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Always diversify.  Hundreds of coins that people trusted have gone bust and no matter how good you believe a coin may be, any coin can go to zero under certain circumstances. Be wary of concentrating too much on one narrow category of coins e.g. tokens all created on one platform. Note that even on the list of coins below, a few have gone more or less bust. Always diversify. 


Gridcoin delisted from BIttrex, it's largest exchange

Namecoin delisted from a Poloniex, its main exchange, and not withdrawable from that exchange, indicating some possible interference in the coin pending, from the U.S. govt. 

Gapcoin no longer listed on any major exchange. 

Huntercoin delisted from Poloniex and no longer listed on any major exchange.

Cryptopia exchange shut down, so most of the coins listed in items 11, 12 and 13 below crashed and are no longer tradeable on any major exchange. 

When decentralized exchanges become more useable those coins may return. 

This page has mostly only been viewed by bots, so hopefully no money was lost as a result of bad recommendations. 

At the bottom are longer analyses, but examples of inexpensive high quality coins might be Gridcoin, Namecoin, Primecoin and Pascalcoin. A little riskier but also interesting are Gapcoin and Geocoin. 

Gridcoin is a coin with a very good use, a very strong group of backers and potential to become 'virally popular' if a mainstream celebrity or authority figure endorses it. 

Namecoin is the second coin created, after bitcoin. It has political problems in the U.S. but is a coin with an extremely important purpose.

Primecoin is the first 'mathcoin' and is used to find prime numbers. Prime numbers are interesting by themselves but they also have relevance to the digital economy. As composite numbers were to the fiat economy, primes are to the digital economy. 

Pascalcoin is one of the few coins that is somewhat 'original' in design. It has certain features that may become much more important if certain bumps arrive in the digital economy short term. 

Gapcoin is a variant of Primecoin but has a derivative purpose.

Geocoin lets people drop coins anywhere on a map, and those coins must be picked up by physically being at the corresponding location. This offers a lot of entertainment possibilities, as well as opportunities for political games. 

Huntercoin is an old coin that still has not been 'cloned' or copied, and still is one of the most important cryptocurrencies, though it is largely ignored and may not be as secure as coins with much bigger networks. Huntercoin might be a good "project coin" for a person or group with technical skills to develop further. 



As a general rule, it would probably be smart to avoid extremely expensive coins like ripple and ethereum that could do well but are priced high already out of all proportion to their quality relative to other coins. 

Generally, lists of coins like this are posted by people who own the listed coins and if somebody buys some of the coin the assumption is the coin will increase. So lists like this should be taken with a grain of salt. Do your own research before buying anything.  

The strongest coins that are likely to exist have not been created yet. They will be artificial intelligence coins based on naturally cohesive groups, as this website tries to promote. It may be many years before these coins begin, but when they do there will be no question which coins represent real economies. 


~~~Generally safe picks~~~

1) Bitcoin

Obviously the main currency and has a lot of possibility for growth. The original coin has forked several times, so there is some question about which 'bitcoin' will gain traction before inertia sets in. BCH or bchabc or bitcoin cash appears to be the likely winner for the next few years. It is supported more in Asia and will have more appeal in developing countries. On the other hand, the U.S. is focused more on BTC and as individuals in government try to interfere in markets for their own benefit, BTC could benefit from such interference by people in the U.S. 

2) Litecoin

a) Has more appeal in Asia and other developing countries. b) Founder Charlie Lee is a good spokesperson and leader for people new to crypto. c) Widely held in countries that may may see a quick shift to crypto before other countries, like Korea. There are many growing coins and contenders but Litecoin has the most mature base. 


~~~Higher quality, but riskier picks~~~

4) Math/Science coins like Primecoin, Gridcoin, etc.

These coins are likely to do extremely well once mainstream adoption starts. 

5) Geocoin

A very interesting concept which, if more developers get on board could become a major coin. Similar to LoMo coin, which is the Chinese version by a separate group of developers. 

6) Myriadcoin

An older coin with a strong network that would survive certain scenarios that might threaten most coins. Similar to Digibyte. 

7) Pascal coin

A coin based on "accounts", which would have more appeal to mainstream types and in the future may offer more security as it is developed. 

8) Cryptonote and similar coins, e.g. Bytecoin, Monero etc. 

These coins have very powerful backing, sophisticated marketing etc. Although most have features that make them inappropriate as mainstream currencies, they could do well only through the power of their backers. 

 9) Namecoin

The second currency to exist, after Bitcoin. One of the most important cryptocurrencies with potentially huge upside. 

10) Huntercoin

The first "human mined" coin, requiring human interaction for most of the coins mined. Has huge implications when artificial intelligence coins start to develop, and the first of those coins may develop through Huntercoin or its first fork Chimaera. 

11) Country / Group coins like Mazacoin, Canada ecoin, Deutsche emark, etc. 

These coins will have great appeal as mainstream use starts, a sort of psychological transition from fiat for many people.

12) Miscellaneous older small coins created with better intentions, and which have some support, like Soilcoin, the Blakecoin group of coins, Hobonickels, Philosophers Stones, Bitgem,  etc. 

13) Any coin which has a reliable developer, genuine support and some 'reason for being', such as Nevacoin, Anoncoin, Anarchists Prime, etc, including also some 'improved' clone coins, etc.