Archetypes were presented by Jung as sort of concrete concepts, but actually archetypes are more like trends, or patterns.

The Vietnam Progression refers to an ongoing pattern of melting pots like the U.S. deliberately reducing indigenous influence. It is an archetypal ‘developing’ pattern which is framed here in very local terms so it is intelligible. The archetype could be called ‘the evolving strategy used by melting pots to maintain the industrial mindset’ but it is described anecdotally as the progression from a) invading Vietnam directly to b) using more elaborate tactics to draw out tribal interests in Pakistan, etc.


1) The Vietnam War, the French and U.S. invasions of Vietnam, were simple attempts to force Vietnam into the global melting pot i.e., to prevent their forming indigenous alliances outside the framework controlled by melting pot governments and transnationals.

The war was presented in various ridiculous ways to the public, but its purpose was very simply to prevent any indigenous influence within Vietnam’s development i.e., to force it into the global developed melting pot paradigm, which would necessarily make it subordinate to the worldview of more established melting pots.


Any colonizing entity can ‘control the earth’ as long as they can control any indigenous society that pops its head up and tries to establish anything like ‘diplomatic relations’ with other indigenous societies.

In the past Western Europe was the global master of this manipulative style of expanding power. Thus you will find Western culture, medicine, science etc in all developed areas. The vast majority of people do not understand what it is displacing nor why the melting pot is doing that.

Britain, for example, through the United States, Australia and other entities, has managed to impose a British type paradigm on most of the developed world. Eventually separate pages will elaborate on how this was done, and how Britain might try to save itself from its own past, if British leaders are smart.


 2) Using the Vietnam War as a starting point, the second phase of globalist anti indigenous strategy i.e., the slightly more developed or elaborate archetype, is visible in places like Pakistan where the U.S. and other melting pots use a more complicated ruse to force tribals into their paradigm.

In the recent past some countries have drawn intelligent deductions from history and tried to set aside indigenous areas which were or are protected from being colonized. France has for example areas within certain of its overseas territories where outsiders, including French, are not permitted to visit because they contain pristine tribal groups. India, likewise, has considerable areas where outsiders, including Indians, are discouraged or prevented from visiting due to the presence of unique tribals.

Of course these areas do not serve the interests of any ‘already globalized’ tribal paradigms. France and India know they do not profit directly from keeping tribals unpolluted, but they see something the U.S. does not.

In other words, to the extent any society on the global stage today is dependent on maintaining a previously enforced part of its ‘worldview’ on the developed world, it must conquer or control the socialization of any uncontacted tribes. Failing to do this would have an interesting effect which may be dealt with more extensively on another page at some point, but whose basic endpoint will be devastating to previous colonizers.

Pakistan, like France and India, has tribal areas where there are still groups minimally intruded on by outsiders.


The current ‘globally developed paradigm’ is a compromise created by the various groups which have had power in the Industrial Age, but the lion’s share of that paradigm, the overwhelming weight, is Western European and heavily British.

After WW1 Germany was reduced to dependence on the ‘global melting pot’. As it recovered, a process of reindigenization occurred which gave it an edge in some respects and vulnerabilities in other respects.

In WW2 Germany’s restart allowed it’s scientists to make certain developments which were far enough outside of the realm of other countries that its experts in those science had unusual value to the ‘still competing’ parts of the global melting pot.

A popular example is Werner vonBraun. He was a rocket scientist with a gift and was actively courted by part of the melting pot following the demise of his Nazi patron,

Another example, easily deduced from public information, but not commonly publicized, involves a small group of Germans, who could be considered psychologists of sorts, but whose specialty was the adaption, integration, modification etc of concepts within the public psyche. In other words what some people would call propagandists.

Many of these ‘specialists’, considered reformed or ‘useful’ Nazis, were integrated into a British and U.S. Cold War project whose purpose was to extend Western European colonial influence past a sort of speed bump which Western strategists started noticing.

One of the commonly discussed projects within this program was MKUltra, but there are numerous such programs which can be uncovered by looking at the various individuals and groups branching out from known programs. It’s very difficult to find a list of German psychologists who were recruited by the Allies post World War 2, and a lot of smokescreens were put up to make the subject less obvious, for example framing the goal as ‘brainwashing individuals’ or ‘mind control’ as is done in the Wikipedia article, and also the use of visibly 'non nazi' scientists whose mere unwitting participation obscured the trail.

Also, the methods and objectives of these programs are obscure without a basic understanding of the underlying science. Sort of like how a person who has never heard of math and never studied it will be stymied by strangers saying ‘1+1=2’ or whatever.

Ultimately, the science which either hides or uncovers the various colonial ruses is a sociological variation of Analytical Psychology, and this simple fact forced the group into a further ruse, which in turn led to more and more complicated ‘pro colonial’ projects whose unraveling is starting to accelerate. Because the subject sounds so ‘conspiracyish’ most people dismiss it without looking at the facts, but the biggest modern day threat to Western Europe and the U.S. is probably this program which they themselves worked so hard to obscure.

3) The third step in this progression, the Vietnam war being an arbitrary 'first step' or initial starting point, can probably be guessed by looking at how individuals progress in the same subject of colonization. Today it is common to find people at the intersection of indigenous and colonizer societies who say ‘today is different’. In other word minimizing Indigenous interest in sovereignty. Those who present this argument often are the mixed progeny of a colonizer parent of their same gender and an indigenous parent of the opposite gender.


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