June 28, 2022

"Almost 85 percent of Egypt's wheat imports in 2020-21 came from Russia and Ukraine"



Sure does look like trouble.


June 23, 2022

"Price Stability" at this point = sacrifice people who don't have money for those who do


There is no path to price stability from here no matter how much poverty is created at the low end, but the Fed has said they are going to focus on that anyway.

They are going to create urban mayhem which any of many other countries can turn into a bonfire by tweaking a few commodity supplies.


The phrase "money supply" appears zero times in this article


But 9 times in the comments.

Three of those are in one comment.

"Charles J Jernigan 8 hours ago"

"Hopefully someone will ask Chairman Powell what actions he is taking to reduce the money supply. It is the gross disconnect between the size of the money supply and the size of the economy that is the primary cause of our inflation."

"Certainly supply chain issues, particularly oil and refined oil products, and the food supply are driving inflation at the product level, but the solution to these problems is political. The Federal Reserve can do nothing to fix them. But it can fix the money supply issues, It created them. "

Unfortunately there is no solution at this point.


But keeping the public in the dark will allow the Fed to continue on a path which provides an escape for the wealthy as the United States decays into chaos.

Should the public know that the money supply is not fixable until inflation hits very high, >20%, maybe >50%, and then the U.S. is at best a police state?

Should the public know what a lot of people in other countries know, that the UK and U.S. have built financial supremacy for themselves by bleeding smaller countries dry, and then throwing crumbs to those countries?

The U.S. population is easily managed as long as they are prevented from getting accurate information.


How does a political person like Elizabeth Warren figure out that the recession is being induced, but an economic powerhouse like El Erian does not?



A case could be made that crypto charts are a lot cleaner than they were

The last major holdout, BTC/JPY, is roughly equivalent to a lot of companies which blasted off and then retreated a bit to consolidate.


Bitcoin is not a long term currency so there is no need to clean the charts up spotless, and the global situation is urgent enough for a lot of people that the push to digital currency probably won't be postponed a lot longer.


June 22, 2022

Around May 19, 2022 a possible trip by Biden to Saudi Arabia was announced


Around four days later Turkey announced Saudi Arabia's leader would visit Erdogan along with "Greek Cyprus, Greece, Jordan and Egypt".


Notice that the photo at the top of that Daily Sabah article portrays Erdogan as the architect of this clever project, however unlikely.

The Saudi head chopper and body disposal expert is now in Turkey.


The next obvious step in the progression, from a U.S. standpoint, would be leaders of indigenous American tribes meeting Biden.

The key thing to watch would be whether that took place before or after Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia, or in place of it.


A lot of people are concerned about militarized police forces

But facial recognition technologies are a much bigger step to the rapidly approaching Western dystopia.





Elizabeth Warren appears to have gotten highly secret information about U.S. economic policy


Will she end up housed with Julian Assange?


Uranium is not a rare element 

It's the 49th most abundant element, about 20 times more abundant in the earth's crust than silver and about equal to tin.


The U.S. energy markets are largely controlled by a consortium which manipulates most of the variables which control price, through their influence in government and industry. So members of the consortium can enrich themselves, their corporate entities, in the long term, at the expense of the public. For the past several years this consortium has engineered a growing shortfall in uranium, and their payoff is coming soon.


China has already gotten a toehold in undersea mining through its creation of fake islands near large strategic mineral deposits. But cheap energy, which would be the ultimate boost to China's economy, might be abundant if they perfect deep mining on land also.



One of the big factors in U.S. industrialization post WWII was the low domestic cost of energy relative to income/profits.

For a long time the UK helped the U.S. industrialize, at the expense of Europe, by slyly encouraging higher energy prices in Europe, for example through taxes. This type of manipulation was never on anybody's radar so it was easy, but now that both the United States and Western Europe are about to contract sharply as Asia begins a long expansion, the game is on between Western consortiumists who will profit from helping China, and Western isolationists who want to minimize the miseries of the Western collapse.

When China finally uses its 'managed' or 'centrally controlled' economic features to decentralize expansion i.e., to give liberties to the private sector, the West will be rushing in the opposite direction, trying to use control to catch up.


Moment of reckoning for Japan?

A lot of people seem to be waiting for a shakeout of some kind in the economy, but the Japanese have more at stake than most developed countries.

At the moment gold is testing the all time high for the third time in two months in Japan.


In most countries this would be trivial. Certainly against the dollar anybody who looks at technical indicators is playing roulette, because there is so much evidence of unnatural patterns.


One thing can be said about the Japanese bureaucrats who manage their currency, they have an underlying natural integrity completely absent in most dollar markets.

But that means nothing if foreign traders have enough control to overpower them.

So if gold continues up in Japan, very likely based on the lack of deceptiveness in the history of Japan's economists, then what happens to the Yen? It would seem like it has to continue dropping.

After all, who would buy it, even at these depressed rates?

One possible answer may be in the shift towards commodities based economies i.e., the shift to China, Russia etc.


Highly paid non experts with agendas

An entire NYT article titled "Does Magnesium Help You Sleep?"


There are loads of sleep drugs available, and all of them work sporadically at the recommended dosage and most leave a chemical feeling in their user.

Magnesium, e.g. a small amount of epsom salt, works more reliably, and has no major side effects except serious muscle cramps which can be dealt with by adjusting calcium upward.

So the short answer is "Yes, magnesium helps you sleep and it is much less expensive than pharma chemicals.

But what does the NYT expert say?

"Studies have found a link between low levels of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in a wide range of bodily processes, and sleep disorders. But if you are concerned you aren’t getting enough magnesium, changing your diet may be a better option than taking a supplement, as “there is really sparse evidence that taking super-therapeutic doses of magnesium will give you a benefit,” said Dr. Raj Dasgupta, a professor of pulmonary and sleep medicine at the University of Southern California." ...

"If you suspect you’re deficient in magnesium or want to take magnesium supplements, talk to your doctor first. Magnesium can interact poorly with other drugs, and taking excessive amounts in the form of supplements can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea. Including more leafy green vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains in your diet may be a better option, doctors say."

Much of his income comes from a captive group which pays him to write prescriptions. So despite overwhelming evidence that magnesium, or potassium, or any of dozens of inexpensive herbs can help with insomnia, he says eat more leafy vegetables for magnesium, but see a doctor for insomnia.

If you go to a doctor and say 'insomnia' the doctor now has somebody that will come every 3 months @ $100 a visit, for years.

The entire 'professional' infrastructure is a mass of 'authorized experts' who grow their power by feeding each other business and working with bureaucrats to maintain their circular authority and control.

Dentists are another famous example of this. Over 90% of dentists are people who did not get into medical school after several tries, but wanted to be called doctor.

Anybody could be trained in a week to do 90% of the things dentists do, and that person could charge 30% what dentists charge, but dentists have latched onto the 'medical lobby' as a protector of their lucrative franchise.


Bureaucratic justice

A homeless guy burned some toilet paper, and might have started a small wildfire. He will probably spend a while in jail. A lot of campers burn or bury toilet paper, it's considered the 'responsible' thing to do.


Some bureaucrats start a massive wildfire through carelessness. They are not identified, except as Forest Service employees, and they blame their mistake on climate change.

"Forest Service says it failed to account for climate change in New Mexico blaze" 


The multi tiered legal system in the United States will soon burn the country down if accountability does not start flowing to the responsible instead of the vulnerable.

There have been other recent fires, after which police appear to have completely fabricated evidence in order to make an arrest, a common target being homeless 'mentally ill' people. You can make up any sort of scenario that blames the person and they are unable to counter your version. The perfect suspect for authorities.


"As of Nov. 5, 136 people have been arrested by Cal Fire officers this year across the state on suspicion of arson, and nearly three-quarters of those cases involved wildland fires


"Weeks after the fire, Daniel Nogueira and Brian Antonio Araujo Cabrera were initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but prosecutors sent the case back to the Los Angeles Police Department for further investigation.


Notice how the legal system tries to portray itself as generous in that case. Most or all of the evidence was probably fabricated testimony solicited coercively by police.

There are homeless people who set fires, usually accidentally. Their world is a bit different than that of those who profit from the system. But the majority of these prosecutions are only because those people are easy to convict without real evidence.



In this case involving Ivan Geronimo Gomez, the prosecution, defense and judge worked together to convict, by convincing Gomez to agree to a bench trial, as the judge, prosecutor and defense tried to do in the Esar Met case.


The judge in that case got her position in that upscale area by catering to wealthy people and sacrificing those without power. The accused was batsh*t crazy, and had confessed to absurdities like setting a fire to hide murders. If the accused had been one of the judge's wealthy patrons the arrest never would have happened, much less the prosecution or conviction. And if somebody or some news outlet had forced it, there never would have been a bench trial to hide the lack of evidence.



June 21, 2022

Another 'Scam of the Century'


Inflation is caused by growth in the money supply. Not by anything else.

Inflation can be hidden by all sort of trickery which are almost always variations of shifting money to people who don't consume as much commodity wealth. In other words a billionaire only eats 4 pounds of food and drink per days, same as a poor person. So if you give the extra money supply to the billionaire it will lead to less commodity inflation, and hopefully the billionaire will create jobs by building a factory. The billionaire hides the money in derivatives that don't influence commodities but the poor person buys stuff.

Larry Summers is doing what Bill Ackman was doing a few days ago. Using public ignorance to cheerlead for policy that would benefit the wealthy and accelerate the path to ruin for everybody else.

Another way of looking at Summer's scam is to view it as compartmentalizing a recession.

If you can keep commodity consumption reduction limited to a certain group then of course it will have the same effect as any other reduction in commodity consumption.

The big selling point of schemes like that, for policymakers, is that it is implemented on people who are not able to protest effectively, especially after they don't have a job and are forced to beg for charity.

The underlying issue related to inflation i.e., does that policy reduce inflation, is simple. Like any other tool to reduce commodity consumption without reducing money supply it only postpones whatever reckoning is due. It may give the appearance of hiding inflation temporarily but it does absolutely nothing about money supply, and usually leads to an increase in money supply since the government has to start paying people not to commit crimes. 16 million unemployed is a lot of people to pay, or a lot of hungry criminals if you don't pay.

The money supply is already at a point where it cannot be fixed. There is no remedy for the dollar, only more cosmetics which are less and less effective.

The obvious solution is to ride the inflation wave responsibly, but if bureaucrats want other folk to play the game they have to make people stake holders via universal basic income or a similar scheme.

So what motivates his scam? A guess.

Mathematically, there is only one place where enough money could be found to affect the money supply. If all of the derivatives, and places where money is stashed to prevent it from buying commodities, were confiscated, like a one time tax, it would wipe out most billionaires but also reduce the money supply by enough that the dollar would suddenly be more sound again.

Lots of derivatives are so circular and convoluted that extracting dollars from destroying them would be more difficult than initially creating them, but that is the only reservoir that has resources to restore the dollar.

That could never happen, of course, since the people who have the power to do it did not become billionaires and policymakers by making that kind of decision.

But boosting unemployment dramatically, as part of a hidden policy, could, and probably will happen.


Only in America?

A white woman proclaims she is happy to be the first 'Native' U.S. treasurer.


As silly as that is, her accomplishment is being publicized on a 'Native' website that openly encourages surrendering and joining the conquerors, as long as the pay is right.

Actually Australia and New Zealand have a leg up on the United States. After a tribe is completely exterminated they have white people claim to be members of the extinct tribe, so it is no longer extinct.

In the U.S. the process involves first controlling the leadership of the tribe, then giving that leadership incentives to help eliminate any remaining tribal sovereignty.

Tribal members who do not cooperate in the United States used to be killed or jailed. Today they are simply driven into poverty and left to die slowly.

Cooperation though, can lead to a lot of success.

Ward Sattler was a white guy who married a Native, or part Native, woman, and ran for some public offices. He didn't have a lot of success.


His daughter is doing better, running as a Native candidate.


Her husband is also Native, in fact Director of the Alaska Regional Office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.



Her husband's father, like her father, was a corporate type with his fingers in a lot of pies.


Some people might argue that 'partially surrendering' leads to some future benefit, but the bottom line is that there are only two kinds of tribes.

1) Tribes with their own land and borders and full sovereignty, which survive.

2) Tribes with fake sovereignty, controlled by their conqueror, which slowly weaken and die.


PDF files have long been one of the most powerful tools used by the U.S. to surveil citizens

Many of the worst examples of bureaucrats intruding for the wrong reasons start with PDF files. Adobe is basically an intelligence outpost with all of its products and services built around surveillance.

Now, are they going to be exposed?


Uhm, probably not.

The same bureaucrats who enjoy feeling powerful by using sneaky tools to intrude also have a lot of buddies in other agencies that handle media problems like that.


Was China going to murder a journalist who got hold of some sensitive material, and was holed up inside a foreign embassy abroad?

Um, well, 



"Police response in Uvalde was ‘an abject failure,’ Texas DPS chief says"


Wait a minute. As it was unfolding the FBI announced they were at the scene, so they were among the on scene decision makers who decided to wait for the shooter to run out of ammo. That is standard operating procedure at mass shootings, despite what anybody says.

And now the Texas Department of Public Safety wants to claim that they were not on scene?

The FBI has the resources to enforce massive deceptions in order to preserve its image. They also took possession of all the police body cams, which are probably being erased.

But the Texas Department of Public Safety does not have the resources to deceive the entire nation, at least not without the FBI's help.


June 20, 2022

What the British do with regard to manipulating 'news' does not approach the U.S.



"1 month after the Uvalde shooting, here are 5 questions that are still unanswered


And a sixth question

6) Were any of the supposed 'grazing gunshot wounds' received by police real? Or were they fake injuries like many or most injuries police claim?


A person can look at YTD charts of XAU/JPY, XAU/USD and USD/JPY and guess various scenarios

The XAU/JPY chart will lead local Japanese traders to believe a breakout in gold is imminent, especially if it crosses 255,000 JPY.


But is it a bull trap meant to skin the Japanese?

The XAU/USD chart is messy, it looks like somebody vomited on the floor of an already disgusting abortion clinic.


So people natively trading dollars might trade cautiously on technicals alone, ignoring fundamentals.

The overlapping chart, which would show the footsteps of big traders interfering in gold markets, is going in a clear direction.


So the most obvious scenario has to be determined by guessing if the shift from JPY to XAU is a result of Japanese buying gold for fundamental reasons, or the result of some foreign entities dumping JPY, possibly for currency manipulation reasons.

The best guess may be it's the end game of the UK's strategy to gain enough control of reserves in JPY, dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, to do a controlled demolition once fiat values globally started reflecting money supply rather than manipulation i.e., once inflation became unmanageable.

If that's the case then a person has to guess whether the Brits and their poodles in the U.S., Canada, Australia etc are going to try to squeeze another cycle out of the mess so the already impressive pending explosion just utterly flattens everything.

It doesn't seem necessary. An orderly economic shift to China and Russia will leave a lot of Western infrastructure intact. But the bigger the final boom the more benefit the small circles involved will be able to extract for themselves individually. The question is whether the pinnacle of UK leadership is willing to create a slightly bigger mess in the area they are 'guiding' so that they can extract a little more benefit when their flock is sent to slaughter.

A side issue involves British influence over other European economies. It's unlikely Britain has enough control over the Euro to do too much, but as Europe inevitably fractures, the UK may follow its historic tendency of gaining local power by sabotaging rivals. If the UK were able to sufficiently weaken Western Europe it would shift from being a local declining power back to being the leading Western edge, perhaps. Not a smart global strategy but in the past Britain has done well fighting for the day rather than the week.


Little did you know

So you thought you knew all of the major holidays big enough to shut down everything.



June 17, 2022

Fed sees inflation topping 5% in 2022 and then falling rapidly due to higher rates


That's comforting, in a nonsensical sort of way.



Deputies shoot a guy they were trying to evict. He had pulled a knife inside the house, instead of stepping outside they shot him.


Now the police are using a 'victim's rights' law to prevent newspapers from publishing the names of the deputies who shot the person in his home.



One of the biggest steps in the decay of the United States


As an individual Julian Assange is not super respectable, but as a journalist he is unusually skilled.

His extradition to the U.S., and any prosecution, is a result of new UK norms which are being forced onto the United States, and are a big step towards USSA.

The notion that foreign citizens can be prosecuted by any country for espionage on the basis of things they did in their own country is obviously not sustainable, but especially not by a declining power in a context like this.

The net effect, the only lasting result of the UK sending Assange to the U.S. for journalism done in 3rd countries will be the useful international precedent it sets for the Chinese.


June 16, 2022

As usual, the Yen goes back up a bit as gold consolidates

The Japanese are making sure their gold chart has nice technicals compared to their foreign controlled fiat.



One of these times the cycle will break and the Japanese will either be buried or climb out from under the Yen.

They seem to understand that the UK et al are using the Yen as a sewer, and the Japanese are trying to protect themselves, but they may be underestimating the increasing diversity of commodity markets, and China will probably use that to lure Japan back to Asia.


June 15, 2022

~5% chance Brazilian police will get burned




Police gave inaccurate information about bodies being found, and its possible the arrest is a sham to make the police look competent and uncorrupt.

In those kinds of woods it's very easy to get lost, even for people familiar with that type of area.

There is a slim, but real, possibility that after the police have detailed the confessions and proven the murder with DNA and witnesses, the two will reappear and explain how they followed an animal off a trail and got lost.


It's understandable when media compares inflation today with inflation a few decades ago

But when people who have some knowledge of economics do it they are trying to scam.


The massive con that ended the inflation of the 1970s and 1980s is not possible today. Ackman talks about raising rates, which is inevitable, but he is encouraging quantitative tightening because it potentially benefits him at the expense of most people. The dollar is finished as a stable currency, and tightening now doesn't serve any purpose aside from increasing poverty and making the economy more of a tool for wealthy people.


Ackman is egging on the fed like somebody yelling at Evel Knieval to go faster.


When the fed raises interest rates, from now on, they are not doing it with the intention of lowering inflation, they are doing it because higher inflation is the new norm and as long as their rate is below the inflation rate they are still being generous i.e., not limiting growth.


The truth won't be obvious to most people until 'quantitative easing' becomes the new normal and the bureaucrats running the show admit that money supply is a tidal wave they are trying to stay ahead of.

Here is a more realistic expert who sees where Ackman is leading the fed.



"0.004 and 0.02 parts per trillion"

"lifetime exposure at staggeringly low levels of 0.004 and 0.02 parts per trillion, respectively, can compromise the immune and cardiovascular systems and are linked to decreased birth weights

"Those drinking-water concentrations represent “really sharp reductions” from previous health advisories set at 70 parts per trillion in 2016



Is Blackrock the originator of Numerai?

A possibility.






June 14, 2022

There is zero chance of China attacking Australia, despite propaganda originating in the West


China has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by simply waiting.

The British / Australia / U.S. are in a much more difficult position.

Their power relative to China is dropping rapidly, and that trend is starting to accelerate.

If the UK/U.S./Aus do not have a defining war against China within a few years, China will be in the same position the U.S. was in for decades i.e., global dictator of everything from economics to worldview.

The West's leaders do have great alternative options but not the slightest interest in pursuing them.

War is likely within a few years but it has absolutely nothing to do with China wanting to attack Australia.


Mystery Yen

At some point, as wealth in fiat shifts to commodities, a bunch of old agreements will probably be republicized, but who knows their significance?

1984 https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1984/05/30/us-japan-set-major-yen-accord/ced33076-4ca7-4e2c-ad22-3b5a2df4c7c7/ 

1985 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plaza_Accord 




It could well be that overseas holders of Yen are buying gold i.e., London, in a last pillaging of the global economy before isolationist policies are forced.


In addition to official IMF numbers there is probably a substantial grey market in London.


The 'Qatar lobbying scandal' is a fascinating old school project that sails over the heads of most people


But here is part of the hidden equation.

General Allen took these actions because he believed it was in the U.S. military’s and U.S. government’s interest to help avoid a war breaking out in a region with thousands of U.S. troops potentially at risk.” 

In other words somebody 'prepped' him to be receptive to initiate something that would have happened whether he was involved or not.

The real trail leads in the direction of those very high level people who yanked his patriot puppet strings before he was walked into the scam.

But accountability will fall on less savvy, less powerful people who delude themselves in the wrong way.



Who is pushing this scheme?


The prints are not even smudged.


Russia and its allies will follow the UK to the extent they want to



Most international mischief can be traced back to the United States

But this may be an exception.





Propaganda files

Pope speaks.

SCMP reports https://www.scmp.com/news/world/europe/article/3181690/pope-says-russias-ferocious-invasion-perhaps-provoked-and-we-dont 

Reuters reports https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/pope-criticises-russia-over-cruelty-ukraine-says-war-perhaps-provoked-2022-06-14/ 

Even the pope is afraid to anger Western militaries, but the fact that he tries to educate his flock on this matter points to there already being some buzz among those people, in this direction, on this issue.



June 13, 2022

Problem solved



Nothing motivates kids like a dare



In the U.S., cops get away with a lot of crookedness

But in some countries they routinely get away with murder.


And nobody asks questions.



More to the story?

An article says "A Maryland sheriff’s deputy was fatally shot while chasing a fugitive, authorities say", but the wording of the article suggests somebody involved with covering the story believes the sheriff's office is hiding something.


There is not really any significant corruption in that area recently, aside from some trivial stuff. Salisbury is the county seat.




June 10, 2022

As prices rise, the UK prepares to export Petrol by the teaspoon



"Are there any solutions being worked on?" "Yes, don't worry, the politicians are taking charge"


July 2021, the problem was not as serious as today, but people were more alarmed?



Oil prices drop for the "anti U.S. bloc" and increase for U.S. allies

How to spin that into an article/headline that lets people in the U.S. trust their politicians' paths?

Let's try.

"China gets less oil from Saudi Arabia as the OPEC leader ships more barrels to other parts of Asia"

"More barrels from the OPEC leader will go to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and India"


Must be that the Saudis are on our side?



June 9, 2022

"Police have not said whether the man was armed"


Code for "We didn't recognize him as a student because he was wearing a jacket".


"he tried to get the officer’s weapon during the altercation"

Some details will change if there is bystander video.


U.S. norms

The great Salt lake is drying up and that will cause big problems.


Anybody who lives in the U.S. knows one thing for sure.

Nothing effective will be done about it.

Responsibility for solutions to things like that are diffused in such a way that solutions are prevented.

A sensible person would say that the purpose of federal government is to solve problems too big for local government, but anybody who rises to a level of decision making in either federal or local government is there not because of their problem solving skills but for their willingness to use their power to control and subjugate.

Ambition and opportunism built the United States and are starting to bury it.


June 8, 2022

"Uvalde, Texas, has seen two mass shooting plots in four years. Residents are asking: How could this happen?"


"The teens arrested in 2018 were a 14-year-old student and a 13-year-old student at Morales Junior High School in Uvalde who allegedly built a scheme that would specifically target students in what the teens described as a "mass casualty event against the school," KENS 5 reported that year.





"Further research has yielded similar results, finding that past lead exposure functions as a predictor for criminal activity



"In 2021, worldwide gold production amounted to 3,000 metric tons"


"Japan holds the eighth largest gold reserves in the world, which constitute 3.9% of its total reserves. Its gold reserves have remained constant at 765.22 tons since long. However, 2021 witnessed an addition of 80.76 tons" 


3000 metric tons = 96,000,000 troy ounces = usd$177,000,000,000 @$1853 per troy ounce.

80.76 metric tons = 2,596,494.3 troy ounces = usd$4,811,000,000 @ $1853 per troy ounce.

It seems likely that part of the weakness in the Yen comes from ongoing shifting to gold in Japan's reserves, but where the dollar's strength comes from is a mystery.

There are always fringe rumors circulating about massive fake 'paper trades' involving gold that does not actually exist.

Considering the history of trading scandals and the current inflation environment it's very possible that gold has been kept down by massive paper trading by one of the large brokers. If they have an extreme deficit of 'actual gold' vs their paper position then they would have to ever increase their fraud in an inflationary environment to keep it from being exposed. At some point market realities would overwhelm them when they had to deliver more physical gold than could be conjured through scamming, and the price of physical gold would jump dramatically.

This is not so different from trading scandals at large brokers that have occurred in the past, except that this 'paper gold' scandal would be very much a 'strategic' part of global markets so the scam could originate within a government policy group.

"Every day, there are a whopping 5,500 tonnes ($212 billion) of gold traded in London, making it the largest wholesale and over-the-counter (OTC) market for gold in the world. To put that in perspective, more gold is traded in London each day than what is stored at Fort Knox (4,176 tonnes). On a higher volume day, amounts closer to total U.S. gold reserves (8,133.5 tonnes) can change hands."



A strange stalking case reflects global enforced stupidity

A man threatened to kill Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh over abortion issues, which is normal enough in the U.S.


The strange thing about his 'mission' is that neither he nor anybody else actually supports abortions. If you go to the top 'pro abortion' person, he or she will not say "I like abortions, they're cool". Rather their argument is "It is not your business if somebody else gets an abortion". Sort of like a person might drink coffee which results in deforestation, and you can criticize their decision but you cannot ban them from that action because it does not directly overlap anything you have authority over.

The problem with this aspiring killer is that he had assimilated an opinion from his 'group' or 'peers', but not thought through the origin of that opinion.

It would be very simple for a person with rhetorical skills to sit down with him and get him to kill somebody from the opposite side of judge Kavanaugh for the opposite reason he had for his original plot. This reality is well known to federal agencies that often construct criminals out of ordinary people for professional benefit.


The underlying issue is that modern melting potted society has a vast range of enforced stupidities that a person cannot escape unless they get away from the bands of idiots they are a part of, something virtually impossible in urban society.

A person could compare the degree of enforced stupidity across different countries, and the United States would be categorized as "extreme and increasing".



"Spain also relies on Algeria for its natural gas supply"





"The full body camera videos of the shooting are currently being blocked by a judge's order from being publicly released"


This person's family just hit the 'ghetto lottery' big time.


The bigger issue though is that as body cameras become more prevalent it will require police to pay more and more to keep them hidden.

The only logical outcome is to decriminalize random killings by police, and that will be a big step in the progression to the USSA.

How this develops is a mystery, but economic turbulence is likely to play a part in expanding powers of police. How this directly relates to the UK's strategic need to compartmentalize economies is a big issue.

An interesting side issue is that early in the history of the Soviet Union, the United States used corporate tools to sabotage governance within the Soviet Union. At that time it was a profitable short term corporate strategy for the U.S. But long term it has created a global environment in which the remnants of the Soviet Union do not have to do anything for the corporate global infrastructure to undermine the U.S. in the same way. In other words China and Eastern Europe, along with the rest of Asia, can go on vacation and watch the headlines announcing their victories. They don't have to do anything else.


The United States created a corporate global poison which it clings to while other countries slowly walk away from it.


June 7, 2022

Gold and Japanese Yen?

The recent leg of the runup in XAUJPY started around Feb 2, 2022.


And the recent leg of USDJPY started about 4 weeks later.


Which might mean that the biggest 'Japan oriented' traders wanted a little headstart in gold rather than in the dollar.

Drop in Yen always seems to end in mysterious gold selling which then props up Tokyo stocks.

But at some time the games have to stop and there has to be a real shift to gold.


June 6, 2022

Bitcoin is in serious trouble

Notice this $2,000 drop with total volume around 1200 bitcoin on a major exchange.

Imagine if somebody wanted to unload some GM stock but when they sold just a few shares it caused the price to crash. A lot of other coins are starting to show signs that many of their markets are completely fake.

There are $billion+ market cap coins whose markets appear to be completely fake, controlled by a person or small group of people working together.

On the other hand if the 'person or group' controlling the digital economy is the U.S. government, and it may well be, then they do have the resources to push it up endlessly.


Most people who are shown to be not guilty of the crime they were jailed for will stay in prison until they die

Melissa Lucio has been shown pretty convincingly to not have been guilty of the crime she was convicted of.


She has many high dollar lawyers, so she does have some chance at justice, but every single employee of the legal system will do anything in their power to keep her in prison, simply because releasing her means the state acknowledges a mistake.

While her team of high dollar Innocence Project lawyers work to get her freedom, a much higher number of people in government are looking for ways to prevent it.


The last shot fired by the gunman in Uvalde was around 12:36 p.m, 14 minutes before police 'killed him'

The last reported shot was a student saying the gunman had shot the door.


It's very possible that the shot was the gunman killing himself.

14 minutes later the police entered, and that would be an expected amount of time for the police to wait after the last shot before entering.

The big problem for the police and federal agents is that the officers in Uvalde have body cameras, and the FBI has to find a way to destroy that footage without raising more suspicions.


Now we're up to three grazed officers who, uhm, followed the shooter into the school then backed off when they got grazed by bullets

"The first officers arrived to the school parking lot just minutes later, and three officers followed behind Ramos, getting grazed by gunfire in the process. They did not continue to pursue him. By noon, 19 officers were on site. Reasons given as to why it took another 50 minutes to kill the suspect have differed, depending on who has given the account.


That's not including the federal agent with a fake injury which has been documented heavily online.


That picture was put up before the powder burns were noticed, from the barrel of the officers gun being too close when he created the fake injury on himself.

Stories about the injured still in hospitals do not mention any officers, of course.


There's nothing terrible about the cops running away from danger, most people do that out of common sense.

The problem is that soon police will go on a rampage of trying to enforce accountability on others, such as school employees or others.

Federal agents were at the scene almost immediately. They made the decision not to go in. Now they are in a dangerous 'accountability avoidance' mode.


Bofors2 / Israel slowly led by its nose ring into another pr trap



Media will probably start receiving tips in a few months, then an email dump.






One more domino in Uvalde

From the very beginning, law enforcement has been pushing a narrative about three cops who were grazed by bullets, and an off duty cop who killed the gunman along with a border patrol group.

The evidence appears to show that local cops wanted to go in, but federal cops took control and forced them to wait until a group of federal agents could go in and do the hero strut.

Now information is being leaked to select outlets that it was not an off duty federal cop who killed the shooter with a border patrol group.



Police are pretending they cannot figure out how it ended and who killed the shooter until they can figure out how to cover the lies about the three wounded cops. Lying about injuries is something cops around the United States do hundreds or thousands of times a day.

As the police i.e., mainly federal agents, continue claiming that they do not know what happened, how it ended etc, until they do more research, the media covers them.

It is almost certain that as reporters try to get information about the fictional injuries to the three law enforcement scammers they are being told things like 'be respectful to the heroes' and 'wait until the heroes are ready to speak', so that federal managers can figure out how to make the fictional injuries look more believable.


June 5, 2022


"It was initially bound for Egypt with its cargo, but it was turned away from Alexandria after a warning from Ukrainian officials, according to the country's government. It was also barred entry to Beirut, eventually docking in Latakia, in Syria, where Russia has for years been propping up the regime of Bashar al-Assad.



June 3, 2022

"Allen sought the help of then-National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and his staff"


Amid indications that the looming drugs and prostitution scandal involving numerous high ranking generals is about to become public, one key diplomat cuts a deal?


The Uvalde shooting response, managed by some federal agency, is slowly being spun into "the police need more money"



"Modified date: 08 March 2022"




June 1, 2022

It's only a matter of time

One of the biggest 'pending recoils' in the world involves India's resentment to the UK which has been deferred so far due to British power.


Europeans trying to sneak into position to use Australia as part of an Asian power bloc will not end well for Europe no matter how popular virtual realities get.


Oh no


Then it isn't her fault after all?


No, the Fed is not going to tighten just before a recession


More likely hidden asset purchases, a sly way to shuffle more money to the wealthy, will ramp up dramatically as cosmetic 'tightening' occurs on the 'small' $9t balance sheet.






Maybe people should wonder if this is the first time 'the highest levels' of law enforcement have lied


Lots of people are in prison or dead on stories from law enforcement that don't add up.

Start with the Esar Met case for example.


A big part of the melting pot 'defense' consortium has always been diverting the attention of future victims from effective weapons

Nukes, for example, have never been used by smaller powers which have bought into the global mindset, mainly as a result of successful propaganda involving how attainable those weapons might be.

When any country sidesteps that propaganda, flags are raised.


A person can be distracted by anything but at the end of the day it is old technologies, like suicide bombs, which win.


If there had been any question over where U.S. policy originates, and there wasn't, it is resolved now


Although the UK has a lot of influence at top policy circles in the U.S., China is in the driver's seat.


Is China mocking the U.S.?

An interesting article in SCMP appears to be playing on Western ai delusions and stupidity.



The article does not have a mocking tone but clearly is trying to talk 'over the head' of Western audiences.


May 31, 2022

A new part of the UK strategy involving Ukraine may surface soon


Like a lot of characters, in a lot of dramas, Zelenski was installed to be discredited.

How that unfolds is a mystery, but some people in the U.S. may be getting wise to the complex strategy and start distancing themselves from him soon.


"There are currently no blood tests for diagnosing tetanus"

"The diagnosis is based on the presentation of tetanus symptoms and does not depend upon isolation of the bacterium, which is recovered from the wound in only 30% of cases and can be isolated from people without tetanus."








As economies around the word struggle, Canada begins a shift to a tourism based economy

"Adults in British Columbia will be allowed to possess small amounts of some illicit drugs starting next year, the federal government announced Tuesday — a move that marks a dramatic shift in Canada's drug policy.

"Adults will be able to possess small amounts of opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA


 The meth tourism market particularly is expected to draw large numbers of people from U.S. border states.


The FBI was on scene at the Uvalde shooting soon after the first 911 call

What were the FBI agents saying when the police chief supposedly said he didn't want to storm the shooter?


He would have deferred to the FBI so it is virtually certain the FBI told him to wait for a heavily armed team.

That's just the truth.

The FBI confiscated all the body cameras of police at the scene 'for its investigation', but the first thing they will probably do is wipe all the footage that shows senior FBI agents present telling local police to wait.


Did Amazon get to be one of the biggest retailers in the world by helping scammers fleece people?

There is a pretty common scam on Amazon in which a retailer will rack up positive reviews on a product then switch the product on the page so there are lots of positive reviews which don't actually refer to the new product being sold.


Here is a submitted review which only mentions that the seller is using that scam.

"Dishonest tactic used by this Amazon seller"

"From a buzzfeed article describing what this seller is doing "The mismatch between the product and the review may appear random, perhaps a glitch, but it’s a deliberate tactic Amazon sellers use to accumulate reviews. They take an existing product page, then update..." 

 After and while allowing the seller to scam people, Amazon refused to publish the review mentioning the scam.

"Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon. After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the website. It appears your review had feedback on the seller."

"While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines Amazon Community Guidelines"

The review had absolutely no feedback on the seller aside from the fact that the seller is scamming people by switching products so a new product starts with hundreds of positive reviews before anybody has bought it.

It is an overt scam, nothing subtle or discreet, and Amazon is overtly preventing people from being warned about it in the review section, whose main purpose is to educate people about things like that.


May 30, 2022

Once economies are a bit more compartmentalized, the West will have its pants fully down and China will be ready to start playing aces


Google's fake AI will continue with some inertia in the West as China rapidly shifts to ai networks.

One of the biggest propaganda efforts in history is likely to involve China's efforts to keep real ai projects out of English language media as long as possible.

Anybody who has looked at the academic connections of Mikhail Sendeyev and his colleagues from 10 years ago knows the Russians have abundant aces as well.

Bedtime for the United States unless something changes rapidly.


The FBI was on scene, and in charge, almost immediately when the school shooting started

But notice this headline and article trying to cleverly deflect blame to a less powerful agency. "FBI' does not appear on that page even once. "Border Patrol" appears 11 times.

"Why Federal Agents Were the First on the Scene to Kill the School Shooter in Texas" 


Govexec? What kind of website is that, and why are they so up to speed on sophisticated propaganda techniques? Ask their CEO.

"We've become a sales and marketing intelligence powerhouse for government contractors


Very clever propaganda which at first appears to give credit to the Border Patrol, until you you look at the broader story and how it ended.

Background details

"UPD buying new bodycams, radios" / **From Nov 2020**

"At the Tuesday meeting of the Uvalde City Council, Uvalde Police Department Chief Daniel Rodriguez received permission to proceed with the purchase of more than $38,000 worth of body cameras and handheld radios for use by officers."

"Initially the purchases are to be made by the city, and then they will be fully reimbursed by grant funds, so there is no net cost to the city for the equipment."

"Rodriguez said the purchases will include five Motorola 6000 model handheld radios and 16 Wolfcom Officer Halo Body Camera packages with 10 terabytes of storage and evidence management software."

"In April of 2015, the department’s officers began utilizing body cameras, which they attach to their uniform while on duty."


Several days before the Texas shooting, Texas politicians discussed House Bill 929 which would prohibit police from turning off their body cams during investigations.


Shortly after it began, and a full hour before the shooting ended, the FBI was on the scene, and presumably managing the response, as the senior agency present.


Shortly after the shooting ended the public learned that police were wearing body cams, and the FBI was collecting that footage.


Now, the DOJ, i.e., the FBI, will investigate, and of course determine that lots of mistakes were made but the FBI was not at fault.



Slimy cops

"Video shows a teacher, whom authorities haven't publicly identified, propping open an exterior door of the school, McCraw said.

"Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Considine said Thursday that investigators hadn't determined why the door was propped open.


The temperature has ranged up to 105 degrees in Uvalde this month.

An open door will provide a little air circulation and lower the humidity inside a bit.

Next Up / Police will now find a sly way to leak the teacher's name, and cop propagandizers will have online debates about that teacher's responsibility.

From the same page.

"A female (age unknown) calls 911 and whispers that she’s in classroom 112, McCraw said. The call lasts 1 minute, 23 seconds."

"Officers continue to enter the school, with as many as 19 officers in the hallway near the room where Ramos is holed up, McCraw said."

Here is the entirety of that pro police website's timeline, in case anybody is wondering why no police will be held accountable and why there will be no changes in how police avoid danger in events like this.


"Sometime after 11 a.m. — Ramos shoots his grandmother in the face, according to Texas Public Safety Director Steve McCraw. Gilbert Gallegos, 82, who lives across the street from Ramos and his grandmother, heard a shot as he was in his yard. He runs to the front and sees Ramos speed away in a pickup truck and Ramos' grandmother coming toward him pleading for help. Covered in blood, “She says, ‘Berto, this is what he did. He shot me,’” according to Gallegos, whose wife calls the police to report the shooting."

"11:27 a.m. — Video shows a teacher, whom authorities haven't publicly identified, propping open an exterior door of the school, McCraw said."

"11:28 a.m. — The teacher exits to retrieve a phone and then returns through the exit door, which remains propped open, McCraw said. It's not clear why the teacher was retrieving a phone. Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Considine said Thursday that investigators hadn't determined why the door was propped open."

"11:28 a.m. — Ramos crashes the pickup into a drainage ditch behind the school, McCraw said. Two men at a nearby funeral home hear the crash and run out to see what happened. They see Ramos jump out of the passenger side carrying an AR-15-style rifle and a bag full of ammunition. The men run and Ramos fires at them but doesn't hit them. One of the men falls but both make it back to the funeral home. A panicked teacher then emerges from the school and calls 911."

"11:30 a.m. — 911 receives a call saying there was a crash and a man with a gun at the school, McCraw said."

"11:31 a.m. — Ramos begins shooting at the school from the school parking lot as police cars begin to arrive at the funeral home, McCraw said. Ramos then makes his way around the school building."

"The school district police officer who was working that day wasn't on campus around this time, contrary to previous reports, McCraw said Friday. The officer drives to the school “immediately” after getting the 911 call and approaches someone at the back of the school who he thought was the gunman. As the officer “sped” toward the man, who turned out to be a teacher, McCraw said the officer “drove right by the suspect who was hunkered down behind" a vehicle."

"11:32 a.m. — Ramos fires multiple shots at the school and then makes his way toward the open door, McCraw said."

"11:33 a.m. — Five minutes after crashing the pickup, Ramos enters the school and begins shooting into two adjoining classrooms, 111 and 112, McCraw said. He fires more than 100 rounds."

"11:35 a.m. — Three city police officers enter the school through the same door that Ramos used and are later followed by four other officers, McCraw said, putting a total of seven inside the building. Two officers receive “grazing wounds” from Ramos, McCraw said."

"11:37 a.m. — Gunfire continues, with 16 rounds being shot in total, McCraw said. It’s unclear who fired the shots."

"11:51 a.m. — A police sergeant and other law enforcement begin to arrive, McCraw said."

"12:03 p.m. — A female (age unknown) calls 911 and whispers that she’s in classroom 112, McCraw said. The call lasts 1 minute, 23 seconds."

"12:03 p.m. — Officers continue to enter the school, with as many as 19 officers in the hallway near the room where Ramos is holed up, McCraw said."

"12:06 p.m. — Anne Marie Espinoza, a spokeswoman for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, posts on the district's Facebook page: “All campuses are under a Lockdown Status."

Several days after the shooting this page is at the top of Google search results.

An important part of making people pretend to respect police is forcing them to pretend that respect.

So called 'gun control' involves preventing individuals from having the means to defend themselves, and forcing them to use police in lieu of self defense.

To this end police subtly encourage gun violence around the country through myriad sly maneuvers, such as slow responses to shooting incidents in urban areas. In some urban areas it is widely known that police always drive away from the sound of shootings until forced to respond.

This is not a new issue.

"Pressure mounts for Vegas police to explain response time October 11, 2017


Of course a big part of gun violence is guns, but in areas where there is responsible policing random gun violence is extremely rare.

The U.S. teaches its citizens to target the vulnerable, by having a national policy of targeting weaker nations, and that philosophy i.e., the psychology of killing, is more of a factor than the specific weapon used.



May 29, 2022

NYTimes Timeline of Uvalde shooting


11:33 am gunman enters school

11:35 am police hide while they start lying to the media


Tapwater in the area of the Uvalde shooting varies widely, but has a lot of contaminants

Including up to 988 times the acceptable level of arsenic and 57 times the acceptable level of another neurotoxin, Dibromoacetic acid.




"The Developmental Neurotoxicity of Arsenic: Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences of Early Life Exposure


Even the 'cleaner' tapwaters in that zipcode are full of chemicals that affect the mind.





The U.S. of course has no interest in fixing water supplies when they are one of the biggest contributors to creating law enforcement jobs.


"“Ohhhh….” the officer says, before both of them turn off their body cameras"


Notice that in two weeks the video only has 6,205 views, despite it showing three police officers who are each committing felonies.


No mainstream interest in the video unless a celebrity tells the public to watch it. Only after several more people called did they realize they would have to arrest him.

No accountability for any of the three corrupt cops, of course.


Police are trying to put some blame for the mass shooting on a teacher, that's not unexpected


But there is one unexpected and unusual thing that makes this school shooting different than others.

Three police officers are claiming they were shot or grazed by bullets.

Are they telling the truth?

Here's a hint. No. There has never been a police officer injured in a school shooting, because in every school shooting police hide until the shooter runs out of ammo.

The only thing different this time is that three cops are claiming to have been shot or grazed by bullets from the shooter.

Various agencies are trying to polish up the stories, maybe get medical personnel to play along, before the three 'heroes' are presented to the public.


May 27, 2022

Oh no

The police have decided to dig themselves out of the hole.

"The teenage gunman in a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school came out of a classroom closet and began firing when US Border Patrol agents entered the room more than an hour after the shooter began his rampage, a source familiar with the situation told CNN on Friday.

"The Washington Post first reported the detail on the gunman emerging from the classroom closet.


This information comes out very late on a Friday evening, so a person can guess that on Monday there will be another law enforcement lie that needed to be tidied up by having the gunman emerge from a closet.

Notice now that the governor is 'livid'. He is more than willing to lie to cover up mistakes by cops, but one of the conditions is that the lies have to be credible and able to withstand scrutiny.

The governor is one of the most powerful people involved in this mass of lies and he is not going to be the one to pay the price. He will make sure of that.

The feds likewise. They have power among law enforcers and they will make sure they don't pay for their mistakes.

"Fed unit was asked by police to wait before entering Robb Elementary: report" 


Feds / "They're killing kids in there. We want to go in."

Local cops / "Well, you can't."

Feds / "Okay."


At this point three police officers claim to have been 'grazed by bullets' in the Uvalde killings

There's the 'hero who killed the shooter', who was grazed in the head and foot, though one online image that shows him in a hospital bed seems to show his feet in good condition, unbandaged.

Here are two more 'grazed' officers.

"At 11:33 a.m., soon after the gunman entered the school through a door that had been propped open, he entered two classrooms and fired at least 100 rounds, McCraw said. Within a few minutes, seven Uvalde police officers were inside the school, and two were grazed by bullets, McCraw said.


 Grazing is very different from being shot in a vest or a bullet hitting some bulletproof material.

 The problem here is that cops in the United States lie constantly about being injured.

Every job has injuries, including policing, and there are police officers who actually get injured, but the vast majority of 'injuries' that police officers receive fall into the 'fictional' category.

If you read about a police officer in the U.S. being injured usually there is no injury. Usually the police officer made up the supposed injury to pile charges onto somebody they didn't like, or to get a few days off, or for some other reason.

The injuries that the police officers in Uvalde suffered appear to have been fictional.

They could be real, or one or two could be real, but it is much more likely that all the injuries among Uvalde 'hero cops' are fake.

One possibility, a 'most likely' explanation, is that once the police got the shooter and realized 19 children were dead, and that dozens of people knew police had been hiding from the shooter for more than an hour, a supervisor decided that the best way to minimize fallout would be to create some minor injuries on a few officers. There are probably fewer than a dozen cops who were in on the initial fake injury scheme, but in a case like this word will spread and eventually the truth will come out.


This is just so incredible that a U.S. president could say this and nobody scratches their head

"Biden says Putin is trying to ‘wipe out’ Ukrainian culture, identity"


Russia has a vast number of tribal cultures/languages and has no policy designed to reduce that number.

The United States has always had, as a core strategic premise, the idea that Indigenous tribes must assimilate or be eliminated through domestic policy tools.


The United States has already eliminated the vast majority of nations which existed in North America before the United States, and it continues trying to eliminate those which remain, ever adapting its methods to changing social norms, but never stopping the extermination campaign.


Another interesting Google quirk?


While some media is reporting that there may only be ten weeks of wheat available until next season, if you search "wheat" on Google there is no mention of that in the first four pages of results.

If there really are only ten weeks of wheat supplies, and if many countries stop having access to wheat in ten weeks, there will be a dramatic increase in instability which a person has to guess would be part of the calculus in some geopolitical strategy.

The West is portraying Russia as the villain, but that doesn't seem to be quite the truth.


Even mainstream media is hesitating now to repeat information pushed by propaganda outlets

Several blatant propaganda sites are acting as direct pipelines for dubious info.

"“They came in from opposite sides. The BORTAC agent ended up exchanging gunfire with the shooter, killed the shooter, and I am told that the agent was injured in his leg. They are trying to figure out if he was shot in the leg or hit by shrapnel.”" 

"Some of the students who were killed in the massacre were the children of Border Patrol agents, according to ABC." 

"Customs and Border Protection is a major employer in the area, as it is in many border communities." 


And this ridiculous piece.


Notice that on early photos there is residue on the hat because the gun was held close to the hat when the fake injury was created. In later photos, after the blunder was realized, the hat has been cleaned or the photo airbrushed, and the residue is not visible.


More about "Off duty CBP agent #2"

This is not the one who got a 'grazing head wound'.


Still no info public on the cbp agent who supposedly shot the shooter, probably because there are still too many inconsistencies in that story and it has to be tidied up.

Another interesting this is that what police did in this event is no different than what they do in every mass shooter incident, except that 19 kids were killed.

In every single mass shooting incident the first thing police do is hide and wait for the person to finish killing.

Police are brave and quick to attack when there is no real danger to them, but they are even quicker to hide when there are real bullets.



Illinois stands head and shoulders above all other states when it comes to mass shootings

Notice the map at the bottom of the page https://abc11.com/uvalde-texas-robb-elementary-school-active-shooter-district-lockdown/11899867/ 

Lead contamination of water has long been proven a major contributor to impulsive violence.

"Brain-damaging lead found in tap water from most Illinois communities during the past 6 years, Tribune analysis finds. More than 8 of every 10 Illinoisans live in a community where brain-damaging lead was found in the tap water of at least one home during the past six years, a new Chicago Tribune analysis found.


Digging up and replacing lead pipes is very expensive though.

Colorado also has a higher than average incidence of both lead in water and mass shootings.

Michigan also.

Other states probably as well if you drill down to local levels.

Hundreds of studies have been done that show this.

Is it a secret?


Oh no

The photo of the cbp agent's cap seems to show powder burns indicating the barrel was inches or less when the shot was fired.


More evidence the shot was fired by him or his colleagues trying to counter the anticipated public fury over cops refusing to go in the school.



"Sources close to this investigation tell KPRC 2 Investigates the Border Patrol agent who is credited with stopping Ramos was eating lunch at the Mill Creek Café in the town of Leakey when he heard the call go out over his radio. Sources tell KPRC 2 even though the agent was not in uniform, he didn’t hesitate to jump into his vehicle and drive 40 miles to Robb elementary. We are told the agent is a member of Border Patrol’s tactical team known as BORTAC."

"The Border Patrol agent was wounded during the shooting when a bullet grazed the top of his head, according to sources. Pictures posted to social media showed staples were needed to close the wound."


 Police are creating more problems for themselves by doubling down on their lies.


Danger Will Robinson Danger


It looks like a large bitcoin holder is trying to unload their position without spooking other large holders.


One of the interesting aspects of the coverup will involve the word 'graze'

As this story develops there are any number of federal agents, at various agencies, whose only job for now is to manage the narrative, and one primary focus is creating cover for the 'grazing wound' the cbp agent supposedly got.

Initial reports were that the off duty cbp agent who killed the suspect had been grazed on the head by a bullet. That was reported by outlets that could be trusted to help authorities if a coverup became necessary, Fox news and the Washington Examiner.

Now, a coverup is necessary, since that 'grazing injury' appears to be self inflicted by the cbp agent, so that part of the coverup moves to step two which is creating false trails for people who try to research.

Outlets involved in this step will again be 'trusted by authorities' to help with the coverup, and will pepper the word 'graze' in reports.

"Police officers had entered the school and were in a hallway within minutes of the gunman entering the school, and two officers received grazing wounds from the suspect in an initial encounter with him, McCraw said.


"Justin Rodriguez, an Uvalde resident whose nephew was grazed in the shooting, got this tattoo in the wake of the tragedy.

"On Tuesday, he saw his 11-year-old nephew, who was in one of the two classrooms the gunman targeted and had been grazed by a bullet, come out of the school, but Rodriguez couldn't get to him.


Many media outlets have several high ranking employees who are used by government officials, bureaucrats, to steer narratives, but their use is limited to high visibility projects because it opens them to exposure.

Sky News has been exposed numerous times as discreetly backing propaganda narratives which later got shot down, and shows another risk bureaucrats face when over using assets in journalism.


An interesting news conference on the Uvalde shooting


The officer speaking has been chosen to speak on the basis of his coercive style i.e., they hope he will steamroll critics of law enforcement, but he is clearly lying and using rhetorical skills to further those lies.

Authorities know that children who were present will eventually discredit this officer, so now there will be a race to shift the narrative to gun control or mental illness or police funding, before those children are interviewed in the mainstream.

Notice the officers tics and other similarities to some of the characters in Police Academy.





Under the radar?

Tsacarora was an indigenous language spoken in areas of conquered North America, but it was not listed as endangered on Wikipedia until it went extinct in 2020.


Notice that the last speaker was largely surrendered, and white.


Hundreds of Native cultures and languages have been exterminated by the United States, and there are probably many others that have been largely unnoticed.

Another one not listed until it went extinct was the Whulshootseed dialect which went extinct in 2016 with the death of Ellen Williams .




An interesting example of the progression of 'academic behaviorism' as discussed on other pages


Melting pot societies are based on this kind of manipulation, it is everywhere, so when it becomes visible to some people, a person should watch.


Oh no

Now, word that the Uvalde shooter was outside the school for about 12 minutes, occasionally shooting, and law enforcement did not do anything then either.

"Escalon also said Thursday that the shooter was outside the school for about 12 minutes, at times opening fire, shortly after he shot his grandmother in the face at their home nearby.


People join law enforcement because the idea of being part of a powerful group, and always fighting people who are less powerful than 'your' group, is appealing.

But when there is nobody in your law enforcement group, nobody, who is not relying on other people to make themself look strong, you have a problem.

A massive group of cowards can be very dangerous because they feed each others 'braveness' but those gangs are predatory and suck the life out of those who join them.


More details emerge in the UK's shift away from the United States to Australia


Although the U.S. seems to be prime real estate, and certainly has recent, last ~300 years, history, it would be hard to explain the extreme shift the UK is preparing for away from the U.S. to Australia, if not for the abundant evidence that the U.S. core has been thoroughly subverted.

The surprise in store for the UK is that their adversaries will let them utterly sink their Australian ship all on their own.


There are people who trust Erdogan, according to this article



What country is Mr Blinken from?

"Mr. Blinken also noted the human rights abuses, repression of ethnic minorities and quashing of free speech and assembly by the Communist Party in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong" 




Time Flies?

Initially police said they heroically stormed the school and killed the gunman as soon as they arrived i.e., immediately.

When all of the citizens present said that was a lie, the police started using a timeframe that included a "30-minute lull", then "40 minutes or something".


Now we are at 90 minutes.


A growing element involves parents of children begging the police to do something, and the police then arresting/detaining/handcuffing those parents.



"Off-duty CBP agent saves students, daughter after 'help' text from teacher wife" 


One of the key details involves a supposedly off duty CBP cop who got a grazing bullet wound on his head then killed the shooter.

It looks now like the narrative will be spun away from that person who has not been identified yet, due to the fictional nature of his injury.

The problem is that if they continue with the lie about the 'elite border patrol team' while also continuing with the 'off duty border patrol hero who killed the shooter' there is an obvious hole in the story, and if the fictional injury is examined publicly then the whole ruse falls apart.

This 'off duty cbp agent' has a shotgun, which probably prevents him from being the cbp agent who gave himself a grazing wound, but he does serve to diffuse any focus on cbp involvement.

At this point it looks like an off duty cbp agent killed the shooter, then gave himself an injury to cover himself in case of any problem. Then when cops realized what had happened they spun a story around him in order to avoid criticism for on duty cops not having done anything. If that's the case then the first off duty cbp agent, not the one in the article above, will have a lot of cover from feds trying to hide the truth.

The problems for them will probably start once his name becomes public and reporters scrutinize him. A cop who gives himself an injury in order to protect himself will probably have an interesting history.


May 26, 2022

More and more questions about police and what they were actually doing as the Uvalde mass shooting was happening

A lot of people in the United States face jail or other punishment for professional 'on the job' negligence much less serious than what happened with police in Uvalde.

Of course police never have to worry about facing those punishments, which most people would face, unless the accountability can be limited to a few low level officers.

That was not the case in Texas where the incompetence and negligence appears to have been across all levels of police.

And there is still a lot more likely to come out.





But bigger problems may be in store for police as surviving children are interviewed. One nine year old who witnessed some of the killings raises doubts about how the police went in, suggesting at least one child was killed because of the sloppy way police assaulted.

Other serious questions likely will involve supposed injury narratives the police have given.

Most people would be hesitant to confront a person with an assault rifle, but police are paid specifically to take that chance if necessary. That is their job.

When they are not willing to do that then they should not prevent others, including family members of students inside, from doing that. Instead police handcuffed and detained some parents who wanted something done to give the children a chance.

Actually this poor police work is not something unique to this mass shooting.

It happens at almost every single mass shooting in the United States.

The only thing unique this time are the unusual circumstances, like parents trying to get in the building, which caused a cascade of facts to overwhelm the police narrative.



The Centers for Disease Control has revealed that 2 to 10 cases of C Auris have occurred in Nevada in the past year.


Meanwhile, the state of Nevada has revealed which 19 health care facilities in that state have had C Auris outbreaks in the last year.


Further research indicates that of those two to ten people infected at the 19 facilities, 14 have died.

And "From Jan. 3 to Monday, 73 clinical cases of C. auris were identified in Southern Nevada and 92 cases in which the individuals were “colonized” with the fungus but did not have an active infection, according to the state health department. Colonized individuals have no symptoms of infection but have the fungus somewhere on their bodies, allowing them to unknowingly spread the disease."



Police are doubling down on their fake 'bullet through the hat, hero cop' fiction

At this point federal agents know that the classroom will have a bullet hole in the ceiling that came from the weapon the border agent used to give himself a 'grazing would', and those federal agents will tightly control information about the crime scene to keep that information from becoming public.

Notice where the bullet path is. The border agent would not have had his head downward and 90 degrees turned as he was facing an armed threat.

He would have that exact injury if he put the butt of the stock on the ground to his right and pulled the trigger himself, with his right thumb, and the bullet would be in the ceiling.

"Texas school shooting: Hat reveals close brush with death for elite Border Patrol agent who killed gunman" 

"A photo obtained by Fox News' Bill Melugin shows the hat with a major hole ripped into the mesh section at the very top."

"The bullet that made the hole also grazed the agent's head. Melugin reports that the elite BORTAC Border Patrol agent was wearing the hat when he, along with a tactical team, engaged the shooter who had barricaded himself in a classroom at Robb Elementary School."

"The agent killed the gunman, identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, in an exchange of gunfire."


Complete. Fiction.

Most mainstream media will not investigate and discredit the story because they know they will face retaliation from law enforcement.

Hat https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-school-shooting-hat-death-border-patrol-agent 

Bullet wound https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/crime/see-it-picture-shows-shrapnel-wound-on-uvalde-hero-border-patrol-cops-head 

"The off-duty Customs and Border Protection agent who killed Texas gunman Salvador Ramos was a hair’s breadth away from getting shot in the head — as is evident in a photo of the hero’s bullet-ripped cap"


Notice that he was off duty when he killed the gunman, and the images of the cap and bullet would were provided to Fox News and the Washington Examiner respectively, each of which are conservative websites law enforcement could trust to try to add credibility to the fiction.

"The Washington Examiner obtained a picture of the wound, showing just how close the agent himself came to death as he risked his life to stop 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos. A separate picture obtained by Fox News shows the border agent's hat with a hole ripped at the top.


The interview no major news outlet will show

News Anchor / "Chief, almost all of the information you provided about the school shooting turned out to be non truths. Were you deliberately misleading the public?"

Police Chief / "The important thing now is to stop future shootings by banning any weapons that might be used this way. Why aren't you talking about assault rifles, the cause of this tragedy?"

News Anchor / "Okay, but are you planning to train your officers better? Or perhaps hire a better quality of person?"

Police Chief / "We believe that a lot of responsibility lies with the family, and we are discussing with the prosecutor whether charges should be filed against the parents."

"Minutes earlier, Carranza had watched as Salvador Ramos crashed his truck into a ditch outside the school, grabbed his AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle and shot at two people outside a nearby funeral home who ran away uninjured.

"Officials say he "encountered" a school district security officer outside the school, though there were conflicting reports from authorities on whether the men exchanged gunfire. After running inside, he fired on two arriving Uvalde police officers who were outside the building, said Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Travis Considine. The police officers were injured.


'Conflicting reports' because 'authorities don't yet know?

Two days later the 'authorities' don't know if the School Resource Officer ran and hid with the other police, or if he exchanged gunfire?

Injured police officers? Gunshot injuries, really? What are the police hiding?


The first 48

The first 48 hours after a mass shooting are when 30% of the 'facts' in the law enforcement version of the shooting are exposed as fiction. As that initial period passes, law enforcement tries to shift the narrative to gun control or the victim's family or mental health, because they know a lot more police lies are about to come out.

Here is an amazing video with a Congressman trying to slink around the first version of what the armed 'school resource officer' did.


School Resource Officers, local police tasked with standing at schools and waiting for problems to arrive, invariably hide when they see a school shooter. This case was no different, but police initially said that the School Resource Officer was in a gun battle with the shooter which was complete fiction.

"Uvalde school police officer was first to engage shooter

"“The reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. They showed incredible courage running towards gunfire trying to save lives,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Notice in the video the Congressman wants a massive amount of money for mental health treatment for the children. The United States has killed tens of thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children, in recent years in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. Of course no services of any kind were even discussed.

Jake Tapper is extremely pro law enforcement, but he is completely thrown by the logic of the person defending the police response.

And he mentions that over a hundred FBI agents are at the scene? Really?

"There's been a school shooting, should we send a few agents?"

"Sure, send 5 agents so the TV cameras will see FBI jackets."

"Won't five agents look kind of silly since the shooting is over? What will we tell people the five agents are doing?"

"Don't worry. We have enough control of the media that we can spin all the FBI agents who show up as heroes."

"Okay, then send a hundred."


Nice notion but not a shred of truth.

All of the police ran for cover when they saw somebody with a long gun entering the elementary school.

All of the police then continued hiding as they heard gunfire inside the school.

After about an hour the police were reasonably sure he was out of ammunition so they decided to send some heavily armed and armored officers in.

Almost certainly the shooter had dropped his gun and was trying to surrender when he was shot.

The specific officer who shot him appears to be a Hispanic officer working for Border Control.

Already some of the law enforcement lies about him are being exposed, including a bullet supposedly passing through his cap as a bullet supposedly grazed his head.


He is being portrayed as part of an elite unit.


The truth?

He was off duty at the time, as some outlets are already reporting. He is Hispanic and is desperate to prove he will serve the colonizers of his people by giving them security, and if his history is reviewed there will probably be evidence of that in his work history.

The fictional bullet through his cap, which fictionally grazed his head, will slowly disappear from news articles unless he can be trusted enough to follow through and lie in interviews about it.

Some articles are portraying him as being off duty, probably reacting to the people who were yelling at police to do their job.

Others are trying to portray an elite unit of border control agents as having stormed the room.

So far it looks like he, or one of his colleagues, fired a round grazing his head in order to cover the fact that there was some problem in how they killed him. Most likely an autopsy will show the shooter was shot in the back, and in several years one of the people present will recount how they created the 'bullet grazing the head' injury to cover themselves.


May 25, 2022

uh oh, oh no, no way

"Frustrated onlookers urged police officers to charge into the Texas elementary school where a gunman’s rampage killed 19 children and two teachers, witnesses said Wednesday, as investigators worked to track the massacre that lasted upwards of 40 minutes and ended when the 18-year-old shooter was killed by a Border Patrol team. “Go in there! Go in there!” nearby women shouted at the officers soon after the attack began, said Juan Carranza, 24, who saw the scene from outside his house, across the street from Robb Elementary School in the close-knit town of Uvalde. Carranza said the officers did not go in


"Javier Cazares, whose fourth grade daughter, Jacklyn Cazares, was killed in the attack, said he raced to the school when he heard about the shooting, arriving while police were still massed outside the building."

"Upset that police were not moving in, he raised the idea of charging into the school with several other bystanders."


Even without any conspiracy theories, this would be one of the most important stories of the decade

But here's a conspiracy theory anyway to spice it up.

A Wall Street blog made suggestions that, if true, would have vast implications across many global markets.


Here's the conspiracy theory which could well be true.

Several months before that blog published that story there was another 'Fed Trading Scandal'.


Of course the first indication that the big story about the Fed trading equities on a massive scale might be true would trigger a mass of people Googling 'Fed Trading Scandal' or similar wordings.

But until such a story got traction, any searches for info would be inundated with the trivial stories about Fed officials trading small amounts personally.

When the Fed officials were loudly criticized for personal trading there was a bit of confusion. They hadn't actually broken any rules. They hadn't made massive money on the trades. Most Fed officials had done some variation of semi insider trading since a long time ago and nobody had ever been too concerned.

In other words it's possible the 'small' Fed Trading Scandal was smoke being blown to distract people who saw evidence of the big scandal.

That same blog has latched onto the issue, and if the story is ever reported credibly on a very mainstream site, and if it proves to be true, it will have many effects.


One predictable effect would be the feeling that there is a 'floor' under stocks, in other words a point below which they could not drop.

This would be very bullish for markets, of course, ignoring the inflation side.

Was this part of the strategy from the beginning? Drive the dollar into a ditch to get out of a fake 'Covid recession', then start stealth inflation at a pretty high rate, but keep the deliberate inflation under wraps until it is too obvious to ignore. Once the dollar is more or less past the big threats, then there will have been no catastrophic collapse that it also had to crawl out of.

A major side issue has to do with commodity consumption after the dollar is on the 'full steam ahead' inflation train, and can no longer extort commodities, including labor, from weaker countries, but maybe there is a scam to deal with that too.

Question / Would it be smart for some government agency or pseudo government agency like the Fed to do something like that?

Answer / It would be the smart thing to do under this looming environment. The problem has to do with pretending it is a market economy when actually it is very heavily managed.

Question / What will be the first massive public realization if this is true?

Answer / It would mean the so called 'balance sheet' of the Fed is actually much bigger than the public has been led to believe, maybe $10 trillion or $20 trillion or more above what is known, and it would change the narrative on inflation, from 'we are fighting it' to 'we are riding it'. The big downside would be the complete loss of credibility in the dollar as a free market currency, except to the extent that other economies are worse off at the moment the truth comes out.


What is it with banks and money laundering?

Trump has been in the news for receiving laundered payouts through Deutsche bank, but the practice may be common.

Tony Blair got a lot of money for using Britain as a mule to carry other nations into Iraq. He got tens of millions in usd outright, and more later, but is he about to get thrown under the bus?


That kind of news would probably never become public unless Blair was close to early retirement.


uh oh, uh oh, uh oh

"San Francisco police shot both suspect and victim in alleged Dogpatch knife assault" 


"At 10:33 p.m., San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Robert Rueca tweeted that “pedestrian and vehicle traffic” were closed as a result, and a “suspect is not at large.”'


"Early reports from the SFPD about the shooting were decidedly vague, with statements suggesting that one or both of the men were armed, and that there might have been some sort of shootout, so it was hard to say who shot whom.



Uh oh, uh, oh

"DPS added in a comment to Fox News that three local officers were wounded during the attack." 


"In addition to the 19 students and two teachers that were killed in the shooting, there were three officers injured, Abbott said. All are in good condition. Abbott said 17 people in total were injured, but none had life-threatening injuries.


Uhm, details please?

Many people know law enforcement waits for mass shooters to run out of ammo.

And many people are aware that nearly all mass shooters surrender once they are out of ammo.

So police know that the time to shoot a mass shooter is when he is out of ammo and has dropped his gun and yells 'I surrender'.

That's why there are never any videos of mass shooters being shot, even in towns where all police have body cameras.

The 'injured hero cop' is too appealing a narrative for cops to miss out on, so almost any time there is a mass shooting lots of cops will claim they are injured.

Three cops, at this point, are claiming to have been injured.

Most media outlets know the injuries are probably not real so they won't push for details.


Uh oh

"Gunman Was Inside School for Over an Hour Before Being Shot" 


Once police were sure he was out of ammunition and it was safe, a sniper was deployed to the rooftop of a nearby building and told to take a shot if they spotted him?


The Justice Department is going to have to bring in its 'Narrative Response Team' to pump some helium into the 'hero cop' story.

"“It's going to be within, like 40 minutes or something, [within] an hour,” Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven McCraw told CNN’s Ed Lavandera at a news conference.

"Department of Public Safety spokesperson Sgt. Erick Estrada declined to be more specific about the timeline in a CNN interview Wednesday night.


Reporters who cover this kind of case know that if they make things awkward for the police, by pointing out police mistakes, there will be retaliation, often against family of the shooter, but potentially against random other people.



"Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world"


Fortunately Kwasi has their back.





1) A civil servant amasses a fortune, probably 'civil servanting' in the loose sense.

2) He loses a bit of the 'civil servant' riches acquired, ~us$2.4 million, in a scam.

3) He visits the scammer, and finds out that civil servants work for those who pay in cash.


An interesting item involving Jimmy Carter and Secretary of the Interior Haaland


This will go in the Behavioral Psychology section, because it's an obvious example of people being used for 'policy' ends i.e., a substantive action, positive or negative, under guise of political actions.



The Aleutians are rapidly growing in importance, and Seafood corporations provide cover to strategic development in that region, with further cover being offered by things like the silliness of the 'need a road' pretext in this lawsuit.


'Secretary of the Interior' of the United States is an important position that is used to further the interests of the United States against Native people. The specific person who lets themself be used is not relevant.

Unfortunately there are still many 'partially surrendered' Natives who cooperate under the misguided notion that change in a colonizer comes from within.


Secretary Haaland is a clear example of the effects of long term domestic terrorism.



Those effects were invariably permanent, and led to the extermination of tribes who had enough surrendered members, up until the point in human history where 'East met West' a thousand or so years ago.

Today is a little bit different, and even if that one terrorized, surrendered person works toward surrender for her tribe, there are new options available for others.


The oil consortium has carefully insulated its core leadership from direct threats

So when a lower level 'pseudo executive' sounds a public alarm it not only 'is not a threat' to the consortium, it is actually a useful opportunity to shift profit strategies.

And not the first such opportunity, so backups are already in place as the core group shifts investments to its plan b, including, for example, uranium.




"...and America’s domestic disorders worsen..."

"As a democracy, we should be alarmed that we can only speculate on the identity of those who are guiding our president and writing his speeches but staying in the background, immune from any meaningful accountability for his undefined but risky foreign policy"


One of the amazing things about the U.S. collapse is that those arranging it can endlessly convince the public that they are acting in U.S. interests, or promoting 'liberty', or some other nonsense, as the U.S. ship of state is sailed directly into massive, visible, rocks.

The unfortunate thing about that author's observation is that almost nobody will perceive the UK as being the origin of U.S. policy misdirection.

Instead, a mountain of evidence points to a local focus on 'the usual suspects'.

Are there really no people, anywhere in the U.S., aside from fringe groups, who can simply look at the obvious?


One of the fascinating examples of groups creating/repeating history


Panuelo has a very distinct history including his time in the United States.


This history shows a clear continuation of UK/U.S. fingerprints which explain his policies.




The Chinese are following the UK/U.S. lead with regard to international relations, but with one significant difference.

While the UK/U.S. used force opportunistically to alter how countries interact, China only has to retreat from using force to get the same type of benefit.

As the UK/U.S. increasingly tries to follow its past techniques to maintain control, Asia/China only has to retreat from those tactics i.e., 'lose' battles, and it will win wars.


One common theme in school shootings never changes

The first few days after most mass shootings are news stories filled with stories about hero law enforcers.


Most people in the U.S. who follow news carefully know, by now, that if a media outlet researches a bit, the 'hero law enforcement' angle will need to be revised.

A day later law enforcement is starting to plug cracks in its narrative.


Whether it succeeds depends entirely on whether mass media cooperates, thus pressure will be increasing on media soon to spin things to favor the police 'hero' narrative.

Aside from the 'heroic law enforcer' silliness, another commonality in these shootings is that not once, in hundreds of mass shootings where law enforcement was at the scene immediately, has there been any law enforcement employees killed. In almost every case this is because law enforcers hide until the shooter runs out of bullets and has stopped firing long enough that law enforcement knows it is safe to approach.

Notice at 30 seconds in the video on the second link, long after the shooting has stopped and hundreds of law enforcers are present, there are still many cops hamming it up for the cameras, running around with assault rifles, ready to neutralize the threat.

Notice too how the cop being interviewed is defying all logic in order to further anticipated spin that other cops will add. The law enforcers involved know that they need to hide as much information as possible because they have no idea what will come out, and they know that the truth is not their friend.

While he is being interviewed there are 'emergency management personnel' at various federal agencies trying to control the flow of information and arrange spin.


May 24, 2022

Another day, another mass shooting


At this point it's obvious a big part of what these shooters are after is a 'high score', a number that puts them above other mass shooters.

Shooting grade school students makes a high score much more attainable, as opposed to targeting any other random population.

This shooter seems not to have left a manifesto. He shot his grandmother and maybe that was what made him decide to shoot more people.

Within a few days politicians will say banning guns will reduce shootings, then they will go on the news and brag about how many weapons they are sending to Ukraine.

Kids learn what they are taught, not what people pretend to teach.


"Censorship is the last resort of desperate and unpopular regimes"

"It magically appears to make a crisis go away."

"It comforts the powerful with the narrative they want to hear, one fed back to them by courtiers in the media, government agencies, think tanks, and academia"



A rare accurate article giving an overview of Ukraine 'information war' facts



"...which between 2005 and 2013 assessed links between exposure to PFOA and a number of diseases..."


"Consider, for example, the production of food packaging with PFAS coating. In Maine, wastewater sludge from mills where such products are produced has reportedly been used to fertilize fields where cattle graze. In 2020, the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry tested milk from dairy farms and found levels of one particular PFAS in a sample from a farm that were more than 150 times higher than state regulations permit.

It's time to form a commission, or at least an advisory panel to consider forming a commission.

If the advisory panel decides to form a commission, that commission should issue a report to an action group, no later than 2035, with ideas and suggestions on how to improve monitoring of these chemicals in the hopes of eventually advising congressional leaders on how to determine if a caucus needs to be sequestered to prevent a filibuster.


If there were one or two unusual technical patterns that deceived traders then it might be a coincidence


But things pretty clearly point to a deliberate effort by what appears to be the U.S. government to manipulate markets with fake technical patterns.


The economic holy grail

If U.S. equities crash while the Japanese Yen / gold chart remains solid, and the U.S. dollar drops at the same time, then it will be a short term indication the U.S. is in serious trouble.



As long as XAU/JPY stays above 23,000 and DXY stays below 103 at the same time things look bleak for the U.S.

The recent strength in DXY up to 105 may have been more technical deception, creating a fake breakout in order to lure investors in before fleecing them.

When gold finally breaks out the UK/U.S. will try to keep silver down as long as possible, but once silver breaks out decisively it will affect politics in Latin America, against the U.S.

For generations the UK/U.S./Australia have been carefully eliminating indigenous populations in 'their' territories.

Once the economic game is lost this extermination campaign will shift gears and become more aggressive, but it remains to be seen exactly how.


"Marlinspike also remarked that the new web resembles the old web"


The AI scam, the attempt to divert developing economies away from an AI that would empower them, has a lot of aspects beyond Google and the UK/U.S.'s overt project.




May 23, 2022

"In theory this should lead to substantial inflation"


Economists are going to put their thinking caps on soon and try to figure out how the U.S. mysteriously keeps the dollar's value unnaturally high.


May 22, 2022

For many years after he left office, Bush was heavily medicated

Now it looks like he has developed a tolerance, or perhaps his dosage has been reduced.



May 20, 2022

One likely effect of the recent 'hepatitis outbreak' may be a re analysis of the relationship of viruses to other organisms







Humans, and most life that humans are aware of, are actually symbiotic mixes of two different microbes with two distinct lineages e.g. mitochondrial from one microbial ancestor and nuclear from another.


Viruses are almost certainly also descendent from various distinct lineages, but their evolution is so fast that the longer term view of their evolution is invisible to us.

When viruses interact with 'descendent organisms' such as humans they are operating at a more basic level than the normal worldviews people use to categorize things. Another way to look at it is to see viruses as having a more legitimate intelligence than the creatures they interact with.

While people enjoy wars and laying waste to visible things, one effect of global warming may be a dramatic increase in new marine viruses which will bring genetic information not seen yet to humans, along with the diseases associated with that genetic information. A war against a more intelligent adversary i.e., viruses, is not appealing to most people, but that is where humans are walking. A place where there are many species more qualified to be at the top of the food chain.


Criminality vs mental illness is a complex issue used extensively by groups, including government

In this South Carolina case law enforcers wanted complete control over two non dangerous, non criminal women who were considered 'mental health patients'.



Because 'law enforcers' are a power group their 'mental illness' can be presented, through the use of force, as the norm, not just acceptable but supposedly necessary.

This psychological frailty which drives law enforcers to want complete control over those not within their group is objectively unhealthy and unsustainable, and is maintained through clever rationalizations whose purpose is to empower those law enforcers, and their group, at the expense of those less powerful.

The same dynamic occurs within these predatory groups.


The deputy was doing exactly what he was being paid to do, i.e., enforce the state's physical control and supposed authority over people considered by the state as having a need to be controlled. If he had deviated from that control mentality he would have been fired or reassigned.

And abandoning the people being 'served' to save himself is essentially the strategy that the group he was working for promotes.

But once a problem arises then the group he works for, of course, is not going to hold itself accountable when there is a soft target i.e., the deputy, available.


May 19, 2022

Many legal cases in the media are covered in red flags

In some of these cases the accused really is guilty, but in this case there is significant doubt. The prosecutors are clearly not portraying the evidence accurately, and do not want media scrutiny such as interviews with the suspect.

What is the prosecution hiding? It could be that the person had no connection at all to the arson and he was convicted simply because he was not able to defend himself.


The evidence in that case is full of holes. Note the physical state of the person and the distance he covered, the fact that he was confessing to nonsense like "5 murders", etc.

In that case the prosecutor knew he would never be convicted in a jury trial, so he was told he would get a better deal with a bench trial which is decided by the judge alone.

Of course any honest defense lawyer would have wanted the evidence to be presented, and in this case it probably would have led to acquittal. But the defense lawyer, for some reason, agreed to a bench trial arranged by the prosecutor. He was sentenced by the same judge that decided he was guilty,


She had been working as an assistant prosecutor when Arnold Schwartzenegger promoted her to Superior Court judge.


She has been accused of misconduct in the past which favored her colleagues in the prosecutor's office.


She also has a history of treating mentally disabled people more harshly than others, and in this arson case the accused is clearly mentally ill.

Here was another case that judge was involved in. After a lot of publicity and pressure the judge backed down somewhat and reduced the charge to a misdemeanor.


In this arson case, anybody who works in the media in that area in California could arrange to interview the person. They could find out why the prosecutor is being cagey with facts, and if, as it appears, there is not actually any evidence indicating guilt. It looks like an absurdly false confession was extracted from a mentally ill person and after they realized he was not guilty they tried to clean up details and prevent public scrutiny.

Nobody in the media will do that though.

It's very unlikely he had a grow operation, and very unlikely he started the fire.



Most of the people involved in the prosecution, including his own lawyer, probably do not really believe he set the fire.


Hyperledger has been picking up, and it probably won't be long before its veil starts to drop


Hyperledger currently has ties with major Chinese customers, but that will change soon. Hyperledger will probably be the backbone of public UK/U.S. crypto activity once CBDCs and other government products start rolling out.


It would be very difficult to exclude the Chinese at this point, and pointless as long as most of the coding is open source, but the UK/U.S. has made it clear that proprietary technology will be one of its last ditch defenses. Hyperledger will be the cutting edge of all pseudo public blockchain technology in the West, and there are probably teams trying to figure out how to change the public image of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger etc so as to maintain some semblance of their not being government controlled 'foundations'.





One of the ironies of all the government silliness about blockchain is that small cohesive countries using simple technology will have an overwhelming advantage over massively funded melting pot economies once real artificial intelligence networks start.


The truth?

There is a country which is known for predatory business practices and gross abuse of surveillance.

It is not China.


An interesting very small gap in the SP500 charts. at about 1730, from October 2013, remains to be filled

Mainstream market makers are enthusiastic about preventing gaps, and filling them when they occur, in order to give an illusion of integrity to the markets.

Only in the last several years have markets become too volatile to prevent gaps.

Bitcoin has a huge gap ~usd $21,000


DJIA has an incredibly unusual gap ~28,500


A significant global contraction looms, and it's likely instability won't be limited to developing economies.


May 18, 2022

Obviously Russia is not defaulting, it is being actively prevented from making payments it wants to make


If you call a company to order something, then you prevent them from delivering it, the fault is not with them.

People in the United States are being prevented from learning the truth about why Russia invaded Ukraine, including how the United States has invested billions in trying to force Russia to invade.

The end result will be catastrophic for the U.S. economy, not for Russia, so the motive is a bit confusing.

China is a legitimate, and dangerous, rival. Sabotaging Russia, the buffer between Europe and Asia, is colossally stupid, and is only being done to further a British strategy of trying to redraw the natural boundary between Asia and Europe.

The UK is trying to drag the whole world into its decline, and eventually countries will start recoiling.

Germany was very dangerous after WWI because they were desperate not to repeat the misery of their recent past.

The UK is much more dangerous today, because it is desperate to avoid its inevitable future.


One of the most incredibly spun narratives in recent memory

The United States invaded Afghanistan supposedly with the intention of creating some kind of stability, including in the government and military.

The United States was there for ~20 years and spent hundreds of billions of dollars.

Now, this incredible story.


If the United States was there for two decades, and spent an almost limitless amount of money, obviously the collapse of the Afghan army was not caused by the U.S. withdrawal, unless the Afghan army had been designed, by the United States, to collapse after the U.S. withdrawal.


Shannon Gilbert's 911 call is released


A few things stand out.

1) There is also a much more significant series of calls, which are the calls the killer made to the victim's family, and which contain the killer's voice. Many people suspect this caller was a police officer, and that is why the recording has not been released. The killer had called the victim's family several times and these calls would have been recorded by the FBI/police.

2) The abrupt change in her mental status from a) when Michael Pak was taking her to the client to b) when she went off the rails would have to be explained by getting information from Pak as to her interactions with him prior to arriving at the house. Law enforcement has probably interviewed Pak and their leaving out this key detail is significant.

3) The Brennan woman said she would not let the younger girl, Shannon Gilbert, in, because she had an older woman in the house. This logic would be analyzed productively by analytical psychologists, but would make 'academic behaviorists' or 'colonial psychiatrists' defensive and be counter productive, another reason to discourage fake colonial psychiatry.



May 17, 2022

The U.S. has decided that China flight MU5735, the so called 321 crash because it happened March 31, was caused by a kamikaze onboard

Initial reports said the flight voice recorder was in good shape, but the U.S. report makes no mention of it. Instead the U.S. says that because there is no proof of malfunction there must have been somebody onboard who crashed the plane.

Chinese conspiracy theories appear to be significant, but not mentioned in Western media.







"No charges had been filed by Monday afternoon, the Hughes County court clerk said."


Every day people are sent to prison for selling meth. They are not police chiefs though.


May 16, 2022

Be suspicious


HYIPs are a category of crypto ponzi in which people are paid a high percentage rate, and then paid off with new investors' money. It's signature is that broadly looking at it, it is unsustainable.

Luna coin was one of the more sophisticated HYIPs, but it was still a deliberate scam.

Coinmarketcap.com built itself up by selling advertisement space to the scammiest HYIPs, basically building its success on deliberately scamming its audience. So it is generally 'acceptable' to promote scams as long as you have a following.

Luna coin was probably the cleverest of the successful scams, but it was an overt scam and any claims that they 'sold bitcoin' are unlikely unless the transactions have been verified.

The founder of Luna has a vast stash of cash hidden from everybody, including his wife. His legs should be broken if he is not willing to return most of his loot. Lots of people have probably committed suicide by now, many more completely ruined for the foreseeable future because they trusted him and his network of scammers. Anybody who wants to chalk it up to 'education' has to be willing to educate the scam crew as well.


May 15, 2022

Another day, another manifesto


This one makes it much more obvious that a lot of these mass shooters are just military or police fetishists.


Like military/police their ultimate goal is to find something that they can be called 'expert' in, and anybody can be an expert in 'authority' simply by joining a group that will back their authority.

This is a small, extremely graphic, clip of the shooting that makes the motive more obvious.

Warning extremely graphic.


He is acting like he is under an immediate threat, in other words he is playing cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers, except that the people he is shooting are targeted because they are specifically not dangerous.

Sort of like an adrenaline junky who goes on a canned hunt.


The canned lion hunter and mass shooters, like this one, are the same at their core when you strip away the backstory they use to explain how they are heroes.

All of the wars these people are familiar with are like canned hunts so they have been taught their whole lives that the secret to 'military success' is creating a false narrative that your allies will support then committing carnage that has no genuine rationale, and finally the cash in phase.

The police chasing these 'dangerous killers', same story. They spend a few hours a week lofting weights so they appear to have muscles from real work, then they get some tattoos, associated with power.

The real mystery in places like the United States is why are there not far more mass shooters.


May 13, 2022

Noam Chomsky is desperately trying to prevent the United States from completely imploding


Meanwhile top U.S. officials are sabotaging U.S. interests, in service to their unknown masters/owners.


In the news at the moment, a bizarre fantasy about how Russia might invade Finland.

The Western public is being led to believe that Nato is riding to the rescue. The truth is that Finnish leaders are being pressured behind the scenes to help the UK escalate.


What people in the West are being led to believe.



The truth? For at least two decades the number of Finns who opposed joining Nato has been roughly two times the number who wanted to join. At the peak in 2012 65% were opposed or strongly opposed and only 14% supported or strongly supported joining Nato.


The United States spends billions of dollars a year manipulating and pressuring foreign leaders.





The irony is that all this manipulation does far more harm than good, and will be studied in depth, as a cause of death, when the U.S. obituary is written.


There is no such thing as secure public key cryptography



Governments are taking advantage of the fact that most people are weak at math. Eventually enough people will understand that you cannot have an open source algorithm encrypt securely, you can only obfuscate the lack of complexity.

There is a very good reason all major governments use one time cyphers for their most secure material.


As the UK part of the melting pot continues weakening, the UK et al will redirect/transfer public disgust of them to the state of Israel until the next Arab Spring starts


When WWII ended the state of Israel was allowed to fantasize that it had super soldiers, extraordinary ethics, etc.

The superpowers tolerated that with the assumption that eventually there would be leadership within the state of Israel that would push it towards a survivable path.

Never happened.

Now, dinnertime for the British as they prepare to serve up the state of Israel with a sprig of parsley in its mouth.

It won't save Britain externally, but it will make internal populations more manageable as the Arab bloc unifies.

The big mystery historians will wonder about is how the Israelis got so stupid, considering they win 98% of all Nobel prizes.


May 12, 2022

The word 'dimension' does not appear on this page announcing a photo of the black hole supposedly at the center of this galaxy


But a person has to guess that a black hole is three dimensional, not two dimensional.

Not on this page either.

"The image involved the work of more than 300 researchers, billions of processing hours, 11 radio telescopes scattered across the globe, and several petabytes of data that, if printed, would require enough paper to stretch from Earth to the Moon."


Which means the images have been tidied up, since you would be seeing the dark part of the photo through the same light as on the perimeter of the object, and raises the possibility that the tidying was done to preserve the paradigm the observers wanted to present.

A complex photo of the sun would show a cooler core too, and could be made to look very similar to this black hole.

Probably not as egregious as fictional 'gravity waves', but who knows.

The important observation in this announcement is how willing corporate/government scientists are to create speculative data and present it as groundbreaking.


May 11, 2022

A preview of what Europe is in store for locally, as it fractures, once economies start disentangling



Eventually people will realize that decades of 'anti drug' and 'anti terror' by the U.S. in Latin America have really had only one strategic goal, anti indigenous political power


The big news won't come though until silver takes off.


"China-US relations: US warship transit of Taiwan Strait misleads independence forces, says Beijing" 


There is no reason for China to invade Taiwan, since Taiwan would voluntarily 'join' China within a few years anyway, but still the Taiwan population only has to look to Ukraine, where the West is willing to fight until the last Ukrainian is dead, to figure out what Taiwan's relationship with the U.S. is about.

China is not an admirable geopolitical force, it is simply the replacement of the UK/U.S. as the dominant face of the global melting pot, a person should not support either and should not buy the lies of either.


May 10, 2022

What happens when you put the slow learners in charge?



May 9, 2022

Et tu, Bibi?

As the set up for the next Arab Spring approaches, the entire leadership of the state of Israel appears to be under the control of those behind it.


"...former director of Interpol, inventor of the airplane, Pulitzer prize winner, WWII flying ace..."


The next step will be to silence any resistance.





At the UK's behest, the United States has been doing everything possible, for many years, to spark a war in Ukraine involving U.S. soldiers.


If the Russians are too hesitant to escalate the war, and that appears to be the case, the UK will do whatever they deem necessary.

What is inadvertent?


May 8, 2022

At least we have politicians

"We anticipate that in the Sacramento Valley alone, over 350,000 acres of farmland will be fallowed,



May 2, 2022

There are zero western diplomatic leaders who are able to speak accurately the way Lavrov can


Not because there is anything great about Lavrov, but because he is working with the truth.


"That'll be $7.5 million. Pay the clerk on your way out please."



There is a massive undercurrent, invisible to most Jews, which shows a small group of Jews as conspiring against the larger Jewish global population


The origin of the problem is the confusion between tribe and discipline i.e., religion, among Jews, and that is what lets the problem repeat.

A secondary cause is the delusion, among many Jews, that they are a master race.

Perhaps the only thing that Britain and Russia are cooperating on, at the moment, is the use of the state of Israel as a scapegoat for global tensions in their pursuit to create a unified Arab or broader Muslim bloc.

At some point Israelis will realize what lies ahead and make a desperate scramble to create a peace with a Palestinian state.


May 1, 2022

If a hillbilly accidentally starts a brush fire he will get attacked in the press and charged with something or fined

"The fire started April 6 when a prescribed burn set by firefighters to clear out small trees and brush that can fuel fires was declared out of control. That fire then merged with another wildfire a week ago.


 Law enforcement rules now for firefighters.


April 29, 2022

"400 people in the Kharkiv region alone"


Maybe people should wonder why so many Ukrainians support Russia on that issue.


Fareed Zakaria announces his retirement


Though he hasn't specified whether it will be due to death or illness.

A day later he reconsiders.



April 28, 2022

Thousands of civilians have been killed because the UK/U.S. are pouring weapons into Ukraine, after carefully setting up the conflict

But the possibility of nuking one weapons shipment to end the conflict is something the UK/U.S. does not want.


Once nukes are back in fashion civilians will not die on behalf of country club generals thousands of miles away. 


It slowly becomes clear why Elon Musk gets so much mainstream support from the same people who are gradually pushing the West into a police state



"“We haven’t heard much from low- and middle-income countries just yet." 


Hmmm, a person begins to suspect the article might be a prank.

"One theory going around is COVID-19 lockdowns may have weakened children’s immunity, because they were less exposed to common pathogens while in isolation."

Or another confusing effort to market new vaccines or drugs.



"Fears of Widening War as Russia Issues New Warnings"


The UK/U.S. has spent literally billions of dollars in the last several years to destabilize the area around Russia, including direct military training by the CIA of militia types.


The U.S. is a bit clueless, but the UK knows what it needs, and it is not peace. The top U.S. leadership has been so dumbed down that listening to U.S. leaders talk about Ukraine is like waking up in a retard factory.

Now that the UK is going to get the war it has spent billions of U.S. dollars and thousands of Ukrainian lives on, "Fears of Widening War as Russia Issues New Warnings".

Imagine that.


April 27, 2022

In the U.S., information is dumbed down and stupidity is encouraged, even enforced

Here is an interesting Chinese website which may or may not represent the norm, but is a sharp contrast to Western news sites whether a person agrees with their analyses or not.







April 26, 2022

Oil is long overdue for a major crash, but a lot, but not all, of big players are out of the loop




Drinking water when you have a heart attack actually does what aspirin was supposed to do


But water is free and no highly paid person wants to recommend it.


When the U.S. gets to the wire, missing food will correlate directly to internal unrest


Anybody can guess at the math, but every missing hundred pounds of food will probably equate to several more aggressive urban rioters.


Very simple way to head off problems to some extent is a high target inflation rate and universal basic income. That won't replace commodities but it will distribute them in a less hazardous way.


People in places like Israel should be very concerned about how the Israeli population is being managed



Past recessions have arguably been caused by governments preparing to limit problems

This upcoming recession will be the first one in U.S. history caused by actual supply side problems.



Quite a lot of evidence that the UK/U.S. has been trying to provoke a nuclear response from Russia


A long string of efforts to compartmentalize economies, starting with Trump's trade efforts with China, but extending across administrations.

The best way to do that would be to draw Russia, as opposed to China, into a brief nuclear exchange.

Russia is not bluffing, but the West is.

At some point Russia, Putin or Lavrov, will probably contact somebody at the top of the U.S. and tell them that they will launch a limited nuclear strike against a trivial target in Western Europe, which is what the UK/U.S. wants.

If the Russians are smart about public perception they will also make a low key public announcement explaining their position.

Once something like that happens the U.S. will need to start ramping up internal security so there will likely be some domestic pretext for expanding police powers.


Russia has a long history, including up to the present day, of promoting multipolar power and federativeness


Weakening Russia means weakening the rest of the non Chinese melting pot, including the U.S.

This so called 'strategy' reeks of a British ploy to have the U.S. pay the UK's bills as the British make a desperate shift to the Pacific which will not succeed.


Radon disperses easily in a place like a school


But students are exposed to a lot of unique chemicals from various sources that most people are not.

Quite a few schools have these brain cancer clusters.


The UK/U.S. has made it clear they are eager to sacrifice as many Ukrainian lives as necessary to give the UK a few more years or months of life

When Japan realizes they may be the first Asian Ukraine it will unsettle them.


April 25, 2022

A lot of long ago plane crashes will be investigated from new angles as global power decentralizes




A person Googles "Ukraine on Fire" which is an Oliver Stone movie portraying the common overseas view of Ukraine


Then switch to the video tab, and the first full length video Google shows is a Netflix propaganda piece aimed at deceiving Western audiences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzNxLzFfR5w 

At some point U.S. propagandists will figure out what they are actually doing.

The video that Google is helping the U.S. government hide is available on archive.org



As the 'Prostitute Archetype' continues being projected onto the global melting pot, Ukraine remains in 'price discovery' mode


It's clients must either pay ever increasing amounts or fragment.

Because China knows the long game through centuries of experience it will let the UK enjoy itself until the pimp slot is profitable again.

Is there a possibility that, at some point, Britain will find 'the right kind of transaction' and resume control of the melting pot?

There isn't. Remember the Soviet Union which was sold to the public as a new economic system when all it really did was shift the competing face of the global melting pot a little Westward from China. When the Soviet Union broke up there was still no effective federation among indigenous nations in the new world, and no real way for Europeans to exterminate the entire new world indigenous population. So Europeans i.e., the United States, started their usual fraud of creating a facade of what would give them survivability, but without allowing the reality of indigenous sovereignty. China was able to hold onto its relative status, and will continue, until new world indigenous populations are exterminated or federate adequately. But as the U.S. gets weaker it is not likely to cede power to its victims. Every conqueror or colonizer which does not quickly exterminate its victims is required to pretend a game in which they offer some abstract 'higher benefit' which is utter fiction. In the USSR it was equality and fairness that was promised with the opposite delivered. In the United States and other aspects of the British face of the global melting pot it is similar trickery involving democracy, liberty, parliamentarianism etc.


April 24, 2022


"Blinken and Austin meet with Zelensky in Kyiv Munich" 



"But according to the source, this time since the current petition is digital and not on paper, making it harder for the authorities to control its circulation........."


 ".....but easier to find and imprison them, which is why it was created"


Interesting developing news in Yemen looks like an extension of the flailing Abraham Accords fraud


A few years ago this.


Abraham Accords several months later.


Yemen has a lot of history in the region.

"The Hamidaddin royalists were supported by Saudi Arabia, Britain, and Jordan (mostly with weapons and financial aid, but also with small military forces), whilst the military rebels were backed by Egypt. Egypt provided the rebels with weapons and financial assistance, but also sent a large military force to participate in the fighting. Israel covertly supplied weapons to the royalists to keep the Egyptian military busy in Yemen and make Nasser less likely to initiate a conflict in the Sinai. After six years of civil war, the military rebels were victorious (February 1968) and formed the Yemen Arab Republic."

"British Army's counter-insurgency campaign in the British-controlled territories of South Arabia, 1967"

"The revolution in the north coincided with the Aden Emergency, which hastened the end of British rule in the south. On 30 November 1967, the state of South Yemen was formed, comprising Aden and the former Protectorate of South Arabia. This socialist state was later officially known as the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and a programme of nationalisation was begun."

"Relations between the two Yemeni states fluctuated between peaceful and hostile. The South was supported by the Eastern bloc. The North, however, was not able to get the same connections. In 1972, the two states fought a war. The war was resolved with a ceasefire and negotiations brokered by the Arab League, where it was declared that unification would eventually occur. In 1978, Ali Abdullah Saleh was named as president of the Yemen Arab Republic. After the war, the North complained about the South's help from foreign countries. This included Saudi Arabia."

"In 1979, fresh fighting between the two states resumed and efforts were renewed to bring about unification."

'Thousands were killed in 1986 in the South Yemen Civil War. President Ali Nasser Muhammad fled to the north and was later sentenced to death for treason. A new government formed."

All sorts of fictions are dreamt up to explain what each side is doing, but the truth is that it's simply the usual 'melting pot vs indigenous' conflict, with all external powers on one side, and local indigenous forces on the other.

The 'Abraham Accords' are, depending on your view, either a last ditch try to consolidate the global melting pot in one direction, or a continuation of efforts to consolidate it in the other direction, in other words either a globalist scam against one part of the melting pot, or a globalist scam against another part.

 Egypt and Jordan are puppet states which will topple in the slightest breeze from a certain direction, and luring Sanaa into a fictional orbit involving those two states is a running joke somewhere.


April 22, 2022

Internet Mysteries

CNN has a story "Two Russian oligarchs and their families found dead within 24 hours


Looking for more info, a person Googles "Russian gas executives suicide" https://www.google.com/search?q=Russian+gas+executives+suicide and Google provides about 40 results, including

 "Captains of digital industry look to take the helm in Alberta" https://westernstandardonline.com/2022/04/captains-of-digital-industry-look-to-take-the-helm-in-alberta/ 

 And lots more stories from westernstandardonline.com

But only five articles, four from British media, on the story.

Google frequently provides search results which make no sense whatever.


The 'new economics' being used to prop up the dollar, and the Yen til now, has to be figured out at some point


It looks like a simple case of using 'invisible trillionaires', like the U.S. federal reserve and the bank of Japan, to shuffle money around, but there has to be an explanation of why other countries and currencies are not able to manage this trick except in cooperation with the dollar.


Another food supply fire


Looking at Google Maps the General Mills plant is close to the runway. 

That video says that police initially said the plane was taking off. Then FlightAware said that the plane was landing.

The fact that somebody heard the engine sputtering would be very significant if FlightAware is accurate. It wouldn't be that unusual for a plane to sputter after takeoff, but having finished a long flight then losing power a thousand feet from the landing runway would be suspicious.

"But flight data from FlightAware shows the pilot took off from Dahlonega, which is 80 miles north of Covington."

"As the plane’s pilot approached the airport, it appeared to align with the runway but then flew passed it before crashing."

"The 1973 plane is registered to a company based in New Mexico, but the owner of that company said they recently sold the plane. They would not say who they sold it to."

"According to FlightAware, someone flew the plane from New Mexico to north Georgia on Wednesday."


What would be a plausible explanation if the fires are related?


Using food as a weapon, if food supplies can be reduced as the U.S. slides into a recession, it will be extreme chaos in urban areas, forcing an acceleration of the U.S. transformation into the new U.S.S.R.

The plane crash could have been easily arranged. A good high school science student could arrange remote control of an airplane if he or she had lots of money for gadgets and access to the plane. For two or three trained people working for a government it would be an afternoon's work.

The U.S. has alienated a lot of its sources of fertilizer and food by its aggressive sanctioning. The end point is obvious enough that a person has to suspect a significant part of U.S. government resources are going into the perfect set up to destroy the United States, in other words a sort of internal sabotage.

Until there are stable sovereign tribal territories, and whatever infrastructure those tribes need to operate independently, the U.S. will become easier and easier to crash. At this point it would only take a mild effort by Russia and China to collapse the United States within two or three years. If that doesn't happen, a very wealthy person, or a small country, will be able to do it in a few years.


Maybe it's not rare earths but fertilizer that will bankrupt and starve people soon





It's been widely known, for a long time, that most or all audio programs are used by the U.S. government to spy

A few years ago one of these spy programs accidentally left plain text spying files. That incident was never plausibly explained, because it was so blatant and there was no real way to pretend it was anything other than spying.

Now another incident.


The pretext of government spying is that it is used to catch criminals.

The truth is that the vast majority of government spying is used for much less benign purposes.

The keys to all of the spying tools are not with any organization which is trying to reduce or solve any crime, rather they are with some of the worst criminals who hide themselves behind expensive clothes and high paying 'official' jobs.


April 21, 2022

What looks like a statistically significant number of recent fires involving food storage


Would be hard to come up with a rational motive if it's all arson, but food supplies are likely to decline anyway soon.








Propaganda in the United States has become dizzying

A necessary part of melting pot consolidation involves creating a new national identity and constructing 'something' as that identity. The United States has failed abysmally in this, and will ultimately fracture until identities are local enough that there is some basis in reality for them.

Most people in the United States have no clue why Russia invaded Ukraine, and all mainstream media is trying to keep it that way.

"Kristen Soltis Anderson: Is there anything in particular that you have seen, read, or heard about the war that has stayed with you and stuck in your memory? James?"

"James: With Putin being the bully that he is, I think it was kind of allowed. I don’t see the United Nations carrying their weight in this issue. I’m ex-military as well. And I don’t see them stepping to the plate. The players that are supposed to play with this guy, Putin, they’re standing down, for some reason."

"Aleeta: I listen to N.P.R. And they mentioned that so far it’s been 183 children who have been killed and that they are attacking orphanages and maternity wards. I think that kind of just completely obliterated my faith in humanity."

"Yara Bayoumy: Based on what you’ve seen, read, or heard, why do you think this war is happening?"

"Nick: Putin saw Ukraine as some sort of threat in their border relations. And that’s why they decided to get involved, because they didn’t want to kind of stand back any longer. Something that I read or heard, I just saw a video clip of a missile strike and, yeah, just the damage that it caused. And I play video games occasionally with my friends. And we have these war games that a lot of the youth are a part of. And they don’t really take it very seriously. But that just really opened my eyes to, wow, these are really big problems in the world. People are dying. Destruction’s happening. And we’re just kind of sitting back, so."

"Karina: Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with just Putin and his ego. I think he wants to conquer another country. And I think he surrounds himself with people that let him keep thinking that about himself. He’s a madman."




April 20, 2022

A smart girl tries to push Lavrov in a good direction


Lavrov, and Russia, are in a strong position, but they have no understanding about how propaganda works.


At some point the Russians are going to figure it out

The U.S. and UK are in a massive ground war with Russia, but they don't have to worry about any UK/U.S. troops being killed, and they don't even have to worry about paying the soldiers who are dying for them.



"hereinafter referred to as the "3.21" accident"

https://www-caacnews-com-cn.translate.goog/1/1/202204/t20220411_1342616.html / via Google Translate

As with the Ukraine invasion, there is an obvious heavy handed effort to keep Westerners in the dark about sentiment in other countries.



When somebody's main qualification as an expert is "they support us", enforced ignorance is safe


Willingness to pretend, though, won't make him less valuable when he is captured


Now, evidence emerging that the Yen collapse, which Tokyo pretended to be surprised by, was engineered in Tokyo/Washington


More evidence is in the JPYUSD charts which show the biggest trader was controlling technicals during the slide


As China and Britain argue over who should own less militarized blackish people, the real Nato conflict quietly simmers





"a marked uptick in interest from nuclear utilities seeking long-term uranium supply"


April 19, 2022

Turkey pretends to have conflicting loyalties, but when the U.S. dollar starts to drop and burn, Turkey will be there, with gasoline









U.S. sanctions have been in the news a lot lately

2012 "Time magazine listed Bensouda among the 100 most influential people in the world in its annual Time 100 issue, noting her role as a "leading voice pressing governments to support the quest for justice"." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatou_Bensouda 

2019 "The US State Department revoked Bensouda's visa in early April. The Guardian reported that the visa withdrawal seemed to be the fulfillment of a threat from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to prevent ICC personnel from investigating whether U.S. servicemen or U.S. officials engaged in war crimes in Afghanistan, Poland, Romania and Lithuania." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatou_Bensouda 

Last year https://ccrjustice.org/factsheet-us-sanctions-international-criminal-court 

Today https://nypost.com/2022/04/18/bidens-solution-to-russian-war-crimes-would-harm-america/ 


The United States killed Saudis, within Saudi Arabia, at least up to the 1980s, as a favor to the royal family

One of those killings, an elaborately arranged helicopter crash in the late 70s or early 80s, got a lot of publicity but is hard to find on the internet now.

It's good the U.S. is not specifically supporting the murder of Khashoggi, but it's very unlikely the motive has to do with U.S. dislike for killing Saudi dissidents.


At some point data will leak involving U.S. activity in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.


Next years documentary movies are today's 'page two' news articles

After the United States left Afghanistan it took aggressive measures to sabotage Afghanistan's economy.


Incredibly, Google is at the forefront of hiding history yet again. Shortly after the U.S. pulled out there were lots of articles saying that the U.S. was withholding Afghanistan's overseas reserves and was sabotaging the post exit economy.

Now, 4/19/2022, if you Google 'u.s. sabotage afghanistan economy' without quotes there are 30 results, and most are pro U.S.



Europe is electing defensive leaders, other interests are afraid of the direction voters in Europe are going

The headline "Europe fears a possible Le Pen presidency in France as a threat from within" shows how blatant propaganda in the U.S. is.

Obviously European voters are not afraid of who they themselves are voting for.



As British leaders start noticing how extended they are, they will slow down and try to secure their homeland, could be a while though.








For decades the United States used every available tool to promote violence in Latin America, largely targeting indigenous populations

The gunwalking scandal exposed part of that project, and the U.S. is still trying to hide/change details of its operations.



In Mexico though, the winds may have permanently shifted.



Small Modular Reactors are heating up in the background

"As a member of the SMR Working Group, Dr. Totemeier participates in targeted briefings on relevant U.S. and European government activities and policies and will be provided information on export opportunities for prospective SMR markets in Europe




April 17, 2022

While all eyes are on Ukraine, the real war is getting set up.

"About 320 U.S. Marines stationed in Okinawa Prefecture took part in the exercise. It is scheduled to last until April 27 at the Ground Self-Defense Force Hijiudai training site and involved the use of sophisticated weaponry such as surveillance drones and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) for the first time."

"It ranked among the largest drills ever held at the site, which straddles the municipalities of Yufuin, Kusu and Kokonoe in the prefecture."