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1) An interesting alternative to the melting pot is the 'Chinese Menu' cultural approach 

On a Chinese menu you are not forced to choose the meal that somebody else wants. You can pick and choose items to make your own meal.

The idea of the melting pot is "We have found what works and we have to force others to follow us for their own good."

Unfortunately that falls victim to human nature and people invariably end up bleeding their victims dry under guise of 'helping them'.

An alternative is to not 'help' others in that way, but instead consider the possibility that they may have spent less on guns but more on something else.

2) Beyond Sleazy

"In consideration of this issuance of a new permit, B2Gold said it has undertaken to withdraw the arbitration proceedings that its Malian subsidiary, Menankoto SARL, commenced in June 2021 against the Republic of Mali under the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States. 

 A Canadian Bank uses an enforcement tool created by the World Bank to prevent an African country from controlling its own resources.

"The World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president of the World Bank is traditionally an American. The World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each other. 

3) This is like pancreatic cancer criticizing tuberculosis 

China has conquered and exterminated a few dozen cultures by using currency, but Britain has done it to far more, in a shorter span of time.

4) The Brainfind Project will not be looking for brains among Covid researchers 

How does a super transmissible virus with lots of mutations stay hidden for hundreds of generations of mutations then start doubling every few days?

Answer, it gets developed carefully, in a lab.

5) Details emerge about a young British boy lured into the dark world of extremism by Al Qaeda online operatives

And the hitlady assigned to terminate the threat. 

6) NewsFlash

Drug dealers do not accept $1 and $5 dollar bills for kilo level transactions. 

5) Some people have a knack for BS

And some people just have a knick knack paddywack.

"If price stability is squandered, financial stability is put at risk. If financial stability is lost, the economy is imperiled and the social contract is threatened. If the social contract is threatened, the goose that lays the golden egg perishes and the economy faces financial ruin. 

What kind of economist can condense so much ignorance into one paragraph? He writes for the Wall Street Journal so he must be good at making money.

"In 2002, Warsh married Jane Lauder, a granddaughter and heiress of Estée Lauder and long-time employee of the family business, the Estée Lauder company. The couple lives in Manhattan. Formerly general manager of Origins, Lauder has served as the Global Brand President for Clinique since 2014. According to Forbes, her net worth as of September 27, 2017 was $2 billion. Warsh's father in law is Ronald Lauder. 

6) All this talk about inflation but not a whisper about money supply 

Money supply is what causes inflation not low interest rates. Covid economic reactions released more money than anything in history into the money supply. Raising interest rates will not do anything to remove that money.

7) "...and a sign that the services side could be catching up in prices after lagging through much of the recovery" 

The only explanation for the lack of upside in commodities, at this point, is that large and institutional investors are responding to some cue from policymakers about some future contraction which is not visible to the 'experts' who talk to the media.

8) Wow

A Chinese company alerts the public to one of the most severe security vulnerabilities in computers in a while.

Almost no coverage in mainstream media.

Days later one of several U.S. agencies which may have been responsible for creating the vulnerability announces it. 

No fan of the Chinese system, but this is getting ridiculous.

Of course the people at the U.S. spy agency say that they are targeting corporations not individuals. Most people will consider that hilarious. 'We are targeting Facebook, not Facebook users' or 'We are targeting x country not x citizens'.

The U.S. has an extensive history, going back to at least the end of the 19th century, of using the full force of the U.S. government to further the interests of U.S. corporations and wealthy individuals. And that was before anybody had heard about terrorism and other modern spins designed to camouflage corporate pillaging.

Most countries do things along those lines, but the British redefined the lines, using the United States.

Unfortunately for Britain cloistered strategists no longer have an edge in the globalized internet world, except when it comes to wmds.

9) It's astonishing that nobody has reported the bioweapon aspect of Omicron yet

But investors are waiting. 

It will have an effect on markets when the discussion begins.

10) In Japan there are very few homeless people, especially when compared to the U.S. 

Part of the reason may be zoning laws.

In Japan it is actually legal for a person to live in a place without a coffeemaker, electric can opener, exercise bike, even a bed. 

As long as they are Japanese. 

11) The dog that didn't bark? 

12) Tapering now is like tapping the brakes when you are about to hit a brick wall 

In the 1970s interest rates had an effect on money supply, and were useful to the government because they hid sneaky overseas currency tricks.

In the 1980s not so much.

Today, interest rates are approaching irrelevance.

Money supply.

It's what's for dinner.

13) The Omicron variant has camouflaged a few things

For example 10% of all coronavirus deaths in South Korea since the beginning of the 'pandemic' have happened in the last week. 

South Korea has an ageing population and one possible rationale for uniting with North Korea would be to have more workers i.e., South would supply money and work, North workers.

That will be less likely if the next variant thins the South's older population.

Mysteriously, South Korea's Covid deaths started skyrocketing just before the new variant arrived.

14) In January the U.S. tried to pretend it did not really want to sell its backdoored remotely controllable weapons to the UAE

Getting a Gulf country to pay billions for what is essentially military spyware is the kind of coup that makes pentagon people drool, but you have to play the con right. 

Several weeks ago news that China is getting an edge there, so the sale became even more important. 

Now the UAE is pulling out as the groundwork is laid for the new Arab spring. 

Israel was walked into the so called "Abraham Accords' like a lamb to slaughter.

15) Facepalm #500

"RYAN KNUTSON: At first, it seemed like the Fed might be right. As people returned to work and supply chain problems started to subside, it looked like inflation would tick back down. It looked transitory, but then Delta hit."

"NICK TIMIRAOS: The problem was once you had the Delta variant go around the world, you began to see these supply chain bottlenecks intensify a little bit. 

16) Previous Covid mutations appear to have been the product of 'gain of function' work using prisoner populations

But Omicron may have been produced by a low budget scientist. 

17) A classic 'Mafia Storefront' operation

A corporate / government group with one set of intentions uses well intentioned simpler or younger people to work on its behalf by convincing them to do what they want to do as part of a group, a 'pseudo family' which will doom those simpler folk to a lifetime of corporate irrelevance..

Anybody could see a positive or a negative side, but the underlying deception, and the longterm control exercised by a hidden patron, always contaminate projects like this. 

18) Such a massive deception of the Western public on behalf of British/Chinese melting pot interests

At least the next time interest rates rise it won't be under the inaccurate guise of 'fighting inflation'. 

19) A strange strategy in Europe 

The objective has nothing at all to do with fighting inflation, a silly goal at this point, but it's purpose can be figured out by looking at its likely effects.

Britain and Europe are taking their cues from the U.S., for a little bit longer.

Britain raises rates in order to be the first of the 'Western European' countries marching in lockstep.

As yet there has been little discussion in the media about the silliness of using interest rates at this point, so at some point Turkey and other 'fringe' countries are likely to buy what Britain is selling with regard to interest rates.

After those rate hikes, buy Turkey et al, start to have an effect i.e., contracting economies, vulnerability could shift away from Britain or at least seem to.

20) A scam of monumental proportions is unfolding against Japan

'Unraveling' will be a better word if the British fail in this.

The incredible thing is that nobody alludes to it in mainstream media.

This will go in the worldview section. 

An interesting aspect of this issue is the way 'strategic deceptions' effect the ability to perceive things when a cloistered group 'leads' a population which trusts them. In this case if China has seen what is going on then it will have to do less and less to counter it as time passes.

21) LOL

""Bank staff expect inflation to remain around 5% through the majority of the winter period, and to peak at around 6% in April 2022,"" 

22) Windows is an operating system used by millions of people

But Microsoft does not hire a proofreader to make sure the English in Windows is correct?