several purposes to this episode, including a) presenting the bureaucrats as 'cool people', b) enforcing the folksy charm of the 'white van' mentality, etc, but a bigger theme involves, again, what the 'zipper archetype' tries to describe.

All propaganda is an attempt to imitate and replace a section of the worldview of the target.

In this case, the white vans used throughout NetFlix propaganda episodes are used to 'enforce' the artificial sentiments which the propagandist is inserting. An emotive series is created, a string of images with an associated emotion, and the white van serves as both an implicit threat to those who oppose the 'white van group', and as a pseudo friend for the rootless members of that group.

Although there is the occasional mention in the media of famous propagandists like Goebbels, very few people recognize this kind of propaganda so when a major government/corporate entity like NetFlix starts pumping filth into the public psyche, few people see anything improper.

Unfortunately for propagandists, worldviews are rooted in a natural foundation. Distorting worldviews deliberately for short term benefit does usually create a short term benefit but what underlies the worldview compensates eventually.

It is tragic that NetFlix is propagandizing with overtly political nonsense under the radars of most people.

That episode then goes on to try to create a 'corporate family' around the nucleus of the corporate/government stars of the series.

The implication is that any 'tribal' types who interfere in the agenda can be brought on board with folksy charm and camaraderie which will make them want to join the 'party'. It's the same theme as 50 years ago and 150 years ago on and on. And what follows will be the same, except more expensive each time.

22) 'The Motive' is one of the few NetFlix documentaries which is not overt propaganda, and even provides some data for anti propagandists 

The theme of the documentary is the intersection between the two incompatible paths of 'law enforcement' and 'psychology'.

In the documentary, almost everybody, or everybody, sees psychology as subordinate to law enforcement, which means that neither profits.

If a person wanted to start from a psychological stance, something which contradicts any 'legal' or 'law enforcement' stance, they would not have too hard a time unraveling the cause of the crime, and the motive which is a miniscule part of that.

One interesting overlap between this and several other cases is the issue of dissociation.

Dissociation is usually seen as the product of 'some abuse' which is incomprehensible to the dissociater, rather than a relative position. The reason is the hesitation 'experts' have to observe, i.e., their preference for interfering rather than observing.

The unusual thing in this case is that there are many people around the situation who would have been interested in a psychological 'solution' to the acts, but they were so constrained, brainwashed by the 'crime' mentality that ultimately they yielded to that. Almost all 'criminal' cases involve a mass of people trying to use accountability as a baseball bat but in this case the people involved would have been receptive to a more useful 'psychology' view, if it were available.

Unfortunately, as is mentioned on other pages, 'psychology' has been eliminated in most 'developed' countries in favor of cultural policing which supports the melting pot.

Behaviorism is often dismissed as a real branch of psychology, because the academic behaviorism taught in schools is geared to intruding, controlling, rather than understanding.

But a different sort of behaviorism is useful in applying psychology.

23) The Endless Committee

Greenhouse gas emissions have a simple solution which could be implemented by any country or large corporation.

1) Manufacture cheap modular reactors and sell them at a reasonable price.

2) Use resources to eliminate oil consortium threats to '#1'.

Instead, endless committees have discussed, for decades, whether this or that proposal by the oil consortium might work to lower CO2. 

24) An interesting example of how the global 'accountability paradigm' created by the British worldview is crumbling 

The British created an elaborate infrastructure to create an inverse relationship between accountability and wealth. It was something that always existed in many forms, but the British codified it and enforced it globally in a way that profited their face of the melting pot.

Climate change facts have been known since at least the early 1950s, and the oil consortium was used to rapidly develop allies of the British derived melting pot at the economic expense of tribal entities.

The Marshall Islands is an example of a place which had no designs to intrude into other cultures. Their race had not left their previous stomping grounds in search of people to conquer, and resources to steal, it was a simple expansion into an unpopulated area. Very different from 'expanding' into an area populated by a different group and pretending that the area had been vacant.

In past eras such a play would have been covered up or 'solved' through a simple extermination.

If the Marshall Islanders ceased existing there would be no emerging threat to existing paradigms arising from their interests.

Today the planet is in a grey area between 'easy exterminations' and an unsustainable pretense of civilized behavior. It will be several years at least until the easy extermination of ethnic groups is an option again and until then the powerful faces of the melting pot have to play a stalling game.

25) Global warming has become a competition to see who can be the slowest to do the least 

Coming soon / Bolivia says it will be a net carbon absorber by the fourth quarter of the 28th century.

26) Military cleverness #1

A strategy to create complaints which can be discredited. 

27) Military cleverness #2

South Korea does not benefit from shows of force against the north. These charades are entirely done by the United States for its own benefit. 

These specific exercises show the skill that is subtly taught to all people in the U.S., using coercive force to manipulate a weaker 'client'. It's done everywhere, but U.S. society has refined it to a degree that exists in no other country.

28) "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks" is an interesting propaganda film being promoted by NetFlix 

It is unique among NetFlix propaganda films in that it does not have a white van prominently in the first two minutes, and it wasn't made directly by NetFlix.

Another thing which differentiates this film from standard propaganda fare is its target audience.

A big part of the "U.S. experience" is the idea of endless elite groups.

The U.S. expanded in the 19th century under 'manifest destiny', the idea of 'national eliteness'.

More recently the government has created legions of 'elite warriors', poorly educated mediocre people given some training which leads them to perceive themselves as elite.

This 'new eliteness' is a variation of something done in a lot of countries in the past, but never on this scale. As the U.S. decays the numbers of these elite groups will continue growing until most people will consider themselves part of some elite  organization.

This film's target audience is not specifically 'the general public', but rather those 'elite' groups and the part of the public that supports them. It's a very clever film, obviously resources and calculations were put into making it.

The person who made the film has some independent credentials and it would be interesting to examine the details of how the film was made. 

29) U.S. regulators are going to create an interesting crypto derivative industry

Stablecoins are a highly lucrative product. 

Their 'trustworthiness' has been largely regulated by the market so far, and now regulators are going to create a new layer.

Insurance companies and similar entities which arbitrage risk across assets now will have an opportunity to 'support' a specific stablecoin, using their 'collateral' as a substitute for assets backing up a stablecoin.

At some point, if the crypto economy keeps growing, the lucrativeness of being able to issue digitalized 'fiat' will add confusion on a new scale.

30) It is time to get concerned

United States nuclear submarines do not have the ability to detect rock formations and undersea mountains? 

It sounds like a variation of the Kursk incident which some people have linked to 9/11. 

Anybody interested in propaganda should research the Kursk incident and read the linked Wikipedia page.

"On Monday 14 August, Fleet Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov stated the accident had been caused by a serious collision with a NATO submarine, although he gave no evidence to support his statement. Senior commanders of the Russian Navy repeated this account for more than two years after the disaster. Many who desired a continuance of negative relations between Russia and the West supported this scenario.

Here is the entire Wikipedia 'conspiracy theory' section on the Kursk. 

"While most experts agreed that a torpedo had exploded, they differed on what caused the explosion. Many Russians did not believe that Kursk could be so easily sunk. The tragedy spawned a number of wild conspiracy theories to explain the disaster. One theory offered was an explosion located in the high-pressure air tanks used to blow the ballast tanks, located near the torpedo tubes. Mainstream publications like Der Spiegel, Berliner Zeitung, and the Sunday Times claimed to possess documentation proving that the submarine was struck by a missile fired by Pyotr Velikiy.  This was the largest naval exercise that the Russian navy had conducted in more than a decade, which increased the chances of a friendly fire incident. Other theories included Chechen espionage, human error, sabotage, and that Kursk was testing a new top-secret torpedo, Shkval (Squall), capable of speeds in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h; 230 mph). Another theory was that USS Memphis had fired a torpedo at Kursk.

At the time there was a lot of information about the apparent collision, but today anybody researching is steered in a sanitized direction. This is a tiny excerpt of a longer documentary which was easily available several years ago. Notice how all of the top comments disparage the 'conspiracy'. Youtube is part of Google, which is used by the U.S. government to steer public opinion. Comments on the original documentary at the time were much different.

Submarines, like all modern weapons, do not have any actual wartime use. They are simple tools used to shuffle money to the 'defense' industry and play games which give the appearance of national defense strategies.

China has been trying to get real estate in the South China sea because the area has vast deposits of rare earths and other minerals. These minerals are not as scarce as people are led to believe, but various cliques stand to make a vast amount of money playing the public the way the oil consortium did.

Australia is trying to play the role of a 'western nation' pivoting to Asia, in other words they are trying to rebrand as an Asian nation.

Part of this strategy involves sanitizing their history of exterminating aboriginals. More and more, they are incorporating white people with a touch of aboriginal DNA as their new aborigine population. Once virus wars kick in fully these will be the only aborigines left, if they have not yet gotten sovereign space.

As Australia's top echelon establishes close ties with China, they are trying to throw up a smokescreen of supposed conflict between the two countries. It is possible this submarine incident was the U.S. playing some part in that drama.